I started gaming at 30! I really enjoy it. I was terrible with the controller at first so started off with games on Easy Mode, and found games with a good immersive story that I could enjoy. I highly recommend Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. It's a beautiful game, a great story, theres a female character you can play through with, it's a huge open world you can explore, and it's not too combat focused. I've since moved on to Assassin's Creed Origins and Valhalla, and enjoy them both as well, but not as much as Odyssey.


Thanks, that’s really helpful! I’m playing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla right now and am really enjoying the immersive experience. I will probably pick up Odyssey at some point and give it a go.


The Assassins Creed franchise is great. I always have a lot more fun running around doing side quests and exploring than I do playing the main quest line. If you want, I can send you my Xbox username and you can add me.


Same, I spend forever completing AC games because I do allll the missions. Syndicate has a place in my heart ❤️


How do you feel about Assassin's Creed Odyssey? it's currently my favorite game. I started it a year ago and am on my 4th new game plus. It's such an incredible game with a great protagonist.


I haven’t played it yet! It’s next on the list though, and I’m really looking forwards to it. That’s a great recommendation though - I don’t think I’ve played any game twice.


Thanks for the offer of an add, but I think that might upset my gf!


Your gf needs to get over it. The gaming community is large. Are you not allowed to have friends of the opposite sex?


Horizon Zero Dawn is also a great game with a strong female protagonist.


Not an xbox game though :(


Oh damn, exclusives are still a thing? That's a shame.


Yep though Sony is slowly rolling some older games to pc, mostly Sony has a tight lid on their games ...


You sound like my gaming twin! I got into gaming a little earlier in my 20's, when I got an Xbox, and could not WAIT to spend hours puttering around the open worlds of the AC franchise, Elder Scrolls (Skyrim and Oblivion), and Witcher 2 and 3 for all those open-world exploration vibes. I dabbled with Red Dead a bit too, it was a beautiful game but something about the world didn't draw me in as much. My main frustration with gaming is that it takes time to get used to a new controls configuration. I can't tell you how many times I'd come off Skyrim to play Witcher and fucked up a melee fight, or went from Witcher to Red Dead and accidentally punched my horse in the face trying to mount it :(


I tried and tried to like gaming for years since my family is obsessed with it but mostly couldn't stand it. Just now at 40 I've found a game that I'm loving: animal crossing.


That’s cool, I used enjoy city builders as well. I like how you watch you progression daily and effectively rule your own empire!


Eeowna on YouTube reviews “cozy games” like this and I’ve found several I like through her channel.


You would probably like Cult of the Lamb. My sister is into Animal Crossing and introduced me to this. Also...maybe Darkwood? It's a totally different vibe but similar mechanics (resource gathering).


Haha, that's quite a leap! I personally love the Cult of the Lamb artwork, but it's pretty out there compared to animal crossing.


Omg my bff loved animal crossing and built beautiful homes in it. It sounds so fun


Animal Crossing New Horizons got me into video games too.


Considering getting it for my switch!


Stardew Valley is another wonderful game of the same ilk.


I've been gaming since I was like 5, so I guess this doesn't apply to me, but I still wanted to say that I love that you started picking it up now! I feel like there's so much negatitivty or even hostility aimed towards gaming in general when it comes to people who don't play, so I love for you that you actually not only gave it a shot but also found something you enjoy. I'm currently replaying Red Dead Redemption 2. If you enjoy open world games with a strong (amazing, even) story and making choices that impact the ending, I'd definitely recommend it for you.


Yeah. I think it’s bc they assume people just game all everyday without doing anything else. But I find that hypocritical bc people spend so much time on their phones. It’s like with anything else. We have to find balance. Most of my “gamer” friends have a variety of hobbies. I would be worried if I had a kid and they just read all day without moving. I’d be like pls also get some exercise. And I’d also be like ?? If I had a kid and all their hobbies were exercise type of things bc too much exercise is also not the best. (People I know that were like that had joint problems by the time they were 22).


Yeah, literally every hobby has the possibility of becoming an obsession and an addiction, and I'd argue that it has much more to do with you as a person, your mental health, and how prone you are to certain behaviours than it has to do with any hobby in itself. Then there's also the crowd who calls games a waste of time because you don't gain any skills or whatever from it, but will still happily sit down to binge TV series, or takes their movies and books very seriously. Like please at least try to have some self-awareness, lol.


RDR2 was so, so good - I second this recommendation!


Thanks, I find it a great stress relief tbh!


I need to finish RDR2. I’m currently stuck in a place with too much to do.


I’m a lifetime gamer too at 42 although I have a toddler now so I don’t get much time for gaming. I don’t like online stuff so much and prefer to just explore worlds on my own. I second RDR2, what a story, also love The Witcher 3, on my 4th play through now. The Farcry games are always a bit of fun and help me blow off steam.


Also a life-longer. I became obsessed with Super Nintendo when I was a kid and over the years had an SNES (still have my childhood system), N64, Wii, WiiU (underrated system), and now Switch. And I’m still just playing my Mario/Yoshi side scrollers lol.


I play a bunch of games on my switch when my carpal tunnel isn't hating me.


That’s cool, I’ve started with the Xbox and am enjoying it. I probably would get a switch to try out. I know the games are different.


Zelda Breath of the Wild is absolutely incredible & worth owning a switch for IMHO


Breath of the Wild is why I got back into playing console games after 25 years away.


I absolutely hate the xbox controller but love the Switch. If you want a cruisey option for xbox or switch, Stardew Valley is great


Thanks, I’ve just google that and it does look like something I would give a go. I used to play city building games on my phone.


I want to get a switch but I heard a new model might be out? So idk if I should wait or what


There is the Switch which you can connect to your TV or play handheld and Switch Lite which only plays handheld. Price difference of $100. I've played both versions and recommend either one.


Honestly i don't think it would matter.


I love the switch cause I'm blind af and it's nice to put a screen up to my face.


Until you drop it on your face.. done that far too many times.


I started way before 30, but I'm still gaming into my forties and know plenty of other women who do. Whatever you do, please play the Mass Effect series. The Legendary Edition, which has all three games plus all the downloadable content is on sale right now for $14.99, when it's usually $60. Hands down the funniest, most story-rich and character-rich game you're ever going to play. I know it's a shooter, which isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I never play shooters and this is my favorite game series ever.


Mass Effect is the greatest series ever made.


Thanks for the advice, I’ll definitely look into that!


[Here's](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pShKKOV_gA&ab_channel=MassEffect) a trailer which doesn't have a lot of spoilers in it, to get kind of the flavor of the game. It's probably the best strong female lead I've seen in Sci Fi, movie or games.


Thanks, I’m a big sci-fi fan and just took a look at the trailer! I’m pleased to see a female lead!


Yes! 38F over here. I did some videogaming in my teens (mostly AOE) but abandoned it when I started college. About 2 years ago, I was curious to play Animal Crossing, my boyfriend lent me his Nintendo Switch and island, and now I have my own Switch, play farm related games and some non-complicated RPGs. To be frank, video games saved me from anxiety over having moved abroad in the middle of a pandemic.


I do find gaming a good distraction from the stresses of life!


Fellow switch player here, any non-complicated RPG recommendations for the Switch?


I really loved "The Cruel King and the Great Hero", it's kind of childish but very fun. Also, the Atelier Ryza series (1 and 2, the 3rd one comes next month). I played them in PS5, but there is a version for Switch as well.


Thanks, much appreciated! 👍🏻🌸


Im a causal gamer. I like to play fallout 4, Skyrim and slice of life games like animal crossing. I do play games usually on easy mode as I just like to enjoy the game. I’m 40 btw and been gaming most of my life.


I have a good friend, also a woman, who only started at 73, after her neurologist recommended it for Parkinson’s. Her favorite series? Grand Theft Auto.


I'm gaming since my 20th and still am with 40 :)


That’s a lot of experience! What console do you prefer to use?


Windows ;)


Oh right, that’s cool.


I've been a gamer all my life but I have to admit: gaming is a difficult hobby to get into, at least if you're trying to break outside of the casual market. It can be really expensive and you're bound to the selection available on the console that you have.


It is something that I’ve found I have to research more now I’ve got a console!


If you're exploring what game(genres) you like, I'd start with some of the older games which have good reviews on your console, seeing as they're cheaper. And if you like that particular game/genre you can try out the new releases, if they have any.


This is a great point. I am not new to it but due to work and family I don't have a ton of time to play, so I pretty much exclusively play games that are a few years on and on sale, with $7 a typical price and it's been a great experience. I found the Far Cry series this way, and Horizon Zero Dawn, which was even free at one point!


Check out Xbox game pass. It's a monthly subscription but you can play anything that's in the catalogue. It's how I've found several great games, and it's good for trying stuff out when you want to play something new.


Thankfully very few games are tied to a single console these days, but that also makes it even more of a pain to find the one series “Only available on X/Y/Z!!”.


Also: handheld games/Nintendo mainline games or if you want to play older games like ps3/ps2 era games. The last part is probably not for a beginning gamer. But it can be annoying.


The Discovery Tours in the Assassins Creed games are THE BEST THING EVER!! I buy the games just for that! Stardew Valley is also fun and cozy and calm and casual. Just farming and making friends with the villagers. If you ever played Harvest Moon on Nintendo as kid it’s the best!


SDV is my jam!! It got me through the darkest days of the pandemic.


I’ve just started Assassin’s Creed and am still figuring it out I’m doing a lot of exploring atm. I looked into Stardew Valley earlier as someone else mentioned it and it is something I would give a go!


Stardew Valley is the best :)


Stardew Valley got me through my worst Covid/lockdown anxieties. It’s the game that convinced me to buy a Switch and start gaming, I wish forever that I could play it for the first time again! It’s that good. The individual storylines are realistic and compelling, and the game encourages you to get to know the NPCs through the slow unveiling of each character.


Husband bought the Xbox game pass (it’s like a rent, like Netflix for games in Xbox) and I’ve been enjoying it so much. I didn’t play that hard but I’m enjoying it a little. I’m most a puzzle girl and duty game and there are some games you can enjoy. - unpack. Where you have to sort a log of boxes in an apartment - donut county. Very funny game, this one is loved even for my 7 years nephew. You have to eat everything from a hole in the ground. - little witch in the woods. This one hasn’t been released at 100% but it is very cute - Disney Dreamlight valley. It is one of those games with a lot of tasks. I simply love it. - slime ranch 2. It’s pretty funny - power wash simulator. You get to clean a lot of things with a power wash hose. - forager. This one is more like a regular game. If you have the Xbox try the game pass for a month and see if there is something that you like


>power wash simulator. You get to clean a lot of things with a power wash hose. This sounds oddly satisfying.


It is 😅 And it helps to practice how to manage a remote, because of the crannies and details


I want to but gaming and consoles have moved on so much since I had a PS1! I find it a bit intimidating.


That’s exactly how I felt! And tbh the lack of instruction that came with the Xbox was a shock but I’ve managed to get through looking online and do not regret investing the money or time. I think the type of console depends on the type of games you like.


I would recommend the switch console on your case, there is a lot of game variety and if you prefer you can even get games with a more retro feel. What did you used to play on ps1?


Spyro 😂


Ohhh i love that one. My bros and my stepmom still play it. On the switch they made a new one if I recall correctly☺️, if you don't want to revive childhood memories however there is other platformer games as well.


I used to play games as a kid but drifted in and out of it. Back to playing regularly this winter, I remember a lot of it but the point is it's meant to be fun. Other than getting the gaming system to work and learning the controls, there are no rules! My favourite game has been Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, but I also got all my old faves like Rayman, Crash Bandicoot, and Sypro. I love the nostalgia.


I haven’t tried any of those, but they are on my list of games to try now!


35 and bought my Switch last year. Also keen to get an Oculus. :)


Nice. I am going to look into the Switch a lot more.


Zelda Breath of the Wild is amazing on the Switch.


Thanks for the advice, it’s looking more likely that I might invest in a Switch!


Call of Duty (COD). I team play with my husband, we spend quality time this way and when I do better than him, it definitely makes me extra happy, lol. We play on the weekend nights when we stay in. I started playing at 18, stopped at 19 because we started a family now I'm 32 and picked it back up.


That’s cool. A nice way to bond. I’ve got Call of Duty Modern Warfare but I haven’t started it properly yet.


33…and I started playing when I was 5…you know basic stuff like duck hunting n circus…my father encouraged it…he doesn’t play n thinks it’s weird. He bought me Consoles n cd’s…I got PS4 on my 24th birthday…and I m thinking of buying PS5 for my this birthday which is next month. Gaming helped me a lot…it calms me down. First I was worried about completing 100% n getting all the trophies. But now I enjoy the process. It’s therapeutic for me. Congratulations and happy gaming…


Thanks! I get what you’re saying about collecting trophies and getting high scores. I was like that with mobile gaming, but with Xbox it’s more chill and therapeutic.


You can even let some steam out…if I’m mad at someone punching a game character while saying their name is very soothing…lol…I hate real life violence but I approve this way of letting your anger out. It works for me…


I started during the pandemic, so I was about 32. Boyfriend (now husbands) switch, then we got a ps5 that I have played way more than him.


I've been gaming off and on since I was a child, so I started before 30, but I'm well past 30 now and still play. Right now, I have a switch. I've been playing iterations of Super Smash Bros since it was on N64, and I'll usually play it a few times a week. It's great stress relief.


Definitely a great stress relief! And it sounds like a lot of women enjoy the Switch. It’s making me think about investing in one more.


At this point in my life, I need games that I can pick up and put down easily, without having to necessarily sink hundreds of hours into it in order to get any enjoyment from it. (So no Animal Crossing for me, though I know lots of people enjoy it.)




Hope you’re new console!


Yes. Also, I have played controller based games but there are also good games that only require mouse clicks, not hand eye coordination.


A friend of mine like storybook games on the pc that require a mouse. She plays the all day long!


35 here, still happily gaming. Currently enjoying AC Valhalla and Horizon Forbidden West. My friend started gaming at the age of 32, after prompting from her boyfriend. She's playing Zelda Breath Of the Wild and Animal Crossing right now. Lots of us out there!


I’ve been a casual gamer most of my life. I’m 33 now & play various things on my ps4. I got it around the same time Genshin Impact released in 2020, and I’ve been playing consistently since


I play on switch and occasionally a first person shooter (pubG mobile but this one is getting old honestly). If anyone wants to game together I'd be so down lol & have fun OP!


Been gaming since I was 7 but I don’t do it much anymore since I get the ocd of needing to do something else. That being said I don’t like the new controllers.


I bought my first console around the same age. I’ve really enjoyed some story-driven games. In my teens / early 20s PC games could be addictive or pure escapism, and could get in the way of sleep or study. But in my 30s I don’t have that problem anymore, I can only stand to play for like 2 hours max at a time and sometimes don’t touch it for weeks. It’s great! Once I’ve finished the Witcher expansions I’ll get Horizon Forbidden West. But I am in absolutely no hurry.


I’m finding gaming to be a nice chill each day for half an hour to a couple of hours.


I used to play for a bit if I woke up too early, since I have trouble getting back to sleep. Helped wake me up before work!


I was still in my mid-20s when I started gaming. My parents didn’t “allow” video games when I was growing up, so I was already out of the house, working, and living independently, when I saved up and purchased a gaming console. My first two games were Mass Effect and Skyrim. They are still my favorite games to play (I’m 37 now).


I bought a Switch 1 year ago. I do some sports stuff sometimes and play Breath of the Wild. Honestly? I really don't find it very interesting overall. I play less than once a month.


I started young, but I’ve been a lifelong pc gamer. I play a lot of different kinds of games. Some shooters, a lot of civilization management, city builders, single player RPG. So much variety in types of games out there. I don’t know which of my faves are also on Xbox though


I got an Xbox in grad school and never played it. I got a Switch last year and barely play it. I’m going to try to play more this year.


40 and I game. I would love to get a ps5.


I dabled with my partners xbox the last couple years and at 32 I got my first gaming laptop. I love it.


I did a lot of gaming in my childhood and teenage years and then stopped for a long time. It wasn’t until I purchased a Nintendo Switch that I returned to it. I forgot how much joy gaming could bring me. I love RPGs and puzzle based games but I’m open to trying all sorts of games. One of the many things I love about it: it helps me focus on one thing for a certain amount of time. I feel like that’s hard to do these days.


I started playing The Elder Scrolls Online a few years ago and I really am enjoying it.


I was into a few PC Games (American McGee's Alice, The Sims) since I was a teenager but I never dove deep into gaming until last year when a boyfriend got me into playing Call of Duty with him.


Been a gamer since I was a kid. I'm 36 and still love it. I'm a playstation person and also have a switch but play a variety of things from action and horror to more casual and cute. Story writing and visuals have advanced to making it so video game budgets and revenue are more than movies now and it's well deserved. The dedication and talent at gaming studios is amazing and indie developers have been on the rise as well. You will get better as you keep going and hope you find some titles and genres you really enjoy


I was a gamer as a kid/teen and my love for gaming restarted late last year. I'm now 42. :) We borrowed a friend's PS4 since he wasn't using it and I bought a bunch of horror games (my favourite genre). I'm currently replaying The Last of Us because I love the TV show so much.


I started gaming in my late 20’s. The games I’ve enjoyed and made it through so far (across PS4, Xbox, and switch): The Witness - a beautiful puzzle game Zelda Breath of the Wild - so many beautiful things to look at Stardew Valley - so wholesome The Witcher 3 - mostly because partner wanted me to, not my favorite kind of game but overall enjoyable to play Fire Emblem Three Houses- felt meh about this one but it was easy enough to play on switch while staying at a remote cabin for a week. I’ve tried a few others and just couldn’t get into them: Elden Ring, Bioshock, Diablo


I didn't start in my 30s, but my obsession has continued into my 30s. Lol.


Me! Really got into it during lockdown playing Animal Crossing. Then my kids and husband got me into Fortnite and at this point I can out play them and play the most in our house. Recently I bought red dead redemption 2 and finished it in a couple weeks. I HIGHLY recommend it!


Yes, I got a Nintendo Switch a few years ago and play multiple times a week! It’s my therapy haha.


I bought a switch at 33 and am all about cozy games now! Currently obsessing over Stardew Valley


Well I didn’t begin in my 30s, I just never really stopped. Although my taste has changed from proper games to casual ones on mobile or Switch. Lifelong casual gamer. I had an Atari as a kid that I played Asteroids, Crossbow and Chopper Command on. That brings back memories, wow haha. Think my dad used to play with me, or at least watch. Had an SNES during my childhood. Got a PS2 purely for FFVII when I was 18 or so. XBox 360 in my mid 20s. Have also pretty much had a GameBoy or variation of my entire life (GameBoy Advance, GameBoy DS Lite, and finally the Switch in 2018). Think the last game I really played was Animal Crossing during Covid when I had a lot of free time. Now I occasionally play Fortnite. For Mobile its Pokemon Go and I’ve been testing NBA All World.


I started in my 50's when I got a Switch and absolutely love it! Skyrim has become my happy place


Yep! Used to play as a teen, picked up PC gaming again last year. Fallout 4 has been a blast on PC, especially when I figured out Nexus mods!


I. 48 and I’m about to buy a system. Always kinda fancied it but never quite got round to it!


I tried a bunch. The best one was the Wii Sports. The physical activity was good. The worst was the DND game - holy shit that one is boring. I'm a simple woman. Give me Gem Matching, Tetris and Wordle, and I'm a happy person. Anything more than that and I find it way to tedious.


I’ve play Wii sports at a friends and it’s been fun. I had Tetris on a phone a while ago and got a bit hooked!


I started at 38! I never even thought I would like it, had tried in the past and was bad at it. But I love it! And there are so many types of games too! Btw I don’t do online ones, I like playing at my own pace and wouldn’t want to get harassed


I’m a life long gamer, so not your ideal responder. I think the Xbox was a good choice, it’s definitely a bit more user friendly than PS IMO. I am so excited for you! I hope you really enjoy gaming. r/GirlGamers is another sub to join as well. If you are enjoying Assassins Creed, try Horizon Zero Dawn next. You. Will. Love. It. Also, Tomb Raider (start with Definitive Edition), Uncharted. Remember, a lot of games are like movies- reading or watching too much about them has potential to give away spoilers. But the internet is great for hints and tips when you are stuck somewhere.


Glad that you found something you like in gaming. For learning how things work, it just takes some time. Reminds me of this series [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax7f3JZJHSw&list=PLordXx8iNEyStcX\_WzqM0JCpiJYgqhinc](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax7f3JZJHSw&list=PLordXx8iNEyStcX_WzqM0JCpiJYgqhinc) on how much common interactions and expectations for gamers are not that intuitive for new gamers.


I'm 36 and longlife gamer. :) It's jist my hobby and yeah.


I didn’t start gaming in my 30’s but I’ve continued. Good for you! Have fun!


I (30f) bought my son a ps4 this Christmas, and now I can’t stop playing NFS Heat when he’s asleep. BTW if anyone else here plays send me ur psn @!!


I don't know about *stated* gaming in my later years, but I game a lot and I'm pushing 40. My mom loved gaming since she had a Nintendo in the 80s and gamed until she passed in her late 50s. You're never too old for a new hobby. Welcome to the club. :)


I never gamed much before, just some Mario on my Nintendo 64. We got a Switch a couple years ago and I got hooked on Fortnite at the age of 29. I'm loving it and feel like it's a great hobby for my husband and I to do together and a way for us to connect with some of our close friends that don't live in our same state.


I started last year and I’m 34 now. I always wanted to game but grew up in a house full of women who didn’t understand the urge so ignore when I asked for gaming things when I was a kid. Only ever was able to do it when I visited my male cousins growing up.


I started gaming earlier, but I did not spend my whole life gaming. Any time life picked up, I stopped - college, beginning new jobs until I am situated, you know. I have started playing fps, first person shooters, in my mid twenties. It has always been clear to me that I do not have the reaction time as people that both are younger and started playing way earlier than me. They not only react faster, but they have an "instinct" on what to do or where to go that I simply cannot have, ever. I have other qualities, though, and I still have a ton of fun. That said, I used to play with this awesome 50something years old woman that had started playing just then. She was great. All the issues I saw in myself were more visible in her, but I have not seen someone so patient, with so much grace and good humor as her. It was a delight spending time together.


I’ve been gaming since idk like 5 years old (am now 34) just wanted to say I love this for you. It’s such a great way to incorporate play into your every day life, which I think is super important. I started out on PS, switched to Xbox like 10 years ago. I play on my switch mostly now! As others have mentioned, stardew valley is great. Red dead redemption 2 online is super fun. I also have been replaying skyrim lately and it’s great (open world style and very beautiful gameplay!). Enjoy!! You deserve it


I picked up gaming at 30! I had a few winters of surgeries, and needed something to fill my time. I have a really hard time just sitting down and watching movies, so gaming felt like a way to have an interactive movie. I love assassin's creed, the witcher, and skyrim!


I have tried to start gaming. I got a free Xbox ONE and free ps2 off of buy nothing when I was about 30, 31. And I got a switch when I was about 33. I just can’t get into any of the games that I have the dexterity for. Only so many times I can play viva piñata.


40 here. I've been gaming here and there since Super Mario Bros came out on Nintendo. I kinda don't do the really tough 100+ hr games anymore cause I'm kinda lazy. I mostly like short spooky games. Funny enough I started playing Cult of the Lamb which is neither spooky or short. Haha. It is very chill tho.


I'm 43 and love my videogames. Ask me anything :)


It's never too late to pick up a new hobby! During my childhood, I grew up with strict (and kinda sexist) parents who thought girls shouldn't play games, and that everyone should only focus on education, jobs, then family. That was basically the only allowable progression. Well, after high school, I finally had a bit of my own money and bought a computer under the premise "Hey I needed a computer... For college..." And that was my gateway into a new world I had been missing out on 😂


Me! I'm still learning - I'm 33 - and boyfriend is teaching me.


Last time I gamed was on Super mario land on the N64. Couple of years ago I bought a gaming laptop.. didn't touch it for nearly 2 years. I set it up with steam etc. Nothing caught my interest. Six months ago I saw a post on Reddit about games for anyone to play and Civ 5 was mentioned. I bought it with all the extras. I've now close to 1000 hours logged on steam, and about 990 on Civ. I fell down rabbit hole quickly. I tried stardew valley, I've no idea what I'm doing. I got Sims 3 - haven't opened it yet.


I started gaming at 19. Breath of fire 3, final fantasy 7 and on. Any age is a great age to start! You're 50 and just picked up your first Sims game? Awesome! You got yours at 35? Excellent! Welcome. Idk if final fantasy is on Xbox, but og 7, remake 7 and 15 are all *amazing* games with tons of sidequests and they're very immersive. I read you're playing Valhalla. It was one awesome, huge game. Hubs just reloaded and restarted Black Flag (Pirates of AC) that's a good one to try as well. Welcome to gaming! Have fun. Ignore the gatekeepers that say you're not a *real* gamer unless (whatever condition). I play on easy. You do you.


I started gaming in my 20s when a roommate introduced me to it. He was super patient in showing me all kinds of games and walking me through the confusing parts. It got me totally hooked! Xbox was my first console as well. I liked Xbox Game Pass when I was getting into gaming; you pay a monthly fee but it gives you access to play a ton of games. It was a fun way to figure out what kind of games I liked and it’s low stakes because if you download one and don’t like it, just delete and move on.


I started playing playstation after my husband got me into it. I'd never played video games before, other than the Sims and a few Sega games when I was a kid. I was 30 or 31 at the time. Now I play more than he ever did. Got rid of the husband, kept the Playstation lol


I'm 35 and started gaming during lockdown in 2020. Bought a Switch and Animal Crossing. Logged over 1,000 hours, I really enjoyed the social aspect chatting with my friends while we visited eachothers islands. Now I have a PS4, a gaming laptop, and just bought a PS5 this month. You're never too old for a new hobby!


I have always enjoyed video games growing up but was told that “only boys play”. This summer I turned 31 and said fuck it, life is too short. I freaking love playing on it and I can’t wait for Hogwarts Legacy to be released 🙌


I didn't start after my 30s but grew up playing and it's fun. I don't talk much on headset though when playing online and my GT is androgynous


I could never get into it, even as a kid.


I’m 36 and started gaming at… 12? Q


I played video games as a kid but stopped playing them until my late twenties. Covid got me back into playing them and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve always been a Nintendo person, and I ended up getting a Switch. It blows my mind just how good games are now, and how many creative indie games are available. It’s been a lot of fun for me! It also feels like a healthier outlet than staring at my phone all the time.


I keeping telling myself I’m going to buy an old Super Nintendo. Maybe when I have kids and I’m stuck in the house? I miss Donkey Kong and Yoshi’s Island. Or Spyro on a PlayStation. Or Rock Band or the Dance games. A few years ago, maybe when I was 27, my friends and I would spend an entire day playing Age of Empires together. Such a throwback to playing the free demo when I was 9.


Nah, I never got into gaming.


I've been a gamer my whole life. On Xbox I really like Witcher 3, Skyrim, Dragon Age. There's indie games on there too if you want to try something different. Like Child of Light or Limbo. Batman Arkham games. Fallout 4. I prefer my Switch though and I'm on that a lot more


I strongly recommend Red Dead Redemption 2! The greatest video game ever made, as far as I'm concerned.


I loved gaming as a kid, had a mini renaissance in my 20’s, and now I’m back in my 30s/40s baby. I mostly use steam but Xbox has so many great titles. If you like kind of nerdy dnd/Diablo style hack/slash/casting spells games with tons of lore, I recommend Solasta. Hope you enjoy!


Pss : I can give you so many other suggestions if you want them. I game more outside of Xbox but there’s a huge world of interaction fiction and point and click games that looked over and I’d love to share more of my hidden gems. :)


I'm 32 and would consider myself a casual PC Gamer. As a kid, we had a few educational PC games (pre-internet) but I was allowed like 30 minutes per week at most. Same as a teen, I'd be allowed to play for like 1 hour per week on stuff like The Sims (1). When I moved out for uni (college), I got much more into games because I had my own laptop and was in charge of my own free time. Now both my partner and I have custom PCs and dual monitors, sitting side by side in our study. It is literally my dream. We play almost every day. Sometimes we play multiplayer together. Sometimes it's us playing the same game but in our own individual worlds. And sometimes we are both with headphones in, playing totally separate stuff, while listening to our own music or watching a movie/series. We spend maybe one evening every 2 months on the sofa watching a movie or something we recorded on the TV (but more likely a series, via a streaming service), but other than my partner watching sports, we never watch anything live on TV. I play mostly sandbox/management-type games - Minecraft, City Skylines, Timberborn, Raft, Transport Fever and I have The Sims 4 and the Original Rollercoaster Tycoon (from around 1997) for nostalgic purposes. I'm personally not a fan of games where I have to kill people. And I love watching other people on YouTube playing so I can get ideas or techniques.


I’m in the opposite boat, I’ve been gaming since the 80s, and now that I’m 39 I find I can barely justify sitting down to play the way I used to. I would lose myself in a game series but nothing sounds good these days 😭😭


I’ve been gaming pretty much all my life. I learned it from my mom who bought a Sega to me and my sister when we were kids. Now I’m in my thirties and my mom is in her sixties and we still both game! It’s a great hobby and so much fun.


I've always been a little into the lighter side of gaming, I don't like sports, fighter, or shooter type games. I don't care much for hunting or fishing or any game that's too repetitive - but harder each level. Lol I love survival games and story games and mystery games. I highly recommend "Don't starve together" to you! It can feel overwhelming in the beginning but you can adjust the settings to however you like to make it easier until you get the basics down. I use to come across a suprising amount of older women when I played more socially. It can be a lot of random guys and kids though. You can learn a lot from joining others worlds until you're ready to host your own but hosting your own means you can adjust the settings to make it easier at first. There's so much to do that even once you get the survival down, then the base building down, there's bosses and deep cave stuff as well as island stuff out in the sea and they keep adding more so by the time you get that far you have to figure out the new stuff. Each character has different perks and disadvantages. You can get obsessed for years.


I didn't start gaming until 2014, on PC, not consoles. Also, I only play a couple of MMORPGs regularly (SWTOR and WoW).


I have always gamed. I was around during the height of world of Warcraft’s 3rd expansion (cataclysm) and picked up with switch about 6 years ago. While I don’t play the high risk high reward games like my husband, I love Nintendo games, farming and teamwork games, and playing with my kid. It’s a bonding activity! I swear Mario games helped him learn to read.


i highly recommend getting a subscription to either game pass or ps plus depending on which platform you play on! i’ve been into gaming for a while but hadn’t had a playstation since i was young. i got one during the pandemic and had got access to so many games for a year for like the cost of one full price game.


im 41 and LOVE gaming... but i started when i was in teens


Oh I’ve always wanted my own gaming system! I grew up playing on the computer and The Sims and whatnot, but never had PlayStation or XBox. I’m 32 now and I’m still in so much awe over the graphics and I would absolutely love to start. Might even start playing the sims again tbh


I want allowed video games as a kid. I stayed late too! Hope you have an awesome time!!


Im 33 and just got into League of Legends lol. I play nearly every night with my partner. Enjoying it so much more than i ever thought i would! After reading this thread, i think my next console will be a switch!


Okay so- I’ve been a gamer since the original NES. I bought myself a PS4 a few years back, so I didn’t have to share with my husband. I strongly believe that there is a game out there for everyone. I have a PS+ which is like a Netflix for games. There’s a library of new and older titles to play for free. Xbox has a similar service. For people just starting out- checking out some older games might be a great start. I still play some of the PS2 titles available. The older games I find tend to have more in the way of tutorials in-game as well. Most newer games i feel like expect you to google how to play. Also, there is no shame in adjusting the difficulty in a game. But- figure out what you like- there’s games out there for you! Whether it’s a paper cut out robot learning to be human, or a plane crash victim building a fortress against mutant cannibals!


I played game until I graduate from uni. Work schedule made me need to focus on it so no time for playing games. My "ex" was a gamer so he introduced me some games. I knew him when I was 36 yo. I even bought a controller and a new laptop haha. Combination of ADHD and bad communication made me hard to follow his pace. Now we aren't together anymore but I still play game, only Cities skyline.


I'm 40 and only learned how to play console games during lockdown. Breath of the Wild was a great introduction to the form, it's forgiving of you don't have the buttons memorized at first or which stick does what. My goal est to work up to being able to play the Horizon Zéro Dawn games, which I've successfully done, and Control, which is still on my to-do list, as I've recently discovered Sable and it's too good to put down. It's explicitly a zero combat game, but built to be a lot like the others. Open World, exploration, solve puzzles.


I’ve been gaming since I was a kid but I highly recommend it! I love solving mysteries and putting things together so there are plenty of games that come with this element and it’s super fun. Sometimes better than reading a novel or watching a movie because it’s at my pace.


I’ve been gaming since childhood but it’s always nice to have other women to chat about games with :) I recommend minecraft at some point as well, lots of people have tried it and it’s super fun and relaxing


I received my first console from my mum in 1997 (Super Nintendo) when I was 6 years old. I played Street Fighter with the boys in my neighbourhood until my granny got pissed and sent them home. Lol Now I'm in my early thirties and still gaming. I recommend FromSoftware games (if you're up for a challenge) such as Sekiro, Bloodborne, Dark Souls (a series), and Elden Ring. Too bad you didn't get a PS4/5 because the Uncharted series and The Last of US are incredible. Happy gaming!


I’m 30 and play Fortnite lmao


I bought my first (F35) console ever - PS5 just last year. I am still in a debate with myself if I really want/need (or just willing to pay that much for) the upcoming PSVR2. I was playing every now and then, throughout the years, on PC though. But the lack of proper equipment didn't allow me to try lots of games... Now I feel I just don't have enough time to play all the things I want to ^_^ Enjoy your games!


I had a nintendo and the first playstation as a kid/teen and would play some flash and word games online, but never played any "modern" xbox or PC games regularly until I was around 39 and I'm having a blast. I couldn't get into many newer games because they made me feel seasick when I tried, so I took some Benedryl and just powered through it and can now play fast paced FPS and the like. Just needed that adjustment period and now that doesn't happen anymore. Changed some settings to help with the motion sickness as well. I'm kicking some ass too! I love telling trolls that give me a hard time if they discover that "I'm A GiRL" that I'm probably old enough to be their mom and I just kicked their butt. That stuff gets grating to deal with sometimes though.


I don't have any vices other than cheese cake and gaming. Nothing better after a day of human misery and or death in the ICU than getting lost in a beautiful world for a few hours. Turn chat off, ignore quests and just explore.


i started gaming more recently in console but ive been gaming since i was 18. if anyone plays dbd we can play together 😂


I got a Nintendo switch when I was 30 or 31. I love it!