Weird, Bellinger is well on his way out of the league and yet the Astros are still at the top.


I'm sure he still has some of that 2019 supply of "creatine" that he'll partake in again.


Is Joe Kelly doin much better?


I heard about getting shanked in the Mexican league but since he’s so washed up already I didn’t bother to follow up with someone so trivial.


Weird how Bellinger’s offense took a nose dive ever since the “scandal” came out…


The Brewers were heavily rumoured to be sign stealing as well - it's been said every team in the playoffs around then was - and look what's happened to Yelich since. Just like the Astros success can't all be attributed to sign stealing, his decline probably isn't 100% cause of injuries. Scandal broke after the 19 season. Both Yeli and Belli fell off a cliff after the 19 season. No one ever talks about that though.


All teams did this. Boston sent a letter to a judge which the MLB asked to be sealed. Later came out they had a iPhone in the dugout. Basically all teams had a sign decoder. The Astros didn’t use it real time because the league continued to clarify the rules and indicated it was illegal. So the league made the electronic signals available as a defense. Because they realized no matter what they did teams are stealing signs like they have for a hundred years of the game, just using computers to decode them.


Rockies were reportedly cheating as well.


Rangers too if I’m not mistaken


Screw it let’s bring him back and throw him in left


He’ll be gunning mfs down at the plate from the wall


Watched his defensive highlights this year. The Dude has an absolute fucking cannon.


ya a lot of the pena carlos comparisons is cool and legit. forsure. but the biggest difference at least imo is carlos defense is a lot better. which says a lot about carlos because as we all seen in the playoffs pena is a playmaker on defense as well so its no slight to pena


Better defense than gold glove winner Jeremy Pena


well thats what they say yes. because you know that doesnt mean hes a better fielder especially since carlos has one as well. and also a platinum glove. unless you really do believe whoever wins the latest award means they are the best. but also lets put context yes? fielding behind the best pitching staff with the cy young, a player thats maybe better then him, then the premier ground ball pitcher which would be beneficial for more chances to make plays ya?


That lineup would be unfair


He’s one of our homegrown players though, it’d actually be really fucking epic to bring him back. Probably not happening though. Has anything similar happened in mlb history?


In think Peña would be great in LF. I say go for it.


You don't move the guy who won the most recent gold glove out of the position.


isnt it the consensus that carlos is one of the best defenders, more so then pena? legit question because i hear that on most analytical takes between the 2


I hoenstly don't know much about analytical fielding, but the stats do say that Pena led Correa in Defensive Runs Saved, Outs Above Average, and Runs Above Average. Now how those number are calculated, I have no idea. It may be important to note that Carlos had 2 fielding errors, while Pena had 10.


ya i dont know. its just what experts say. also gotta account for the team pena has around him. gotta be a lot easier when your behind the best pitching staff. but then you get to the offense and theres obviously not a debate there [https://stathead.com/baseball/player-comparison.cgi?player\_id2=penaje02&p1yrfrom=2022&type=b&player\_id1=correca01&p2yrfrom=2022&sum=0&request=1](https://stathead.com/baseball/player-comparison.cgi?player_id2=penaje02&p1yrfrom=2022&type=b&player_id1=correca01&p2yrfrom=2022&sum=0&request=1)


Carlos won it the year before as well as a platinum & was a finalist this year as well. The sample size on Carlos being a better defender is much bigger as well. Just look at any of the many defensive highlight compilations on YouTube.


My exact thoughts


Oh hey, fuck Bellinger


Are you referring to washed up, and former Dodger, Cody Bellinger that has averaged .187 over the past two full seasons? That Cody Bellinger?


i think hes talking about the guy that looks like a 40 y.o. kid. oh wait


the same Cody B that ruined his career over a HR celebration


“Corey get informed,read the report, increase your reading comprehension. Cory did not have a good series, if you upset about losing do something about it when you can” Carlos Correa response to C. Bellinger. Summarized.


It would almost be worth seeing Correa on the Yankees to watch them twist and contort themselves to explain how the '17 Astros cheated but Correa is A-OK.


Literally a Jerry Seinfeld episode “we cheer for the clothes”.




Yessir FK that fake ass Holier than thou lil child predator b***** *** ***** ********!!!! 💀


He will always be an Astro but if he joins the Yankees . He must be destroyed.


Or struck out.


If he joins the Yankees then fuck him with the rest of em


Im not goi g to go that far. Ill be happy beating them


The concept of the no trade clause exists for a reason.. If he feels so little of the plight we went through, then fuck him along with every other person that has given us fans shit over the years on account of shit that he took part in.. have some fucking pride


The fact the buzzers got some much run pisses me off. Also sick hat


There’s literally no other reason a grown man wouldn’t want his shirt ripped off.


The full version. Just shows how intelligent and thoughtful and a leader Carlos Correa is. (I don’t particularly careful the Louis vitton comment, but he’s not wrong) [Correa Discusses sign stealing scandal](https://youtu.be/KjYEJ8XSXto)


That’s whatI miss about him. His leadership qualities.


and ppl actually had takes about being a diva or caring more about star power then baseball etc etc. that was some dumb takes i always thought.


"If you don't know the facts, then you gotta shut the f*** up."


Correa was a high school valedictorian, but very few people are willing to admit that he is probably smarter than them.


this is when he went from one of my favorite players to this guy has my respect as a man now we know who the real ones are


When Carlitos was leaving for FA and I saw a bunch of slander in the sub I linked this vid bcuz it was a time where it seemed like Astros and fans were supposed to sit down and take the BS forever and as an excuse for losing to us. None of the players would speak genuinely at the time it was really frustrating. Tuve got the damn yips from the stress and harassment so I will never question Carlos Correa credit in the H, he will always be welcome.


So here’s my take. It was wrong. Players were protected from the union and MLB couldn’t suspend them even if they wanted to. Also, if the Padres did it, Mets, or any other team, their fans would be reacting the same way we did. We’d still support the team and they would too. We didn’t need to cheat because we were and still are that good. We were a better road team. We won game 7 on the road. And the whole Mike Trout thing where he said he’d be batting .500 if he knew what was coming, shut it. No he wouldn’t. As for this interview, this is my first time seeing it and I thought he did a good job. Also, is Rosenthals that small?


Yup. Rosenthal is that small lmao EDIT: Spelling (and again)


The issue I have with Bellinger and fans who think the same is do they honestly think the Astros had zero chance to beat the Dodgers? Because if they admit that the Dodgers chances were anything less than 100%, then they weren’t cheated out of a ring. They even try to blame the Astros for what happened to Yu Darvish, when the truth is that they are the reason he was run out of town. The ball was tossed behind him. No way he could have caught it. Nothing to do with a stolen sign. But they blamed him and called for him to be traded. And I haven’t even touched on the mistakes by their manager or the fact that the Astros took it to them game 7.


Carlos will always be a G to me for telling the haters to get fucked!


My money is on the Giants


Correa will always be Astros royalty. That’s why I didn’t like all the Correa vs Pena taking sides between some fans. It’s okay to like both guys. Correa doesn’t deserve any slander


I was at his first trip back to the juice box since going to the Twins. Was happy to see him presented his ring, and was proud to give him a stadium full standing ovation as he came out for his first at bat. I haven't seen this interview before but respect him even more now. He flat out admits the wrongs committed, defends his team mate who didn't take part in it, and doesn't even try to clear his own name. This is stand up example of how you own a mistake and still champion the truth.


I feel like Yankees fans would be just as against that as Dodgers fans would be, I bet he’s going to SD


Fuck that shit. If that dude goes to the Yankees I’ll boo him ‘til the day I die.


He’s not an Astro. He went to Minnesota and now is headed elsewhere.


He stuck up for his team through the thick of it and went out of his way to tell everyone Altuve had nothing to do with it and wanted no part of it. He's an Astros in my heart


Well then in that case I’m sure he’ll be playing rover for us next year since he’s an Astro in your heart. More important would be who he is in HIS heart. And that AIN’T an Astro my friend.


Sorry he pissed in your cereal, friendo.


Astros can’t and shouldn’t pay him. But he is connected here.


The funny thing is, Bellendger's career cratered the second everyone had to stop using tech to steal signs...


I hate that Correa is gone. Wish we could have him back just for the balls and defense alone. He totally deserved a piece of that 2022 World Series man