Yes it is. How to set the starting rotation is going to be tough. It’s a good problem to have though.


JV, Framber, LMJ are your starting rotation in the post season


For sure those three, more thinking on a fourth starter if we go that route. Honestly I’d like to see more hunter Brown, likely if they role a forth I think it’s Urquidy. Another senecio I’m curious is if we DH Vasquez and have Yordon in left.


I thin with his lack of experience and the kind of stuff he has Hunter, We have 1st Verlander, but What about 2nd Verlander, Brown plays well out of the pen. ​ Think about it. Your 4th starter goes short? Brown can give you multi inning high powered pitching out of the pen. ​ Verlander dominates through 6, and has the other team looking confused? ​ Roll Brown in who modeled his mechanics off Verlander to keep the offense looking confused for another 2 innings before giving the ball to Pressley. ​ Your 4th starter also has relatively very low impact on the series. ​ Your other pitchers potentially start twice, with your elite Bullpen arms getting up to 5-7 leveraged innings potentially. ​ Your 4th Starter goes 4 or 5 once per series, maybe throws 1 out of the pen in game 6 or 7. ​ I'd rather have Brown in the pen and Urquidy / Garcia making the 4th start.


Clearly yesterday they were trying out their playoff plan of having hunter go longer out the pen. I’m hoping him and Garcia will both be in the pen, but guessing it’ll be Javier and brown out the pen and the other 4 will start, hopeful we don’t need Luis too much, but he’s still better than almost every team’s 4th starter.


I'm thinking if we need a 4th start could possibly see a Javier & Brown split start.


What’s yalls thoughts on Vasquez DH yordon left?


Holy hell. I haven't looked at the standings lately. I had assumed we were still leading the AL but I didn't realize we'd opened up an 8 game lead over the Janks. You love to see it.


Didn't they have a double digit lead over us at some point earlier in the season?


Oh yeah, the Yankees have been on the struggle bus for the last month. They appear to be coming out of their funk or their schedule gotten weaker. We had a strong schedule out the bat. I knew if we just hung and there close to the Yankees until about the ASB, we would pass them and pull away from them as the season went on.


Won't mean anything if we can't perform in playoffs. At least the stros players have right mindset in not being satisfied with just a division title


Love to see the Blue Jays get 2nd seed =)


...and suddenly, I became a Blue Jays fan for the last 14 games...seeing the Janks not make the playoffs would make me quite giddy.


They'd still make it. They'd need more than just the Jays to pass them. I think they're magic number to clinch a playoff spot is like 2.


C’mon losing streak


LOL remember when people were wondering if we could catch the Yankees for the #1 seed?


The angel’s fall from the season start is the biggest implosion I’ve ever seen


The Yankees fall from the season start is the biggest implosion I've ever seen.


The Yankees will be lucky to win 100 games. Ha! Peasants!


Yankee fans in shambles.


It'll be even more beautiful here in about 7-10 days


Its corn


It’s got the juice


Kings of the AL (Astros League)


the third division leader having the worst record in the playoffs and still having home advantage is bullshit


I'm bouta shed a tear man


It's pretty. I won't deny the Yanks have had a harder division and are scary.