- make them cheaper - make them last longer - stop with the stupid lace


I don’t actually mind lace on the edges. It helps obscure the line of the bra under clothes. Some of my bras give me a weird line across my boobs under shirts, but ones with lace on the edge almost never do that. But when they make the whole bra out of it, without even using the kind that’s stretchy and not all scratchy, that shit can fuck right off.


Now thay I think of it, my favorite, old trusty bra has some lace accenting on it. This really helps with venting lol.


I exclusively wear lace bras, it depends on wear you buy them. Because of my size (30ff), I tend to forgo tshirt bras because the cup makes my boob shape bigger. The lace ones looks nicer and feels more drapey. Basically every person will have different opinions on what's useless and what isn't


I find the lace makes it look more noticable on people


Same, I love the look of lace bras but you can see the texture through my shirt. Bras are annoying af


It’s a support garment, making it out of lace is the dumbest thing ever.


I hear your opinion, however, the other side of things is that those of us with a smaller chest can use lace bras because we may not need as structured of a support garment.


That's cool, but no need to make a 38D outta lace and pretend like it's going to work.


Once I had a bra out of elastic lace. It gave me great shape and support holding everything right in place.


Stretch lace on the top of the cups is excellent. And not all lace is created equal! 😭


Unfortunately good bras will never be cheap. You can teach any 12 year old to sew a t-shirt on an industrial serger but you can't cut corners on labor for making bras. Seamstresses with experience sewing bras command a much higher pay even in developing nations. It's a very skilled job. In the 60s and 70s seamstresses sewing bras and girdles for Playtex were hired to sew spacesuits because only they can be trusted to sew $300/yard materials with absolute precision.


And the freaking little bows. Yes, I know they're left over from corsets. I don't care. I'm not a child.


I’d like more fun patterns. Screw itchy lace, I want dinosaurs or something.


I now need a dinosaur bra


I want bras with cute cat faces on it 😤


Exactly! This is the difference between made for women with men in mind and made for women … for women lol.


Try MeUndies and similar places. I got dinosaur underwear from them and they always have matching bras. The patterns rotate out every couple of months but they have a ton of fun ones.


Omg thanks for the suggestion! I'm obsessed


I guess I should have mentioned they're more soft and comfy bralettes/t-shirt bras. So beware - great for relaxing around the home or smaller sizes, but not a lot of support or structure for larger sizes.


Omg thank you for this!


How is this not already a thing?!


Some with Spongebob prints too maybe.


I really miss the Hello Kitty and Snoopy bras from my early teens. I remember buying my first bra, it was a grey and pink hello Kitty bra with kitties printed all over it and I thought I was soo cool when I showed it off in the gym locker room in 7th grade lol. Bring back the fun patterns please!!


[dinosaurs you say?](https://www.meundies.com/products/stretch-cotton-u-neck-bralette?pc=CTX)


Totally going to buy the dinosaur bra! And I’m 50, so it’s not about age either. But yeah, all bras(most underwear) is made especially for the - Male Gaze -. I can buy dinosaur underwear for my partner, but for me? It’s not even possible, because there is none.




I have seen a lot of women use their bra as a pocket…


Yea but its not comfortable the way we do it now. If we had a built in Pocket that'd be a lot better


look into bras for prosthetics. they've got pockets for the silicone inlays. and they're not more expensive than regular ones. nowadays they've got hella cute designs too, with lace and all.




Look into Coeur Sports! They have at least one bra that has a pocket for small items like a phone, key fob, or fuel packets!


I have sport bras with a pocket. They are really convenient , especially to put the phone in when I go for a run. The only drawback is that I've only seen cheap brands have them, usually made in weird sizes or with cheap fabrics. I've never seen Reebok, Gymshark, lululemon or other established brand carrying sport bras with pockets.


Definitely co-sign the pockets idea! I double up my sports bras and use the space in between as a pocket.


The double bra idea is really clever! From now on I won't need a pocketed bra as long as I have two regular ones. Thank you!


I support this idea! We need more pockets!


PINK used to sell sports bras with pockets not sure if they still do


Better availability for individually customized sizing. I am more than willing to pay the cost for a custom bra that actually fits me without being a compromise of some sort. I'm strongly considering just making my own from now on.


you can get custom made bras! a friend of mine used to have them before she got a breast reduction


I'm aware, but the availability is not great and many people do not have access to them.


Holy shit yes, I feel like I may be talking about a completely different thing, but I would like to mix and match cup sizes. No bra ever properly fits me bc uneven boobs lol. If they weren’t so expensive, I’d buy different sizes and DIY custom fit bras


I have one boob that is a D and one that is a DD. Buying bras is the worst because I either have one boob that looks like a can of biscuits or one that the bra cup won’t stay put.


Look up Brighton Lace. They have cute designs and can custom make you a set if you need !


Cooling technology. Or a spot for a smushy cooling pack for the summer. Instadry for boobsweat


Yes. Boob sweet is real


How is this not a thing? It’s the best idea.




More options for smaller breasted women. Nothing ever fits me right or comfortable! I can also hardly find lingerie anywhere near my size. Also why is finding basic clothing necessities for women so difficult and expensive?!


That's so interesting because "more options" was going to be my answer as well but I want more options for large breasted women! In the US, finding bras is a damn nightmare unless you fit in the very limited 32-38 B-DD range. When it comes to smaller bands, bigger bands, smaller cups, and bigger cups than those...you are generally SOL. I hate having to order all my bras online.


In Germany too. I already have big boobs. I don't need super padded cups. Why is that even a thing? They call it super push up and you basically can suffocate yourself with your Tiddies when you try those on.


I like a little bit of padding but I am always confused by super padded bras in large cup sizes. I don't know any woman who already has large breasts who is trying to make their boobs look even bigger. 🙄 More perky? Yes. Bigger? No.


Exactly. Padding is fine, I like that too because my nipps are very sensitive. But push up at D-Cups? Nah, that's ridiculous.


Agreed. DDD here and same. Plus you never know if they will fit that way. Its awful on both ends sadly.


Fellow DDD, i always get my bras from Soma since there'sa store near me. They are pricey though.


34F and I have to shop online, they don't get that size in my country


36JJ and I almost always have to buy online. I have never seen bras in my size at any store besides 1 specialty shop I occasionally go to. But it is 3+ hours away from where I live so I certainly don't go often. 🙁


As someone who went from a 32A to a 34D I can attest that it's definitely much harder to find bras in smaller (and I'm sure larger) sizes. Especially cute ones. I'm astounded by the variety I have now compared to when I was smaller. Why is it like this???


I have a few small business boutiques within my state but most of them carry the same product lines. I wish just one carried Polish brands so I could them. Instead, I'm going to have to venture to Busted Bra Shop in Michigan. And searching for small business bra stores is the whole reason I created my bra shop directory.


Aerie is my favorite brand for cute and affordable bras and underwear. I’ve also heard positive things about a company called Pepper. Size inclusivity is super important so I understand your struggle. I’ve always been small chested and I think Aerie puts a lot of effort into designing bras for all sizes, plus their stuff lasts forever.


Pepper uses garbage sizing methods and continues the body shaming that happens to smaller chested women.


I didn’t know that! Thanks for letting me know :)


Usual plug here for r/abrathatfits


Yes! I have a wider rib cage but smaller breasts. When I was younger I’d go up a band size so the cups would be wide enough. They’d stretch out after like a month so I’d wear a tight cami under everything to keep it in place. Even now I’ve gone up a size and still struggle to find wide enough cups.


They're ALWAYS out of 36A. Anywhere. ALWAYS. If they're selling out because they only carry a few, carry more! If they're selling out because they get the same number as every other size, carry more! It doesn't make any sense! 32A, 34A, 36B, every rack ever. I have to buy online.


they’re always out of 34A when i go bra shopping! we should trade stores.


Yes, I have a 26 band size and there aren't many options there. Add my cup size (F) and I either have to ship from one specific store in the UK, get it custom made or suck it up and wear a sister size (which obviously doesn't fit properly). I choose the last option but I don't like having the gap between the gore and my chest


A more natural fit for the cups? I despise the fact that most bras make your boobs look like barbie boobs. Perfectly round, high on the chest. Most breasts aren't shaped like that and they are made like that for aesthetic reasons (for men) but I personally feel like I'm not inside my own body when I wear a classic bra. I wear unlined bralettes because of this. I'm not ashamed of my natural breast shape.


Agreed. Some dude tried to bodyshame me once for having breasts that were breast shaped instead of bra shaped. It's time we embraced the wide variety of boob shapes out there.


Seriously ! Ughh I had guys ask me why my boobs weren’t perky if I never had kids. Like hmmm sir GRAVITY and good old Mother Nature gave me these babies and I will not be shamed for my less than perky natural boobies.


I even had a female friend ask me if I had any kids because of how my boobs looked. That one still haunts me more than any shaming comments (intentionally or not) men make


As opposed to being delighted at seeing any boobs in the first place? Lol.


Ugh that's so gross. I blame the media and porn for the way men view woman's bodies in general. This just proves my point.




Love the body positive attitude!


Yeah! I'm totally with you on this. I have no problem with my natural shape and look.


Check out bras with spacer foam. The spacer foam quality varies depending on the brand, but they are typically thinner and less molded while providing a bit of cold weather coverage.


My boobs are too big for bralettes, but I like your concept. I usually go with soft cupped bras. I like mesh with a lace overlay, jersey knit works too for boobs that look like boobs. It's my happy medium between natural and Barbie shapes


Straps that adjust shorter. I am short but there are plenty of women my height and the straps just don’t get short enough even on the smallest setting. I sew them sometimes but that’s never perfect and leaves a “bump.”


This! This! This! I'm only 4'11" but I have very large breasts. I know that the majority of the support comes from the band, but I still have issues with straps being too loose even when I tighten them as much as I can. I would like some support from the straps as well and don't want them sliding down my shoulders!


I am 5 foot and similarly “blessed.” Total agreement


I really do feel like being short AND having large breasts is a huge double whammy. Like, being short would be easier if my breasts were smaller. And also having large breasts would be easier if I was taller. lol


5’1 with boobs that belong to someone 6’1…


I have the opposite problem, I’m tall and my boobs are lower on my torso.


I want to see women going braless in the workplace to not be seen as unprofessional. I hate bras with a passion and wish I didn't have to wear them.


Yes I feel the same! I try to get away with it as much as possible in the winter by wearing something baggy or layering a tank top underneath. I hate the shame some people project on those who choose to not wear a bra. That shouldn't determine my level of professionalism.


Yes! Agreed!! I stopped wearing them 4/5 years ago and it’s been a relief. IF I wear a bra it’s a bralette.


YES. Normalize nipples!


I go braless at work when I am wearing a big sweater & it took like 2 years of doing it before I finally cared less. I still feel self conscious but not enough to torture myself with a bra.


A larger size variety being sold in regular stores.


Yup. In the US, I feel like I RARELY see any cup size bigger than a DD in most stores.


It’s really frustrating. I’d like to experiment with different bras and styles, but I can’t try them on and they’re so expensive. I just stick to the same exact bra style all the time.


Same. I stick to what I KNOW works for me. There are other styles I would love to try sometime as well but with how expensive bras are, it feels like too much of a risk for a bra that I might end up hating. And sure, most stores have decent return policies but then that means I have to go through the hassle of returning it and I still don't have the new bra that I need!


i am scared about this cuz i’m a 36DD and i’m worried i’ll get bigger. how am i gonna find a bra if i’m bigger than that?


I see a DDD in a few stores every now and then but beyond that, once I crossed the "DD barrier", I started buying most of my bras online. Which is annoying but there actually is a decent selection in larger cup sizes online if you know where to look.


i think if i get any bigger i might get a reduction, my breasts have been a big insecurity of mine because they’re so large. i love my body but i don’t know if i can handle them getting much bigger, like past the DDD size you know?


I definitely know. I'm a 36JJ myself. Ultimately, you have to do what's best for you. :)


I highly recommend Lane Bryant they specialize in bras for bigger breasts.


You gotta shop small business, like the stores on my website, and stay away from chain stores and dept stores.


Less underwire for people who don’t need it. Seriously that shit is so uncomfortable. I’m a B cup, I don’t need underwire, so why can’t I find any bras without it??


I gave up underwire a long time ago and I’m never going back. Look at Aerie, department stores, and even stores like Target. Sometimes they’re marketed as “bralettes” but as long as they have padding and are adjustable, they’re literally just a bra without underwire.


Style AND comfort. I don't want to have to pick between the two, why can't I have both?


It’s beyond frustrating that these things can’t exist simultaneously in so many products, even at the high end level, and always specifically with products for women. We have tiny super computer in our pockets that a few decades ago took up an entire room, yet we still have to choose between pretty/scratchy/poking bras, or comfortable and unstylish.


I would like something along the line of strapless "longline" bras of yesteryear. A front opening device more like a shelf- I'm so over straps cutting into my skin I could scream. Regular straps cause pain and racer-back styles make my traps numb. ANYTHING STRAPLESS that can adequately contain these beasts would do.


Yessss! That would be amazing. I hate having to figure out what the fuck to do with my bra straps in some clothes. I can’t wear a strapless bra, they never stay up. (I’m rather “blessed” in the cup size department, but my band size is pretty small. Finding bras that fit in the first place is a nightmare.) Like, I’ve contemplated if it would be worthwhile to get a fucking corset or something. I had a “longline” bra and a wedding dress that had structure and I was shocked, SHOCKED at how comfortable and secure I felt in my boobs staying put when I got married. Why aren’t we doing this more!?!


We used to. It was called a corset. (I'm all for bringing them back!)


YES! This is my dream.


More variety in shapes, more sizes available in stores.


Make it so the wires cant bend out of shape. And cant poke through. And stop making them out of material that shrinks.


Are you putting them in the regular wash/dryer? That happened to mine until I started washing them in a delicates bag and hanging them to dry. Helped preserve the elasticity too.


As a lazy person who puts everything that says handwash only into the washing machine, can confirm this helps. There are also these plastic ball cage things specifically for washing bras. I wrap the bra around the ball to keep the cups from being deformed, stick them in a small laundry bag that’s tight enough that the bra/s and ball won’t shift, and just throw them in the wash. Never damaged my bras again lol


Bigger adjustment on the back strap. So people with narrow chest and big breast like me can be more comfortable.


If you need to adjust more than 3-4 hooks, you likely need to go down in band size. Check r/abrathatfits


Problem is that most stores only carry size 28 and up, I needed a 26 and there were none that I could find. Can't go down a band size if there are no more band sizes that are smaller..


Katherine Hamilton does 26 bands, and The Little Bra Company's bands run tight so a 28 from them may work for you. r/abrathatfits had a resource guide that listed what brands carry which sizes. There's a lot of info if you do a search on 26 bands. You can also tailor bands to be shorter with a little bit of craft ability, there's a guide there for that too.


This! When I was a lot smaller my band size was 28 which was already hard to find, let alone a 28H, I needed my bras tighter and I couldn't do anything about it.


Underwires are evil. Figure out a way to make them supportive without that. I know non wired bras are available, but I've never liked the fit with those. I'm thinking something that shapes and supports around the boobs, but that is more comfortable.


Came to say the same. I hate underwire bras because they dig into my skin. I dislike sports bras because they smoosh my boobs into one lump in the middle of my chest. I can’t wear bralettes because I wear DDD so they don’t give enough support.


Cup shape variety


More comfortable wire for fuller cups. Wearing a bra shouldn't be punitive! :)


I’d like one in T shirt comfortable material that feels like I’m bra-less but has the support of the thick underwired bras.


A comfortable, well supported, big boob bra that’s actually attractive.


Loads of brands make beautiful lingerie for larger cup sizes. Check out brands like Curvy Kate, Freya, Panache, Playful Promises, etc. r/abrathatfits is a fantastic resource as well.


Thank you, that’s very helpful!


Why do they make bralettes without padding like 95% of the time? All I want is more options because aerie is the only place I can find bralettes with padding.


Better straps. Something that really distributes the weight. My shoulders hurt at the end of the day. Oh and maybe something besides black, beige, and white for nursing bras. Just because a woman needs a nursing bra doesn't mean she doesn't want to feel pretty wearing it.


The brunt of the weight is supposed to be supported by the band, not the straps anyway.


Sports bras with better support for bigger chests AND a decent shape. Feels like I gotta choose between "supported uniboob" or "defined but good luck honey" and I don't really like wired bras.


I love sports bras because they’re so comfortable but the uniboob is ridiculous haha


Cups that are deeper at the wire Cups that are shorter but still deep--not everyone wants to cover their WHOLE boob with material but most do want good support--but I imagine it would be difficult to make, essentially, a boob shelf out of just cloth. Accurate fitting techniques made mainstream Smaller bands with larger cups--I see so many folx searching for 24 and 26 bands and almost nobody makes them. Example: 24GG doesn't exist in a bra but it does exist on a person.


Thank you for explaining the cup thing in a way that makes sense. I didn’t know how to explain it. I would love a bra that doesn’t try to lift my entire breast up like four freaking inches and just gives me that additional fabric underneath the breast that I need so it’s not skin against skin.


I think you’re describing a balconnette bra?


“Nude” color selection.


Like the new ["Colors of the World"](https://shop.crayola.com/color-and-draw/crayons/colors-of-the-world-skin-tone-crayons-24-count-5201080000.html) crayons by Crayola?


No bra is the best bra


Customization of strap type and sizing (band/bust ratio whatever). It's funny how I've never purchased a bra that I could say is a good fit except for when it comes to sports bras


Honestly, I would prefer them to disappear forever


Oh lawd where to start. Standardized sizing, more size options, better support without the need for underwires, more u-shape sports bras (they seem to all be racerback). Sexy, cute plus size bras that don't break the bank and also don't make you look like you've got your grandma's fashion sense.


Elomi, Panache, and Freya have some great regular-back sports bras. They also have a ton of plus size bras that are great. I can't say about the "break the bank" part because they're all well-priced to me but the pocketbook of others might dictate otherwise.




This is such a good point! Halter bras don't fit comfortably at all, strapless bras sometimes don't fit with low back halter dresses or tops... And sticky bras/nipple covers are an options but if your breasts are a little saggy it doesn't look right in the top! We need better bras for low cut/open back clothes. I've even heard of using something like k-t tape to hoist the boobs up and nipple covers to hide them.


Straps that don’t slip off petite shoulders even when the person has big boobs, more push up bras for big boobs, thin strapped bras for big boobs, more comfortable strapless bras that don’t stab you or fold over…


Why the fuck don’t all bras come with that little tiny hook on the straps that let you strap the straps together so you’re not constantly shrugging in an attempt to keep your bra straps up??? Ridiculous




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Bigger bands. IIRC the bands are what provide the most support, not the straps.


Nicer styles for bigger cup sizes


I’d want wider bands, that don’t inevitably dig into your back fat


I’d like to change the structure of underwear tbh. That little liner fabric is always too short or misplaced. I feel like it covers my butthole and labia but then the edge of the fabric rubs on my clit all day and it does not feel nice. Genitals are all different shapes and sizes. I can’t be the only one that has this issue right? I use a liner to counteract it and also just because it’s hygienic to use a liner.


Firmness, but I can like breathe


The price. Good bras are so expensive


Small girls have big boobs and I gave up on bras because if the band fits the cups are EXTRA padded. Or the cups fit but it’s just maternity style or nude. I get that a lot of petite woman tend to have smaller breast and I 100% understand fashion is made for the masses … as 5’0 139lbs woman with big boobies it is so uncomfortable, frustrating and annoying to have no options. The only bras that fit are like nursing bras that aren’t sexy or support them boobies.. Anyway I just want big cups for smaller woman in fashionable designs. Thank you


They are too expensive a bra should not cost as much as a pair of jeans. Put some effort into them being comfortable. I gave up on bras and went to sports bras. The sports bras started hurting my back. I now just don't wear one or wear a tank top with a built in shelf.


More availability of smaller band sizes with larger cup sizes. I wear a F in the cup and a 30 in the band. It is possible to get this, but not in a store and not less that $70. :(


It has been said by others but it needs repeating... STANDARDIZED SIZING! A 36DD (for example) should be the same size no matter where you bought it from!


Softer smoother wide bands that are still snug supportive!! The only bra bands that I can tolerate are the seamless laser cut ones like the VS sexy illusions bras and Soma Vanishing Back perfect coverage bras (similar to laser cut/seamless underwear material$ . I LOVE both those, and they are snug, supportive and comfy for a month, but that material stretches out so fast compared to more typical bra bands.


Im a bigger cup at a DDD and would love to see more designs. I want cute patterns but its hard to find as many past C cups. Im lucky to dink black and tan ones that aren't uncomfy as hell. Also I hate those stupid bars that help shape the bra that shank me in the ribs eventually and leave sores on me. Get rid of them. They are awful. Also more natural shaping so they are more comfy. Im tired of the weird bra shapes that don't do anything for me in my day to day life except apparently look better. Also the price. Paying $100 plus for a even half ok bra is sad. Id be happier to pay that maybe if they actually took our advice on how to improve the bra but for the uncomfy torture they are now thats a lot of money.


DDD is actually towards the smaller end of the spectrum. O is the largest US cup size and KK is the largest I've come across for UK sizing. You may benefit from venturing over to r/ABraThatFits, if you haven't already visited. :)


Wide straps, wertical and hosrisontal. No synthetic material and better way how to adjust around chest. Lot of girls is petite around chest with big boobs but bras are not adjustable this way.


accurate sizing


I want there to be more transparency on bra shapes meant for your breast shape. Things like TikTok creators who talk about this topic found their way into my feed and it's been so helpful to know that I'm in the right bra size, just not the right bra shape - and trying a new shape really made me feel better supported.


The underwire needs to stop trying to kill me. The bra cups are all the same shape and there’s not just one shape of breast. Anything past a C cup is black white or beige. A decent bra shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.


Insteas of improving them can we just make it more socially acceptable to not wear one at all?


A bra that is moulded to personal breast shape, maybe made by 3D scanning individual body shape, seamless, extra wide straps, no rubbing itchy parts. Maybe it has to look like seamless crop top to better distribute the breast weight, I am so over straps digging in, give this problem fo r enginiers to solve or smthg.


Replace underwires with stiff stitching or something. Nothing like bending over and suddenly getting stabbed because your wire broke.


That's the worse! And then it jabs you in the armpit all day!


I'm not sure why, but my first thought was to make them bulletproof?? I'd also like the wires to stop poking me violently when they break through the fabric, so if more places could just sell better ones with or without the wire for bigger chests, that'd be great. I love a good wireless bra (unfortunately they don't connect to Bluetooth).


bra less bras


An easier Method to adjust them, I alwase get them to large or too small, it's neither it cuts my blood circulation or it falls of and am embarrassed


I wish they didn’t change size so much. I know that’s a hard ask because they wouldn’t be comfy if they didn’t stretch, but alas. I was told I was one bra size and spent lots of money on that size. Fast forward a few months and they are gaping from how much they stretched! Now I size down a cup.


Bra hooks. Those little pieces of metal always find a way to dig into my back. I’ve tried front clasp bras but it doesn’t work for me. I’m a C cup - I don’t need a padded bra. I’ve been wearing sports bras with light support. But I’d love to find a regular bra that’s comfortable.


I want a wireless, slightly lined, Exceedingly comfortable and not too tight bra for a woman with very small ribs and larger breasts that hang a bit lower that doesn’t bring my breasts all the way up to my fucking chin and is comfortable enough to sleep in and do yoga in. I cannot fucking find my size in any store anywhere, and I refuse to buy a bra online that I would then have to return if it doesn’t fit right. Also, can it be like 30 bucks instead of 60? I really fucking hate the whole thing and I’m super pissed off that I’m gonna be back in the office soon and I’ll have to go back to wearing bras because I hate them and they shouldn’t exist. Oh, and for the ones that have wire, can we fucking pad the wire a bit more? My ribs literally have permanent bruises on them.


Straps that don’t dig into my shoulders and leave marks. Or that back rubber or whatever it is that makes ur back itchy


ones that actually suck up and stick in my drooping over back/side/under the armpit fat🙄 it’s annoying to put on a bra and have my sides “spilling” out of me. the one bra i’ve found that was made to “help” those issues was 1) ugly af and 2) didn’t help at all


Softer, with more alternatives to wire.


I'd like to see them all burn.. No lie no matter how big or small the boob, sport bra, underwire or tshirt material. THEY ALL SUCK!!


I want a bra that pushes my boobs inward AND upward. I have smaller boobs but a decent amount of boobage that I could have cleavage if the bra just pushed them together from the sides. Push up bras push them up but I still have a gap in between. I love my small boobs don’t get me wrong they’re very convenient but I wanna have cleavage too :( also a little pocket would be nice :)


I have one seamless bra that I bought from Target. It's extremely comfortable and it's invisible under any top. I would really like more bras without seams.


I have bad shoulders. I need a substantial bra which I can fasten in the front. I can't do the twisting thing, and I am not a small woman. Also, I don't want it to look industrial: I still want to wear pretty underthings. So: plus size, pretty, front fasten.


Cute styles for my bitties. Grandma or nursing bra is all I can find in store for 34Fs.


Stop putting that little puckery bit at the front which looks like a protruding nipple


Make it ok to not wear one


Burn them


Built in holster for a little Dillinger..




#bralettes that cover my nipples. I do not need padding. I do not need shaping or pushing up. I do not need underwire. I simply need to keep it to myself how cold I am


Make bigger bras cheaper and available in more stores. I'm tired of paying upwards of $80+ **FOR ONE BRA** at Lane Bryant because of something I can't control! 🤬🤬


Broader straps, better back support, memory foam ( want my Boobies to be in their own bed), pockets and Bluetooth.


More space in the middle part between the cups. I’m a 5’10” a cup, so my rib cage is wide, but my boobs are small. Bras try to squeeze my boobs way too close together and it’s absurdly uncomfortable.


Satandardized sizes. Despite having the same letters and numbers as everyone else, a 36B at Victoria's Secret isn't going to be the same as a Warners 36B. Same with clothes in general, I'm a 10 at H&M and a 4 in Lucky's.


The annihilation of them


I’m at the beach right now and at this moment I would like a bra that doesn’t kill my sunburn 😅




Make the pretty designs for people DD+ !!!!!!!!!! Not just for the iddy bitty titty committee (love u guys but we need to share) x V.S is a joke


Stop with the little bow with a mini plastic diamond stuck to it, it's visible through clothes not cute.


Underwire - surely there's something more efficient and comfortable than 2 single pieces of wire under your tatas.