Why is the US government acknowledging UFOs now?

Why is the US government acknowledging UFOs now?


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In december 2020, a law was passed in Congress that requires the information to be made public.


Also, the government has not acknowledged or verified an unidentified flying **object**. They call it an “unidentified aerial **phenomenon**”. The 14,000 mile per hour impossible alien whatever could simply be an [optical flaw](https://petapixel.com/2020/04/28/that-navy-ufo-footage-has-an-optical-explanation/) in the footage viewed by the pilots and us. Congress acted on the phenomenon language, not the object theory.


But also, UFOs are *unidentified* flying objects. Acknowledging UFOs and acknowledging alien spacecraft are two very different things.


I kind of wonder if these aren't some kind of high tech optical illusion like a hologram that some government is playing around with. That would allow the anomaly to defy known physics.


Apparently the Navy is working on exactly that. (Sauce: https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidhambling/2020/05/11/us-navy-laser-creates-plasma-ufos/?sh=212e661f1074) I wouldn't be surprised if that's exactly what's going on.


That's actually similar to what they thought in WW2 when pilots would notice UFOs, that it was the Nazi's experimental technology or even weapons. That's where we got the term foo fighter.


That's the thing, if the phenomenon is an object, it is an object that defies known physics. It's more likely that it isn't a physical object at all, but if it is, then it could well be extraterrestrial in origin.


It depends on the specific sighting - many that appear to be doing 'impossible' things may be a result of confusing multiple objects; misjudging the distance and trajectory of an object; or a product of flaws in the detectors being used rather than an actual property of the object.


Yep, no one's actually seen one fly at 14000 mph: it disappeared at one location and reappeared at another 8 miles away within a second. What's more likely: that one object flew the distance at near-impossible speeds and/or teleported? Or that it was two different objects, and one just activated its anti-radar shielding while the other dropped theirs, making it look like it teleported to throw off the Americans' analysis of their capabilities?


And in fact, there is a [well-known reason for engaging in such games, and the US military has itself used them in the past](https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/40054/adversary-drones-are-spying-on-the-u-s-and-the-pentagon-acts-like-theyre-ufos).


UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. This does not mean aliens from another planet have visited us. I think that is where the crazy versus not crazy come in for me. Either way, I do not think the public will receive the full story.


Yeah. The US government is acknowledging that there are things in the air it didn't have previous warning about. Which considering there are like 190 something other countries on the earth, doesn't seem all that surprising. And if it is aliens. I'd be fascinated to learn the mechanics of how they figured out faster than light travel but can't stop getting picked up by US fighters. "We can bend time and space to our purposes! But damn those F-16s are just too high tech for us to avoid."


Obviously we’re all in deep speculation mode here, but if it is aliens it’s quite possible they just don’t care about us seeing them/doing anything about it. On the other hand, being a 5 dimensional being could very well make it appear they are moving faster than anything we’ve encountered in our 4 dimensional universe.


Trump was president and didn’t say anything about. Definitely don’t exist to our knowledge


underrated. no way Trump would have not capitalized on that info.


*October 24th, 2020* "*And now live, from Bumshart, Nebrahoma, we go the President Trump at his rally for a statement on the UAP.* "We have... You know, there's these unidentified things in the sky, ships, whatever. We have pictures. We know they're from way outta this planet. We have that. "And we are the greatest military that ever existed in history. I know... I know it because I did that, I'm the Commander of Chiefs. I said to the military, 'We better have the best, because we've got these things zipping around and maybe they're friendly, but maybe not.' And the military told me they're UAE's. "That stands for Unidentified. They're not even sure what's in our skies. So I told 'em, 'Get on that.' Because that's my job and I'm the first president to do such a good job at it, no one else would ever tell the military to get on that. That's why the military respects me. "And these unidentified... Uh, flying phenomenal things... Uh... They're just, 'zip zip zip' around, all over the place. So I told them, 'We have to have something, shoot them down.' And they said ok. So pretty soon we'll have some wrecks to see what they are. "I hope they're aliens, but you never know. You never know, right? They could be something the Chinese cooked up. Probably where the china-virus came from, all these 'zip zip zip, cough cough' alien saucers going all over the place. That's why we gotta shoot 'em. You never know."


I enjoyed that but it was too coherent. You had me until the second paragraph where you stuck to the topic at hand. Trump would shoot off on a tangential and then talk about his 2016 victory and then fraud and at the end throw a short sentence about the topic at hand followed by why he’s the greatest.


Yeah that's a fair critique. And I didn't even mention 30 thousand emails once. Tsk, tsk.




I don't think we have any reason to believe they're trying to avoid detection. I wouldn't make the assumption it's out of a lack of ability.


Then why haven't they gone further and actually tried to talk to us? Of course these are hypothetical aliens so we can always just wave it away as "their thought process is not human." But yeah that seems fairly odd to travel the stars simply to troll humans. Like what could they possibly gain purposely reveling themselves as wierd objects in the sky, but then they stop there.


If we want to assume in the hypothetical here that they're aliens, I'm not sure we'd need to also assume they're simply trolling humans, or that they're purposely revealing themselves at all. I don't stop and try to talk to the spider on the wall, I neither intentionally reveal myself or hide myself from it. I may briefly investigate it if it's not something I've seen before. The spider may surely see me, but it would be wrong to assume I think much of it. Just as we've seen these hypothetical aliens... and we shouldn't assume they're giving us the amount of thought you've imagined.


Yeahhhh. Yeah. So basically the military saw a foriegn aircraft and couldn't pin its ID down and wrote a report about the confusion. Or. It's totally a race of aliens so vastly intelligent that they traveled across the galaxy to kinda just hang out on earth neither confronting or hiding from the local intelligence that is apparently no smarter than a spider. It's not that option 2 is literally impossible. It's just that option 1. For occasional fighter pilot is confused about something he saw that turns out to be completely normal, is ohhh, about 5 billion times more likely.


If it's aliens, I'm pretty sure it's just their technology and not themselves. Distances are so big in our universe and you don't need technology that's completely out of sight to do unmanned interstellar flights. We are already planning to send a little probe to alpha centauri. These UFOs could just be highly advanced probes with technology and AI on it to maybe just do some scientific research here on earth. As our civilization isn't noticable for a long time for others, they could have just seen some biosignatures in our atmosphere a few hundred or even thousand years ago and then just send drones to that on a very long journey. They wouldn't know that now there is a tech using civilization on that planet. That would also explain why they can accelerate so fast without killing everybody inside (bc there is no one inside) and why they don't mind getting seen by us. As Obama said, that would also mean we have no real way to contact them if that's the case. They could have send these things to tons of different planets to explore further how life spreads through the Galaxie. Obviously all speculating but that's kind of a solution where we don't need any sick completely unknown technology like a warp drive or something. Time could be different for them so maybe they don't mind waiting thousand years to get the data back. And that's why I would say this scenario has kind of the highest probability IF it's really aliens of course.


Never really thought of it that way. Imagine these things are probes powered by AI, sent from an advanced civilization hundreds of thousands of years ago, that soonafter annihilated itself to extinction, never to have knowledge of life elsewhere in the galaxy. Perhaps knowledge that would have cultivated a one-world consciousness and saved them from the endless war and in-fighting. Maybe it's just weather balloons.


If you somehow became the same size as an ant.. do you think you'd be able to 'talk' to them? Nope. We would be as alien to them as they would be to us.


Maybe they were trying to talk to us but their form of communication isn't something we recognize as communication. Or the method of sending a signal isn't something we currently use or detect for or hell we do detect for but simply didn't realize they were trying.


>When why haven't they gone further and actually tried to talk to us? Man, have you *seen* us lately? I don't know that I'd want to talk to us either.


Yeah, I don't think the UFOs now being acknowledged by the government have an extraterrestrial origin. To me, it's more likely that they're either a) meteorological phenomena that's been either previously unknown to us and/or exaggerated in eyewitness reports, or b) top-secret military technology, both American and foreign. I'm not ruling out little green men entirely, but I'm willing to bet that the truth is closer to home.


Assuming the objects are extraterrestrial, who says they traveled faster than light? They could have gotten here without FTL.


I'd be more scared of the Chinese or Russians, or even US, having the type of flight capabilities some observers have reported in UFOs than knowing aliens are real. Sure aliens are a bit existentially frightening in a "that shakes my perception of cosmic 'reality' " sort of way, but I find the concept of an estranged, highly advanced space faring civilization observing us for unknown reasons less scary than imagining a human nation state developed anti gravity flying/ interdimensional technology. Interstellar aliens, if real, seem like they may have had to reach some apex civilization by going through several great "filters", some natural like asteroid strikes, some social like not committing nuclear self destruction. So they may/or may not be a more peaceful species to get past those points. If we humans currently have space-time bending tech at our fingertips I don't think our species is mature enough to handle it. We barely have control over the atom, and so far for all the "positives" like cheaper/cleaner energy, it seems balanced on the negative side due to the potential holocaust of nuclear weapons and all too real environmental damage from meltdowns at Chernobyl/Fukushima/3 Mile Island etc. If my fears don't make sense, I'll restate with a film reference most people should get. If angels/God are real, I'm less scared of the omnipotent force who appears relatively neutral on human geopolitical history arbitrarily using the Ark of the Covenant to burn people's faces off. However if the Nazis or US government decided to use the Power of God as a weapon, I'd be far more concerned due to the violent tendencies of militarily driven nations. [Indiana Jones : Raiders of the Lost Ark] Just my opinion though, I won't be too worried until I see Space Force has released a space bomber that travels at "warp speed" or something.


I agree. My thoughts have been that a lot of our assumptions on what a theoretical alien visit/invasion looks like are more rooted in our own bias than any real, thought out scenario. Maybe they eradicate us and strip the earth for resources, maybe they keep at a distance and observe like intergalactic scientists making a new find. It would kinda depend on that alien species' own social norms and needs, rather than automatically going to blow up any other form of life like we do to each other so often. Anyway yeah, until they're found or make themselves known, humanity itself and other great filters of our environment are greater threats I'd say.


I truly hope that intelligent life exists out there and I hope they invade soon. C'mon you little green bastards, come down here and blow us all up. Make it stop.




It's really not a recent phenomenon, it just takes a long time for these things to unfold. A lot of it began as a pet project of Senator Harry Reid's in the early 2000's to try to declassify and further investigate UFO sightings that have been known internally to the Pentagon/DOD for quite some time. He was able to fund AATIP as a new government organization to do exactly that in 2007. This has all been slowly unfolding over the last 14 years since then. The DOD probably would have preferred to keep it secret. It doesn't make them look good when their equipment is so heavily outclassed by things they can't even identify. It's become a big story in 2021 because the Pentagon is about to release a big report. AATIP was made public in 2017 though, and this has been pretty big ongoing news for the last 3-4 years for a lot of people. As for why it's news that matters? What we know for sure is that Flying Objects we can't identify are regularly popping up around our carrier groups and nuclear military installations. Possible explanations for these sightings can be divided into 2 categories, Terrestrial, and Extra-Terrestrial. If it's Terrestrial, then some Country has managed to develop technology many generations beyond the current state of the art without anyone else in the world knowing about it. Technology like this evolves in iterative changes throughout numerous steps over time; as far as we know it would be far beyond the ability of any particular country to make this big of a leap without the global community becoming aware of the testing being conducted along the way. If it's Extra-Terrestrial the possibilities are vast, but we know they'd have to be far more advanced than us in order to accomplish interstellar travel. Who knows where that could go? Irrespective of the outcome there, those seem like pretty darn legitimate national security concerns that are of interest to the US as well as our allies.


My thoughts are if it's extraterrestrial and has malicious intent, why haven't "they" done something yet? Like, if they wanted to obliterate earth they could have done so already.


Oh man you lack imagination. If they're malicious, there's a lot more in the menu than total annihilation. How about randomly abducting people, torturing them with weird experiences, removing the victims memory about it, and making sure nobody sees it, so that the victim is totally gaslit? Would that count as malicious?


>randomly Or more terrifyingly, not randomly.


Great response. Also, I will gladly suck that glockenspiel. You found my secret kink.


Because they cannot or will not (anymore) hide the stuff they have been working on for ages. What sense would it make to try to hide something that is no longer easy to hide? They probably see that they need to move to the next level of testing, so plan on seeing these UFOs in the future. The military is always far ahead of what is available to civilians. The only thing that makes it not as easily concealable is the freedom of information and ease of leaks these days.


I've always assumed that UFO sighting and reports about UFOs always seem to coincide with some new aerospace tech.


Reports of mysterious black triangle-shaped UFOs surged in the 1970s and 80s. In the early 90s, the Pentagon unveiled the F-117.


Yup. Obviously all reported sightings aren't always new air force projects, but when the air force does have a new project, it's useful to hide it in the midst of a wave of ufo interest.


If there are civilizations out there capable of interstellar (or interdimensional?) travel, we'd better hope that they're peaceful or think the Earth is a dump not worth the effort of colonization. Advanced technology would not be confined to their modes of travel alone and no amount of spending on our military budget would allow for us to compete on an equal footing with weaponry that is centuries ahead of our own. Off the wall theory: It could also be humans from the future who have sent back probes for research purposes.


I was watching this Youtube political commentator say, "if they are anything like us, they would have killed us by now."


There isn't such a thing as interdimensional travel. It's a sci-fi term based on a widely held misunderstanding of what dimensions are, and how they work. In physics, interdimensional travel is a term that doesn't actually make any sense. The reality of higher dimensions is actually a lot more exciting than being just kind of a different place you can go to, which is the common trope. We are in fact, already in those higher dimensions as part of a structure in which we are experiencing individual frames (so to say) of an undulating 4 (spacial) dimensional shape that begins as an embryo and ends with the dust from our bones. It's an absolute trip to learn about, and it's for people a lot smarter than myself to explain properly. [Here](https://youtu.be/gg85IH3vghA) is the documentary which, helped me to best visualise higher dimensional physics, and M theory. It explains what M theorists mean when they say "dimensions", and helps you to understand how a 10 dimensional system would function, 1 dimension at a time. I know it's a long watch and you have to be in the mood for it, occasionally pausing and rewinding to process some heavy stuff, but I obviously got a bit excited talking about it 'cause it's cool. If you're interested, this documentary will change the way you see life and the universe completely.


>It could also be humans from the future who have sent back probes for research purposes. I thought about this too. I mean, it all seems a little to sci-fi trope-ish to be real, but what do any of us actually know, right? People from the future send these things back to observe the past, or something. A century from now are we going to be celebrating Christmas with footage of the actual birth of Jesus because it turns out one of these things was hovering over the manger? Then you start to think about what it portends that these things are being spotted around nuclear military installations? The possibilities with this stuff are dizzying, fun, and terrifying to think about.


Do I believe the Government feeds Americans specific info at specific times to further their unspoken agendas? ABSOLUTELY! Is this a very good example? Most likely. Is it also possible that the US is the developer of these vehicles and is releasing them as a warning to China and Russia who may have long term plans on confronting us militarily? Just as possible as these having been made by another country and them risking war by invading the US.


It’s also possible that this is all being released now to distract us from something else that’s going on, although I don’t know what that could be. The fact that the government is telling us about these UFOs years after the sighting makes me think that they already know that they’re not extraterrestrial.


Yeah, it definitely is not extraterrestrial.


Please be aware that just because an object remains unidentified, it does not mean that the army has no clue at all. Many of the recent videos are of incredible zoom, or heat cameras, with the camera rotating to keep steady while both the ufo and the plane the camera is mountted on flying. There are technical explanations that fit. But since there is no "proof", it remains unidentified. Links to the explanations: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCF3UCTZiVg9wrIEzO7Om6jw https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/military/story/2021-05-29/navy-ufo-videos-skeptics I won't claim to know for sure either way, but i find "alien tech" or "advanced capabilities of russia/china" far less convincing than the extensive technical explanations and camera reproductions on that YouTube channel


These ‘explanations’ don’t work in many cases. The video of the navy official explaining clearly talks about how they’re clearly having capabilities we cannot explain. Literally looking straight at these things that make 90° turns in such small spaces at speeds that would take half the state of Ohio to pull off for our best aircrafts. Swarms Diving straight into the ocean together in clear view? Yeah…


Ive never made fun of people who SEE them. Hell there are all kinds of weird phenomenon that we see that we cant explain. But the ones who claim to have been on board their ships or that their kids were fathered by aliens (only after caught cheating) deserve at least an eyeroll non?


Agreed. But out of all of the potential whackos, maybe a few have actually been abducted. Ironically, these people probably wouldn't remember a thing.


I'll mock anyone who sees a light in the sky and assumes it's an alien without evidence.


My question is, if the military needed to find a reason for more taxpayer dollars, why wouldn’t they just ramp up propaganda against Russia, or Iran? rather than an obscure phenomenon? There’s a lot of ways for the pentagon to get money through simpler means. I think what’s more strange than any of the videos is what Lt. Ryan Graves reported seeing, or lack there of, over Virginia Beach. At one point, he locked onto a target with his radar, had it in sight, but couldn’t see it anywhere. That could point to it being a problem with the radar, but then they actually saw one of them. Graves was told by one of his fellow pilots that they were almost hit by an object. The pilot described it as a sphere encasing a cube. It’s a pretty vague description, but it doesn’t sound very natural to me. This occasion also wouldn’t mean much if it had only happened once, but the navy were picking these up nearly daily. I also feel like it’s unlikely that pilots would continuously not recognize that it’s a problem with their radar, or a sky phenomenon or something. I have no idea what these things are, and I highly doubt the government does either. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/26/us/politics/ufo-sightings-navy-pilots.html


The MIC is hungry, always hungry but we learned the hard way in Vietnam that REAL wars for profit can get *messy* and *complicated*. Wars against nebulous boogeymen, like drugs or terrorism or maybe now ETs, however, are tidier and can be profitable for decades before the societal costs get too high.


See, but drugs and terrorism were objectively real things. The drug war wasn’t about upping police or military budgets, it was about locking up Black and anti war folk. The war against terror was about getting oil. I just don’t find it likely that they would zero in on a natural phenomenon as our next big enemy, especially not when the implication is that they’re ET. If they want to be taken seriously, this isn’t the best threat to pick. Just to clarify, I definitely think the military will opportunistically use this as one reason to up their budget. That much is a given. But if these are just birds and balloons or something, I don’t think the military would bother with spending so much money researching them, and then make us afraid of them. They’d just spread propaganda about China’s gains in space.


But they have been ramping up propaganda against Russia, Iran for some time. But after Iraq and Afghanistan, American people seem to be increasingly wary of this sort of propaganda. But I get your point. Thanks.


I really don't see what reason there is to think the government doesn't know what's going on. BTW it's actually a good thing if your gov. knows wtf is happening.


Never said it would be a good thing for the government to not know what’s happening, just that I doubt they do. They’ve got access to way more information than I do, so maybe they do know what the UFOs are, but my impression is that they’re just now starting to take it seriously and haven’t found the explanation yet.


I agree.


I've always agreed UFOs exist. I don't agree ET is commandeering them. Gov is catching up.


One of 2021's biggest stories? It struck me as kinda being B-list at a push.




It's not for the public consumption... it's for military industrial complex's new project - the space force!!!


My guess is those space flights that are going to happen with civilians on them, they will see the truth and there's no way to hide it or keep them quiet. So now they want to say yeah we knew were not stupid we've been saying they are here. We had cameras and are about to be taken to space regularly. Also they may have told the governments they are no longer hiding so either way they are helpless/powerless to stop it the knowledge now.


Last year when I read this public report, [The Pentagon's UAP Task Force](https://besacenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/183-Milburn-study-final.pdf), by Franc Milburn, I could not believe that we were not talking about it. Take a read! Edit: clarification & warning: it is a remarkable rabbit hole.


We are in the middle of ufo disclosure that began in 2017, slow and steady progress so people don’t freak out This didn’t start allofasudden


In light of Jewish space lasers, extraterrestrials seem more plausible now


Manufacturing consent and building justification for a militarized Space Force so we can colonize Mars for resources or whatever


The report dropped today and they said they can't find anything. It's a whole lot of hullaballoo about a non issue. The government has said there's no evidence. I don't think anything at all has changed.


Well we can’t really know for sure but we can guess. I personally believe that the government was pretty spooked about these things. That’s natural who wouldn’t? I think that the post- 911 environment played a role too. Some of these are from as early as 2004 and 2005 and back then the memory of 911 was pretty fresh. I think you can imagine in that environment how people would react if they saw reports on CNN of UFOs that can do these extraordinary things. I imagine the government wanted to avoid a public panic. Also, I think they wanted to be seen as competent. I think they didn’t want to admit these aircraft were violating US airspace and can’t be identified. I think you can also factor in them wanting to not open the Pandora’s box of conspiracy theories. For example I bet Obama was trying to avoid Fox News freaking the public out with reports of UFOs and that Obama not doing anything. That’s how they’d have put it


Because after the virus hoax and the race hoax, they realised how easy it was to manipulate the public with outrageous hoaxes. They're testing the waters now and if it sticks I guarantee there's going to be a "first contact" hoax where aliens appear and give us a list of globalist talking points we have to embrace in order to join the galactic community.


It is still a joke, but this administration is also a joke now too and so they are happy to acknowledge this and pretend it is real


A new space race coming up now china and india are both actively accelerating their ventures. Perhaps this is a combination of just media being media and clickbaiting us, with a few people hopong this nets them some more subsidies for their US based space ventures.


Yeah, not saying that UFOs are not real. But the timing of this is curious. I mean these are the same people who swore on WMDs in Iraq.


Different government. How is it the same people?


There is really no anti-war party in the US. The last two democratic nominees voted for Iraq war. Including Biden who's now president. Obama did ten times more drone attacks than Bush, took the war into the greater middle east and even Africa. Biden was his vice president. The establishment from both aisles is pro-war.


That's fair. Thanks for responding


It’s more exciting to talk about compared to the slow erasure of our rights