I have been on this drug for years since it was a brand called Singulair. Never had an issue with it.


Thank you so much, this gives me hope.


I've been on montelukast for like a decade and have had no issues. It has definitely helped with my asthma, though.


I'm a big fan of Montelukast, I've taken it for about 8 years now. I can always tell when if I've forgotten to take it the night before. Everyone reacts differently to different medications. For the amount of posts you have seen talking about the negative effects of Montelukast, there will be just as many, probably more, who have good experiences with it. Chances are the only negative would be you building it up in your head, and bringing on anxiety. Good luck!


Thank you so much! Can I ask you if montelukast really changed your asthma? And what type of asthma you usually have?


It was prescribed as I was struggling to get a full night's sleep without waking up with an asthma attack. I can't remember how long it took before it started working (wouldn't have been long, if not straight away). I take it before bed, and I couldn't do without it. I now take it alongside Relvar Ellipta, but have also used it with Fostair. My asthma is usually triggered by dust / dust mites, mould, and exercise. I definitely understand your anxieties with starting new medication, but I assure you there are far worse things to have to be prescribed. Don't let a few people's experiences put you off a tried and tested medicine which should help control your asthma.


Thank you again this was really helpful! I also have dust mites allergy, do you have any tips aside from the general known ones that you found amazing for keeping a low amount of dust mites in the house?


It's difficult. I don't think I know of anything other than the obvious, regularly wash bed sheets, hoover carpets, ventilation (when it's not pollen season). Interestingly, I bought an air purifier a month or so ago (BlueAir 3210), it stays in my daughter's room, but it definitely makes a difference to my asthma, and has given her a better night's sleep. If you're in a position to do so, I would definitely recommend trying one out. Keep it in the room you spend most time in. Most importantly, KEEP A DIARY.


Thank you again!


When I began taking it I kept an asthma diary, as my doc started me on a maintenance inhaler and this at the same time. I waited 2 weeks then started this and not the maintenance inhaler (I started it 2 weeks later as I wanted to know what was making the difference as he'd said it works really well or not at all depending on the person). I went from using my rescue inhaler upwards of 20 times a day to 0. It was a life saving game changer for me. ETA: I have always had nightmares, but didn't experience a notable increase when I began taking this.


Being able to take a deep breath canceled out anything else. Im also 23 and I have anxiety. It worth it once you’re able to tell the difference between what is asthma and what is anxiety. I do remember having vivid nightmares in the beginning montelukast that freaked me out. If you think you might end up harming yourself, I’d suggest you’d talk to your doctors about other action plan routes or you can meet with a therapist to work through your depression. Montelukast was worth it for me. I hope you figure it out 💛


Thank you so much! I’d say I have both ocd and anxiety under control at the moment, so I’m not worried much about it aggravating my current state but more on if it could make me feel bad on its own. We’ll see! Did the nightmares go down after the beginning?


Yep! No more nightmares! I recommend it but you should do whatever you feel comfortable with (:


The evidence is mixed. There's certainly some evidence out there that montelukast may correlate with certain psychiatric disturbances, but there's no clear scientific consensus. If a causative correlation does exist, the statistics suggest children and adolescents are most likely to be effected. And these side effects are rare. I don't think you need to be afraid of montelukast, but do pay attention to how you're feeling for the first few weeks/months and report any symptoms to your doctor. For my part: I've been on montelukast since it was first approved (so over 20 years now; I'm 36 and started taking it at age 14) and it has worked wonders for me. I do have anxiety and ADHD, but those things existed well before I started montelukast. Good luck!


Thank you so much


I went from 3+ different inhaled medications per day to just one tiny pill with far fewer side effects. My biggest side effect is if I skip a dose, I have some crazy dreams. I also take an antidepressant.


I've been taking it for ten years now, no side effects whatsoever. Of course different people have different reactions but for me it worked amazingly.


I've been taking it for about 10 years. Never had problems. I have anxiety, but I've had it since childhood and it's actually getting better with time and effort.


Thank you so much!


I have been on Montelukast since I was 21 and my quality of life has improved so much. Being able to breathe every day after years of fighting and struggling to exist in my regular life opened me up to so many opportunities. I sleep through the night. I can do laundry without an asthma attack. I'm not constantly fighting for air. I barely use my rescue inhaler. There are so many things that my asthma was taking from me that I didn't even know about and now I have that all back. All medicines have side effects, and I wouldn't trade the improvements in my life for feeling more safe from mental illness. I am also a mental health professional and have not seen any literature about Montelukast causing mental health conditions, but even if I did I personally feel it's worth the risk.


Thank you so much. It might be because I’m particularly emotional at the moment but reading how well it affected your life made me almost tear up. I wish you all the best and I will most surely try montelukast after talking with my doctor.


I took it as a child, then stopped for a long time, and have been on it as an adult for about 3-5 years. I have anxiety and depression and am on separate medication and therapy for that. It was NOT caused by the montelukast nor did it make it worse for me. I simply chose as an adult that I needed some more help and was able to seek help as an adult.


My pulmonologist prescribed it and like you, after reading the reviews I was very nervous because birth control made me extremely depressed and anxious and I never wanted to feel that way again. I got a second opinion from an allergist and she told me she personally doesn't recommend it because she's seen too many people get depressed from it and not many positive results. You need to consider: 1- if you generally tend to get side effects from medicine (I always seem to, no matter what the drug). 2- if you have a good support system if things do turn bad, and 3- how bad your asthma is that it's a chance you're willing to take. Best of luck


I’ve got CPTSD and a history of self-harm and suicidal ideation. I was a bit worried about starting it for the same reasons as you, but I’ve been on it for almost a year now and it’s made such a massive difference in my quality of life! I’ve not had any issues or any of those nasty side effects and I can breathe way better. My hayfever hasn’t been anywhere near as bad as it has been in previous years and I’ve been able to go around cats again (my grandparents, auntie and parents all have several cats) without having an asthma attack.


Thank you so much, I’m so glad to hear that you are doing so much better with it!


Thank you! I really hope hearing from all the other people here makes you feel a bit better about starting it, and that (if you do choose to start taking it that) it helps ❤️


I take 20mg a day and have done for years. Zero side effects


I asked my doctor about this last week because I was having concerns as I’ve been taking montelukast for many years. He said those side effects are mostly in children and rarely in adults. Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor and side affects can affect people in different ways.


I have a prescription for it, I get the bad side effects so I don't use it every day. I'm VERY happy I have a bottle of it though, because it really does work. My current bottle, I've had it for 1yr and wasn't using it. Then this past week, I catch a cold and I found myself using my rescue inhaler every 2hrs. I took montelukast and it actually helped A LOT. I took it for a few more days until I was in the clear. I just warned my husband (only person I live with) about the side effects, and told him to let me know if they're manifesting. I can just stop taking it if it's bad...but worth it when you can't f'ing breathe, you know? So I say...get it....try it....see how it affects you. If you get the bad side effects, maybe just keep it for emergency times.


I’ve been on it since it was introduced to the market and never had an issue. Asthma improved significantly.


My kid has mental issues, had them before montelukast, they've got no worse at all being on the drug. In fact recently the kid has been improving and is still on montelukast.


Thank you! I’m so glad your kid is doing bette.


I’m on it and have anxiety. Having a good relationship with your doctor and follow ups are important. It may show up in some people but not all. I treat my anxiety so not sure if it’s been worse since taking montelukast. But my asthma is much much better. So that’s enough for me.


I'm a super anxious person with a history of suicidal ideation and self harm already, and I take montelukast daily. That, along with a Breo, helps my asthma immensely, and hasn't had any effects (that I've noticed at least) on my mental state. I would say if you're going to try it, just try to monitor your thoughts and behaviors for a while at the beginning, and if you have someone that can help you monitor things maybe you could ask for some help.. Another set of eyes can be really helpful, whether it is a partner, friend, parent, sibling, therapist, whatever. Also, it can't hurt to bring up these concerns with your doctor. Good luck!


Not everyone gets those side effects. I had homicidal thoughts instead


I've had no side effects. Been taking it since it came out.


Everyone is different. I experienced anxiety, suicidal thoughts, depression, and rage on Singulair. I developed high blood pressure while on the med because I was angry and raging all the time. All of those issues except the hbp went away when I stopped taking the medication. It worked for my asthma, but not for my life.


I too understand your reluctance to take montelukast. When I tried it about a year ago I had horrible dreams one night. I just figured it was because of montelukast so I quit taking it. Fast forward to yesterday. My sense of smell and taste comes and goes because of sinuses/allergies. I took montelukast last night and was able to smell and taste some today. I'll take my chances on feeling better and being able to smell and taste. It really does help reduce mucus production. If you start taking it don't abruptly stop taking it you need to taper off of it or at least that's what I was told


I too understand your reluctance to take montelukast. When I tried it about a year ago I had horrible dreams one night. I just figured it was because of montelukast so I quit taking it. Fast forward to yesterday. My sense of smell and taste comes and goes because of sinuses/allergies. I took montelukast last night and was able to smell and taste some today. I'll take my chances on feeling better and being able to smell and taste. Also ask to be tested for allergies. Allergies and asthma often go hand in hand. Once you identify your triggers you can do immunotherapy to help your body overcome some of your triggers.


Montelukast gave me my life back. I can't stress that enough. I was worried about the side effects too but I have none, other than breathing well, and haven't had to go on prednisone while on it. Now that stuff gives me major anxiety!


I take it daily and my anxiety disorder has been improving and improving over the last few months. My wife is a pharmacist and she says that this side effects are rare in adults


It’s worth trying. If it works for you, it can really help you in the long term. Ask your Dr about your concerns. I have taken it for 7 years without any issues.


I've been on it for years. Gives me vivid dreams and makes me tired but other than that, it's all good.


Just started taking it like 15 days ago and I was nervous too! For my part, I haven't had any issues transitioning onto the medication, and it's helped my asthma significantly. My mental health is better because I can breathe. But, if it helps to ease your mind, remember that it's GOOD that you know about the (very small) possibility of psych symptoms. If you notice a difference you can stop the meds!! Schedule a follow up with whoever prescribed it in a few weeks just to check in and make sure all's well. Good luck - I hope it works well for you because it's been a MIRACLE DRUG for me!


Thank you so much! I will definitely try it after reading so many good comments.


I also have clinical anxiety and OCD and I’ve been taking montelukast for years! I was extremely afraid in the beginning too but what kept me going was the fact that I knew I could get off of it at any time if I had any effects. It has really made things easier for me because now I don’t need to take an allergy pill, prednisone, and my nebulizer each week during allergy season :). If you decide to try it out, log your symptoms and how you feel mentally in a journal and touch base with your doctor often!


I’ve taken it daily for almost a decade. I also take an SNRI every day and a very mild fast-acting anxiety med as needed. My allergist checks in about depression /other psych symptoms at my yearly check up when she writes refills. The few times I’ve had severe acute psych issues my psych is aware I’m on it and my medical team has never taken me off it/thought it was contributing. I’ve always gotten better without altering my dose. The only issue I did have with montelukast is I missed almost 2 weeks early in the pandemic bc of supply/pick up issues and had my first serious asthma attack in years. It’s had to say what will work best for any person, but like others have commented, for me the benefit has far outweighed the risk.


Don’t wanna be negative, but I’ve taken sigular and had extremely suicidal thoughts, but when I stopped my depression kinda stopped along with it. But everyone is different, I take multiple different meds along with it for my asthma and it fucked with me hard.


I second this. Singulair fucks with me in a baaad way. I took it from 11-16ish and then I no longer wanted to take it anymore. I’ve been prescribed it multiple times as an adult when my asthma and lung function is terrible. I will only ever again take it if I absolutely have to. During 2020 I took singular for 1.5 months only. My breathing got better but my mental health went to the shitter. Anxiety out the ass. Depressed. Almost manic at times. Suicidal thoughts. Now I take Source Naturals Aller-defense. It’s a wonderful natural allergy medicine that I *adore*, and if anything it helps my brain rather than hurts it. Highly suggest this supplement to anyone that wants to get away from montelukast/singular.


Yeah unfortunately for me I’m on singular for life and since I stopped taking it my asthma got worse


I was on it for 4 years. I occasionally had a nightmare if I took it too late but that was it. I don't take it anymore but I wouldn't be opposed if they wanted me back on it in the future.


been for over year no issues & only better breathing. it might cause depression in kids my doctor said but that isn’t even common under my understanding. shit depression medication is on a whole other level, i think u will be fine but no doctor :))))


Montelukast was fine for me, only thing it seemed to do as a side effect was make me sleep walk and sleep talk. I don't remember either happening but my wife does lol.


I have chronic depression and it definitely made it worse. Im not sure if it would do the same thing if you were mentally fine. It sucks too because it really really works for allergies and asthma.


I do get anxiety/depression from Montelukast, but it's not as bad as those same side effects I'd get from oral prednisone, and it's never made me suicidal. Montelukast does amazing things for my allergies and asthma, so I'll use it during the worst part of allergy season despite the mental health side effects, because I'm much more functional when depressed and anxious than I am with my eyes swelled shut. Or in an asthma flare, I'll give it a try before resorting to prednisone because often it's enough to get me through it. I find that I bounce back to feeling mentally normal pretty quickly when I stop taking it. Oh, and if you get the nightmare side effect, taking it in the morning instead of in the evening helps a lot. It's not an ideal medication for me, but it still does such a good job that sometimes it's worth it. The side effects I have from Singulair are quite rare, and everyone reacts to medication differently. My siblings have taken it without issue and it's been life-changing for them. But the reason why I mention the side effects as a possibility is because sometimes people take a medication, have mental health side effects, and don't realized that they're caused by the medication (and that the fix can be as easy as not taking that medication anymore). In general, when trying a new medication that can have mental health side effects, let a trusted loved one know so they can look out for you and let you know if you seem to be acting off. When you know a medication can have a certain side effect profile, you know what signs to look for, so you can talk to your doctor and stop if it doesn't work out for you. If your doctor is putting you on it, then they've judged that the potential benefits outweigh the risks.




Can you please explain to me with some more details what symptoms it caused and if you’re sure it wasn’t for external factors like pre existing conditions or stress?




I’m so sorry that happened to you. Truly. I will continue investigating more before deciding after learning this.


i was on it when i was 15 (18 now) never had an issue, aside from it not helping much. then diff doctor that i had switched to said bc I had a history of major depressive disorder, panic disorder, ocd, etc.. he didn't want to give me it bc it can make it worse idk I guess it depends on the person bc everyone reacts differently to things


I have been on Montelukast for years. I have had depression and anxiety for way longer than I have been on Montelukast. It may make them a very little worse, however, the improvement in my asthma is good enough for me.


i took singular as a kid. like, 5 years old kid. i only went off it because my asthma ""went away"" (now it's back tho!) but i don't remember ever having any issues on it back then, and i was a very very anxious kid. :)


Anxiety before during and after. No identifiable changes.


The information the FDA release regarding this basically says they did a huge meta study and found on correlation between montelukast and mental health issues. But they issued the black box warning out of an overabundance of precaution. For me, it's been a wonder drug. I've been on it nearly ten years and I love it. You can pry my montelukast from my cold, dead hands.


I had a bad time on it but I was able to wean off without any major side effects. I know not many others are not as lucky. I would just recommend you tracks your moods and review any severe changes with taking it. You are your own best judge on what’s worth it and what’s not. Best of luck.


I was on it and it gave me the most horrible vivid dreams. I quit it like a bad habit the night I dreamed about slicing up one of my pets. Fuck that medicine.


I also have ocd and with my experience when i was first put on it as a kid basically all it did was make me more … as my cousin calls me “ annoying “ lmao but as for anxiety it can make it worse as well as depression .


I'm 37 and suffer from depression, anxiety and PTSD. I'm also asthmatic, and take Montelukast. It hasn't exacerbated anything in terms of my mental health. It's definitely worth a try anyway in terms of getting your asthma under control, you can come off it if it doesn't work for you obviously.


I had the most severe and vivid night terrors / panic attacks when taking Montelukast. I was waking up every 10 minutes in the night terrified and screaming. My specialist said it can happen with some people. Others have no side effects and find it life changing. I ended up having to stop taking it. See how you go OP.


Singulair basically cured my asthma by day 2, but by day 5 I was fighting with my wife, depressed, and having very dark very suicidal thoughts. Before the drug I had some asthma issues bit other than that I was fine. It's been 8 days since 8 days since I stopped taking it and I am still depressed and very very anxious. 2 days after I stopped I had crazy scary hallucinations. Now in saying this it really did work amazingly for my asthma and even allergies. My son is actually taking it as well and working great. But I am keeping a very close eye on his mental state because although they say it is rare, there are very bad side effects to this medication and unfortunately they are not worth continuing with its use I'd you start having any. I dont believe theres any way of knowing though unless you try it because even after 2 and a half days of wanting to kill myself I didnt connect the dots and realize it was the pill until my wife read into it because if my behavior. My doctor absolutely should have been much more clear about the possible side effects no matter how rare they are. If he had said something maybe I would have noticed sooner. Anyways if you are using singulair please tell your loved ones to look out for any changes to your mood or attitude, you just wont know that it's not you in the drivers seat if you react the way I did.


Everyone’s body is different. Anecdotally, I started taking it last year and it seriously has been life changing when it comes to improving my asthma. So far I have not noticed any side effects. I have anxiety disorder as well, so my doctor monitors me for signs of mental health issues periodically and has me tracking that info as well. The good news is if you do notice a bad reaction, you can stop taking it immediately.


I’ve lost three years of my life to this med. I took it because my mom took it for ten years and she thought she didn’t have issues. Please don’t. If you haven’t started yet please don’t. I’m crying right now. I had 27 years of LIFE before that med. I’m 30 now-it turned my life upside down. The tests Merck did on that drug in the 90’s wouldn’t fly today. The black box warning on the drug removed the “montelukast may cross the blood brain barrier” to “it will”. Please don’t. I’ve tried to kill myself so many times I don’t know what’s real. My fight or flight responses were jacked for years. I lost 70 pounds from not being able to eat due to triggered reactions. I developed MCAS. I could go on for hours. But from one human to another. Please please please. Anything else. And if you are on it. It’s so important to get informed. My mom has been on it for a decade. A lot of her other health concerns- caused by singulair. I could breathe. Yeah. For the first time in my life what a feeling that was. But that was something that was nice for a limited amount of time. Everyone reacts differently. But your choosing an allergy medication that literally will alter your brain.


Thank you for this post. I have had asthma since I was very young. It seemed to have went dormant for a few years. Then I got covid in December 2020. My asthma has been horrible. I've also been diagnosed with ptsd, ocd, intrusive thoughts, major panic disorder, and general anxiety disorder. I was prescribed Montelukast today in combination with 3 other inhalers I already take. I'm so very terrified of taking it. For those who do take it.. when is the best time to? Bedtime ?


Hey! I hope everything will be ok for you too, I think it’s worth a shot trying it! Bedtime is good but if you experience nightmare you could move it to another moment, be sure to always check with your doctor!


25F here. I’ve had asthma since I was 3-4. About 3.5 years ago I started taking Montelukast along with Loratadine and now I know what real breathing feels. Now, I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar ll, along with adult ADHD. To be honest I’ve never felt Montelukast side effects, but maybe that’s because I always had the other mental issues undiagnosed. My cocktail now is for Asthma/ Alergies, and for BD ll / ADHD and to be honest I’ve never felt any happier than this before. Give it a shoot under your doc supervision if you still in doubt. You never know until you try it!