Not to sound too salty but imagine if a Yankees pitcher just did this, or a Dodger. They would be on the cover of everything. To be fair though this is a great year for baseball fans with Pujols closing in on 700 and Judge with an outside chance of hitting more HRs then the steroid era.


Honestly, this is what pisses me off most. There's basically 0 hype for this record outside of Astros fans. Who gives a shit if it's a sexy stat or not, the dude deserves recognition for breaking a single season record in a game that's 160yrs old. If this was Ohtani, Kershaw, deGrom, or someone from the Yankees if they had a good pitcher. The talk would have started at like 20 straight QS and only built over time.


I turned on sports center this morning.. they reported on the WNBA championship twice, the dolphins /ravens twice, some shithead in MLS using a slur, judge homeruns, judge triple crown, Tom Brady getting “jazzed” in New Orleans, more shit I don’t care about, until finally.. they did top 10 plays.. NOT A FUCKING PEEP about Framber! Then to top it off I go check power rankings on SI.com, they’ve got Astros 4, behind NYM and ATL. National sports media serves shit sandwiches, and they always hold the bread.


> NOT A FUCKING PEEP about Framber! See that's fucked up. It's honestly such a level of disrespect that's wild. I from Europe, so I just watch whatever stream I can find, which frequently is the opponents broadcast. During the JV game a couple days ago, the broadcasters had a converation that went like this: Broadcaster 1: Yea, those are the Cy Young candidates. Broadcaster 2: And the Astros also have Valdez who is having an amazing season. Broadcaster 1: Great season, but I think these other guys are a tier above Valdez. Broadcaster 2: Well, he does have that consecutive quality start streak - I think he's getting close to a record there. What is he at 21 or 22 straight? (Note: he was at 24) Broadcaster 1: Yea, 22. These are people that are literally paid to know about baseball and just the level of disrespect. To not even *know* about the record.


And this isn’t some obscure new-era record. This is a MAJOR record for pitchers.


Judge is having an awesome season, but he's not doing anything crazy that other players haven't done already. He's not chasing the single season home run record. Sure he has a shot at the triple crown, but that's been done like 25 times. So why is every time he hits a homer, I gotta hear or read about it from 10 different sources?


But someone has only won the triple crown once in the past 50 years. Look I get being annoyed by all the Judge stans but let's not just dismiss a potentially amazing feat b/c its annoying to hear about.


Triple Crown is a great feat, no doubt. But what I'm saying is Framber is entering territory where no one in history has ever done. Why does the national audience pretty much not care?


Bob Gibson and Jacob deGrom have the overall record of 26 consecutive quality starts; Framber has the single season record. And the only reason I know these numbers is b/c an Astros pitcher is involved and that's with deGrom setting it recently. It's a cool record and incredibly impressive. I'm super happy for Framber. But it's not a highly coveted or prestigious record. Especially now with quality starts not being as valued as highly as before. It's a sign of amazing consistency not utter domination (not to say Framber isn't a great pitcher.). It's a record most fans would look at and go "neat" and move on.


That's exactly my argument. Why isn't it highly coveted? I equate it to a hitting streak. Why does the baseball fan audience put alot of prestige in hitting streaks, but not this?


I think your sentiment of hitting streak=quality start streak is not highly shared. Now why? Honestly, idk it's a mix of things. Even the most casual of fans knows what a hit is but maybe not a quality start. Offensive records are typically more flashy and known (across all sports). Were you this worked up when not much fanfare was made when deGrom set this record? If the answer to that is no, then this is mostly due to wanting an Astro to get more recognition. Which is fine, we're all Astros fans here but that's a separate issue, not one of a specific record's prestige.


To be clear, I'm not worked up. I'm just saying how this QS streak is pretty much going unheralded. You are correct, when DeGrom broke Gibson's recorded, I didn't really even know. That's exactly my point though, why wasn't it big national news? What Framber has done is extremely difficult. It requires a consistency that is so difficult to achieve. Similar to the hitting streak... getting one hit in a game and going 1-5 is no big deal and even considered a bad game. It's the consistency part that is so difficult. But I'm leaning towards what you said... the Quality Start stat simply is not widely known, and not sexy to show highlights of on ESPN. It's just a shame, because this feat is just so difficult to achieve.


Sorry, didn't mean to accuse you of that. But yeah I think it's just the type of record that it is. Like asking a football fan who has the most consecutive games played with a touchdown pass. That's incredibly impressive but only hardcore fans will know the answer at the top of their head while the casual fan will just name famous QBs till they get it right. We can only hope Framber can keep this up for way longer. Maybe at a certain point, like at 40 or 50, it'll be just too ridiculous to not have media coverage. Head and shoulders above and all that.


Miguel Cabrera won one in like 2013 I think. Before that it was Ystremaki in like 67.


that's the one I was referring to in 2012


> let's not just dismiss a potentially amazing feat b/c its annoying to hear about. I only do that for Ohtani!


you know what, fair enough lol


> He's not chasing the single season home run record Anything over 61 for the record has an asterisk.


I mean you are comparing judge to the steroid era records. If you exclude those, he’s on pace to crush the HR record.


you know what, i expected shortly after he came out of the game to see a notification from the MLB about an article talking about Valdez, but that never came.


Instead (and I know I sound petty now), an article about the best seat to catch an historic Judge HR ball


I disagree that it would be a huge deal if the player who did it was on one of the media darling teams. "Quality start" is just too made up of a stat to gain that broad of traction.


I agree with this. I had no idea deGrom had the record and considering he plays for the Mets I figured we would have heard all about it whenever he set the record.


I think there’s a level of nuance here. I didn’t say this in my comment but I think if a pitcher on a major team was having the season Framber was having it would be a big deal (Alcantara for example). Now, add to that they were chasing the QS record and I believe it would be a massive deal.


I can't be the only Astros fan who feels weird about cheering on Pujols. It just seems..... "wrong"....


Hahaha 🫂 there’s just so much trauma there. I typed it carefully so that I am aware of the fact he’s doing a great thing but I’m not actively cheering him on. It’s way too personal. Respect though for sure


I have 2004 and 2005 playoff induced trauma.


Looks like the Astros lead MLB in IP per GS by SP with 5.9. A few teams tied for 2nd with 5.6 innings.


It's a great stat and record but does anybody remember deGrom setting it?


I had no idea deGrom had this record and if someone not on the Astros set it this year, I probably still wouldn't have known.


This is the right answer.


Most people don't know what a QS is, even some baseball fans. Then, when you explain it to them, often times they don't see the value, or the importance in the stat because they don't understand how it impacts the rest of the game. ​ It's a stat line that deep baseball fans adore and understand, but it isn't your average fans stat, and as such, it isn't newsworthy. At least in MLB / ESPN's eyes. ​ Also, Verlander deserves the Cy Young over Framber, 100%.


I agree Verlander > Framber. But I dont agree with your statement that it's not talked about because people dont understand it. If your a sports writer than it would be prime time to inform people, make the headline flashy make the description understandable- that's your job!


I agree that QS is not a popular stat... but why isn't it? People always talk about consecutive hitting streaks, to show how consistent a batter is hitting. This QS streak is probably the pitching equivalent, but yet it's pretty much unheralded.


It’s too time consuming as a stat. A hit occurs in a single at bat, a HR is the same. A QS is 18 of those at bats not becoming those other stats. You can put one swing on SportsCenter to show a HR or hit in a hit streak, which pitch are you going to show for the QS highlight?


I think QS itself is not popular because it can be 6IP 3ER, which is 4.5 ERA and that's not good at all. I agree there is definitely value in being consistent though and it's not like he's doing the bare minimum for a QS. The hitting streak comparison is a good point though. You can go 1-5 with a soft blooper single and still continue it


Hits are very easy to understand. QS are not.


I rather us be quiet and just show up and whoop everyone's ass and make it to the world series. But yeah i agree is this was Walker Buehler, Gerrit Cole, or Ohtani ESPN would be nutting themselves.


Man I was talking about that to my kid today. How hard this is.


Judge chasing 2nd place all time is apparently waaaaay more important. Worthy of 5 stories a day on mlb.com


YES! I'm getting tired of every time he hits a homer, I gotta hear or read about it from 10 different sources.


\*first place (at least imo)


It was a bit sad ESPN didn’t have anything on it until after the game. Think it was like 4:40 when the article came out. It’s a MLB record. We’ll have to see if he tied Bob Gibson and then beats him if they report on it more. Sad there isn’t much on it though.


I LOVE Framber! IIRR, back in 1998 when the BigMac/Sosa home run chase was going on, Craig Biggio quietly had the first 50/50 season in a very very long time. Nobody seemed to care because of the other stuff going on. Honestly, I love going under the radar. Framber is Keuchel 2.0. He is a groundball specialist and I will take peak Keuchel in the playoffs any day. Remember when Keuchel mowed down the Yankees in Game 1 of the 2017 ALCS? Stikeouts are great, but a solid ground ball specialist is extremely valuable. Gotta love the consistency. I honestly think Framber is a better than Dallas Keuchel. If you compare ERA only (yeah, I love the other stats too), there is not a big difference in actual runs allowed between Framber and 2019 Cole.


Should we start saying hes better than LMJ or nah? I know hes coming off a major injury but Framber is killing it


Because his name isn’t Aaron Judge.. the media hates the Astros. No worries. We will conquer once again, thanks to Framber and party.


Exactly! Astro fans obviously love everything about the Astros(right or wrong)and always will. Because of the cheating scandal, we are a hated team and majority of the country don't want to hear anything about the Astros, so they're definitely not going to report much about them until they have no one else to talk about.


I think it's awesome, but to be honest it is a bit of an odd stat. As I understand it, if the pitcher throws a shutout through 8, but gives up a grand slam in the 9th, the streak ends. So, in the end, it's to the pitchers advantage to get pulled in the 6/7th innings. Not saying that happened in Framber's case, but it does make the 'streak' a bit more wishy/washy to me. Were there other pitchers that happened to once or twice to break a 'streak'? I have no idea. I guess this could be said for all 'streak' type stats though. Did someone walk once during a consecutive hit streak? IDK.


Sounds like it's the coaches fault for not pulling his pitcher. He pitched 9 innings, then loaded the bases? Sounds like the pitcher should have been taken out of the game.


It's a hypothetical example. Maybe a better one is the pitcher gives up 3 runs through 6 and then gives up a freak solo shot in the 7th.


Not a quality start. Baseball isn't fair alot of times, shouldn't diminish what Framber has done though.


Quality Starts is a mediocre stat anyway. 3 runs in 6 innings spell 4.5 ERA. Not so quality when you look at it.


That's 4.5 ERA AT WORST! You're looking at it as giving up 3 over 6 every game, when the real stat is giving up 3 over 6 AT WORST! Consider, how many pitchers have done 26 consecutive starts since 1968??? That answer is TWO! Framber of course, the other is possibly the best pitcher in baseball right now... Jacob DeGrom. How is it that this feat is so insignificant when so few have done it? I think you're missing the importance of longevity and consistency.


The topic of QS has been discussed a long time ago. The very definition of the stats describes mediocrity. A better, similar stat is the Superlative Start: 2 runs/7 innings. Now, admit it guys. Y’all don’t give a fuck about this stat before until now. Don’t be a homer.


It's the consistency that's impressive. Just look at the people he's passing... Bob Gibson & Jacob DeGrom. I agree, a single Quality Start is rather mediocre... but to have the consistency to do it consecutively for this long is just remarkable. Why do we care so much about consecutive hitting streaks? A player could break Dimaggio's 56 game hitting streak record, but still only have a mediocre .250 batting average. It's the consistency that's amazing.


A QS is likely putting less pressure on your bullpen and offense. It's also likely putting a smaller workload on your bullpen and bench.


It’s not a popular stat, but it’s a good stat for the defensive side of baseball. You are going at least 6 innings and only giving up a maximum of 3 runs. No other pitcher in history has done it this many games in a row. Edit: forgot degrom did it over 2 seasons. 1 away from tying.


DeGrom has if you count cross over QS from seasons. He’s at 26 with Framber holding single season at 25


My bad! Thank you for the correction!




Hah you don't get it dude


This is a stat that probably gets lost over the course of a 162 game schedule. But being able to pitch with that kind of consistency is unheard of. Now imagine having a proven pitcher like that available for 2 games in a 7 game series. That is a solid advantage right there. I think we will really get to see him shine in the postseason.


Not enough for a Cy Young


Let me be contrarian. But sports writers have grown away from this stat. I wasn't that popular when was "invented" in the 80's. Sports writers have come around to the moneyball bill james approach. The problem is the quality start isn't just a pitcher stat, it also includes fielder depth. A pitcher who goes 6 innings with 3 runs all season would be a 4.50 ERA pitcher. He's good 6th in the AL, 10 in MLB for WAR, Qualified. But he's not even the best on the team, he's is still a full 1 fWAR behind verlander with 3 extra starts, and it's a counting stat. There is an expectation he he may get a few votes in cy and come in 3rd after cease and verlander.


Honestly i think he's a great pitcher, but I've never heard of this stat until this year. Baseball fanatics will seemingly try to make meaning and give reward for any set of cherry-picked numbers they can find.


Literally when deGrom achieved 24 QS it was widely talked about and celebrated.


I’m a casual fan. I will watch a couple games a month and then start paying more attention if we have a chance of making playoffs. I knew of this stat, heard it somewhere and got curious so I googled it. Same for WHIP and OPS, kept looking at others but they get too confusing for me to actually use brain power on them


Why is the hitting streak so highly coveted? Every big baseball fan can probably tell you who has the most consecutive games w/ a hit. Why is there any meaning to this? Why is this a big deal?