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Oh dear. Flour has been hard to come by for a few months now due to everyone baking from home. Have you tried online retailers? It isn't the fastest but grocery stores are extremely hit or miss.


I was at the Kroger on Epps today around noon and they had several kinds in stock.


It depends on how much you need/want. If you’re ok with buying in bulk (50lb), contact a mill. You can normally order straight from there, and the good thing is that you’re also not taking away flor from grocery stores since most of the flour mills make doesn’t go to stores anyway. Plus you can give what you don’t need away to friends.


I've always had good luck at Aldi


Collective Harvest sells bread flour from a local farm! You can shop through the "farm stand" option for a one time purchase. (The other option is CSA, which is like a weekly subscription you sign up for at the start of the season so farmers can prepare based on sign ups). They do their orders weekly so you have to order on Wednesdays. If you have any questions about how it works you can email them and they are very responsive and very helpful. Jsyk they don't just sell bread flour, but produce, meat, dairy, bread, treats, etc, all locally sourced. They operate through delivery and pick up. https://www.collectiveharvestathens.com/


Shopped at east side Kroger on Thursday and their flour stock was basically full, same at Walmart. Some of bakeries were selling dry goods while they were shut down. So might be able to call around. They were both still out of yeast though.


Bell's, Alps Kroger (and I think Space Kroger) have had it lately. The stock is much lower than usual but I haven't had a problem finding a bag. Also check the Mexican markets and maybe even Dollar General Market.


Piggly Wiggly always has flour but idk what “bread flour” is.


I’ve been looking for dried yeast for months. I check for it at every grocery store trip, and there’s not a single packet to be found.


Pulaski heights bbq is selling it through their grocery pick up if you need. Check their insta for their current offerings


I’ve always found it at the Ingles in Hull.


Aldi has been super consistent about having AP, so I've just been adding vital wheat gluten for doughs that need a higher gluten content


I've seen it at Fresh Market the last three times I've been there.


Also, sounds odd but I'd try asking Kiki's in Watkinsville. A couple weeks ago I was there and they had all sorts of flour, yeast, paper towels, etc. for sale.


I know I’m late to the party but half Shepherd in normal town has had flour in stock


Thanks everyone for the suggestions and help! I’ll be sure to hit an Aldi or two tomorrow and probably the Kroger on Epps.


Trader Joe’s has had all-purpose in stock the past two or three weeks that I have gone. I got a bag yesterday morning.