AIBA security is a mess this morning - get there early

TSA precheck line at 45 mins+, Clear longer and regular screening out the terminal . Overheard something about new machines but it is a mess, not count on regular times to get through security today.


Those new machines are atrocious. They keep having non-scans where it does the scan but it doesn’t get a good read so it kicks it out to be rescanned. Did this 3 times to our bag only to confirm nothing was wrong in the end. Horrible use of tax money


I fly 20+ times a year and the second they put in these machines, the security line time skyrocketed. I fly at odd times and it still takes way too long.


Seems almost by design. Spend the budget on new machines, then spend the budget on more agents/infra to mitigate resulting slowdown, etc., forever. Someone should write a dystopian sci-fi novel in which the TSA is ubiquitous in everyday life.


South Park beat you to it with the Toilet Safety Administration.


Ooh. Will look that one up.


One of the rare times I’ve seen newer technology make things LESS efficient.


Manufacturer: *Just ship it! They’ll fix the software later!*


When did the machines go in?


they were there to be installed back in May but weren't implemented yet so sometime in the summer


It's like a metaphor for how the machines (don't) work.


I got there as soon as security opened recently at 3:30am. I saw that it was more automated like you said, and even though there wasnt a ton of people, we were standing there waiting for our items to be checked, waiting way longer than what I was used to. I can only imagine how it is when it's busier.


I noticed this yesterday as well. I watched the TSA agent while I was waiting for my bag and for each bag individually she went through a couple different views and then would rotate the scan 360 degrees. Then she had to press 2 buttons to confirm the item. Painfully slow.


When it gets busier they start cutting corners to save time.


There must be something wrong in how they are being used to cause this issue. They are actually awesome, and should get us to a point where you can leave liquids in your bag and with the body scans no one should have to take off their shoes


I was in DC last week and there was a 30 min delay because a bag got stuck inside of one


I think they are much quicker actually. And if you can leave everything in your bag that will dramatically speed things up


Tell that to the queue of people at the end of the scanner waiting for their bags…


TSA pre was 5x shorter than CLEAR.


TSA Precheck with clear is the golden combo


Not any more - Precheck was moving faster than Clear+PreCheck last week when I went through. Lots of people with Clear+noPrecheck clogging things up, people who don't know how to use the machines, etc. Precheck in Austin is much faster than it used to be now that they just scan people's driver's license and wave people through. It now takes longer to get the eye scan at the Clear machine than the normal TSA Pre- ID check. It's unfortunate that it's flipped.


Typically yes, but at certain hours Clear is so woefully understaffed they might have one or two people trying to move 100 passengers through the line. It’s super frustrating but thankfully our credit card pays for the service not us.


Yeah it either seems to be understaffed or there’s 8 clear people standing around for 3 passengers.


They certainly do love to just stand around.


Wow, good thing it's not super expensive /s


Clear in Austin sucks. so not really.


I fly out of Austin about 40 times a year. Clear always lets me nope the tsa basic folks but your experience is your experience.


Same. I’m in & out of AUS every weekend these days. CLEAR (with PreCheck obvs) is usually superior to PreCheck still, but sometimes they only have 3 people working (at least at the Delta gates checkpoint), so it can sometimes be just as fast to just go through the PreCheck line.


Not anymore in Austin. Precheck only checkpoint (in middle) is the move.


Which drop off ?


Good. Clear is stupid.


wish i saw this 3 fucking hours ago when i would have needed to get here. 1.5 hours early for a domestic flight and i’m gonna miss it. incredible. if your flight is tomorrow get in line now lmfao update: checkpoint 3 has a significantly shorter line


At checkpoint 2 (in the middle) precheck is moving faster than clear


Checkpoint 3 always has the fastest line.


But no precheck, at least yesterday.


Precheck isn't necessary when there are <10% people in line the other two checkpoints have. Can't tell you how many times Checkpoint 1 has hundreds of people in it, Checkpoint 2 has a half hour wait moving like molasses, only to walk right through Checkpoint 3 without more than a soul ahead of me.


I wish they would consistently keep all three checkpoints open.


Yeah but you have to take your shoes off, jacket off, belt off, take your laptop and liquids out of your bag. It's a pain in the ass compared to PreCheck.


Tbf you don’t have to remove anything from your bag anymore


Did you miss your flight? Maybe Uber to your final destination?


so I ended up going through the (much shorter) checkpoint 3 line, which only took a little under an hour i think so i was able to sprint from gate 24 to gate 1 before they closed the doors lol. if i had gone through the main line, there’s no way i would have made it in time, felt bad for the people waiting in the big line when there was a shorter one available


And let this be a lesson to folks who skip gym day: you won’t be able to sprint if you don’t practice some cardio.


Flying out of Denver once pre-check was down and the lines were similar to ABIA today. I made it through with not long to spare before boarding ended. Except... There were two flights departing the exact same minute to the city I was going to. Out of two different terminals. Guess which one I went to first. I was sweating, drenched, huffing when I finally made it to the correct gate. I was one of the last four people to get on.


oh trust me, I am in no position to be SPRINTING that long. I got to my seat completely out of breath haha


That's so infuriating. If I miss a domestic flight with no checked luggage and I got to the airport 1.5 hrs before, that's just bullshit.


Just a reminder that the TSA has an enormous failure record. It’s all theater


The Patriot act needs to be allowed to expire, homeland security dramatically revamped, and tsa needs to be completely abolished. Why do we keep enforcing the policies created by the Bush administration?




That works for me, either way.


Passengers also have an enormous failure record.


I feel like I see this thread every Monday morning. 🫠


Don’t forget to wear socks outside—it’s currently cold. Also the sun is setting earlier now so remember to keep your headlights on when driving at night!! The airport is busy before 9am. And so is car traffic—the roads are much more crowded on Monday morning than Sunday night; plan accordingly. It is also raining; it is definitely more wet than usual so stay prepared!!


Thanks, Mom!


make sure to count your change before leaving the register! and remember to blow on your food, it may be hot! also, never trust that the seat is dry, always check it first! always keep your empty water bottle in case you need to pee on the plane and the bathroom is temporarily prohibited due to rantles


These 'hardship' posts help keep the attitude aligned for Monday morning: Be timely and competent and you'll be fine.


Yesterday half the pre-check went through the old scanner and half through the new. While I apaud them finally getting the same style as Oslo Gardermoen, with multiple ports of scan trays and a way to feed them yourselves, the airport wasn't designed for the traffic flow like that yet. And the new scanners are taking longer to review, which is causing a bottleneck at pickup (esp since the bags are being scammed for 3 people at a time)


It was a mess yesterday morning, I was there at 4:15am and even with TSA precheck my bag got “flagged” by the new machine. Between a handful of people getting flagged and only 1 attendant reviewing the bags it was nearly 25 mins from the time my bag went through the machine to the time I actually got it back, most of which was sitting in queue for the attendant to swab whatever thing set off their sensors. Not sure who okayed these new machines but I hope the vendor at least got rich, because we as taxpayers are worse off.


I travelled last week and had the exact same experience. At least a dozen bags "flagged" and one agent going through each one-by-one. When it was finally my turn, I was told that it was my laptop that caused my bag to be flagged and the TSA agent said it was "common" for the machine to flag laptops. WTF? Those new machines are garbage.


Wow the exact same thing happened to me about a week and a half ago. Thought it was so weird


I was there yesterday morning around 345am. The machine jammed/failed with my purse and many other passengers items still inside. They had to use a giant hook to pull all of the bags out. As if this wasn’t bad enough, they told us everything had to be rescreened. Do you think they put them in first? Nope. The new machines are junk.


I know a guy who got through TSA in Austin with a .380 bullet in the bottom of his carry on, by accident of course, but take that for what you will.


My brother had a handgun magazine in his backpack that cleared TSA. He didn’t even know until he found it at his destination. It’s pretty much why I thoroughly search my own bags before packing for a plane trip.


My mom once accidentally took a butcher knife through security and TSA didn’t catch it


I pretty much wear the same pants for work all week, always have my pocket knife clipped in. More than a once I’ve left the bar and gone straight to airport, emptied my pockets, discovered the knife and tossed it in the bin anyway and made it through.


I flew 8 flights before being asked if I had anything in my wallet I wanted to declare. "Uggghh, no, I don't think so, why?" She goes through my wallet and pulls out a wallet emergency survival tool, bunch of little odds and ends, one of which is a 2 inch blade along one side. I had that in there for YEARS. So long that I forgot I even had one... it took 8 whole flights for that.


They flagged my wallet tool the very first time I had it with me. It’s a bottle opener, screwdriver, and a ruler in one that’s card sized, but it’s metal. There was nothing sharp on it so they let it through. I’ve had that and ground coffee flagged multiple times. I miss the before times.


I traveled several times with a pack of matches in my bathroom bag.


I agree, the new machines are definitely slower. First because everything now has to be loaded into bins whereas before you could just toss your suitcase on the conveyor. Second because the conveyors move at sloth speed. Took literally 5 minutes for my bag to work its way through the machine. Multiply that by 1000s of passengers …


This happened last week to when I was leaving to SF. it was a Sunday. What is going on?


And the MyTSA app shows that the wait is 15 to 30 minutes right now 🙄


Most airports are busiest Monday AM. Why people act surprised when it takes the full 2 hours for the busiest time of week for flights, let alone holiday season is beyond me. I had zero line for security yesterday at 5am, because I chose Sunday instead of Monday.


I travelled pretty frequently for a good couple of years, and I fly a couple times a year now, this line was easily 5x longer than any other long line I’ve seen before


Do you fly on Monday mornings often?


I am a very frequent flier, all times of the day and all days of the week. Austin has been adding new “croissant” style machines for the past several months that are an order of magnitude slower. These machines basically give a 3d image to the tech that the tech has to scroll through each layer. This takes about 30 seconds per bag, and up to a minute even. As someone in tech, this really is a prime use case for AI and computer vision. We have had the technology for years to analyze images in real time for problematic items, however, the US government is historically terrible at investing in technology for non essential agencies (remember when TSA payed $1 million for a coin flip app?) Regardless, it is worth noting that Austin airport security (especially pre check as they have fewer machines) is much slower now than it was 3 months ago. Europe has these machines all over the place and they are plenty fast, so hopefully the speed will improve…


No, not anymore. When I was flying frequently, I would fly on Mondays pretty often. I only mean to say that this line was extraordinarily long, even for a peak time at an airport


That's why I never book morning flights out from Austin. Unreliable TSA wait times.


I guarantee you OP got through in 15 minutes.


Hey, man, I'm on Reddit to complain, not to discuss reality.


My partner just got through pre check in ten minutes 🤷‍♂️


On my way! To the airport now. Hopefully the big morning push is cleared out


I love that the new machines are named ANALogic


Monday morning and Friday are the busiest times at the airport other than high travel holidays. If you want shorter waits, fly on Tuesday or Saturday


Well no shit it's Monday morning how many times does this post need to be put up


I have Clear+TSA Pre. I do not travel from AUS on Monday or Friday. Tues-Thu departures only, and I prefer avoiding 6-10 am slots as well. Granted I am NOT traveling for work, and I have great flexibility, but this plan has kept me out of lines for years. We ***suck*** at fixing this--staffing levels, demand projection and equipment training. The new Analogic Explosive Detecting Combo CT scanner machines sucked ***briefly*** at ATL and other airports I have seen them deployed, then dramatically sped things up as agents got used to massive amounts of 3D color data imagery--AUS has seen no speed up yet--still learning? They are [rated at 6" per second belt speed and 600 bags/hr](https://www.analogic.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/ConneCT_Brochure-2022.pdf) and we are NOWHERE near that.


Anyone else have clear and get turned away and told to go to regular screening because you don't also have TSA precheck?


Why do I have to take my shoes off for TSA pre now?




I wish I could give awards 😂😂


Yeah man it was brutal


I feel like nobody remembers to use the new security checkpoint by baggage claim escalators. It was absolutely EMPTY yesterday, not a single person in that line even though it was open and staffed


You just go in at arrivals?


It’s on the second floor, above baggage claim, but right next to the escalators you use when arriving/exiting to baggage. To the right of the main agent desks.


It was the same last Monday, with queues of people out of both ends of the terminal. It took nearly 90 minutes to get through, missing my flight by minutes. They need to get this crap sorted. The airport is too small and there aren’t enough TSA staff.


It must have been so bad that you changed the airport acronym


This comment will probably get buried, but: There’s a TSA app that tells you current and historic wait times at all the checkpoints at all airports in the country. Idk how accurate it is, but in my experience using it for the last 2 years, it’s pretty good


TSA in austin is notoriously a mess


I got there at about 7:40a and noticed the regular screening lines are a little longer than a normal Monday morning. Tsa pre check wasn’t long at all for me. I was concerned because I was checking a bag.. but that was easy also. *I fly out of AUS about 2-3 times per month.


It was a mess last week when I flew out on Monday. It took closer to an hour.


I flew out Thursday and it was a shit show…also my pre check number wouldn’t show up on my boarding pass so I had to go through the normal security line and clear was also going through the normal line it was a disaster


Didn’t those scan machines were replaced to scan bags faster and reduce wait times


That was the idea but the execution as described by most in this thread is accurate. The throughput times are terrible. I don't know if it's inherent in the machines or due to interface issues (installation/training/material flow, etc) specific to AUS TSA.


These machines are known to slow down every airport they are installed in. If you’re going to install machines that take 25% more time to scan each passenger, then you need to install 25% more machines (and their staff) to maintain the same throughput at peak times. Someone at TSA doesn’t math.


Interesting. I passed thru Checkpoint 1 (priority lane) about a week after they were installed and it took literally 15 minutes from the time I loaded my bag into the bin on the conveyor for it to be cleared for pick up on the other end. I thought that was pathetic.


I just read a few articles on these machines. First TSA said that they’re faster than the old machines. Then they said they’re slower but only because it’s a “training issue” ie, blame it on the staff. Then after some point in time where it cannot possibly be a training issue anymore, they said it’s slower because of passengers. When is TSA going to wake up and realize that someone senior done ducked up a $700 million contract for these machines and fix it?


I've actually changed my time windows for when I will schedule flights out of AUS due to this f'up.


Worth noting that Europe has had these machines for years and they are plenty fast. Presumably, the speed will improve.


It's seemed faster to me when I'm flown AUS and RDU. You no longer need to basically unpack all your electronic devices with the new scanners, and instead of needing 4 gray bins for my shoes and computer bag's contents, I now only need 2.


This line is there most days first thing in the early in the morning for flights that depart around 5:45 am to around 8 am. And the line tends to clear up around 8-9 am. They’ve had these ‘new machines’ for 6 months now. I know this from personal experience of missing a flight back in May, and every now and then someone will have a similar post to yours on here


I think we are spoiled at AIBA when it comes to short times in TSA. I have to remember when I go to other airports to get there much much earlier. Flew out last week and it was quick. Took longer to get pat down then to go through TSA.


Austin is by far the longest like I see. I’m comparing it to Vegas, both Dallas airports, San Diego and all three NYC airports. Not a super long list but it’s definitely slower than all of those.


Man I get through LAX and DEN in less time than ABIA, and ABIA is a much smaller airport.


this!! i regularly get to abia with an hour or less time to get to my gate. but other airports, even ones I frequent multiple times a year i still get there 1 1/2 - 2 hours early. We are very lucky at abia!!


Remember this when it's time to vote. Unions are a mess


How does this have anything to do with Unions?


Tsa is AFGE and unions breed laziness. Just look at any union profession


Those new machines broke down the other day while I was there - it was 5pm on a Thursday so it was fairly calm, but still. First the precheck line machine went down, we stood around for 5-10 minutes while they opened up another line for us, then all of a sudden they all went down. I hate those machines lol


My in laws flew this morning and they had to stop the line for a while because the security dog peed on the floor.


Wonder if they tried to restart it 🤔


dude, that's awful