Crane: “Look at me…I’m the GM now”


GMs are overrated




Wow this is kinda surprising. 11 mil a year for your #3 bullpen arm. I guess that’s a decent deal nowadays


It's the fifth-highest AAV on the team as of now, and second-highest in the bullpen (behind Pressly). The former stat is due in part to the number of youngsters on the team.


Came to say the same. 32 years old with one very good season under his belt. Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic for him.... but just very surprised by this contract.


I see Montero and Abreu as tied at #2. Hopefully continues to give us an awesome 7-8-9 into the future.


imo abreu is better


I'd probably agree? But doesn't Montero have a lot of experience as an actual 9th inning closer? That's valuable.


Little surprised to see us pay the price for Montero… but as long as that’s not a huge chunk of the free amount to spend I’m all for trying to run it back with this pen. His numbers didn’t look all that flukey to me.


The guy was an ACE in the bullpen. He had a short stint where his game was off, but what elite pitcher hasn’t.


I just have always thought it was iffy to spend big on too many bullpen pieces. Especially when an org like ours has done such a solid job finding low cost contributors. Like I said, his stuff wasn’t flukey this year though. Having the 8-9 innings on lockdown for a few more years is great news.


I still remember the Lidge-Dotel-Wagner 7-8-9 punch. Games were over only 2/3 through.


I remember Peter Gammon saying they if you don’t have the lead in the sixth, you’re not winning. Too bad Dotel didn’t have the closer mentality when Wagner left.


He Ks less than 10 per 9. That’s not a bullpen ace. Abreu Ks over 13 per 9. That’s a bullpen ace. Pressley is over 12K/9. Montero is coming off one solid year with decent peripherals. This is a terrible contract. Astros are loaded though so not like it matters that much. This isn’t a good sign though. Fans should really start hoping to hire a GM soon.


Whoever signs on as the gm is going to want to press the undo button on this deal. Such a huge number for such a volatile position where the team already had great depth


I mean he brought the game in the ALCS and World Series. Great pitcher and pick up if you ask me


I’m not disagreeing with that and i’m happy to see him back. But I do think there’s risk with committing a ton of money in the pen given the volatility that comes with arms and also knowing our track record of finding low cost talent there.


They’re not bringing back JV so there’s plenty of money to go around


As far as I’m concerned he should be the only SP to engage with if he wants to come back. I know he’s well connected to Crane. There might be some mid-lower tier guys worth chasing just for depth but otherwise the focus should be on the bats presently.


100% agree. Keep the pen together & add another bat or two if you can’t keep Brantley.


Brantley would be a nice return. I’d split LF/DH between him and Yordan to offer up plenty of rest for both. I’m kind of undecided on a Yuli return but the 1b market is overall kind of meh.


I think they bring Yuli back. There really aren’t other options unless they want to overpay for Rizzo. Which would be ridiculous since he’s getting ready to turn 35. I think giving Yuli a 1 year deal makes the most sense


For the right price I’d be on board. Could also see buying low on someone like Mancini or Bell. Abreu is the biggest prize and I’d be surprised if we got involved there.


Idk how to feel about this, yes relievers are getting all time highs contracts, but I truly felt we could’ve found another mediocre pitcher and built them into a quality reliever. That being said, I don’t mind this. Hopefully it signals Crane is willing to pay to for free agents to give us an extra bat or two this off-season


If you wanna go back to back just keep the momentum rolling. As many of the same guys as possible within reason, imo.


I agree. I hope we resign Brantley too. Although, I wouldn’t mind adding a new bat or two to help the bottom 3rd of our lineup


Can Judge play catcher?


No but apparently he’s a big bottom


The bottom is the catcher...


He can’t get below a 90 degree squat but very flexible bending over. It’s complicated.


He gets bent just fine when the Astros are in town. But then again maybe he is just a good submissive….


Lol favorite comment in this thread 😂


If we do resign Brantley I'd like to see him platoon in the OF with Alvarez tbh but mostly have Brantley as DH. Decreases Brantley injury risk, Alvarez hits better when playing OF but the part time workload would help save his knees. Brantley's power is gone, but his OBP is still good which is huge. Just get on base dude and let the guys knock you in.


You would want Brantley to platoon with Chas not Alvarez. The Brantley/Chas platoon could spot start in LF or hit at DH depending on defensive preference for Alvarez


It feels like forever since the beginning of the year, but I think that's how we played Brantley this season. He had a lot of DH and Yordan was gradually moved to left.


An [alternate view](https://www.crawfishboxes.com/2022/11/9/23444616/off-season-plans-why-running-it-back-is-a-bad-idea-part-i-of-iii): "The Astros have some free agents and some decisions. Brantley, Yuli, Verlander, Montero, and Aledmys Diaz, are all free agents. Should the Astros keep them all? Four of them? Let me be the first to say, one or maybe even none of them. And they should also get rid of Dubon. Because running it back is a bad idea."


Keep Brantley, Diaz. Yuli wants to go to Toronto while he can still hit. Verlander wants to go to So Cal or Detroit. Yuli had a very down year. We need to seriously address our catcher problem. Maldonado is terrific but he can’t hit. The issue for the new GM is to figure out if we can upgrade C and CF from farm or free agency. Castro and Maldonado are both good, better than average defensive catchers but aren’t able to hit.


I can't see Verlander going to a non-contender. That will not help him get to 300 wins. He needs a strong team behind him. Castro is done... If Yuli ended up with his brother, that would make me feel a lot better about not trying to resign him.


We've gotta get a bat, idk if they'll bring back yuli or Diaz. They need to make a decision quickly on those guys though bc you don't want to miss out on getting any good value bats on the market before other teams sign them


If our staff thinks he's worth that they're probably right. I mean, did you not see the gold they've spun out of straw?


Yea they know what they have and if they felt they could replace him they would have.


I miss Myles straw


We have no other areas to spend on. Why not keep this excellent bullpen core and shed pieces later on? edit: except for 1B obviously, and potentially an outfielder.


We need a DH (If Álvarez is moving permanently to Left Field), Outfielder, & 1B (if Yuli leaves) The bottom 3 of our lineup was very bad. We can deal with Maldy being a black hole, but the two dudes in front of him need to be quality hitters if we want to repeat.


Either Alvarez plays DH and a new signing plays LF, or vice versa. Then grab a 1B and you're set. Resigning JV would be amazing but even that is a luxury if we are being honest.


JV has become a top priority IMO. The teams he would leave us for sound scary good with an added JV.


I love JV but we are stacked in the rotation and pen, with Brown coming in I don’t think he’s a priority to keep when we could use that money for bats.


Yeah, adding a reigning CYA winner does that


Never noticed this before: **CYA:** Cy Young Award; Cover Your Ass


So you said we have nothing else to spend money on, but now you want to sign an outfielder and 1B, and maybe resign JV. (I agree with those). And we need to extend Tucker. And will have to consider signing a catcher. So sorry, we have A LOT left to spend money on.


Tucker is locked in for 4 years, we can extend him (if he wants) in 2 years with room to spare. Replacing Yuli and Brantley is an immediate need. Compared to the array of players needed on all other teams, this is a puny assignment. LA, Boston has 15+ core free agents and opt-outs between them. We have a few


Where did you hear about Alvarez moving to LF? I personally would rather him at DH and spend some money on a free agent LF or 1B. Agree with Maldy though. He’s clutch when it matters too.


Click said before his departure they want to make Yordan the primary LF in 2023, makes sense given how good his arm looked and it partially negates the range imo plus his glove isn’t that bad


And he tends to hit better when in the OF as opposed to DHing.


Maybe Crane or Dusty doesn’t want Yordan playing LF full time? Perhaps, another reason Click didn’t return ?


Excellent point. Plus this frees up a middle reliever for a deadline trade deal if we need another backup catcher or speedster. We won it all with what we have - keep it! Strengthen it....


We need to extend Tucker, sign Verlander, and sign a big time free agent bat


With starting pitching going 6 innings or less, bullpens dominate the game now.


After what they collectively did this postseason, keeping this bulpen as-is must have been the priority.


I hope they resign Tucker now and hopefully go get Josh Bell or Brandon Nimmo. Hopefully they can resign Brantley and Verlander.


Glad to have him back but this seems too much for Montero. His track record isn’t that good. We have a lot of bullpen arms


I think his post season run helped cement this pitching in 13/16 games and still having his stuff. They most likely believe it wasn’t a fluke year


Wouldn’t have done this - but what’s done is done.


Don’t fix what is not broken


Slight overpay but I’ll take it to keep this bullpen intact. Especially with neris and Stanek being free agents next year


People will freak out about the AAV of this contract, but a three year deal is not a huge commitment.


This is how I look at it. I think it's a slight overpay but if he is as good as he has been then it'll be worth it and even if he isn't, it's not a huge loss money/time wise.


Now do verlander!!!


Not worth it with our current rotation. He’s a great pitcher, but we don’t need the money tied up to that.


Verlander opted out. I've got a feeling he's going back to the Tigers for his last dance.


He wants to get those wins. He will most likely pick a team that gives him the best chance at that.


Only one team won 117 games this season...


Don't you dare say it.


How many in the postseason?


11, of course.


Nah he wants to win 300 games


He's 39, I doubt he's gonna Nolan Ryan his career just to get 60 Ws. He's still good, but he's not 27 year old Verlander. Cy Young '22 or not, 39 is 39.


He's publicly stated that he wants to pitch until he's 45 (5-6 more seasons).. if he can get a minimum of 10-12 wins per season he'll reach 300.. he'd be even closer to 300 if he didn't miss '20 and '21


What he wants and what his body gives him are two different things. That said, noticeable decline or not, I think he can come close if he sticks around.


Yes, winning his 3rd CY at 39 right after TJ, and having one of the most dominant pitching seasons in modern baseball history, definitely looks like his body isn't agreeing with what he wants


His playoff and WS appearances says that he's slowing down. I want to keep him, but let's keep it a buck, he's an old pitcher, Cy Young and one of his best seasons of his career or not.


He opted out because his salary would have been 25 million next year, not because he is necessarily leaving. He can easily get 35 million. He could still return if we make a good enough bid.


I'd like to see us resign him just to increasethe chance that he goes into the Hall as an Astro. **Detroit:** 11.5 years, RotY, AL MVP, 1 CYA, Triple Crown, 6x All Star, 2 No Hitters **Houston:** 5.5 years so far, 2 WS, 2 CYA (I know...), All-MLB 1st team, 3x All Star, 1 No Hitter


Zero chance of that happening. He is, and rightfully so, a Tiger first.


FOUND THE ASTROS FAN IN DETROIT!!1!1 Hah! I can still hope, though. And a third WS might make the difference.


Send out the Luhnow signal then!


Dunna dunna dunna dunna dunna dunna dunna dunna LUH-NOW!


Rest in power, Batman.


RIP in peace


He needs 56 wins for 300, realistically 3 really good seasons. He's not going to get the run or bullpen support to get those wins with Detroit.


I think we’re going to pay verlander somewhere near $40M and keep him.


Let's go! Love this.




I think a 2 and 1 would have been more ideal, but this isn’t horrible by any means


Crane decided he’s the GM




Cranes money I guess, definitely thought Abreu would be moving to setup man with a chance to take over for closer even Guess there’s no plan for a real GM…?


That seems like an overpay. He's only had 2 good seasons in his career. The walks started piling up for Montero towards the end.


Yeah. This seems like it's gonna be a horrible contract quickly.


Shit it ain't my money Crane is paying it I guess.


Hopefully this means we are willing to spend a bit more. I wanna lock the young guys up for all eternity like the Braves did the majority of their team. Lock the young(er) arms in too and let’s get another couple rings!!


who needs a gm anyways


Crane about to make it rain baby! Nimmo is next!!


Is it an overpay? Yes. Do I care? Hell no let’s run it back.


Awesome! Now do Javier. Like...now!


We see year after year elite bullpens win championships. If we are spending money to keep that together I don’t see a problem with the value.


Not a bad deal in hindsight. His contract will be up when it’s time to extend King Tuck and Framber


Well that answers the question if Crane is going for it again or not.


I just want Tucker sealed for the next 15 years. Do that before anything else.


WTF. Definitely overpaying. This is not the Astros way. Now Crane appears to be over his skis. Did this deal have to happen right now? Was someone about to sign Montero and we had to act quickly?


Market FA bullpen signings happening playoff teams are locking up the BP in longe term deals Mets and Padres set the market. Astros following suit. Wanna compete next year this is what had to be done.


Even with the expanded market for relievers, this is really risky. Will look terrible if he can't sustain his form from this season.


Oh… wow. That’s a ton of money for Montero. Mixed cause I love the guy but to me he is suuuuuper solid back bullpen depth and that’s just a lot of money for that. Also weird because Crane has seemed incredibly frugal thus far. Just really interesting


I think it’s becoming clear that *Click* was super frugal and Crane had something flashier in mind.


Oh maybe you’re right about that. Had not considered that. Typically it’s the other way round with the owner trying to tighten up while the gm wants a larger budget. But this is a weird one all around so could be!


We’ll be alright.


Montero was great during the year but he'll be 33, has had exactly one good season in his career, and was easily our shakiest reliever in the playoffs. He was a few feet away from giving up some huge bombs in multiple games. No way is he worth $11.5 mil per year. Glad to have him back but I hope this doesn't hinder our ability to sufficiently address OF and 1B.




Montero was DFAd by Seattle. Astros dug him out of the dustbin. They had to do that trade before he cleared waivers. Now the dude is healthy and throwing darts.


To me this says Crane is just throwing money at players to get them to re-sign. I feel like a GM could have finessed options like the rest of our relievers have. 3 guaranteed years is a little rough.


This is a solid signing market was set by Mets and SD on their FA signings. We are alright.




Lol u mad bro?


This isn’t a political sub and no one wants to read your takes. Take it somewhere else.


Can’t wait to hear more Elvis Crespo! For those that don’t know Montero’s walkout song is ‘Nuestra Cancion’


What is JV asking for. Probably multi year deal which is scary.


One down. Now let’s compensate the rest of the bullpen. No reason for those guys to still be making the minimum


I want off this Jerry Jones ride.


As long as we stack rings who fucking cares! We are just waiting for Stearns.


Yikes. Montero had a great year for us, but he did suck for like 5 seasons before he came here. And he's 32. Horrible contract


History, especially during the covid era, is meaningless. He has great stuff NOW, when it counts. I am sure Dusty told Crane that keeping him ices in another 1st place finish.


This is just an lol comment. When you sign a contract you want to guess what they'll do in the FUTURE. Not this past season. Montero will not even be a late inning guy in 3 years. He's 32. But I'm sure his first season with a FIP under 4 will continue.


Glad you can predict the future! Your comment doesn't even make sense. Are you saying the past 5 seasons lends more credibility than the season that ended a week ago? Did you see the shortage of relievers as free agents right now? Who better than someone who proved themselves valuable over the past 6 months?


Middle Relievers can come out of thin air. Like Montero. or Bryan Abreu. They're easy to find. RemindMe! 8 Months


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