They have 1st Round pick Drew Gilbert (CF) slotted in at 5th, behind Brown, Barber, Diaz, and Lee. 11th round high school bat Ryan Clifford (LF) is next at 7th. The Astros will attempt to go over slot to sign him, and he said he anticipates signing. So fingers crossed. He’s a Vanderbilt commit. 2nd round pick Jacob Melton (CF) is 14th. 3rd round pick Michael Knorr (RHP) is 20th. 2nd round comp pick Andrew Taylor (RHP) and 6th round pick Collin Price (C) are back to back at 31 and 32. Finally, 7th rounder AJ Blubaugh (RHP) and 16th rounder Tim Borden (2B) come in at 37th and 38th.


Is Melton signed yet? I have a good feeling about him


Clifford would be nice.


Big red dawg in him


Looks like it'll be hard to sign him. Right now they have saved 529.1k, which means the max they can offer without losing draft picks is 995.95k. The only picks left is the 9th rounder (157k slot value) and then the 1st and 2nd rounders. A similar talent (Dana Caden ranked 119) signed for 1 5m, so I imagine it will take about the same to sign Clifford. They will need to save some money from Gilbert/Melton which will be a tough ask. Maybe Clifford takes less


I think he is what is holding up all the official draft signings right now


Not near enough respect on Enmanuel Valdez's name


I feel out of the loop not knowing who Colin Barber is. Anyone have the lowdown on him?


He’s a 4th round over slot draft pick from 2019 out high school. His first three minor league years, he had limited playing time due to some injuries. This year he’s put together a really solid .303/.410/.470 line at high A Asheville. Good bat to ball skills, which could lead to a special hit tool. He’s gotten stronger too and produced some 110+mph exit velos this year. Shot to stick at CF.


Still hope Pedro Leon is a diamond in the rough.


Me too. He’s walking a ton, but also striking out a ton. Those strikeouts worry me.


His July numbers have been promising so hopefully he can keep it up. He's hitting .302 with a .951 OPS. His walk rate is still elite at 19.7% and his K rate has gone way down to 12.7%. It's only been 17 games (71 PA) though


He signed for a lot. He’s just been underperforming big time. Kinda given up hope on him.


Gilbert and Melton just signed. Huge gets.