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Another bullet point to the "List of Talent to Leave Houston" graphic they'll be showing during the 2023 World Series.


Watch us sign some kid for a 50k, an F-150, and a tank of gas for him to throw an ERA starting with 1. Just completely replacing him for basically free. Jokes aside, I love JV and glad we got the years we did with him.


Sounds like Hunter brown


Hunter Brown signed for 325k, roughly 20k over slot value. An very good value but no where near the extreme value of international amateur free agent signings.


A fully loaded F-150 is about $90k, so after the $50k in cash we are talking about a tank of gas that holds about 62,000 gallons. Not a bad deal at all!


Math checks out.


AHAHAHAHA YES. the big space machine just keeps churning


Dude hell yeah the big space machine is the perfect name for this dynasty


That's a win! Didn't sign with the NYY or LAD. Best of Luck JV!


Not toooo much luck, though. I know we got the NL East monkey off our back this year, but I definitely don't want to see him in the World Series vs us. lol


With his track record, I actually think I’d *really* like to see JV in the Fall Classic…. Jokes aside, I’d be really happy to see him continue to do well with/for the Mets. I definitely think they overpaid though. We’ll see either way!


Rather see him than uncle charlie.


Why did you do that to us, uncle Charlie ?


charlie bleeping morton


Best of wishes to him - the Mets kind of had to overpay, the starting pitching market is super competitive this year


The Sherzer and JV reunion should be fun to see.




I agree, but I’m not sure where your $21.6M is coming from. He’s making 43M or something like that Regardless, your point still stands. He was asking 40M and after taxes he’s getting 39M. To my point, I think anything over 32M for a pitcher going into his age 41+ season is overpaying. That’s just my opinion though, and obviously the Mets disagree with me (as I’m sure others do)




I’d think it’s based where the employer is, not where performing the job. That would equate to players having to pay state tax when they visit other cities in other states.


Negative. You work in CA you pay State CA taxes. Same thing goes for other states. I had 5 W2s one year I think. I totally get why they hire accountants to handle the paperwork!


My company / office is in Massachusetts but I live in New Hampshire. I work most days from home, therefore I earn my income in New Hampshire. I do not pay mass income tax anymore. Before covid, I tracked my days working in Texas, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts and only paid state income tax on the percentage of the year I worked in Massachusetts.


Or maybe you do lol


Best of luck and give the Dodgers hell JV! Hunter Brown, time to step up. Now let's go get that outfielder and Contreras.


New Rotation: -Framber -LMJ -El Reptile -Luis Garcia -Urquidy or Hunter Brown No complaints here


Honestly Urquidy and Brown if we want to try to keep a 6 man rotation.


I think you keep the 6 man rotation. LMJ and Javier have shown arm fatigue in the past. 6 man rotation keeps everyone's arms healthier.


someone always gets hurt so yes all 6


*cough* Lance *cough* (Still love him though, just get him healthy for playoffs)


not that you're wrong but if someone were to be unhealthy my guess would be Brown - he'll be asked to do more innings than he ever had to in the minors and hitting the rookie wall in September would be expected (Luis/Framber hit it pretty hard in 2021)


I hope we keep 6 man rotation. It worked well for us last year


I fully expect a 6 man rotation unless someone capitulates. De grom brings them within 15 games!


That's such a sick rotation, ngl


Id say Framber, Javier, Garcia, LMJ, Brown, Urquidy. Maybe we could also get Whitley in there somewhere if he is healthy.


Whitley in the pen as the long guy/spot start if needed. If he's healthy, I think that's the best way to see what we have with him at this point. Either that or a late season call up.


Probably pick up an innings eater if we can, put Brown in the pen to start the season, and roll a 6 man rotation. ​ Then we have Bielak & France in the minors in case of injury. ​ Bielak isn't an ace or anything, but I think he is perfectly suitable as BoR arm for most teams in the league, and a solid depth piece that may net us a little trade value if someone gets desperate enough


Well, we do have to hope that LMJ remains healthy and that Hunter Brown can prove himself. But even outside of those 2, we seem to have a solid starting 3.


Goodbye Kate upton 🫡


The real loss 😔


Glad the Astros held firm and didn't overpay him; but can't blame him for securing the bag and getting paid by the Mets. Nothing but praise for JV he was tremendous while he was here. Wish him the best of luck with the Mets.


This. I’ll miss JV, it was a helluva run, but damn that’s a lot of money. You can utilize it in other areas of need. Thank you Justin for helping make this the greatest era of ‘Stros baseball ever. Now go and Get your moolah.


Sorta overpaid him in 2020 and 2021! But agreed he was a stud here otherwise. Pretty amazing accomplishments on many levels. Hope his appreciation of the organization is reciprocated in the same light. The benefits ran both ways. Glad he was able to bank.


He made up for it in 22.


Thanks for the two rings, JV. Have fun in NY. 💙🧡 At least we got rid of Ben Verlander lol.


he couldn’t get away from the blue and orange


What’s wrong with BV? Thought he provided good content throughout the season!


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My man


No hablo ingles. ![img](emote|t5_2s6y7|21597)


take it outside you two




Brent Gretzky couldn't hold a candle to Wayne.


I don't know what makes you say that? He's part of the highest-scoring brother duo of all time! /s


What about cousins?




But what about Kate?


11 months from now JV will be on tv commenting on Hunter Brown winning the 2023 WS MVP. JV will tell the story about how he went up to Brown in Dec and told him it’s your team now kid.


No issues here. Justin thank you for your time in Houston and helping us get our championships. Best of luck in NY!


At least it's not the Yankees or the Dodgers. Best of luck to him.


HOUSTON WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU JV. Thanks for not choosing the Yankees or Dodgers!


Go get that bank, JV. Thanks for all the memories. That being said…that’s way too much money for a pitcher his age.


Mets gonna Met


At least we won’t have to face him in another WS, he’s a Met now


With his history, I’m ok with facing him in the World Series.


I'm just glad he was atleast able to get one win World Series win...now he's 1-6 instead of 0-6 or potentially 0-7.


After appearances by the Braves, Nationals and Phillies perhaps the Mets are due for a WS matchup against the Astros.


Watch it be the Marlins instead lmao


Miami first just so we can beat them and my friend from Miami can shut up forever about the Marlins


yes, but they’re the *Mets*


If there’s one thing you can always count on, Mets gonna Met


Even if we did have you seen his WS performances? Doesn’t he have like a 6.83 ERA and countless losses in WS play?


Listen here asshole


I think we all knew he'd land somewhere else. I hope Kate likes NY!


There's a reason he was looking at NY and LA - Kate's career


It has more to do with teams willing to pay 40million/year


Who is Altuve gonna literally love now?


Peña like the rest of us


Everyone. He's a hugger


Off topic, but I miss Tony Kemp and hugs for homers.


Bringing up Tony Kemp is NEVER off topic. Astros good vibes legend


Tony's a great guy and an exciting player to watch. He once (I think in the minors) caught a foul popup sliding on his knees across the 1b line, then immediately, still on his knees, threw to third and caught the runner trying to take third. Double play. The crowd went wild.


Framber of course!


I can live with this outcome. I wanted him to finish his career here; but once it became clear that wasn't going to happen, I made peace with it. Ultimately, he delivered on the promise of greatness and went out on an absolute high note. You really can't ask for more than that. Thanks for the memories, and enjoy the payday, Justin.


Saw this coming as soon as DeGrom signed with the Rangers. Still sucks. Best of luck to you sir, and give the Dodgers hell!


Love you JV!! Good luck on the Mets.


Ideal scenario. Don't have to play against him, don't have to pay him, might get to play against him in the WS 😂


Balanced schedule starting next year. Will play a short series with the Mets every year.


I can emotionally handle him being in those NY pinstripes a lot better than the other NY pinstripes.


Wow you're fast. I just saw the announcement on SportsCenter.


Great fit for him. Can't be mad at him for wanting one last pay day after a career resurgence. Thank you for everything!


Better than the Dodgers. Best of luck there JV


Obviously the best case scenario was him staying here for a reasonable amount. This, however, is the next best thing. Good luck JV, thanks for the chips.


I think it’s a good move for everyone except the yanks. FTY.


Thank you for your service JV, but we don’t need to be giving you $43 Mil.


Thanks for the memories, Justin. Thanks for the mammaries, Kate.


I'm ok with this.


And with that, people can stop forecasting JV to the Hall in anything but Detroit gear. His time here was great, wish him nothing but the best going forward (unless we meet in the WS, than LOL JV)


So long and thanks for the memories, JV the Mets are definitely the best case scenario for us here


$43mil/year for 2 yrs with a mutual (vesting?) option for 3. Feels like we could have matched that, but I'm glad we didn't. Best of luck JV, just remember where you got your two championships.


we could’ve, sure but Crane also knows we have good depth and need bats anyways


Would be irresponsible to tie up that much payroll on a 42 year old pitcher, who only pitched for about half of the previous contract. Both the Astros and Verlander held up each side of their bargain. I don't think there are any hard feelings here.


Thank for everything JV. Forever a legend here in Houston!


Thnks fr th Mmrs




Hell, I had long ago assumed the last memory we’d have with JV would be TJS. Instead we got one last magical ride capped by a championship. *And* he went to the Mets instead of the Dodgers, I’m content


Its been real homie good luck! Got that bag big time!! We have such an absurd staff that losing a guy like JV doesnt hurt as much.


It's more devastating that we lost Kate.


Perfect fit for JV at this point in his career. Probably the best team out there that will give him run support and decent bullpen relief to rack up wins without any worry about the extra strain of having to play in the postseason.


Man, I wanted to bring JV back, but FUCK $43 mill. There isn’t a single player in the league who can actually live up to that contract. It was the right move not bringing him back, it gave us WAYYYYY more flexibility to address more glaring holes like 1B.


damn sucks to see him go but good for him and the Astros will be just fine


Good for him! I will miss a little Eminem warm up but that’s alright. I’ll gladly keep wearing his jersey with pride


Chasing the money instead of the ring. I'm a little surprised, but going back to NY also probably settles well with Kate. Happy wife happy life.


He's got two WS rings, three CYs and a Kate Upton. Why not go after that dirty NY money?!


It sounds like he wants to be the next Nolan Ryan and pitch well into his 40s. Why not go after more rings?


He already got two rings so I can’t blame him for securing the bag, especially at his age.


Fair, but based on his statements I would have imagined him wanting to go to a team that was all but guaranteed a playoff. The Mets are in a tough division to sat that, whereas we're in a much better position. No hate or anything. Love what he did here and never expected him to stay for too long.


He’s about maximizing his value at this point. He’s got everything else outside of 300 wins and the Mets can help him get there.


From a Mets standpoint, didn’t their ace get lit up in the playoffs? They could get lit up again did they even watch Jv in the playoffs?


I'm fine with this.


Love ya, JV. Peace out. ✌️


Thanks Justin!


Do we get any sort of draft compensation?


I appreciate everything JV did for the Astros in his time here. Astros royalty forever.


One of the best to ever do it, but letting him walk is probably the right decision. Thanks for the trophies, Justin!


Thanks for the good times JV. Hope to play you in the World Series!


I’m going to miss him! Thankful for the last half a decade plus that he was here. 2 rings and a lot of great memories. Best wishes for him going forward


Thanks for the run JV. You were a blessing to watch and a all time Astro great. No hard feelings with this loss honestly. Money talks and we just have too much depth to tie up over 40 million for you.


I’m thoroughly surprised. Really thought Kate was pulling him to the west coast.


Perfect outcome, not the dodgers or Yankees and we have more money to extend current players/sign other free agents.


bye felicia. (i appreciate and love you jv, but aren’t worth that contract for us rn)


At least it’s not the Yankees


Good for JV Happy it’s the other NY team


Now that he's officially off the table, go out and spend that money!


Them NY taxes though! Gonna end up at like 30 mill a year lol


Using a generic 2021 online tax calculator, after tax income for New York would be 23.3 million where as Texas would be 27.1 million


Just like Roger Clemens an older pitcher goes to NY after a few years with the Astros. Hope for the Mets it works out better than the the post Astros Yanks Roger.


Thanks for everything JV, best of luck in New York!


Good luck JV. Thanks for the ride.


Bye JV good luck and thanks for everything


What an amazing trade this was. Super thankful for his time here.


That’s a lot of money. Thank you for the memories and good luck.


JV gonna hate those taxes lol


And the circus media.


Probably smart enough to keep residence in a low tax state...


For property sure, but they get paid like contractors and pay taxes where the games are played, so half his games subject to NY and NYC taxes regardless of residency


I'll miss watching JV compete. Best of luck with the Mets!


Don't see him getting to 300 wins with the Mets.


They won 101 last year.


I assumed it was a joke about how Mets pitchers get hurt with alarming frequency.


Was having the JV conversation with some people yesterday. I hate to see him go. We don’t win in 2017 or 2022 without him, that’s a simple fact. However it’s also fair to say that he’s a big reason why we didn’t win in 2020 and 2021 because he was injured. The money we paid him could have gone to other free agents. I’m thankful for his time here but we can’t cripple our entire franchise/payroll to retain a 40 year old. Valdez and Javier are both making less than a million a year right now, both will expect to get paid. Tucker is going to expect to get paid too. No hard feelings towards JV. I wish him tons of success with the Mets.


It's fantastic that we aren't paying that!


Got some stupid money. I can’t help feeling like both sides are going to regret that contract but maybe that’s just copium. Either was space age aint ending yet.


Man I’m going to miss seeing Kate’s knockers next to our suite


Batter up.....or we can go get that Senga fireballer....


Oh no! …anyway


let's go mets, baybee, love da mets


Can’t wait for Mets fans to boo him because he was apart of a cheating scandal. Yep absolutely no applause for him and only boos.


Thank You JV. There's really not much else to say.


Woooo this is the best possible outcome.


All time great fleece trade


Jose Urquidy has three World Series wins… I know his 2022 season was a let down but I expect big things from him


We should respond by signing Conforto.


The beauty of the 'stros is that they are really more than each individual player. Sure, we have favs, but somehow the TEAM comes through. Thanks for the memories JV !


Lets be honest we weren't going to pay him that amount of money especially since we have plenty of good arms and have added more offense. Wish he would have stayed at less money but at least he won't be in the AL.


Wish him the best, but I suspect the Mets are going to regret tying all that money up on an arm that old.


I really ain't even mad. I honestly think that if we didn't have JV, we would not have won the WS in 2017, even though his WS record isn't that great. I wish he would have retired here in Houston, but for that kind of money, no way. On the flip side, We paid him a shit load of money for a whole season that he was injured, and not that he owes us or anything, but it would of been nice if he would have taken a more Astros payroll favored deal to stay and help out our younger guys and, as I said, retire as a 'Stro. Oh well. Good luck JV and thanks for the good times...


The 86 in NY is a the same as 75 in Texas they must have been really far apart.


So they lost de Grom but picked up JV? Kinda odd but whatever. Best of luck to them. At least it wasn’t LA or NY.


Good for him. This is likely to be his final opportunity in life to make that kind of money. He left Detroit to chase a ring when it became clear the chances of him winning one with the Tigers was 0%. He came here, got 2 CY awards, a new bionic arm, and 2 rings. Now he's leaving HOU because he will be 40 by opening day 2023 and this is most likely his last chance in life to rake in that level of annual income and the chances of him getting that much in Hou is 0%. I predict that after 2-3 years on the Mets and getting bounced in the WC round or DS each year, he will go full circle, return to Det, and retire a Tiger where it all began. Losing Verlander is unquestionably a big loss for the Astros. Anyone downplaying its significance is simply being disingenuous. Thankfully, this team is so well constructed that even with the big loss of Verlander the astros are most likely the favorites to again be AL Champs and make yet another WS in 2023. Thanks for the memories JV. It's been a hell of a ride.


Fine by me; wishing him nothing but the best!


Can we keep Kate Upton?


farewell sweet prince


I know the Astros GM, and according to him JV was actually an energy vampire who has been feeding off of Forrest Whitley since his arrival. With him gone now, look for Whitley to have a big bounce back season.


Not mad about it


Two years Mets contract as JV turns 40. Calculated risk.


Get yo bag JV, thanks for everything


Well we're going to have to stick to only 6 starters this year.


What was it? 2 year-$86, $88 million? Way too much


Weren’t the Astros “Hung up on the thought of paying him for a 3rd Year” yet he signed with the Mets for a 2 year deal? That’s interesting


please someone help me understand how we didn't offer the guy $35-37M AAV 2 year with a 3rd year option? That is the same money as 43 Million in NY after state tax, and a chance to win more championships... Am I missing something here? Did they just not make him the offer, or is top line AAV number really that important to players for bragging rights?


He got his money. Kate can be in NYC all year. Win win.


Welp. That suck.


Goddamn the man got paid good for him. Godspeed JV


Wish him the best. Happy it was the Yankees, Cardinals or Dodgers


Well I’m sad to see him go but like Cole before him we did just fine and clearly Coles game fell off. Soo.


Goodbye sweet prince 😢 👋


Thanks JV


Can Kate Upton still come cheer for us at the 2023 WS?


Saw that coming!! They have potential to be good next year.