If he does start against the As, we will need to skip someone's start. Even after he replaces Hunter Brown we will be on a 6-man rotation. 09/12 vs Tigers - Framber 09/13 vs Tigers - Brown 09/14 vs Tigers - Javier 09/15 vs As - McCullers 09/16 vs As - Urquidy 09/17 vs As - Garcia 09/18 vs As - ??? It is possible they plan on giving Framber extra rest and have him pitch against the Rays, as he would be setting the QS record if he comes through today. edit: the QS record is 26, so he would still be one away from tying. My bad.


I think the Astros are going to try to limit the Rays from facing Verlander, Framber, and McCullers since they are a possibility as the ALDS opponent.


Sounds like a smart move. Do something like hold back Garcia’s next start, let Framber and Verlander pitch the last 2 against the A’s, then throw Garcia, Brown, and Javier against the Rays next week.


Most by a LHP tho


He can rest for as long he needs, I’d say 1 start before playoffs to get back in the hang of things


Don't pitch if you aren't 100% ready. I could care less about beating the A's again.