I quit being a therapist to waitress and bartend at a cheeky restaurant. I was in school 7 years for it and have a Master’s but I hate it. The pay was trash, the responsibility was too much, I was drowning in paperwork, and the work made me incredibly sad. At my restaurant we don’t have barbacks, dishwashers, busy boys, etc. so it’s a very physical job. I love that I’m forced to be active every day. It worries me a bit that I don’t have a career path, but I see people putting a lot into their careers and still getting screwed so it is what it is 🤷‍♀️


That's such an incredible change! A career path isn't as important as being happy. You sound like you're enjoying yourself which is just so awesome 😊


Thank you for sharing your experience.


This may be bland response. However, I used to work in various care homes. Some residents can be demanding, the hours were long, the wage was crap. I told to myself when I moved to a different town that I will get a job that was not in a care home. I'm still a support worker. However, in a completely different environment. My job now has actually benefitted me mentally and socially.




That sounds really rewarding! I'd love to do something like that. I currently work in hostels for homelessness and addiction. Youth work sometimes relates to my job at times. We get a fair few young people in our services.


Nurse for 4 years. I’m still working full time + part time at another job, but I’m at school to be a jewellery designer/bench jeweller. Best decision I’ve ever made. I’m still working hard but I have a goal to eventually leave nursing and start my own business. It has given me the drive to get where I want to be. The feeling in itself is amazing


From my experience change is always difficult and scary compared to stability within a job that makes you unhappy. But once I took a risk and went for it, it's made me super happy in the long run!


Almost every job I quit was because of stress or it was very negatively affecting my mental health. In the end, it’s almost never worth the misery. Most recently I quit a job (bad boss) and I was so much happier afterwards. Within that same year, the company reached out to me saying the restructured the team and I ended up going back. It has been so much better and I got some negotiating power so I could do more of the tasks I want and work remotely. Loved my team, but we recently went through a merger so my new boss and half my team quit. It got a little miserable again but we are rebuilding and it’s going really well again. Change totally sucks, but it can be positive on the other side of things. I also got my bachelor’s in one subject, had a hell of a time finding a job, so I completely pivoted and got my master’s in a different subject and industry altogether. I don’t regret it at all! Jobs come and go—don’t risk your happiness and mental health over a job. There is always something more compatible out there.


I've worked in finance for over 10 years, mainly in the private sector. My roles have been high pressure and long hours, which was too difficult for me to continue full time when I had my first child. After returning from mat leave I switched to a government role (still in finance) with more stable work hours and less pressure. I took a slight pay cut and have less responsibilities. I miss the challenge of my previous roles, but my job provides more work life balance. I'm still in the same job after 3 years and relieved I made the change as the pandemic has made it very difficult to get consistent care for my kids.


So happy for you! I did a similar thing - high stress job in finance for a company over 15 years and got severely burned out by the hours and a boss who turned on me after I was a loyal employee. Got a job in a government office and had to get used to pay cut, but the other benefits made up for it! I don’t have children, so I can’t imagine what that added pressure would have been like that you worrying about your children! But changing jobs was the best decision!


I used to be a prosecutor in one of my countries largest cities. I mainly prosecuted sex crimes and crimes against children, filling in as needed elsewhere. I was very driven and ambitious, I worked long hours. I was in the news semi regularly. Everything I wanted when I first thought about practicing law. It was a high stress job but I found it very satisfying at times. But being constantly exposed to how horrible people can be, especially to children, really wore down my mental health. It was effecting the person I was when I was off the clock. I was angry pessimistic and bitter, which isn't who I thought I was. I lost this case with especially horrible facts because the judge was a misogynistic asshole and I just quit. Flew to my parents house that night, called my boss and explained the situation. I was planning on taking a break and coming back but I couldn't bring myself to. I couldn't read one more police report or see one more photo or watch one more interview of a child who had been raped. So I quit. I still prosecute cases but for a small city near my hometown. I deal some less serious domestic violence cases (domestic violence is always serious but I mean cases without any real physical injury) but mainly its shoplifters, DUIs, trespassers, etc. Edit: to the deleted comment, yes.




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I was a assistant manager at a large hardware store and was super stressed. And I took the stress home with me. Worked long hours on the weekends. Sometimes I had no clue what I was doing cause I wasn’t trained on everything. So I quit. And I only had the position for about 6 months. It was just too much. And I hated being a leader. So now I’m a custodian and what a better fit. I’m alone most of the time. Go at my own pace. The hours work better for me. And now, I even make more than I did as a manager! So less stressed and there’s nothing that bugs me enough that I take the work home with me.


i worked at a restaurant that was kinda stressful but it was fine and i managed. worked independently most of the time. always exhausted. then the pandemic hit and everything went straight south. i was being bullied by power tripping coworker and self entitled hostile customers who suddenly became 10x worse and couldn't grasp how the pandemic affects how our business now has to run short staffed with product shortages. i was severely depressed and customers took my lack of joy personally. my bf at the time didn't understand what i was going through because he never worked customer service jobs like this. he actually thought i was exaggerating. he couldn't imagine people acting t he way i described and he didn't like me venting about it because it stressed him out. gee.. imagine how *i* feel. the one who is *experiencing* it. he was only hearing about it. things got worse and worse and then our AC broke for like a week. 90 degrees and climbing in the restuarant and they force us to work in the side of the restuarant that has no air while promising it would be fixed that day. spoil alert, it wasn't. i was just gonna get through the day and keto my cool and not take it out on customers.. but i only made it 10 minutes into open hours because this lady came in with an attitude and complaining about the heat. i hurry to get her takeout order finished and cashed out and casually send her on her way. but then she asks for a manager. with no issue I'm like "of course! one moment." had no idea why she needed one but i turned to get a manager.. but she suddenlyhad the nerve to ask me what was wrong with us. i was like "m'am??" because i had no idea what she was referring to. we weren't being rude. i was super confused. but she asked again and i was like "..um.. its hot??" and she goes on a rant about how that has nothing to do with her. I'm like "no.. it doesnt have anything to do with you.. no one was rude to you so what do you mean???" and then she started yelling at me, accusing me of throwing her togo utensils in her face.. i actually LIGHTLY TOSSED them in her bag she was holding open for me and for some reason was holding too far for me to place them in there because far the plexi shield was in the way. and i was pretty sure i had already put them in there. i only gave her these because she accused me of not giving her any. i said "huh im pretty sure i put some in there but heres some just in case". i hadn't realized it at the time but she was going to look into the bag as i was already in the process of tossing them. so to her, she just saw utensils appear right before her eyes and felt some kind of way. i explained what happened and she started yelling about how tHeY aLrEaDy ShOuLd HaVe BeEn iN tHeRe 🙄 I'm like "..m'am.. i was pretty sure i put them in there already. and if i didn't, it's just a simple mistake. not a big deal. nothing that can't be fixed. we're all human here. " and mind you i had a useless manager standing there off to the side not intervening in any way despite me repeatedly requesting he address her because she had a problem with me and i don't understand it. but she kept addressing me and I'm going to defend myself. then i see the ASM coming our way and i just start breaking down about how idk wtf is wrong with these ppl. I'm just trying to do my job. they don't pay us enough for this. etc etc and she yells at me to shut up. JUST SHUT UP. i go quiet, say okay as i turn on my heel to the register, and clock out. "i quit". then i proceed to storm out as she yells at me to not come back, just for me to stop halfway to come back to inform them about an uber order with an allergy on it that i was working on. then i left and never came back. didn't work for 4 months. lived off my savings. took the time to address the psychotic breakdown i realized i had been experiencing for the past lord knows how many months from the stress. turns out I'm bipolar and now am prone to psychotic episodes due to these severe breakdowns. met my new amazing bf right before i found a new job. he really helped me gain my confidence. i lived my new job at the thrift store. i was quickly promoted to team lead. my manager recognized my potential and good work qualities before she even hired me. i was thriving. i was so happy. happiest I've EVER been. i was learning so much and became very passionate about my job. i loved my team. i cried at how happy i was. i was at peace. for once in my life i didn't feel like killing myself. it was amazing for 4 months and then she left. the new district manager ran everyone off starting with her. i won't even get into that train wreck. i still keep in touch with that manager. i tried to wait out the district manager but she just made everything worse and worse. i ended up with a shit manager and shit team. ppl who had worked there for 5-20 years was now gone and the only ppl who were there when i started was the lady who started the same week as me. last night i, in so many words, told my manager to go fuck herself after she turned on me and acted like im slacking when I've been busting my ass making 40-50% of the profit for this store for almost the whole year I've been here. I've been trying to get her to put her foot down with the actual slackers but now suddenly I'm the problen. i couldn't sleep last night. stayed up until 3am searching and applying for jobs and going over everything that happened in my head. i started to doubt myself. i relaxed this morning. took a long hot bath. and finally washed my hair. i had been working so hard, i didn't have time or energy to wash my hair. i just put it up to keep it out the way. when i got out, i got a phone call almost immediately. i have my first new interview tomorrow with a business that was at the top of my list. i really think I'll enjoy this place if they'll accept me. wish me luck. update: interview went great. i spilled my drink on myself but i got a second interview with them next week so i must have did something right.


Good luck!!


Good luck 💕


Not really a new career but I worked 2 fulltime jobs and half of my 2nd job my younger brother works for me while I get my sleep - this went on for a year. I quit the second job and instantly felt relieved. I get more money with 2 jobs but man, I forgot how living felt like. Its not worth it.


I havnt got a new job yet but quit my retail job just before christmas. Last year I had 2 miscarraiges in a row with the second being an emotionally difficult missed miscarraige. I was still fairly new to the job only working there for 4 months. I wouldnt have left my old job if I hadnt had the miscarraiges but I felt I needed something new and didnt want to put life on hold if I were to have another. I found out I was pregnant again 3 months in to the job and this time all seems to be going well but during my first trimester I had a scary bleed and immediately thought I was having another miscarraige. I'd informed my manager that I was pregnant and she knew I'd had a scare. I'd also told her I'd had miscarraiges before. During the xmas rush I was still expected to lift heavy items for customers and was told to work faster by the manager frequently on things I'd had little training on. I was worried id have another miscarraige plus with crazy hormones I felt anxious/stressed. I felt I'd be safer leaving as I was still fairly new to the job. I'm not looking for a job yet as I feel I'd be difficult to hire but am getting by ok.


I quit teaching and went into an industrial job. Got paid a lot more for a lot less pain and stress


I was at a place that originally had a 45min commute to and from but eventually was nearly 4 hours a day. But worse, my boss seemed to have some kind of addiction or mental health issue and was unkempt, sweaty, and office full of filth. He micromanaged me and treated my like an assistant rather than a specialist. On top of that, the team I worked with had a bad reputation in the company and frequently would literally yell at me and throw things in odd temper tantrums. Eventually my self esteem was destroyed and I lost confidence in my career and skills. I'd cry with frustration while trapped in 25mph traffic on the freeway. No time/energy to find a new job. I was finally let go when they fired/laid off half the company. My friend called me up and get me into a smaller company where I'm praised regularly, my colleagues respect and like me, and I work remote. I am grateful every day. Moral of the story: sometimes it really is everyone else.


Not sure. I’m ready to leave the hair business after only 10 yrs. Only work experience I have is in retail (20yrs) and I can’t handle it anymore. Exhausted and emotionally drained. Looking into the MJ industry tho, seems like good money and possibly less stress. Just need to get the gumption up to actually start applying for jobs.


I’ve told myself since I was 5 years old that I wanted to be an English teacher. I went to school for it, got a masters, and worked as a teacher’s aide for four years. When the opportunity finally came, I realized I didn’t even want to do it- I couldn’t bring myself to work a low paying/under-appreciated job, where I would have to work just as many hours AFTER school as DURING school. Every English teacher I talked to said they did about 4-8 hours of work a day in addition to the school day. I realized I didn’t want a job that I had to bring home with me. I’m still figuring out what I want to do. I’m just relieved I took that off the table.


Haven't quit yet but my job asked me to look in the dumpster for a ticket we were told not to keep. I'm pregnant so that was a hard no. If I get fired for it I wouldn't be that upset 🤷🏼‍♀️


This story is a bit different, but still related. I was working a high stress job. We were a team of three, one person retired, one quit over the span of a year and only one person was hired to replace the two that left (of course). So we had way too much work and not enough expertise. I felt a lot of pressure as the most senior person on the team. The new hire was also fairly useless. I finally negotiated a move to another team, and it was set to happen in three months. Giving time for a new person to come in and take over from me. Well my coworker quit turning our team of two to a team of just me and my move to the other team was put on indefinite hold and I was devastated. I had been searching for another job externally for months with no luck. So that transfer was really my only option. An older mentor gave me great, life changing advice. She said just stop working so hard. Worst case I get fired and get a severance package. I live in Canada, so severance would have been at least a couple months of pay. Best case, my life outside work improves and my life at work improves. Honestly, it changed my life. I just stopped working as many hours. The work didn't get done, but I warned my boss it wouldn't. And suddenly, miracle or miracles, we hired more people... What I was told wasn't possible for ages! Turns out it's possible when the one person doing all the work decides not to. And since we hired more people my transfer was completed. But I still to this day never work that hard, I don't go above and beyond and it's working great for me. I have great work life balance and no longer let work stress carry over past when I clock out.


I really needed to read this right now. Best advice. Thank you.


6 months ago I left patient care to join the pharmaceutical industry. I have work/life balance now; I have emotional space to care of myself. I have more energy physically, mentally and emotionally. I've been more social than I have been in over a decade, I'm eating better, exercising more, my TMJ is gone, my headaches and anxiety are gone. I'm a different person and I didn't know I could feel this good! I'm building a life that supports me instead of breaks me down. Granted, I couldn't have gotten this job without all the hard work I put in over the last years, so I don't think I would change anything even if I could. But man it feels good put myself first finally.


I quit my first job out of school due to the liability, lack of training, short staffing. I was throwing up multiple times a day, eating the sum total of a couple cheese sticks a day, dropped weight I couldn’t afford to lose, I was sleeping 3 hours a day, commuting 1.5 hours each way, had migraines and chest pains. I went back to my other job (unrelated field) for a few months while I found another good fit. It is terrifying for people in my field to leave their first job, especially while you’re still training. But I knew I couldn’t continue, I still get comments that I’m still underweight.


One of my first jobs was in a very prestigious institution and in a role that was my dream job. I tried fighting through a toxic, toxic environment and kept reminding myself that this was my dream. I ended up going on anti-depressants and had to ask myself in the end whether it was worth it. I finally came to a decision after about two years that I need to love myself to let it go and that I can use my skills elsewhere and still have something I dreamed of without taking a mental beating all the time. This helped me recognized the next time when I was in a toxic environment again and even with people throwing money at me, I left to preserve my mental health. Prestige and money = nothing. I am now happily married with children on the way and a job that is equivalent to my dream job but just in a healthier setting.




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Not sure if it counts but I did the opposite for my mental health/life. Went from a 'easy' brain-numbing job to a high-paced, high stress (for some) job. Worked in finance and was bored out of my mind. I remember telling my dad "I feel like my brain is rotting" and I hated the routine-ness of the job. I know plenty of people who prefer those type of jobs, but my personality is I like to be challenged and mentally stimulated every day with something new. Pursued my long-time goal of becoming a teacher, started working last year and am loving it! It's everything I hoped it would be.








It's funny that you say that because I'm in California and these cannabis places are ALWAYS getting broken into and burglarized, lol.


I worked as a science journalist. Apparently our newsroom wasn't anywhere near as stressful as other places because we were small, but I felt stressed all the time. All this with the caveat that I was often talking about some incredibly complex science that needed to be understood by everyone (thanks pandemic). It wasnt announcing a vaccine approval - it was explaining the science behind immunity, RNA vs Protein vaccines, dosages, why it goes in your arm etc. I could only do this because I have a PhD in a science field. I wasn't paid well (less than most grads with just a Bachelors) and I realised I'd never get a pay rise and there was no way up. I wasn't willing to stay that stressed for that pay. I started looking around for jobs I'd like. I had the luxury to be picky. I was offered a really interesting, intersectional job and a university I knew had a great culture. I called my editor and told him immediately and he was really happy for me. He said "if you weren't looking for other jobs, I would have been disappointed in you. You were always too good to be here and there is nothing I can offer you to stay". Surprisingly, the new job promoted me before I startted and I got a fat pay rise. I'm making double what I did at my old job (partially because it's 5 days instead of 4). I love the job. It's creative and flexible. I'm not clock watched. They have alot of trust. My boss is acutely aware of the issues I gave as a women and he also believed in me really early on and gives me freedom to explore my own likes since this is such a different field. I'm learning heaps and can really see a future here. 11/10. It was a great experience.


I was in middle management at a medical device company where I directly supervised almost 30 people. I worked 60-80 hour weeks, was essentially always on call, and barely able to use my "unlimited" PTO. I was so stressed out all the time that I lost over 20 pounds, and I wasn't overweight to begin with. The stress was impacting every aspect of my life, including my relationship with my husband. In addition, the company was predatory and took advantage of patient and the health insurance system. I quit my job and spent several months working on home renovation projects (I learned how to use power tools!) before beginning work as a bookseller in a brick and mortar bookstore. The job pays shit, but it's genuinely the best job I've ever had. I rediscovered my love of reading and I get to talk to other book lovers every day! I'm so thankful that my husband likes his job and is happy to be the primary breadwinner. I know I'm in a privileged position to be able to work my low-paying dream job, but it works for us and we've never been happier.


Recently I quit an awful job beacuse my boss didn't care about my safety (long story short, couple guys robbed and threatened me, I was working in a dangerous neighborhood and there was no security protocol). Now I need that new dream job, pls.


I am curious! What is YOUR dream job?


I was a teacher for 15 years and finally broke down and left last year...as in, had a complete mental breakdown from the stress of trying to navigate running a classroom mid-pandemic. The verbal abuse from parents was just wayyy to much and I quit on the spot after an especially awful interaction. I got a job at my local natural grocery store and run the Wellness dept there. The pay is better, the benefits are better, and 40 hrs a week means 40 hrs a week, not 80. I wish I'd never started teaching, but I'm glad I made the switch when I did!


I just did this twice in the last two years! I quit a very high stress time intensive conference oriented job in project management because I knew I couldn't keep going in covid times with all of the changes our crazy boss was making... and then I found a job managing a temporary staffing agency... and I hung in there for a year before I had to quit. That job was heinous, trying to fill jobs no one wants to work for $10/hr and being blamed when no one shows up... Now I work part time for a psychiatrist while I finish my bachelors in psychology and I am one million time happier. I have to budget more, but I find I don't need as many 'self care' purchases anyways because I don't have as much terrible stress.


I quit teaching in December. It's like escaping a burning building.


I've been in the hospitality industry for over 10 years. Never had benefits, paid time off, etc. Never went to college for more than a semester. I worked my ass off from being a server to upper management. A few months back I started a position at a country club as a bar manager (had been managing for 5+ years at this point) and I was astounded I got the job. $75k/year, health insurance, a weeks paid vaca. Hands down the most money I've ever made. My SO joked they were mad I put us in a new tax bracket. I made it almost three full months before I was over it. I worked from 10-10 every day, my two days off per week weren't consecutive. My bosses were selfish A**HOLES. Even though it was myself and a co-manager I handled 90% of everything from ordering, stocking, menu planning, training and running FOH. Myself and co-manager were supposed to equally split bartending shifts and management shifts yet I bartended four out of five days. When I brought up that it wasn't fair to the F&B director I heard the excuse "it used to be fair, I don't know what happened" - mind you THEY WROTE THE SCHEDULE, YOU CAN MAKE IT FAIR. It was exhausting. Nevermind the telltale sign that their longest tenured employee was a whopping 10mos in... I should've known but that salary was sweet. I walked in one morning and saw my boss was in a very large meeting. I grabbed my laptop and other belongings and walked right back out. Texted them I quit and never looked back. Probably the shittiest way I've bailed on a job but I was OVER IT. I'm now back to being a lowly server at a local place and I am SO MUCH HAPPIER. Moral of the story - employees don't leave bad jobs, they leave bad management. Oh and just to add... They're currently being investigated by my states dept of Labor for a multitude of infractions!


I was working four jobs, quit them all when I landed my career position. I grew up poor, and worked my ass off to go through college, got my masters but couldn’t land a descent paying job. So I had four jobs to make ends meat, ranging between 7.50 to 13 an hour each. I applied non stop for literally years (3 total some of that was in college) to land me my current job. It’s been a dream come true. Got a good set up, not nearly as stressful and while money is still tight it’s only becuase im putting my husband through nursing school. I feel so hopeful, I’m going places, I’m going to make it.


Recognizing that yoyo-ing between extreme stress and boredom was a product of my preferences and bad managers. I've been happier since finding a place that gave me the good exciting stress (interesting and difficult work), minimized the bad stress (management) and then gave me the mentorship and support to prevent burnout.


Need to get rich first.


The elite athlete to post athlete transition is incredibly hard, but it also strengthens you. It's also really invogirating to know that you have charge over your life and your choices and dont have to check with a team of people for something as simple as going out to dinner. The stress relief is also surprising, like you have been under constant mental and physical stress for so long that you only realise once its gone.


I worked in the medical field for 8 years. I quit about 6 years ago. My husband still works his boring (but not stressful) full time job so that’s how we pay the bills but we are finally getting started on our real estate dreams and it’s super fun! We get to work together everyday, we don’t have bosses in this aspect and we work as much as we want (which is basically all day lol) it allows us more time with our kids and overall brings us a lot of happiness to do things on our own terms right now. I have never regretted quitting my “good” but stressful job


Worked as a private chef at playboy and then moved on to space x to work in their kitchen . Thought i would never do anything else but cook. Got in a car accident which left me on 6 month disability and lost my job soon after returning. Thought my life was over . Joined forces with my mom and opened up a wholesale women’s clothing sales showroom that has grown to be very successful and I am happy as a clam working for myself and actually getting holidays and weekends to have time off. Blessing in disguise but I will always cherish my cooking memories . Paths just change


I taught special ed in a class where the kids could become very aggressive and also needed a lot of supervision due to their developmental levels. the school didn't have adequate support (paras, teachers, etc.) to make sure all the kids and staff were safe, and it was somewhat common for incidents to happen because of this. it really took a tole on my mental and physical health, and no matter how hard I tried, eventually someone still ended up getting hurt because there just wasn't the support needed to maintain a safe environment with kids with that level of needs. I left and am still looking for another position. I don't regret it, but I do miss the stability of having a landed position. hoping things turn up soon


I was in a lab for 10 years. For 10 years I worked odd hours (4am- 2pm for ex), 12 hr rotating shifts, holidays, weekends, denied PTO, didn’t get PTO and healthcare in some places, didn’t get time to eat lunch or go to the bathroom. I gained health issues from breathing in too many fumes. I’m now in an office setting and it is soooo nice! I can eat, drink, and go to bathroom when I want. All my holiday requests are approved. I can wfh 75% of the time. AND I got a salary hike and matching 401k and full coverage healthcare. Majority of the time, there’s not much to do so I take a nap 😂 I loved working in a lab regardless of all the issues I faced because I loved that I was doing something good. But I have to love myself more


I quit my UI/UX job after 2 years of burnout, terrible stress, working late every day. Went to work on veggie farm. Loved the work even though it was tough as hell it felt so good to be outside and be active and I got plugged into an amazing community. But my boss was so god damn mean that every single employee left over time leaving just her and me in the end. I left when the season was over because I just couldn’t see myself working with her long term and the pay wasn’t good enough for the location I live in. I’m back in UI/UX but I feel the break gave me a lot of time to reflect and asses my future. So I’m happy where I am now and take the lessons I learned on the farm with me wherever I go. The grass is green where you water it.


I worked in a medical office when I was 19. The supervisor was apparently known to cause numerous girls have have mental breakdowns and anxiety attacks. I didn't know until i started having anxiety attacks myself. She would pretend to be nice then twist everything I'd say til I was literally in tears every day, every break. She wouldn't let me keep Bible verses or inspirational quotes around me, I couldn't even hide then under my planner. She would find them and scold me for them. They offended my coworker who worked there on weekends. After my last attack resulted in my convulsing uncontrollably, having to be rushed for emergency medical care, watching my mother break down crying cuz all she could do us watch me convulse while the doctors raced to get a sedative for me. I quit. Couldn't take watching my mum break down like that again. They contacted me and offered to move me to another location to work away from her. I took the opportunity as I still had to pay for school. Ended up using meds to control my anxiety for few years and it impacted my self esteem and confidence. I did learn to manage my anxiety. It took me sometime, I learnt to stand up for myself. I moved to a different company and I'm thriving and determined to not have my children ever experience what I did. Some ppl do view me as a b*t*h now cuz I dont accept crap like i use to...matter for them, they can kick rocks. 😀


I had a stressful and low paying job for about 2 years and was exhausted. Decided to quit and move to a new city with my then boyfriend now husband. He floated the bills for about 4 months while I looked for a new job. Found my current job and it’s been a lot better since. The hours are better, and the pay and benefits are much better


I worked in tech in Europe. Loved it. Then I got the same job with the same company in the US. Hated it. Switched to the aviation industry. Now I get 2 weeks off per month.