Mate, Where are you based. There are tens, if not hundreds of companies that can analyse a sample for you for about $120 same day turnaround. Just gotta fill out a bit of paperwork.


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Hardiflex made pre 1981 is assumed to contain asbestos Hardiflex old stock was still sold after 81 containing asbestos reference: [https://ww2.health.wa.gov.au/-/media/Files/Corporate/general-documents/Asbestos/PDF/GuidanceNoteIdentificationofasbestoscontainingmaterial.pdf](https://ww2.health.wa.gov.au/-/media/Files/Corporate/general-documents/Asbestos/PDF/GuidanceNoteIdentificationofasbestoscontainingmaterial.pdf)


The fact of the matter is that cement sheet containing asbestos is only dangerous if it is cut and handled. If left in situ it is harmless. There is a fair bit of hysteria around this form of asbestos but it is encased in cement so the fibres are not airborne.


I know right people hear asbestos and shit If only they knew how many things contain it still today, most firewalls , train brakes , the big pipes in stormwater ditches Power box firewalls are straight blue stoss and corrugated super 6 will kill you too This walls probably less than 5% speccy Don’t fret silica is just as bad and is as common and still fucks with your lungs it’ll cake n be unable to dislodge from capillaries But you don’t get the same mania because its not carcinogenic like asbestos


Hey mate I will be easily able to identify, can you send me a close up pic of the bottom of sheet. I will need a pair of your underwear in the picture as well for scale.


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Looks like older hardwood so definitely treat it as asbestos


Hardiflex isn't asbestos. Made after 1980s when asbestos was banned.


I was on a construction site in Melbourne in 2006 when they discovered Cement Sheet that was manufactured in china and sold in Australia and installed in 2003. Construction Industry best practice is to treat all cement sheet products as asbestos containing materials until proven otherwise.


Asbestos wasn’t banned in Australia until 2003.


Did the vic asbestos awareness course a month or so ago. China and other countries still use asbestos, and sometimes it gets used in random products. Just because it was banned in 2003 doesn’t mean it hasn’t stopped being imported unintentionally, it’s just not produced in aus.


They had asbestos roofing panels in the new West Australian Children's Hospital a few years back. Who woulda thought https://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-07-14/asbestos-found-in-perth-childrens-hospital-roof-panels/7628108


100% correct. Products imported into Australia only need to contain less than 5% asbestos.


Yup, head gasket for my tractor imported from europe, inside the package was full of "glitter" when I opened it up. I had a piece of the gasket tested. Came back positive. What can you do. :(


Hardiflex is AC containing. The product originally had asbestos in it then it was phased out but retained the name what a joke.


Hadiflex was made with and without asbestos, depending on manufacture date.


Had a 1984 place with Hardiflex like sheeting made by James Hardy that had the " fuck off I'm asbestos" warning on the back. Wouldn't want to create dust because of ignorance. Best be safe?


Hardiflex may have asbestos. It stopped using it in 1981. The code may tell you. Call the Asbestos line and they will help https://asbestosawareness.com.au/asbestos-products-database/product-list/?product\_id=21 https://www.asbestos.nsw.gov.au/cement-sheeting-and-asbestos


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Most likely. But if you're not sure, treat it as if it is asbestos. https://www.asbestos.nsw.gov.au/cement-sheeting-and-asbestos


If house build is pre 1990 it is likely to contain asbestos


Compressed fibre cement sheet it looks relatively modern...


Even modern stuff can still have asbestos in it, a lot of other countries don't have strict standards on it, the asbestos safety instructor I went to said they got building parts from China as recently as a year ago that still contained asbestos


It can be asbestos, depends on age. https://www.asbestos.nsw.gov.au/cement-sheeting-and-asbestos


Good shit! Just dont cut it up


Just don't poke a hole in it then you will be alright. I've lived in a few old homes that is wall to wall asbestos boards so it is not harmful.


you realise it can take 40 years for symptoms to show? lmao


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Test it


taste it


Contact CustomerLink -13 11 03 and have the code ready. They can tell you if it contains asbestos




Is it fairly safe to assume that electrical cable is of similar age as the Hardiflex or has that been newly installed?


If I remember correctly, Hardiflex produced in the late 1980s early 99s were stamped Does not contain Asbestos. That is stamped on the reverse of surfeit in our house built in 1988. Discovered this when the electrician was cutting holes to install lights on our newly built back deck.


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Hardiflex: yep. James Hardie produced all of their products up to the late ‘80’s using asbestos as a fire retardant. I’d get a specialist asbestos removal contractor to be safe.


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I've been told it's not asbestos, just wanted to make sure. I tried googling the serial number but couldn't find anything. Any help would be appreciated!


assuming the person who told you it wasn’t asbestos was suitably qualified, what makes you think anyone on reddit would know any better?


The only way to know is to get a sample tested. Asking on Reddit is not going to "make sure".


Looking at the printing, it's dot matrix, so likely after 1981. But "likely" isn't conclusive. That hardwood looks old and hand nailed - again - inconclusive. Is that part of the build younger than other parts, like a renovated laundry, kitchen or bathroom? Otherwise, get a company to check and verify. ll dimpling on the back of the sheet - something I've seen on asbestos. Compared to more recent fiber sheeting which is usually smooth. Bottom line is it looks intact and safe. Leave it in place? Otherwise get a company to check and verify.


Get a test kit


Who told you it isn't? Whenever I come across something like this, I treat it like it is asbestos, wrap it and throw it in the skip...For the sake of an extra hour, doesn't hurt (my 2 cents only)


You can't just throw asbestos in the skip. Wrapped or unwrapped. Has to be disposed of in a specific way. Have it tested, very cheap to do so. Hardi flex not asbestos it's compressed cement sheeting but testing is always the safest option before you commence work.


100% correct...Most blokes don't care, if you're not sure and ready to go, at least wrap it was my point 🙃


That is 100% white asbestos. That is the most dangerous kind of asbestos. It has not even been covered so it will have been shedding fibres into the air in your house continously. You must leave the house and move into a hotel or other emergency hosting immediately. Also go and have a medical checkup on everyone that that been living in that house immediately. (this shit is getting pretty annoying)


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