Should be good news that it's not that bad? Get him healthy for the playoff run.


According tp the team ["Justin Verlander's MRI showed "fascial disruption, but no muscle fiber disruption."](https://twitter.com/Chandler_Rome/status/1564662716425461763?s=20&t=6Jernm5nYukfykbLMz-S-w) Sounds like a Strain


A strain is a tear of the muscle fibers. So I don't think so.


> @astros The Astros have made the following roster moves: - Justin Verlander has been placed on the 15-day IL - Jake Meyers has been optioned to AAA + Brandon Bielak has been recalled from AAA + J.J. Matijevic has been recalled from AAA + Hunter Brown has been added to the Taxi Squad [Per @Astros](https://twitter.com/astros/status/1564662066882916353?s=20&t=ZpiJ13NTFQXIDlu6rPk2Mg)


I find this interesting since Berman claimed we were calling up Yainer Diaz. ​ Wonder if that's another "on 9/1" callup and just got reported differently for some reason


It is on 9/1.


9/1 when rosters expand.


What does taxi squad mean


AAA guys that travel with the team basically on call-up standby for no delay.






Think of it as group of guys that travels and practices with the team and that are not on the 26 man roster but on call in case if someone goes on protocol. Or in this case someone whos gonna be on the roster once it expands during the road trip.


FWIW pitchers (and 2-way players, i.e. Ohtani) have to go on the IL for 15 days minimum compared to 10 days for all other position players.. it doesn't necessarily mean his injury is more/less severe, just the current rules More [details here](https://www.mlb.com/glossary/injuries/15-day-injured-list)


Why are the rules like that anyway?


Preventing manipulation to increase a team's roster size of available pitchers by shuffling them on and off the IL


Teams were using the 10 day IL to manipulate the roster. >The switch to 10 days had allowed teams to have more leeway when it came to planning out roster shuffling, specifically in order to manipulate the club's rotation to their advantage. For example, having only a ten day minimum for pitchers meant that they would usually miss just one start, and in the meantime, a club would turn to using more relief pitchers and/or openers. The change back to 15 days should make it much more difficult, if not impossible, for teams to work around the required minimum IL time. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlb-pitchers-will-have-minimum-15-day-injured-list-stints-in-2020-per-report/


Thanks, I have Pressly on my fantasy team and was wondering why he had 15 day next to his name instead of 10.


This is good news, i don't know why people are freaking out. I was expecting something much worse


Obviously playoffs are most important, but someone correct me if I'm wrong: You need at least 1 IP per team game to qualify as a statistical leader right? JV is currently at 152 IP, so if he sits out for a while he'd need a minimum of two starts to lock up the ERA title.


Correct, but a Cy young and ws title are much more important. Unless someone goes on an insane tear it's his award without getting to 162.


I think Cease and McLanahan are the only guys threatening at this point and Verlander has more innings under his belt than both of them at the moment, so we’ll see how it all plays out over the last month. Health is number 1 though.


I like your knowledge, didn’t know that. I’m really hoping JV can win CY young so we can get that pick next year


Extra pick? Care to explain?


Not sure how true this is, but I’ve heard that based on the new cba the team with the CY Young award pitcher gets an extra pick on the draft next year (I’m unsure about the # of the pick), and I think that also happens for the rookie of the year winner team and the mvp. Is to incentivize teams to bring up their best players faster. Correct me if I’m wrong and you’ve heard something different


if you have a rookie on the opening day roster that wins the Cy, ROY, or MVP you get rewarded with a pick it was introduced to incentivize teams giving early call ups instead of waiting for super 2 to manipulate service time. veterans winning Cy or MVP doesn't give you a pick. this would still leave hunter brown eligible next year if he were to win CY or ROY in the 2023 season


Ohhh thanks for explaining


That makes zero sense. You have a player that just won MVP and you get rewarded even more with another draft pick? [https://www.mlb.com/news/draft-rule-changes-with-new-cba](https://www.mlb.com/news/draft-rule-changes-with-new-cba)


Idk, maybe you’re thinking that last two years Bauer and ray both won the award and left as free agents and the team got comp picks…?


Better now than October.


Bring him back for 4-5 innings for one final start. Let him heal up as long as it takes.


Dude we are blessed we have a Javier ready to step in.. who has a 2.88 era just sitting on the sideline.. also have a relatively easy schedule and a a four game lead on an opponent who is practically imploding.. the only concern I have is this doesn’t impact JVs performance in anyway and he makes 100% recovery


Our injury list is stacked right now


It’s probably good for him to get a rest anyways first year back from TJ. He’ll still have around 5 more starts if he comes back in 15 days.


I read it can take up to 13 days for the average calf strain to heal. I don’t think we would start our ALDS until October 11th. I hope he has enough time to heal.


Great news. Hopefully he just needs a couple of weeks to heal and then is ready to go in mid/late September....then he can get a couple of starts in prior to the playoffs to round into form.


Great news, thank you baby Jesus!


is this what getting punched in the gut feels like?




Yeah it's scary to read, but this is really about the best possible news. This kind of thing shouldn't keep JV out much longer than the 15 day time period, if that.


How much do you think it affects his cy young bid?


Hopefully not much, I’m really looking forward to that extra pick. But might need a few more starts to qualify


Bielak is not JV....


No fuck, just no. Fuck shit damn. No just no, You can't cheer me up by claiming he'll be fine for the postseason. Just fuck no.


Yes fuck, just yes . ☹️