Great to know to keep an eye out, but hopefully you reported this to the police?


Well in our European friend’s defense I doubt our cops would do shit either. They guarding the honey baked ham though. Seriously. The jokes write themselves.




So are you.




Oh yes Greek police. Surely they will help you


This is the Athens, GA subreddit. Don't think Greece will be involved.


I think I read somewhere that Jerry’s Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars expanded their operations internationally.


Everybody Drives A Used Car man. Even in Europa!!




Wtf? Why are you Americans just stealing European city names and can’t think of your own? Maybe then there would be less confusion. Oh and ps police sucks cock worldwide so I’m not really that much off the subject :)


Funnily enough, I don't think the Greek police will do much either.


Yeah I don’t really get why I got so many downvotes hahah


I love the expired tag


I’ve had two coworkers on the east side have their car broken into in the last month


I bet Jerry is a real stand up guy.


The dealer plate is registered just like a regular license plate is so their identity isn’t unknown


Yes... I worked as a 911 operator here in ACC. I was Catholic and when I was telling my trainer about Advent (she was raised without going to church and did not know the term Advent) she told me "so about the time when Advent comes around we call this in Athens the "shoplifting/burglary and break-in days before Christmas". In Athens at bIg stores like Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Mall etc. thieves will work in tandem. One watches and follows your movements around the store and reports back when you are leaving while the others check your car. They also watch and know home routines, they usually pick families that they know from a distance, meaning their cousin, uncle, sister or friend cut the grass once or did a paint job, cleaned or did some other work like installed cable, dated someone who lived there etc. They know if everyone is out of the house at church on Sunday for instance. Drug addicts steal for drug money but if they have children, around this time, they will start to think about "gifts" to steal from under your tree to give to their kids on Christmas morning. Fun fact.....houses with dogs are almost always bypassed by thieves, unless it's your crazy cousin or nephew who is on drugs and is comfortable with your dog. Over all, houses with dogs in Athens are RARELY HIT and surveillance cameras are making a difference but we are starting to see more thieves come in with cameras because they have their hands and faces covered so back to "your dog is the best protection" They really hate dogs.




Lexington/East side


Of course it is. At the Epps Bridge Lowe's, I've seen trucks with the bed full of tools, windows down, unlocked, keys on the seat. Left untouched.


Yeah I wouldn’t do that in Epps Bridge either. Theft doesn’t stop on the east side.


Yeah, that example was pure stupidity. But there seems to be more instances of crime at the east side Lowe's and Walmart


Not according to the Oconee blotter. They have a sheriff's office inside the Walmart a few years ago.


That was at least 4-6 years ago


Looooots more


What a bunch of idiots. I lock my car everywhere, even my own parents' yard, and they live in the damn country. Lol


What did the police say?