Would a member of the House of Representatives be able to have an outside job?

Would a member of the House of Representatives be able to have an outside job?


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Being a federal politician is more than a full time job. You are working almost every hour awake. It's impossible to manage another job in addition to it.


The worst kept secret in Washington DC is that politicians actually spend more time raising campaign money than they do running the country. It takes TONS of cash and even more schmoozing with big donors. So in short, they realistically couldnt work a second job.


Yes they can, but I don't know how the benefits would work


With some of the benefits, like 401k and health insurance, you pick which plan you want, and commit to that for the year. For the others, you can decline the benefit and if you have negotiating power you can request a higher wage/salary to make up for the benefit they're not paying to provide you with. With 401k there's a limit to how much money you can put toward it every year. May be worth it to contribute some to each, since many orgs have a plan to match the first 3% or so. There's still a ceiling for total contributions, though.


There's nothing illegal about it, but realistically it would be very hard. Being a member of Congress is much more than a 40 hour a week gig. (Though of course, being a member of congress means your only boss is the voters. So if you can convince them to keep hiring you every 2 years, while you don't actually do the job and instead teach at a school, then I suppose good on you. That's quite a hustle.)