Exercise always affects my asthma, but only in the short term. Usually once I've used a fair few doses of powdered Terburtaline, I'm alright. I also couldn't say I've experienced pain in my lungs caused by asthma, does it feel like a tightness, or just pain? I'd guess that it's your muscles causing the pain from not gyming the past year or so.


You might be right. I do feel some tightness halfway through my inhale and it feels like I’m being squeezed. My ribs and lats do hurt from lifting yesterday so maybe it is related. I also feel it kind of in the bronchial area in my chest.


In term of the cardio aspect start slow and build up, have you heard of couch to 5k? That could definitely be a great starting point. Something else you could do is track your lung volume/lung strength over time using a spirometer, this may have a direct correlation with increased physical performance. We are currently recruiting respiratory patients for our beta trial where users will self monitor over a month and this may be very helpful for you - check it out at [https://www.joinfilter.co/](https://www.joinfilter.co/)


Sounds like you're doing too much too soon for your current level of fitness. A BPM of 160 should not cause chest soreness. I would look at a posture issue. Lungs actually have virtually no pain receptors and don't feel pain. I'm close to 60 and a severe asthmatic and did a nine mile run this morning where my heart rate stayed between 150-160 for the majority of the run.


Wow, it definitely might be a posture issue while lifting because I’ve been working on my form. I usually walk at a 12% incline at 3-4 mph to mimic hiking uphill and that seems to make my heart rate higher than running so maybe that’s it too. I’ve suffered from costochondritis due to lifting heavy before.


12% is a bit extreme where you are just getting back in to exercise. I'd definitely dial back the incline and work up to 12% especially with a history of costochondritis.


2 puffs of ventolin 30 min before exercise. Would also look into advair, it literally changed my life. It’s like I don’t have asthma anymore. Ultimately the more unfit you are the more the asthma will affect you. Gotta get fit for it to lessen.


Yes I always experience this after I take breaks from working out. I was super fit about 2 years ago (gym 4-5 day/week for 2-3 hours a day) and took time off. It SUCKS working my lungs back up to what they used to be. It hurts for days but it does get better! Just gotta get over that hump!