I don’t watch soccer so I will be boycotting it by default


I'm also part of the control group.


Boycott all sports where playing for a tie can be seen as a good thing.


I don’t see it doing any good to hurt local bars tho .Would that send a message to FIFA ? I don’t think so. But follow yr heart y’know . If you feel you must then you must . I also think with the racist and exploitive tactics of the NCAA it’s pretty hypocritical of people to boycott this and not college football . I’m not saying one is as bad as the other but they are both unethical.


While there are undeniable problems with the NCAA, I don't think it's on the same level as promoting literally *slavery*. Also, that kind of logic is a slippery slope. If one can't address problem X without also taking action against problem A-W, one can't take a stand for anything. Sometimes we have to pick our battles. That isn't hypocrisy; it's the reality of human beings having limited time, resources, and attention spans.


This. Just like when infantino tried to deflect critiques by telling Europeans to look in the mirror. Sometimes we only solve one problem at a time. Also, we’re working on the college athletics things. NIL was a big step. Might need to remind yourself that individuals can’t solve systemic issues too. It’s why I’m still on twitter. I won’t be the one to stop Elon’s fucking around. Let’s just hope he finds out before we all do


Who’s being racist an exploitative in the NCAA?


I meant it as a point of comparison but young black athletes receive sometimes career ending injuries without even getting a decent education in return . I know it’s an unpopular and arguable position . I don’t want to be captain bring down.


True but you could literally say that about any college sport then.


No football is the worst for chewing them up and spitting them out for the sake of the almighty dollar.


Literally every other sport, Zorro.


Wait, hold on. Do the black Athletes get held from going to their classes? How aren’t they being given an education compared to their non-black athletic peers? How WOULDNT they receive the education compared to other athletes of different races? You’re not being captain bring down, you’re just sort of not making any sense.


The NCAA exploits athletes by purposefully recruiting black athletes from poor communities, setting and enforcing unnecessary and unfair rules in order to maintain control over the athletes and by making money off the athletes’ likeness and not allowing them to benefit. Duh!


We’re now in the age of NIL where all athletes can benefit and make money. Also, some of those athletes make it to the pros and can make themselves set for life. It changes their lives. The NCAA is crooked but it can also help people earn lifetime wealth. And it’s not just black athletes.


Sure and that’s great and all . I hope NIL works out for everyone. I really was just trying to say let’s not hurt or punish local bars and businesses over the whole Qatar World Cup thing.


Haven't agreed with much you've said, but I do agree that we shouldn't punsih local businesses who are already hurting from the past couple years.


I'm boycotting FIFA, Qatar, and sponsors. Not boycotting my neighbors.


Need to boycott then actively petition FIFA for the head of their president for this catastrophe of an event. About the only thing that could make it worse now is some LGBTQ person imprisoned or killed or a bunch of people jailed for public intox since they couldn’t get beer at the game and needed to tie one on before the match.






Was "yoga master" an insult, lol? The world cup is pretty much the only big sporting event I watch.


How about do it on your own time or in chain restaurants. No need to do it in local bars or eateries.


So we’re not supposed to watch sports at bar?




The world cup? Is that another new international NFL game?


What is a cup if not just a very small bowl?


Damn some Americans live in a box




Be honest. No one cares about US’s football opinions. Now Germany dipping, that’s intense. Your time would be best spent boycotting and shît mouthing Budweiser as they are the major sponsor and arguably a US brand though in conglomerate ownership is like Dutch or something?


If we aren't, we should be.


why do people want to boycott?


John Oliver explains: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMqLDhl8PXw](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMqLDhl8PXw)


Briefly: Qatar bribed FIFA, 6000+ slaves died building the stadium, the host country is extremely oppressive to women, LGBT, people who drink alcohol, swearing in public, etc.


ah makes sense gotcha. idk why I got downvoted for asking


Wait until you see how much I get downvoted for saying I will be watching it.


They also fund hamas.


That’s to start. I always watch the World Cup and will not be doing so. The death of those persons has really made me look inward on somethings. I don’t know where to start, but I guess realizing it is first.


What do you mean "are we" boycotting? Are you asking people here individually what they are doing? Wouldn't the question be "are you boycotting" rather than implying it's a group decision? I will be watching the World Cup the same as I would if it was in the US.






Fuck all that noise. Seriously. After 2 years of isolation, this is a solution? The SINGULAR sporting event that is truly a global pehnomenon (not football, not baseball, not even the Olympics) played by young and old in almost every country in the world (no matter their socioeconomic status) that actually educates and promotes tolerance and equality for ALL. An opportunity for isolated and entitled Americans to venture (by proxy) outside of their comfort zones and potentially meet people, right here in our home town, from other countries, cultures and backgrounds. Yeah, let's boycott that. If anyone wants to really be proactive about global injustices and human rights violations: promote World Cup viewings, support local businesses and then discuss, politely, these grievances during half time, but not during the footy. Never during the footy.


Except… a lot of other countries’ fans, being more globally aware, were already boycotting it? At least one country refused to even send any press?


Yet formula One still goes for the money


Why would you boycott all the nations and teams that are coming together just to play soccer? It's crazy that people think or can't think for themselves and they need a group of people telling them when to boycott and what to call wrong? Get a backbone .... Stop riding every wave that some fruit loop tells you to get on


This is the correct answer.