WHY did Republicans vote against/filibuster the January 6 Commission? What part about it specifically?

WHY did Republicans vote against/filibuster the January 6 Commission? What part about it specifically?


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The Republican leadership decided it would be less embarrassing to kill the commission than to deal with the finding of the commissions. So essentially they think the findings would have been pretty bad for the gop as a whole. It also had a nice side effect of proving the weakness of the Democratic majority. They forced Joe Manchin to play his hand. Which was that he's dead serious in never voting to reform or abolish the filibuster. Meaning that outside of some budget stuff the gop minority proved they can still wield a veto over the Biden Administration's legislative agenda. Morally questionable. But it sure gave the gop minority a nice win.


So it depends who you ask and what you believe. From the GOP standpoint, there were various complaints raised. One big one is that there is still law enforcement action taking place, so a separate commission investigating this might interfere to influence those investigations. Additionally, there are already House and Senate investigations into the Jan. 6th riots. They don't see how another commission would help anything when Congress already has open investigations into it. Also, the GOP downplayed the commission as a partisan exercise, designed to keep it in the news and make Republicans look bad. https://www.npr.org/2021/05/28/1000524897/senate-republicans-block-plan-for-independent-commission-on-jan-6-capitol-riot From a pragmatic standpoint, there are several political reasons they opposed it. First, it will keep the Jan 6th riots in the spotlight. The GOP doesn't want that, because it hurts the party image to have the government potentially come out and claim the GOP is at fault. This is similar to Benghazi, how the GOP kept opening investigations because it make Clinton look bad. Second, it might make Trump look bad. Trump is still the most popular Republican politician out there and is a driving force of the party, so similar to other investigations, the GOP doesn't want the leader of their party investigated. Third, there's a potential GOP politicians might be required to give testimony, like McCarthy, Pence, or Trump himself. Similar to Trump's impeachments, the GOP in no way wants to be questioned for the Jan. 6th riots and what they knew about them.


Because we refuse to use a commission to look at the origins of a virus that killed half a million people. Priorities people.


This one was purely political, Republicans as a whole figure it would be an embarrassment and politically damaging to the party in the upcoming midterm elections if the findings and events get more publicity over the next year. It's really just partisan politicians. The filibuster thing is funny that out of 100 members, 36 votes can kill a measure. The Senate is completely broken and grinding the progress of our country to a halt due to political polarization.


The investigation would be purely political - we already have multiple wide reaching criminal investigations into the event, and everyone knows what happened. We needed a Congressional investigation after 9/11 because we needed an unclassified version of a report with oversight over the intelligence agencies. There's certainly no need for one now. It was going to be a waste of money just to drag out the event politically.


January 6th was highly political and many Republicans played an active role in propping the whole thing, it was only natural to get a political investigation too.


The main messaging from the Republican Party seems to be that the Capitol riot was no big deal and nothing bad actually happened. Rep Andrew Clyde infamously stated that the Capitol rioters were just tourists. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/05/18/clyde-tourist-capitol-riot-photos/


It's now a given the GOP is not interested in investigation of Jan. 6 events and subsequent exposure of what gets learned from it. This rejection confirms other suspicions about the GOP horrible character that willfully rejects what's in the country's best interest. The GOP will never fix the corruptive misbehavior that plagues it's party by sweeping it under the rug because the first step to recovery is acknowledging the problem. Running f/ it is pusillanimous and disgraceful.