i leave my hair down when i go to bed, can’t sleep with it tied


Doesn’t your hair wrap around your neck and get in your face though? Or do you have short hair?


i have long hair and don’t struggle with that at all


Lucky!! I must just move a lot in my sleep. My hair always gets wrapped around my neck or my little hairs tickle my face


I don't struggle with it either, I think you might be really dancing in bed while sleeping haha. Or maybe you just have life really long hair?


I have really long hair, and I just push it above my pillow so jt doesn't touch me all night


That’s how I start out the night, but I still end up with it wrapped around my neck.


I lift my hair up before i lay on my pillow. So the tips are pointing in the opposite direction to my feet. Does it make sense?


I’ve tried that but it still ends up wrapping around my neck. I must just move a lot


I have waist length micro locs. I bought a pack of light cotton neck gaiters off of Amazon. It’s a stretchy tube that’s open on both ends. I put it around my neck and then bend over so that my hair is above my head. I then slide the gaiter onto my head and stand up. What this does is make sure my hair stays sticking up while I’m laying down. So I lay down and put my hair that’s sticking out of the tube above my pillow and the tube makes sure it stays out of my face.


This is inspired! Copying!


Same here, I always have to do a ponytail and a half so it's short enough to not try and strangle me when sleeping.


This is what I do! My ex used to call me, “Medusa”.


I do the same thing, I lay my hair over the pillow so my neck isn't bothered by it.


Yes! Same. Or if I sleep on the side I lay it behind me over the pillow if that makes sense. Never had any issue with it. Except when someone else decides to sleep on it...


i have pretty long hair, I wear it down to go to bed and the only person that suffers because of it is my fiancé🤣 he’ll accidentally breathe in a chunk on occasion and have a fit afterwards🤣


Well I feel validated! Does yours ever get stuck in your armpit? Hahaha


Ahhh!!! Yes!!! When my hair was super long down to my butt it got stuck in my armpit ALL THE TIME


I end up with it wrapped around my neck, in my face, or I end up rolling on it and pulling it. My hair hasn’t been cut since March of 2020 (above my shoulders) and it’s almost too my butt now. My daughter refuses to cut it for me again. I’m still not comfortable getting that close to other people for any reason, being immunosuppressed, even with masks.


Like a lot of women with curly hair, I either put it up in a "pineapple" or wear a silk cap. That way the curl pattern isn't destroyed by sleeping on my hair. Curly hair is a whole other world.


Which silk cap do you use? I've had a hard time finding one that doesn't slip off in the night when I roll over. I have a satin pillowcase, but my hair still looks rough in the morning.


I use one like [this](https://www.amazon.com/Satin-Sleeping-Adjustable-Accessory-Heather/dp/B07CKHRLP3/ref=sr_1_57?keywords=satin%2Bsleep%2Bcap&qid=1643400926&sprefix=satin%2Bsleep%2Caps%2C83&sr=8-57&th=1) (but mine doesn't have the adjustable strap) and I love it. It's comfy, it doesn't fall off (and I move a lot when I sleep), and I can pull it down far enough that it doubles as a sleep mask lol


I have the one from Amazon under the name yanibest. But I have to admit, it's not great. The folks over at the sub curly hair might give better advice.


Oh dear, I can only imagine! Question, do you have to use a lot of different products to maintain curly hair?


Some people do, some people don't. It depends on how you want your hair to look, your curl type, low or high porosity, etc. It goes on forever. For me, after shampoo and conditioner, I use Kinky Curly Knot Today, and that help me comb through it, and then Kinky Curly Curling custard with my Denman brush to get the product distributed through my hair. Then I either "plop" overnight, or let it air dry. Sometimes I scrunch out the crunch (SOTC) with argan oil. If it's day 2 or 3 after washing, I sometimes use a curl refresher. And every couple of weeks I use a clarifying shampoo to prevent build up that weighs hair down. There's a sub for curly hair if you need more help in identifying curl type, if you need moisture, or protein, etc. Edit for typo.


I have curly hair and I am way too lazy for it lol. Just wear it down, and it looks.... ok in the morning. I have 2c hair


I just now recently bought a diffuser for my blow dryer, otherwise I did the same thing haha


Recently the crown of my head has started to ache when I wear my hair up too much, so I've been doing loose braids when I sleep to give my scalp a break. Works pretty well, especially if you have long hair. Was my primary sleeping arrangement when I had waist length hair and ponytails gave me headaches.


Im gonna try the pineapple. I find if i use anything other than liquid conditioner and oil on my hair, the next day i have straight patches in it from sleeping on it even in a bonnet. also might be because i bleached it last summer lol


And some people use a large gaiter to pineapple their hair. I have never tried that.


I pineapple and my hair comes out a knotted mess and dryer than ever. A silk pillow case is an idea too


I've been trying to find a good silk bonnet for my curls but only find satin ones :( plus, I have a hugr head so no cap/bonnet fits me


Maybe a large silk scarf would work better?? I have a big head too and the satin bonnet I bought slips off my head in the night. Half the time I don't bother and hope my satin pillow case is enough.


I've not had good luck with the scarves, but hey, if it works for someone else, I'm all for it!


Jamie from the Catfish show recommended this one: [Bonnet](https://www.samsbeauty.com/service/Red-by-Kiss-Super-Jumbo-Black-Premium-Satin-Day-and-Night-Cap--g-50371736.html?genbar=K02K02001850&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&adpos=&scid=scplpK02K02001850&sc_intid=K02K02001850&gclid=EAIaIQobChMInM-mr9nV9QIVQwPnCh2F3g3xEBwYASABEgJoJfD_BwE)


Do you do a loosely tied pineapple or a tight one? I have very wavy hair (not quite curly) and a loose one pops out when I roll over while sleeping but a tight one crushes the waves!


I use a silk scrunchie, and put it up loosely, but my hair is down to almost the middle of my back. Go over to curly hair sub and they might be able to give some suggestions.


I wear a silk cap, too. It’s really helped protect my 3c curls.


I have African American hair. I sleep with a silk bonnet and silk pillow cases


Do you ever have issues with sliding off the silk pillowcase?


All the time at first, a little less often now. That’s the downside of them!


I’m an extremely restless sleeper so I leave it down. I can undo an entire braid in my sleep.


Oh snap! Is it because you are having a crazy dream?


Maybe! It’s rare that I remember dreams, maybe once a year if I’m lucky. An ex once told me I kick in my sleep like I’m running lol


Messy lose bun because it’s too long to leave it out without annoying me


I have a shaved head so uh... The way it always is.


A low, loose braid. If I don’t do that it’ll tangle a ton in the middle of the night.


i put my hair up, not in a bun, just lay it up bc i don't want it to touch my nape or face


Always down. I get headaches and a tender head if I wear my hair up too long.


One the when I was a kid I came he fr school complaining about a headache. My dad said, could it be your headband? Haha, that's the day I learned about that.


Yes! Same with headbands or even hair clips.


curly hair - I use a silk wrap. If not I wake up with a birds nest that takes a good hour to detangle.


I put it in a low ponytail, or a braid on each side of my head. I tried so many times to put it up in a silk scarf, but it just doesn’t ever stay! It always falls off half way through the night. I don’t know how people sleep with their hair down! It is so annoying, but I just hate having hair in my face. I like it completely out of the way.


I use bobby pins to keep the silk scarf on my head. I don't feel them while sleeping, they work great




When it’s long, a single French braid. I recently donated my hair though and I’m severely limited with my hair now that it’s shoulder length, so I wear it loose and just hope it doesn’t end up on my face.


2 side braids


Awwww that’s so cute


On a loose bun.


Just down.


Messy bun all day all night


Just in a ponytail


I’ve just been doing a loose-ish pony lately too. My hair has gotten long and I get really hot in my sleep (I think our mattress topper is to blame), plus I move around a ton, so if I don’t put it up, I get strangled.


Mines wavy and getting long so a loose pony (sometimes pulled half way through again in a loop), tied with a satin scrunchie


Just like it is, not tied or anything


Single french braid.


I lightly twist it with no ties and toss it above my pillow so it stays out of my way. It's long enough that the weight of it keeps it where I put it.


I wear my hair loose in a sleep bonnet and have a silk pillowcase to keep my curl pattern in tact. First the pillowcase was a game changer making my curls way less frizzy. Now the pillow is more of a backup plan for if my bonnet falls off.


I braid it each night before bed. I cannot stand my hair wrapping around my neck or flying in my face and tickling me while I try to sleep


Tied up, always. Cannot sleep with hair going everywhere, and then wake up with a bird's nest that takes forever to brush through and still looks like shite afterwards.


Braid. I drool and will drool all over my hair if I don't braid it lol


We black women and some latinas wear something called a silk headscarf or a bonnet. If out hair is straight we wrap it in a circle. Then tie the scarf around it. If we have curl or out natural hair we wear the bonnet they come in various sizes. I prefer a bonnet since the head scarf slips off.


I leave it down. I actually just always leave my hair down because as I get older I’ve noticed my hair thinning in the top front and also my hair overall has thinned out so much. I don’t want to pull on it more than I have to for fear I’ll just be bald.


I have locs, so I leave them loose (not tied up) & in a satin bonnet 🧡


As long as it doesn't tickle the back of my neck, I'm in.


I have a waist-long hair but the other half is wavier than the rest of it so I put mine on a simple braid. I always wake up with more defined waves and curls. Otherwise, too much friction leaves a tangled, frizzy mess in the morning.


Down, but my pillow case is slippery. My ends are telling me this isn’t enough care, so I started with a silk lined sleep cap.


I put it in a low ponytail, then pull the band down slightly so that it rests comfortably in the space under my neck when I lay on my back. Otherwise my hair gets into my face and wakes me up


I wear it down, and lift it off my neck, and lay it over the pillow so it’s out of the way.


I've curly hair and during the last year I have started to try to look after it and wear it naturally (previously thought it was a bit wavy and had been straightening it). I used to leave it down but now I've a silk bonnet. I thought my boyfriend would hate it but while it is incredibly unsexy, he loves that he's not being tickled by my hair when we cuddle when sleeping. Plus he says it's nice and cool. I think he likes it more than I do!


My husband can't look at me without laughing when I wear my silk bonnet lol!


Oh my boyfriend laughed too! Until he discovered the benefits to him. He now lovingly refers to it as the "toad helmet" because it reminds him of Toad from Mario


I love your hair, btw! Not to be a stalker, but I went to look and it’s gorg!


Thanks very much! It's been difficult working out what exactly it needs but I'm so happy with the results now.


i used to have long hair and id always lift my hair up so it was off my neck and laid above me on my pillow but now that i shaved my hair off, a beanie is a must in the winter


I either put it up in a cotton shirt to contain my wavy pattern, or i french braid it into one braid or two braids. I sometimes end up dutch braiding it during the day and keep it in to bed. The braids however are not tight, so i have no headache. It keeps my hair nice and shiny. Sleeping with my hair loose ends with frizz, knots and broken hairstrands...


I am so jealous of all these braiders...I've tried, just can't quite get it. Thank goodness my daughter's hair is short.


Some hair types are hard to braid so i fully understand if it is impossible to get the hang of sometimes! Silky smooth hair is so dang hard to braid, i am blessed with thick course hair. Glad to hear your daughters hair is short in this case hahaha:)


Take it off. Have no hair.


Oh really? May I ask if wigs are uncomfortable? Or does it depend?


Lose ponytail or messy bun. Just need to keep the little hairs away from my face.


[Literally like this (minus the lip bite lol?)](https://media01.stockfood.com/largepreviews/MzcxNjQ3NDA2/11988626-A-girl-with-her-hair-in-two-plaits-and-with-a-knitted-beanie-hat-over-eyes.jpg) I put two braids and *literally* put my beanie over my eyes/ears because of blocking light/sound


That's brilliant


I put my hair in a messy bun. It’s too long and I get super hot. I have straight hair so the bun gives it a bit of a wave which is kinda cute. Win win.. most of the time.


Satin bonnet all day baby!!


Hair type 1A so satin everything. Because it is so fine and delicate, I use a satin pillowcase or a satin sleep cap. It's just past shoulder length and when it's long I have to be very careful with it. No heat, no styling products, no color. Chemicals in perms and dyes would literally melt my hair, it's soft as hell, like rabbit fur almost and pin straight, but it is prone to breakage and split ends so loose braids or pony tails only and I never use a hair dryer or curlers, I also need children's hair clips because adult ones just fall out.


Pineapple bun or a loose ponytail pulled partway through. If I want curly hair in the morning then two french plaits. I can’t sleep with my hair down, I get too hot.


Down and loose, I can't sleep with it any other way.


Curly hair, and while I really prefer a bun to keep it out of my face, I'm trying to train myself to keep it down because I know it's better for it. I know I should just try a silk cap already, but I'm a picky sleeper already, and I just suspect I won't like it.


I also have curly hair and have tried the cap - I hate it. It feels so weird to sleep with something on my head, and frankly, I don’t want to lose sleep trying to make it work. I also don’t like silk or satin pillowcases. My hair is luckily fine with this level of neglect!


Up in a ponytail but I use the satin ponytails so it always ends up crazy half up half down


Braid if I think of it


My hair is almost tailbone length at this point. It's very heavy. I wear it down, or in braids. Ponytails and buns tug at my scalp.


Long hair, I loosely braid it without a tie at the end. I used to leave it out but I lose less hair with braiding.


I have a sleep cap. It's very comfortable to wear, and allows me to stuff all my hair into it without having to tie a pony tail. Plus I can't stand to be cold, so the extra coverage over my head and especially my ears is nice. When I don't have a sleep cap, I use a beanie.


I usually leave my hair down. I find it looks best that way when I wake up. Sometimes I’ll tie my side bangs up when I sleep if I feel like they’re too flat and in my face the night before.


Shaved off entirely.


A loose braid. A ponytail makes it hard to sleep


Up on top in a scrunchie bun to keep it out of my way.


Two side braids, or messy bun


I braid it. A habit I formed due to post partum hairloss where my pillow would be covered in hair by morning. Later I co-slept with my LO and he would lie on my hair. So now I just braid it in a single braid down my back.


I have long hair that is slightly curly and can be tangled very easily, so I often braid it. But again, I know to leave down.


Loose. Sometimes loose pigtail braids in the summer cause i dont really feel those so theyre not uncomfortable


Put them in a loose braid


Out and down


I have long, thick, wavy hair. it itches my face and gets into terrible knots if i sleep with it down normally. however, my hair is too thick for updos. it hurts my head to have it in a bun or pony. if i have it in a braid it feels uncomfortable. its like sleeping with a thick rope between my head and pillow. So i just pull all of my hair up and drape it over the pillow so its out of my way.


Bun, braid, ponytail, whatever I had during the day just never down because I don’t like to have my hair under me or in my face


Flipped over the pillow


Side braid. I have super straight hair and wake up with curly hair.


tied on top of my head with a loose scrunchie.


I just wear it down. Nothing special.


In a tight bun, I don’t want my hair touching my face or neck, i get very irritated.


My hair is nearly butt length, so I go with the two long braids.


I have waist length hair. Anything but a single braid bugs the hell out of me.


i lightly braid them, gets too messy to have it open for a night


In a bun, it’s in a bun 24/7. Having my hair down just annoys me usually


Loose ponytail or twisted with a silk bonnet on.


Either down or in two braids. But only in braids if I braided it that morning. Why take it out


Up in a messy bun normally


I have wavy hair so put it in a damp plait


When its long I do either a low loose side ponytail or a low side braid.


Lose , because it falls out a lot


Let it hang free


I wear it down and fan it out across my pillowcase. I’m a very still sleeper, so it keeps my curls in shape for the most part.


Braid usually but sometimes I'm too tired so a bun works except it comes undone in the morning which is annoying -_-


On a bun so it's not tickling me or go on my face.


Ponytail. Can't stand hair tickling my face or some strands getting pulled when moving around.


I have it down and lay it up and behind the pillow!


I have curly hair. I sleep with my hair in either a pineapple, braids or twists. I wear a silk bonnet to protect my curls. I sleep on silk pillowcases.


I just leave it down and it's usually wet because I take a shower before bed, and I never use heat on it. :)


I put my hair up with a scrunchie. It honestly helps a lot for people with thick hair! Using regular hair ties hurt my head but the scrunchies are soft and don’t leave dents in my hair in the morning.


One or two braids, depending on if I've washed it or not Mine is so long that if I left it down and rolled over it in the night I'd probably snap my neck


I leave my hair




My hair is extremely fine, so (for me) the only way to fix it at night is to put it in a small, soft scrunchee ponytail on top of my head. If I don’t do that, it’s an unmanageable, flat mess in the morning.


Super loose bun on top of head


Single braid down my back. I have hip length hair and the braid keeps it from getting wrapped around my neck and body . And keeps it from getting tangles and breakage.


I have baby fine hair and a lot of it. It tangles if I look at it funny so I braid it every night before bed. Less tangles in the morning= win for me!


Sometimes a braid or two braids or I put it in a high ponytail or a bun. I just need it where it doesn’t get all over me hahah


Loose, because it’s still short enough for that. I never thought about it when I decided to grow it out…


I either put it in loose braids or I’ll twist it up behind my head loosely like I’m going to clip it (but don’t) and put on a silk turban.


My hair is chin length so I always have it down. That's one of the reasons I keep it short ish.


I leave it down, but pull it up to the top of my head when I lay down. I have super long hair (to my lower back) and I've never had a problem this way


It has to be down to go to sleep. Mainly so I can wave it in hubby's face until he tickles it 🤣🤣


I leave my hair in a wet messy bun on top of my head in a scrunchy. I have mermaid hair so this is the way it has to be, otherwise I’ll roll onto my hair and pull it all night and it’ll be a rats nest in the morning


I'm growing my hair long and, because I'm a crazy restless sleeper and prone to going frizzy, I'm about to start using a silk cap at night. I've seen it recommended on both r/curlyhair and r/longhair so I'm hoping it helps!


In a looped ponytail. It's long to my waist and I don't want it all over my face when I sleep. I


Down and on a silk pillowcase


I braid it very loose. That way it stays out of my face and the frizz kinda disappears.


I get too hot having my hair down so I usually try to keep it up


I try to leave mine down and loose - so there's no pressure from having a pony tail


Ponytail.. I had a breast reduction a few years back and couldn’t roll over onto my stomach so my hair got really matted and ever since then I sleep ins ponytail


Loose to my shoulders.


Up, in a loose bun. I do not want to wake up with hair in my mouth.


Always down. If i try and put it up loosely with a hair tie or clip it will get painful.


Loose braid so it doesn't tangle or get in my face but I also don't have a lump from a ponytail if I'm laying on my back.


I like it down if it’s wet or damp from a shower, or in a really high ponytail so it doesn’t bother me at night. I use the soft satin scrunchies to not damage my hair.


Loose plait


My hair is down to my butt so I have to put it in a silk bonnet or braid it


Down, I have long hair (like 3in above waist) and it is straight, I sleep with satin or very soft sheets and that makes a difference. I cant sleep with a hairtie, maaaybe a loose braid with a rubber band..


Either braids or just down, depends on if I have the energy to brush it out and make braids.


Scarf curls so I wake up looking great!


I wear mine up in a loose pineapple, tied with a big satin scrunchy.


Plaits! Two lose plaits. Had all lengths of hair and can’t sleep with my hair down at all. If I wear it up in a bun sometimes it hurts lying on the bobble or it just pulls my hair in genealogy. Loose messy plaits keep it contained but comfortable.


I sleep with it down sometimes in a tie


Loose or in a loose bun. I can't stand tight hairstyles even during the day, let alone at night


My hair is medium long, so I wear it in a loose, low plait. I am probably frowned on by the curly hair gods but I can’t sleep in a bonnet or with it on top of my head, so…


Down or low braid


I leave it down when it's above my elbows. When it grows below elbow-length, it has to be braided.


In a pineapple!


A bun or if I have my extensions I do braided pigtails. I have wicked nightmares that if I don't do either of these my hair gets all matted.


Tucked into a silk cap


In a messy ugly bun


In a braid.




You better get the HELL out of these comments! Lol


Typically a low ponytail or high messy bun, and occasionally a single plait


Single French braid most of the time. Occasionally I’ll do the pineapple.


Pulled back in a low ponytail. I can’t stand it in my face when I sleep


I have long hair- belly button length- I have to wear it up- but I wear a very high bun so I'm not laying on the hair tie bump. If I leave it down it wraps around my face or gets stuck underneath me.


I tie my long straight fine hair above my head. Instead of pulling my hair through the last time, l leave it up in a bun. It looks like a slinky in the mirror. When I shake my head ‘no’ back and forth, I have a blonde slinky on my head. I’m easily entertained.


I have long hair so I have to wrap it in a bun on the top of my head or my husband ends up rolling on to it.