I can eat so much


I, on the other hand, can go a week without eating! We must have minmaxed different builds.


As a proffesional reddit doctor with a theoretical degree in medicine...things..., this doesn't appear to be healthy. Is there a reason as to why you don't eat?


Historically, student poverty and saving up for a doctor (that was funded anyway), yaaaay! But that specific record was set through controlled fasting. It helped me kick my sugar dependency, and reset my sensitivity for sweetness (soda is like drinking syrup). I still drank plenty of water and took adult vitamins. My relationship with hunger, and telling hunger vs appetite apart, has evolved and gotten healthier as a result. My eating is much more sustainable and responsive, now. More need, less pleasure. I occasionally may go a day or two without eating, and recently fasted for about four. But I assure you that it doesn't hurt me; my body has plenty of stores, I eat again when actually hungry (I'm not denying myself food), and I am mindful of eating a nutritious diet for protein and essentials. I appreciate your concern, but I am listening to my body, not punishing it.


What the hell? How do you do that?


I don't know ow anymore, I just do it. The first time was hardest because it was done in spite of my body, and I was really irritable. Now it's something my body is used to and naturally wants to do sometimes. I usually eat once a day, twice if with someone else. A lot of what we think is hunger is just 'you normally eat about now, get on that'. Ghrelin, the hunger hormone. It goes away after a while, whether you eat or not. Actual hunger is a physical sensation in your gut, not a craving in your mouth. It's worth adding that I don't fast regularly, because my hunger is often real. Just every now and again, mostly when sedentary. Also, your body can burn either sugars or fats. It burns fats while you sleep (ketosis), otherwise you'd have to wake up every couple hours to eat. The easiest way to fast is to stay in that mode. Eating anything sweet or with sugars/carbs will trigger sugar-burning again, so overnight is the easiest way to start a fast. Then when ending a fast, it must be done carefully, or you may feel sick. Lean meat, leafy greens, healthy fats, and only a small portion. Plenty of water. It has been amazing for me in appreciating nutritious food and kicking sugar and processed snack foods. I initially did controlled fasting to support a friend through same. Stuff like r/intermittentfasting and r/keto might have more info, but I'd urge anybody to be cautious. If done carelessly by a person who has higher energy needs (with cardio, by teens, men, pregnant people, etc), or by people who are underweight and don't have fat to burn, it's hazardous.


When you think about it, humans fasting for a couple days here and there is actually very natural. Our ancestors did not have easy access to food the way we do now and often had to hunt or forage for it. Also, it’s a proven fact that the healthy bacteria in your gut flourishes while “fasting.” Once I learned this fact I completely stopped snacking! I’m so much healthier for it. I don’t have the digestion problems I used to have and I really think it’s because I don’t eat as many times per day so that good bacteria is happier.


Being a small person with an extremely elastic stomach is the most fun party trick ever. Also a great way to assert dominance on first dates.


My boyfriend loves telling people I eat more than him haha. He weighs about a hundred pounds more than me. I have a high metabolism or something, but I can really pack it back. Come at me bro with the cheese and ice cream


Once you show him a positive pregnancy test hell be like I'll never recover from this financially


No positive pregnancy tests over here!! EVER! no kids, only cats. Forever.


This is my favorite


Like... How much? 2 footlongs from subway?


That's a nice snack


That's not a lot, is it? I did 4 meatball subs for dinner once when I was a hungry teenager.


I always stop fast forwarding at the exact moment the commercial break ends - I’m the designated TV remote person in my family now


That's the most amazing talent.


On this note, I always manage to get up to use the restroom at the exact right time in the movie theater to not miss anything important.


That isn’t useless 😆


I have a perfect five year run on the Microsoft solitaire suite's daily bonus challenge. :)


You and my dad would be friends lmao, this is his proudest achievement


Tell him hi for me. :)


As a piggyback to this, I can solve "most" solitaire puzzles within 90-120 seconds- and by most, I mean like 70ish percent lol


I'm actually so impressed 😂


Thank you :)


I can put my socks on using only my feet.


I have that talent backwards. Always happens in my sleep


I do that too if I forget to take them off. I try not to forget, because I usually end up with them next to my face when I wake up, lol.


Them being by your face is also a talent LOL if I loose my socks in bed they migrate to the crack at the very bottom.


Omg same, and somehow in my sleep I've perfected the art of rolling them up in the same ball, [the way you take off medical gloves by removing one and then using it as the container for the other](https://media.istockphoto.com/vectors/vector-medical-infographic-step-by-step-instructions-of-how-to-remove-vector-id1226755444), so in the morning it's an issue of finding the very small sock ball hidden amongst the blankets and the cats.


Now that is talent!


Like, how?


With their toes.


Maybe like I do it? Sock flat on the floor. Wiggle toes in. Slide the rest of the foot in while pressing firmly enough so sock doesn't move much. (Doesn't work on slidey floors.)


I would probably break a sweat after that’s said and done


Well since menopause started, I can break a sweat doing nothing😆


I can relate!


I can dry-swallow any pill


This is such a flex. I'm scared of your power.


ok please be careful I burnt a hole in my esophagus doing this lol true story and had to go to the er cause the pains were in like my upper chest and stung so bad 😂


Story time!!! Story time!!!


ok but be warned that unfortunately the story isn’t as exciting as one might think. So, I was a freshman in high school and was super into whitening my teeth with the crest white strips (which btw work great my teeth were whiter than snow) anyways, I had super sensitive teeth and the whitening strips were too strong and caused me MAJOR sensitivity and pain on my teeth. I would get what they call these “zingers” and it’s like this sharp shooting pain that shoots up the root of your tooth unannounced. They were so sensitive that breathing in air hurt… breathing I mean cmon now that’s rough. So, drinking water hot or cold was an absolute heck no. Well, the pain was so bad I was trying to sleep thru it and I needed pain meds to relieve the pain but didn’t want to drink water because it freakin’ hurt!! So I chucked some ibuprofen down my throat and swallowed and went back to sleep. A few days later I kept getting this horrible burning pain felt like horrible heartburn and my parents took me to the ER cause when u say horrible chest pain it’s like emergency… Well sure enough I burnt a hole in my esophagus but at least I had white teeth right?!?! 🤦‍♀️ I haven’t used a whitening strip since. Luckily my esophagus did heal overtime.


That was a scary story


Hey, same!


This is such a flex. I'm scared of your power.


I can read upside down, backwards, and both at once.




Jokes on them! We always read text upside down, backwards *or* even merged/jumping around. Sometimes all at once 💪💀


I can read with my eyes shut. It's very hard to do. But it's bad for my hat and makes my eyebrows get red hot. So, reading with my eyes shut I don't do an awful lot.


Sorry, what? How does this work?


It’s a Dr. Seuss book.


Thats sounds incredibly useful


Same! And I can write like this. Backwards, upside down and with both hands writing mirrored


I know exactly where bought everything I own and how much I spent on each item.


Me too. Do you also draw really well? I wonder if it's a visual thing.


Me too and yes! I'm an artist lol


Me three! Everytime someone really compliments something I'm wearing I always feel inclined to tell them where I bought it and if it was a good deal lol Edit: I've also scored 100% on the visualization section of an IQ test a friend administered on me. She was doing a masters degree in education something or other. Maybe there is some correlation?


Thats my sis 2 haha. Thats pretty cool tho


I can perfectly imitate Edith from Bob's Burgers saying "Filth!"


THAT is a useful skill. Well done. Saggy and sophisticated.


When I was young, my dad taught me how to make the sound of a big bee buzzing by just using your fingers. It’s a fun trick to play on unsuspecting friends! Watching them duck down, swat the air and yelp is hilarious 🤭


Teach me o wise one


Found it! And it actually works! https://www.uremusic.org/2016/03/how-to-make-buzzing-sound-with-your.html?m=1


Lol i cannot follow instructions like that, I need visual. But thank you for this!


Instructions unclear, look like a duck with a clothespin on its bill


Please make an instructional video! Or a Udemy course. You should be paid for this education. Eagerly -Your humble student


This! I need to learn.


I'm really good at remembering pet's names. I can meet someone at a party and years later be able to ask them about their tortoise Rocky or their guinea pig Caroline - even if I don't remember the name of the actual owner.


Oh my god, same! Last week I went to one of my clients who I've only met only once before around five years ago. He had his dog with him in his office and I immediately said: "Oh, David is here, too!" My client was really surprised I remembered


To be fair, for some reason people seem to be delighted by pets with human names. My dog’s name is Doug and for some reason people think it’s absolutely hilarious.


You and me both! Quite the hilarious reactions from people when you remember as well.


I can carry a LOT of wine glasses in each hand at once


How many is a lot? I'm just curious.


It's been awhile since I've done it, but I have a picture of it on my Instagram, I am going to try and find it and report back 😅


I, too, am curious


A mega pints worth I'm guessing


Me too! I can carry around 16, 8 in each hand


I have a great memory for numbers but it’s almost useless as I’m bad at math!


Same here. So weird. I remember my phone number from 35 years ago, and my ongyn’s from 25 years ago. Dumb stuff like that, but I can’t do basic algebra.


oh god, i feel this lol. i can remember a patients vitals from a month ago but failed my college algebra class twice 🤦‍♀️


Lol, I'm the exact opposite. I basically got a masters in math, but I would be fired in an hour working the cash register. I cannot add 2+2 together if my life depended on it...


How so?


Umm like I can remember things like house numbers or page numbers or account numbers easily but when it comes to actually using numbers in a mathematical sense I’m not great haha


I can touch my tongue to my nose.


My son can pick his nose with his tongue. I've spent 7 years and counting trying to get him to stop.


I was reading this while in a room full of people talking. Thanks to the convo going on next to me, I read, “I can touch my tongue to my ass.” And got very intrigued haha


I always like to hit stop on the microwave at 0:01 so it doesn't scream at me like five times. I've somehow developed an uncanny ability to start the microwave, go do some other small tasks, and come back when it has like 4 seconds left just in time to hit the button. I don't try to accurately count seconds I just kinda check it when it feels right. EDIT: this does not apply to other time estimation-related things and is uselessly specific to microwaves.


Figuring out how to turn the beeping sound off for my microwave was the greatest thing I've ever done in microwave related things.


You can do it this??!!! 🤯


Usually! If you open the door there are generally menu instructions somewhere on the edge of the trim on the microwave.


I do this too but pretend like I’ve just disarmed a bomb and saved the household haha


I always know what time it is. Wake up in the middle of the night? I can tell you the time within a 10min window. Middle of the day in a windowless room I could probably accurately give you a time lol I also always know what direction I'm facing. Less of a useful talent. I can almost always guess how many pages are in a book too lol


Same! I tell people I think it's because my internal clock goes the same speed as the earth.


Woah same with me about always knowing the time and what direction I’m facing! I’m really good at estimating the passage of time so I can do other chores and then make it back to the microwave with only a few seconds left. I can also hear water starting to boil from 3 rooms away.


I’m a karaoke queen.


What's your song of choice?


Haha. Carly Simon “You’re so Vain” or Shania Twain “Any man of mine”


Sing it, girl!


Both amazing choices


Those are the BEST songs, of course! These are anthems for those of us who understand. You're also great at song choices!


I’ve got an extremely flexible face. (for reference;; people have called me the female jim carrey lol)


I love Jim Carrey!! Omg be my friend


I'm really good at belching. I can't burp the alphabet or anything, I can just belch ("burping" sounds too dainty) loudly. I don't even need carbonated beverages, I can swallow air and do it by myself. If you've heard me belch, you're a close friend, because I don't do it for just anyone! It's so useless and not something you'd normally brag about, but I'm secretly proud of it. ETA: We call it my “superfluous” power; something I’m better at than average people, but otherwise totally useless (beyond entertainment value).




Yay, I’m not alone!


I also have this talent. I taught my nieces, lol.


I can sing all of "take me out to the ball game" ahead by one word




I can do almost any accent


Mine all turn into Indian who has spent a few years living in Germany. 🤣


a British-German-Russian hybrid, for me hahaha


That really is talent. I think I can only do an ozark back country folk accent and that’s it.


I can unicycle.


I can whistle and hum at the same time and sound like an alien And I can make the exact sound of a pigeon with my throat


I have hyper flexible shoulders to the point where it freaks people out. But you don’t get to show that off anymore once you’re older than 10 lol


I have flexible legs and back


That one you get to show off


You should check if you have EDS.


I scare the shit out of people. Apparently, I move quietly enough people don't hear me coming or realize I'm in the room until I'm addressing them. A woman I used to work with got me a bracelet with bells so it wouldn't happen anymore. (I loved it! I was so sad when the bells started breaking off.)


Omg I do this all the time too! I’ve scared the shit out both my boss at work and my roommate etc. by just “appearing” out of *nowhere.* 😂 ^Stealth ^mode ^activated


I had to start stomp-approaching a coworker so she'd stop startling everytime I came near to talk to her LOL Friends in high school started calling me the shifting ninja because I just appear somewhere when they could have SWORN I was somewhere else just a second ago. Sorry I walk quietly guys???? Aka why does everyone walk around like giant stompy giants?


I can look at almost any car and tell you the make and model. Not as good with obscure brands or older vehicles, but I'd say I could name most cars between 1990-2022. Not at all a car fanatic, just have a weird brain.


We could have so much fun quizzing each other! Car makes and models are my jam.


I'm a shockingly good gift giver. Everyone in my family asks me to shop for them when they need to find the perfect gift for someone. It's fun and I enjoy it. The downside is....my family is not great at getting ME gifts lol


That’s a good one. I am a terrible gift giver.


That’s why I always prepare a list. Best way of not being disappointed. And also… you could turn your skill into a business!


I can remember the year of release of a lot of top 40 songs from the late 2000s-2010s because of what season and episode of glee they were on. 😂


I can recognize voice actors from other works pretty easily. People just find it annoying.


That is how I recognise actors: by their voices


I can pack probably up to 90 lbs of clothes into a regular sized check on bag and ridiculous amounts of stuff into a car. I Grew up flying in the 80s/90s when luggage weight was not a big deal. So over packing was a sport. I also travel a lot by car and family has gotten larger but trunk is the same size and I can always fit everything in. It is a strange talent based on exceptional spatial awareness. Real life tetris.


Same (suitcases) except I normally have crap spatial awareness, so I can’t really explain it. People are were always baffled by how heavy my suitcases were lol


I’m really, really good at stain removal.


Any favorite tricks or tips?


Best all purpose stain remover: 1 part dawn dish soap, 1 part white vinegar, 1 part water. Spray on the stain and toss it in the hamper for the next time you wash. Blood - hydrogen peroxide Ink - alcohol (still tricky) Grass - fels naptha soap (bar in the laundry aisle) Permanent marker on wood: wd-40 and barkeepers friend. Rub in a circle. Will dull the finish a little, but gets the marker off. Stains on granite - straight bleach.


I can pick things up with my toes.


same, I'm just lazy


Same. I didn’t realize how valuable this skill was till I became a mom 😆


I can flex each of my butt cheeks


wait, this is a talent? cus I can do this too


How many do you have?


I'm a music recommending genius. Play me two of your favorite songs and I will give you recommendations that fit your taste perfectly for months


If you enjoy doing it you should hang out at /r/IfYouLikeBlank


I’m really good at braiding hair as long as it’s not my own hair


I can do the same face that famous grumpy cat did


My son is a huge sensory seeker. He and I have this trick where I lift him, he puts his legs over my shoulders, and then I flip him.


I will never forget your birthday once you tell me! It’s just a mental Rolodex of birthdays up here.


I know all the words to the Popplers jingle from Futurama, and I'm really good at tongue twisters.


I can make a clover with my tongue


No gag reflex, dunno how I can brag about it without being sexual.


bow down to the QUEEN


I can get absolutely anything waxed


Wtf hahaha niceee


i have excellent autobiographical memory


Does this mean you can remember your own life?


Basically, yes. I can remember who I was talking to, what they were wearing, what I was wearing, where we were, what was said, who was in the same room/area, what they were wearing, when I passed them or noticed them, what I was thinking, the weather, etc. My earliest memory starts at 1 y.o., but my parents have only verified some of them, because they themselves don't remember everything. But it's like I record everything around me & I can play it back but I don't have control of random memories popping up. It's annoying 🙃


I can raise each of my eyebrows individually. My thumbs are double jointed.


Just asked my bf to try and I am BLOWN AWAY some people can’t do this!!!


I can tie a knot in the stem of a cherry in my mouth.


I can wave my pinky toes! I love doing it but it freaks people out 😂




I know the exact amount of pressure needed to fart and not shit myself.


i used to work at an ice cream shop and when i had to carry out large orders, i taught myself how to carry everything all at once, hook my shoe under the door handle, and fling it towards me enough to open it the rest of the way with my hip. it always looked super cool, and one time i even got a tip because of it, but usually the customers didn’t give a shit and it bummed me out


I’m good at finding things and I’m good at helping other people find things. Whether it’s physical or searching on the internet, someone just needs to ask for my help and if I stand beside them, they immediately find what they couldn’t find moments before.


My kid can do this. Ask him where anything is anywhere or anyone and he immediately finds it. He calls it his “spare eye” (he got keep your eyes pealed and lend a spare had mixed up)


Overthinking & overanalyzing. Hey,at least I've already thought about all the worst & best case scenarios, before any planned event or occasion. Even if I keep the "I told you so's" private to myself. I guess it's my intuition, really. But maybe it's not. My scatter-brain is a gift: I'm a natural brain-stormer.


I can do a Kermit the frog sound with my stomach when I’m hungry. It sounds gross though.


I can feel and manipulate the magnetism in my brain. It sounds like bs, so I don't really tell anybody. But here's a list of some things I can do with that talent: Fall asleep almost instantly "Turn off" physical pain Manipulate my perception of colors Dissociate Hyperfocus Edit: somebody asked how old I was when I realised I could do this: I don't remember a time when I couldn't. I just assumed everybody could. But I do feel like it has grown dimmer with age. I have tried to find case studies I could enter and what not. But there seems to be very very little research on such things.


I can burp crazy loud


Almost every guy I have kissed has told me “wow you’re an amazing kisser”


I am really fucking good at my job.


I can sing the Phantom of the Opera, especially the part at the end with the highnote. But me trying to show it off is annoying lol


I can wiggle my ears and do a good impression of drew barrymore


I can identify most songs I hear by just the first few seconds


I can flip my tongue upside down and reach my nose with it


Being able to catch bugs. Not like going outside hunting for em, but like the nat or fly that has been buzzing around the room, I got it.


I have extremely steady hands and will beat anyone at pickup sticks or Jenga


I'm REALLY good at Wheel of Fortune


I can do the following on command: Gleek, Queef, & Puke O.o . *don't judge me too hard!*


I can write backwards!


I read very quickly (not quite x2 speed of other people, but still quick). Also, I can wiggle my ears individually and reach my nose with a tongue.


I can recite ~35 digits of pi from memory.


That's enough to calculate the circumference of the observable universe with a precision of plus/minus the diameter of a hydrogen atom.


I can simultaneously worry about 3.2 million different things at the same time.


I can do the Jack Nicholson's eyebrows. I mean, I can individually move the muscles that pull them up/down. I'm also extremely good at folding fitted sheets


I can solve a Rubik's Cube


I can whistle with my mouth closed


I’m a great rapper! I can rap along with pretty much any song once I know all the the lyrics.


I'm immune to hangovers, I just don't get them. I can drink until I fall down catatonic, but no hangover. I do have quite a high tolerance to alcohol. Not sure If I'm proud of it though.


my self-loving techniques that have been honed over the years are now my biggest orgasm providers.


I can crack open a beer bottle with the inside of my elbow. Thanks for the lesson, Dad!


I'm really really good at being extremely quiet while doing everything. I walk lightly and quietly, I close doors, cabinets, drawers, microwave, etc with little to no sound. I even turn over in bed quietly (move the blankets and sheets as little as possible). I'm also able to do most things in the dark while still being extremely quiet. I scare my teenager and husband constantly.


I can fart like a man. If there was a fart-off between all the men in my street I’d surely be a top contender. They may not be as smelly, but they sure are loud. I’ve woken babies up from their sleep with my arse trumpets.


I can hang 6 spoons on my face.


I can roll my tongue. Not the typical roll, like make it do the wave. That's what I always thought people meant when they said it. And because of being objectified and grossed out a few times, I don't really show people. Not until like the 4th or 5th hangout lol. But it's so so cool! Like nobody else I know can do it.


I can't say, but you should ask my husband. 🤣🤣