What did you buy because you saw it on social media and it turned out to be terrible?

What did you buy because you saw it on social media and it turned out to be terrible?


Any ad for a company you haven't heard of that has seemingly nice clothes for very affordable prices. SCAM. They'll take two months to ship from China and be the cheapest material you can imagine. The photos are fake, I promise.


Or in Shein case, they are very good photographers because they can actually make a cheap ass awful product look foine.


Shein copies designs and steals the original store’s photos


Which original stores does it steal from? I love the designs in the pics but only ordered once from there and never again, nothing like the pictures at all. But I never see clothes as nice as the pictures in stores


Can't remember if it was shein or aliexpress or another one if those sites, but [Bernadette Banner on youtube has a video about a cheap company stealing her design and photo](https://youtu.be/J80J4oaGVnY)


You can try to search the stolen image via google image search. The original store might show up :)


The good thing about SHEIN is that it allows buyers to post photo reviews, that way you know exactly what you’re buying. Unlike sites such as Missguided and PLT where the stuff is not as cheap and is still trash quality but you have no idea until it gets delivered


So true, I have the comfiest pair of green wide-leg jeans from Shein that I only bought because all the reviews raved about them!


Exactly why I love SHEIN I’ve never been unhappy with any of my orders


They copy other people's design and sell it as their own without even mentioning the actual artist.


I had luck with Shein every time. :)


I’ve never had any issues with shein tho? They take a week to deliver max and the quality is pretty good, especially for pants.


I was actually surprised with the quality of the materials from shein, and the clothes look exactly like the picture. The sizing is quite tricky but their sizing quide and the reviews are helpful. If they steal designs from more ethical sellers, it would be cool to know which ones, because I haven't seen them anywhere else. I find Shein similar quality and uniqeness to high street stores.


I always thought what the models wear is a higher quality similar looking product to the cheap material product they send to customers. No way can they make that cheap stuff look that good in pics.


The trick with Shein is to always check the reviews. I don't buy anything there if it hasn't even had a single review!


Some of Shein's stuff is fantastic. I've bought loads from them. Whilst zips on jeans aren't great, dresses, playsuits, socks and underwear are all really good.


they're great if you know up front you're getting cheap Chinese shit and order accordingly. I just got a ton of great cheap jewelry and socks and hair ties and stuff like that that's 1/3 the price of target or whatever. But i wouldn't buy anything there i cared about lasting.


I almost bought something from there until I saw some people wearing the clothes in the photo reviews!


They're incredibly easy to spot. Pictures are almost always filtered to death, shitty resolution because they've been stolen and reposted so many times, skinny af models with giant boobs, crazy designs that seem too good to be true for the price.


I always get so mad at those because I recognize some of the images they steal because I bought them from the real company.


I can never find the original company! Are there any in particular you see them ripping off a lot?


Wrong on 1 occasion, I took a chance and ordered from bodyhdshop.com I ordered 2 pairs of max gym shoes, stg those were the best shoes I ever owned ... Sadly my house was broken into and those were stolen, it took my boyfriend over a year to absolutely destroy them (he wore them everyday almost for work for over a year 😂 they are THAT comfortable)


This weird hairbrush that emits ions or something, it’s supposed to help with frizzy hair. Didn’t work *at all*.




















to piggyback off this. I bought an “ion emitting” hair straightener a few years ago at target. Made my hair so staticy and frizzy. I don’t even know what the hell ions are so thats on me.


Ions are molecules or atoms that either have an excess or deficit of electrons, so just saying they emmit ions is *very* vague, seeing as almost any molecule or atom can be ionic.


Oh noo i loved mine!!! I bought from philips and it gave me a smoother look!(straight hair)


I bought Loop earplugs for people who are sensitive to sounds (misophonia). I thought it would help me because my nervous system reacts to various sounds and I live with other people. But they just made it so I could also hear my insides - heartbeat, breathing, my voice super loud, my hair brushing against them etc, as well as an uncomfortably muffled version of surrounding sounds that made my head feel pressurized. Luckily they didn't cost too much!


I know they aren’t cheap but to date my favorite noise cancelling headphones are the apple airpods. They’re effective without that gross ‘I can hear my insides functioning’ effect. (Just thought I’d throw that recommendation out there haha)


Loooove AirPods. They’re so crazy noise cancelling they stop my tinnitus.


Seriously?? Is this any specific airpod model? I have mild tinnitus and if any earbuds help with that I need some lol.


I have the pros but it might work with the standard model too, I just have odd shaped ears so I like that they won’t fall out. When I’m feeling overstimulated at home I just pop em in and lay under my weighted blanket...total peace and quiet. The first time I used them I was like, holy shit, is this what it’s like for non-tinnitus people all the time?!


Should be the Pros. They’re the only ones with active noise cancellation.


Dear God, that sounds like a complete nightmare.


This is good to know. I have similar issues and was planning on buying them.


That stick-on strapless/backless bra with the corset ties in front that was supposed to make your cleavage look good. The cups weren’t even vaguely boob shaped.


This is why I get the expensive version from Nordstrom. Had one for 10 years till it wore out the sticky, bought a second one seven years ago.


Sorry if this is weird to ask but do these things work for bustier girls? I'm like a D cup but I really wanna have a stick-on bra and idk if it would work


So it helps shape your boobs but doesn't pull them up. Mine tend to point pretty far out if not wrangled, and it works on my D cup. Just silicone stick on that clasp in the front, and unless you are WAY up on the bra scale the D will probably work fine.


I use them for backless ballgown. They work to give you a base and a good shape to begin with then I go back over with kinesiology tape for holding power and to get exactly the position/shape I want. I dont think they have the power to hold bigger boobs for long alone but with tape help they are great.


What version is this?


Nordstrom clothing store usually has at least 1 option.


I tried that one too! The edges kept peeling off and it didn’t last 10 min


Try boobie tape!


I bought one of them [cups for cellulite](https://hips.hearstapps.com/vader-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/1559320906-31Ar2Bd4X8KL.jpg?crop=1xw:1xh;center,top&resize=480%3A%2A) and all it gave me were bruises. Also bought one of those [pore vacuums](https://5.imimg.com/data5/YQ/PH/CL/SELLER-78142412/awraaq-facial-pore-cleaner-blackhead-vacuum-suction-blackhead-vacuum-suction-diamond-removal-wrink-500x500.jpg) and all it gave me were... bruises. Edit: ty for the suggestions, I don't actually have visible blackheads, I'm just a trypophobic skin-picker, how could I resist when I found one for $20 at Marshalls? Even tho I used it "correctly" on the lowest setting I looked like I had something contagious. 0 satisfaction, no gunk removed. Some of the bruising from the cups was permanent, if damaged the veins in my legs 😷


OMG, I asked my bf for one for Christmas and he got me one. I have really enlarged pores as well as, gross but can be full of blackheads and such. I was expecting astronomical or amazing results. Nope. It got like very little gunk out, I was like wow. Crap.


Right? The concept seems amazing. Should be able to suck out all that crap.... but no, just gives micro hickies


You need some acid solution to expoliate for 20 minutes, then use the vacuum for sweeping motion, don’t stay at one spot for too long. It will work wonders


Thanks! I appreciate it.


For me the pore vacuum works quite well, but it has to be used after a shower or during a hot bath when my pores are open, and I learned to drag it across my face quickly instead of allowing it to work on a spot for too long. That being said, I have a feeling it’s not too kind on the facial tissue to begin with, so I use it very sparingly.




Those cups will NEVER get rid of cellulite. They’re used for breaking up tightness in connective tissue. It’s used my acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc. I often use mine to relieve tension in my wrists. Edit: here’s a site with instructions on how to use them, clean them, etc. https://trade.meridiusmedical.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Cupping-set-User-Manual.pdf


I not only wasted money on a pore vacuum, but it also burst a blood vessel in the middle of my freaking face!


Did the burst blood vessel heal, or did it stay red?


i wasted money on a pore vacuum too 😭


But did you get neat bruises?


Massage cups don’t break cellulite, but they do break capillaries. Good for knotty muscles too. You bought yourself a mechanical hickey maker. Fun!


Pore vacuum = garbage... so much regret 😓


Those TikTok leggings. All they did was run up my crotch


I mean, if they give you a wedgie on the back, not surprise they also give you a camel toe, tho, there a lot of fake ones out there, but there are also other leggins similar that came way before that do exactly that and dont give you a camel toe.


The ones that are supposed to make your butt look good?


Yeah. I don't know why I thought they would look cute on me, my ass was like Tuck Everlasting in those damn things.


Lmfao I've been trying for so long to remember the name of this gem of a movie! Thank you for jogging my memory :)


Lol what does this even mean?


I got a pair of those leggings from a kiosk at the mall. My husband seems to like them well enough, and they're comfortable, so ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


I literally only wear them so my husband can watch me cook in them lol


I got 2 pairs and they didn't give me a 🍑


I got a pair and I actually love them. Hands down comfiest pair of leggings I own lol.


I didn’t, but my husband bought the tortilla blanket for me as a graduation gift. It turned out to be a $50 odd colored tablecloth and was not fuzzy or plush at all. We laughed about it … eventually (after credit card got us our money back).


Oh how sad!!!! My friend got a $20 tortilla blanket for me off Amazon and it’s legitimately the biggest plushest blanket EVER. I’m obsessed with it, so cozy and good for human-burrito-ing.


I love this. I used to always call my boys “baby burritos” when I’d swaddle them. My oldest now rolls into a blanket and says “look mommy! I’m a baby dorito!”


we need the link for this!!


Did you buy it from the official seller? I got one for my fiance and it was so cute!


Not social media but infomercials... shamwow... it sure was a sham


Wow...that’s a disappointment. Those commercials almost got me.


Shammys arent bad, although I've never used ShamWOW brand. You get them wet, and then wring them really well and they suck up EVEYTHING. Especially good for drying cars quickly without smudging or scratching paint! :)


I dig the continuation, thanks for that lol


My family bought one for the car, I don't think it cut time off. Lol I never realized it literally had the word sham in it. I just remember the spokesperson being "interesting".


The "sham" is short for "chamois" which is an antelope that they used to use the soft leather for polishing. "Chamois" got butchered to "shammy" -> "shamwow"


Interesting indeed http://www.thesmokinggun.com/mugshots/celebrity/television/shamwow-guy


Magnetic eyelashes. The liner took forever to dry. The lashes fell off after 30 minutes. Not worth it. At. All. Edit: Whoa this blew up!! Lol thanks everyone. Glad I'm not the only one to fall for it!! Moxie was the brand I tried.


I've never been able to put eyelashes on with glue for some reason. I got these magnetic Lashes from Amazon and they were so easy to put on! They lasted all day too. Then I got a different brand from Ulta (Ardelle) that attach to the magnetic eyeliner even better than the Amazon ones.


Ah man for real? Because I really want them too


Yes I'd recommend the Ardelle ones!


My Facebook is 50% ads for these, 50% ads for Ketamine. Shit's wild!


Maybe it's the quality of the specific brand you ordered? Or your application? I've been wearing magnetic lashes from various brands off Amazon for months and they've always worked great for me. I put the liner on before I start my face makeup, and once I'm done with my face (10-15 mins) I place the lashes on and they're set for the entire day. I've only had to touch up the liner in the inner corner of my eye a few times, but I have a very watery inner corner. As a matter of fact when I'm putting the liner on, I have to have a qtip with makeup remover on hand in case I mess up because the mistake has to be cleaned up within 5 seconds otherwise its too dried to fix quickly lol.


Any makeup, skincare, hair tips off tiktok. I already had that revlon brush and just watched quietly from afar until the tiktoks 6 months after came of girls saying it burned their hair or took chunks out






Oh I DESPISE the revlon brush. I'm tenderheaded and have thin, fine hair. Used it once and it HURT and didn't curl well and it has lived in its box since. My mom bought herself a Lange brush and I loved it so much she got one for me, and I can't get enough.


Woah I’ve had mine for 5-6 years and it’s awesome quickest way to dry my hair


Not me, but my wife bought a few bras from ThirdLove after seeing them in an ad, but they did not work out. The underwire stabbed her too much and she tried to take out the underwire and it just made it worse. Expensive lesson.


I bought a few bras from thirdlove and loved how comfortable they were. I was so into having comfortable bras that I even bought their light bralette and wanted more, but didn't want to keep shelling out money. So, I bought a 5 pack off Amazon for like $15 and turns out they're more comfortable and more supportive than the thirdlove bralettes. I decided to buy a pack of panties too, and that's the story of how I now exclusively wear Amazon basics undergarments.


I stopped getting bras and started doing camisoles from Uniqlo with built-in cups. Soo much more comfortable and still makes me look like I have boobs (I used to wear push-up bras for this). I have size B....it may not work out as well for larger cup sizes.


Wow. Thank God I saw this comment. Now I know 🕵️‍♀️👀👀👀👀


On the other hand, I just bought one off their lightweight bras and it's surprisingly comfortable... As always, ymmv.


Had the same experience. I thought it was soooo cool that they had "half cup" sizes and they pushed it so hard that it's supposed to be the most comfortable bra ever. It was... not. The way the cups fit was so awkward! I'd liken it to a $10 bra from Walmart. Just my personal experience, maybe they're great for others?


I first tried one of their plunge bras and it was the best fitting, most comfortable bra I had ever owned. So then I got one of their t-shirt bras in the same size, which I think is that one they market as the most comfortable bra ever. This one fit horribly, the cups were way too big, the wires dug in so much and the band was too tight. So for me, the bra style was also a huge factor in whether it worked. r/abrathatfits really helped me figure out what bra shape works best for me, as well as my actual size. If you haven't already I'd encourage every woman to check it out! So much good info there, as well as a list of which companies make bras that are better for certain shapes and sizes. For a company that claims to have a bra for everyone, Thirdlove isn't actually that size inclusive.


That’s too bad! I love my bra from third love, best bra I have ever had.


I don't recommend buying bras online, every line from every company fits differently. Its a real bummer for people without access to a decent bra shop (not victorias secret)


What was advertized to look like a "lazer hair remover" the advert showed a man run it up his leg and BAM hairless!! Turns out it was just an electric shaver that had a purple light on it, it didnt even shave the hair completely, just trimmed it significantly ffs 😤


That's actually funny. Laser pointer hair removal. 😆


i bought the james charles palette when all the youtubers were reviewing it saying it was amazing. i wasn’t subscribed to him nor did i watch him and i almost never reach for my colorful palettes. but all the rave about it and how “great” the formula was convinced me to get it. it is genuinely mediocre at best and a complete waste of money


I found it was not pigmented enough and doesn’t sit well


Not me, but my mom saw an ad last fall for this king size, chunky knit blanket on FB and ordered it for me as a Christmas gift. When it finally arrived it was about the size of a small towel, and made of this horrible, itchy "yarn". When I googled the company it showed that the website was only recently made, with no customer service or any way to reach them. They also included fake endorsements from daytime TV shows and magazines. Just a shitty scam company from China haha. I told her she should always Google and do research before ordering from any unknown company, especially those greasy FB ads.


The fact they sent anything at all, and such a petty middle finger to the customer, is hilarious to me. I've had this happen to me way back in the early 2000's. So ridiculous and infuriating and hilariously bad.


I remember those blankets. Even if you buy from a well known company they're gonna be trash. They look great initially, but the roving used for these has no structure. It can be turned into yarn via spinning which does have structure and therefore stability, but that's a thin strand, you can't use it to make a chunky knit blanket. Roving pulls right apart, and that's a whole blanket full of unstructured roving. As a result it falls apart more and more each time you touch it, you can't wash it either. ​ There's a good video about it [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DroelB2uwx4&ab_channel=TheWoolery).


My wife wanted some fake ivy on a trellis to cover a garden fence whilst the real ivy had time to grow. She saw a advert on FB that promised 1.5 x 3 metres of gorgeous looking trellis. I was dubious but what the hell. 6 weeks later she phoned me to say it had been delivered through the letter box. It was the size of an A4 sheet of paper. It came from China It cost £55 [Trellis](http://imgur.com/gallery/pVEASR4)


ok i'm sorry you wasted the money but that's absolutely hilarious


Aren’t you supposed to pull it out? It should extend, I’ve seen the ads.


Oh it definitely extends to approximately 1 metre x 30 cm. Still far short of the description.


The always pan! It looses its non stick so fast and browns so other things then stick on it


I considered getting one but that woman's voice in the ad was so damn annoying with that fake snooty accent.


“The always PAAANN...”


Awh this is so disappointing to hear!! I was thinking about getting one. Sorry it sucked so bad, I know those aren’t exactly cheap!


We’ve had ours since December and it’s still working great. Don’t put it in the dishwasher!


Buy a titanium coated pan from a real brand (like WOLL). If you don't accidentally exceed its max temp. (250c) it will last for a long time. And you can officially put it into a dish washer. They even allow you to use metal utensils but I'd go with silicone ones anyway.


My husband bought water/ hiking shoes for a trip to Maui from a Facebook ad. We like hiking but it gets slippery and muddy and we hate hiking in soggy shoes. He thought this was a great solution! I think he paid 90$ for both pairs. No slipping and no need for socks. Quick dry. Blah blah. Turns out they were coming from.... you guessed it.... China! They arrived 3 months after our trip and they were huge! 2 sizes too big. We purchased carefully according to their sizing guidelines They wouldn't refund us. They offered to send us a smaller pair for half price and suggested we give the too big pairs away. The quality was so so. Don't buy this bullshit. I left shitty reviews all over social media but they were quickly deleted. Caveat emptor friends!


Ugggh, sorry to hear. Have you guys looked into Keen's? I love mine. I hike in them on river trips, so good.


My mum always told me, "There are a few things in life you shouldn't try to skimp out on or search for in the sale. Walking boots are one of those things." Usually I'd trust her to be right about something like this but one year she invited me last minute to come on a walking holiday with her in the Lake District and I didn't have the time or money to get proper shoes. I ended up going to a Shoe Zone (which for non-Brits is basically this really cheap high street shoe store that sells kinda basic and ugly shoes for about £5-25 quid) and bought a pair of plain black walking boots for £15. I don't even know why I looked in there because I don't think I'd ever seen Shoe Zone sellling walking boots before, and I don't think I've ever seen them in there again since. Anyway, that was like 10 years ago now and those boots are still going strong! They're waterproof, they've got good grip and thick tread, the stitching is strong, there's ankle support, the inside is soft and cushioned... I dunno how i got so lucky with them 😆 But yeah, even though you had A shittu experience, I'm glad it was "only" $90 for both and not each!


That stupid YSL liquid lipstick a famous makeup YouTuber claimed was the best thing ever. The lipstick is pretty, but it bleeds and rubs off, not even a lip liner helps a lot. That lipstick cost about 40 euros, I have lipstick for under 10 that stay perfect for a whole day and through meals (ArtDeco matte liquid lipstick).




Imagining a limp, deflated arm guy pathetically rolling on the ground is a serious bummer :c


Fat Cat Bacpack. It’s built well enough, but my cats hated it. Which is weird because it’s much more spacious than my previous cat bubble backpack, but they handled the old smaller one much better. 🧐


Cats are weird with their space. My cat loves confined places, the smaller the better.


Sugar Bear Hair. Teami.


Ugh yes sugar bear hair . Candy in the morning before breakfast? No thanks. Why put extra nonsense grams of sugar in my day? Just do biotin .


Lol currently on my 3rd day of taking these. I had hopes as high as the price.


a toothbrush with 10,000 bristles. shittiest thing ever.


Was that the weirdly soft one? I looked at that for the longest time but I figured it would be similar to makeup brushing my teeth...


"Nordic Socks". They sucked me in with pretty pictures and "oh, add 5 more pairs to your order and get them at 1/2 off!" kind of lines. They took like 1.5 months to arrive, missed Christmas. I could have given them as late gifts, but they fit kind of awkwardly over the heel (lots of tugging involved) so it felt kinda weird. So now I have a bunch of expensive, pretty, awkward-fitting socks. EDIT: Oh, I forgot the punchline. "Nordic" socks shipped from China (hence the 1.5 months to arrive). Nowhere on the site did it ever imply they were shipping from China. All of the photography they use looks like Norway...


I am wearing these socks rn and they are VERY uncomfortable. I feel your pain.


Natural deodorant. The first one I tried was called Nuud, and it was just horrible! It stained, I stank, I tried almost every tip the company recommended me. And when I asked them for any extra tips, rhey had the audacity to suggest I buy new clothes because "my old shirts may have still bacteria in them even after washing, which cause the smell". Aw hell no! Second one I tried was Wild. It smelled very nice and it did work pretty well, but then my pits started to turn dark. The customer service was helpful and they immediately answered with some tips, which did actually work. But they said that my pits wouldn't turn dark again because they would adjust or something like that..which was bullshit. They started to turn dark again, so I just had to return to my normal store-bought deodorant. Edit: Please don't try to convince me to try any natural deodorants anymore, I'm done with that shit. It's not for me, but I'm glad if they work for someone else.


The only one that worked for me and so far anyone else I know who's tried it was Lume. You can get a small trial size for cheaper and see if it works for you? It goes on a little sticky but dries in a minute or so. Btw they're nor sponsoring me or anything, I just like the stuff lol


Fabletics. It's a scam basically. You "subscribe" to buying yoga pants. And they take money from your account until you unsubscribe. But when I ordered my first pair of pants, it wasn't clear at all that that's what's gonna happen. They took about 100 euros from my bank account before I noticed that that money was gone. You also don't receive an email saying that they'll take it or something.


The mall local to me has a Fabletics storefront. I’m scared to even set foot into it because of the countless stories similar to yours that I keep hearing


And skipping a month requires going through multiple screens too! Honestly a bummer because their leggings are great, but the scammy feel of their "VIP membership" makes them entirely not worth it


I know this is a silly question but how many leggings does one need that you would even have a subscription for it. I have 6 pairs of leggings (not fabletics) in different colors but more than that don’t need a subscription for more stuff I don’t need


A bikini. Influencer I follow just LOVES them. Company was having a big sale, only $5 for the whole thing, so I order one. Get charged over $20 for shipping, which was insane considering the size of the package and that it was domestic. When it finally comes I can’t even imagine a human body that it would fit. I am not large chested, but there was no way possible that the scoop neck top could cover my nipples with the band resting under my bust. It gave about as much coverage as a strip of duct tape. The bottoms were no better.


The influencer LOVES them, or is it that they LOVE the money they get paid to promote them? Come on now...


Charcoal toothpaste. I thought it would make my mouth feel cleaner and not only did it fail to do that I got 2 cavities from it. I’m back to using old fashioned Crest. Never again. Charcoals bullshit


Oh yeah I remember the charcoal trend. It does whiten your teeth but it does it by being abrasive, so it wears down the enamel leaving the teeth less protected


Shampoo and Conditioner from Function of Beauty.


I keep seeing those ads and I’m ALWAYS so tempted. I want luscious mermaid hair! Is it not worth the cost, or is it just no better than your standard supermarket brand?


I was tempted too and finally gave in. I have really really long hair and thought I was doing something good for it and kind of wanted to treat myself and my hair. My hair got dry as hell and I even chose moisturizer in my formula. Used it till the end since I paid for it. After this I was done with the Company. Then bought a drug store shampoo and conditioner in brick form since I wanted to try it forever and reduce plastic. I absolutely love it. ​ Edit: forgot some letters


I bought a small handbag that was supposed to look like a [silica desiccant packet](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silica_gel#/media/File:Silica_gel_bag_open_with_beads.jpg) made big. It does look like the packet, but the language on the packet is: SILTAC GLE THRWOAWYA "DO NOT ETA" DEISCCNAT SILTAC GLE So that's terrible. But on the other hand, it is the perfect size for holding passports and tickets when I get to travel at some vague point in the future, so I might just own it and be proud.


i kind of like that it's misspelled haha


That one red one piece swimsuit that you saw reposted all over Instagram about 4 years ago wasn’t flattering on my thiccness at all lol


A diva cup. Then I let social media talk me into believing that I bought the wrong one, so I bought a moon cup. No better. Then I learned from my gynaecologist of all people that many brands delete the reviews that mention gynaecological conditions and how they are not compatible. Over $100 that I spent because neither company was transparent.


I love mine but I'm tired of people pretending they are perfect and SHOULD work for everybody. They don't. There's nothing wrong with not liking them, and not everybody's body will be accommodating. People shouldn't feel pressured to keep trying something that doesn't work for them and I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience.


I use a cup, but people really don't take into account the varieties of vaginas and uteruses that could make using a cup difficult. I've got a titled uterus and didn't know until my first trip to the gyno so I didn't know that I have to insert tampons or cups into my vagina differently than other people. I also have a low cervix but idk if that's because of the titled uterus or its own separate thing. I currently use the Saalt cup and I do like it, but I wouldn't say it's been perfect. It took a long time to figure out the best method to insert and my periods are still heavy enough that I experience leaks. And clean up can be so messy, especially out in public where I can't rinse the cup out in my sink. So yeah, even though I use a cup, I do take issue with everyone using it as a blanket solution for periods. Especially since the initial cost of cups is a little too expensive to be trying out a bunch of them.


My problem with using cups is that my natural flora hates it. I will ALWAYS get thrush from using a cup, no matter the brand or how clean it is. It also strikes me as particularly dangerous for those with prolasped cervix.


Yup. I'm prone to UTIs, and cups make that worse for me. They're not for everyone!




I love mine. I keep it in my cosmetic mini fridge and it feels wonderful cold and helps with puffiness, especially when hungover.


... "cosmetic mini-fridge"??? what is this magic


It's a wasteful, useless appliance from China that's been peddled on social media and by skincare gurus for the past few years. It's just a plastic, tinier mini-fridge that looks like it's manufactured by a toy company. It keeps things cold. They don't last long because their motor is usually junk. If you want your cosmetics cold, just use your regular fridge and save yourself the money and plastic waste, it's literally just a poor quality fridge with a cute Instagram exterior.






Kinda social media. I played and watched Persona 5(both the game and the anime). All the phones in the show and game are Sony Xperia so I bought one. First few months it was pretty good and consistent, after about 6 months the phone couldn't hold a charge to save its life. It takes me an hour to get home from work and even with a full charge only listening to music the battery would be down to 30%.


People buy things they see on social media? I’m old...


that powder all over tik tok last summer that is used for removing hair!!!! i used it on my bikini area and it burned my skin so....i don’t recommend


The thrive causemetics mascara! Not sure if it’s because of my sparse and short lashes or what, but it looks and works horribly on me. The ads made it seem like you’d get these crazy long lashes but mine all clumped together and gave me eyelashes like Cynthia’s hair. I do like that it washes off super easily but that’s the only positive I have to say


Literally just read an article on FB where "insiders" gave away trade secrets, one of the contributors was a model who said that mascara advertisements always use really good fake lashes with only a very fine coat of mascara, and sometimes not even the mascara they're selling!!! We're all being duped!! LOL!!


Chicken Pot Pie from Cracker Barrel (It was new/seasonal/limited.) I almost ALWAYS get the chicken and dumplings, so I had pretty high expectations. They failed. It was dry and tasted funny. Not sure what spices they used, but Marie Calendar's is 10x better! Also, a fun looking collection of magnets for creating a family calendar/chore chart. My kids and dogs would try to eat the grape-sized magnets when the toddler knocked them off the freezer (above the fridge, so not easily within reach, but my kids are all tall for their ages), and they just got all mixed up from the kids messing with whatever they could reach. Trying to make sense of the chaos in our house just invited more chaos.


My husband saw some leggings with a furry lining in Instagram and bought them for me because I'm always cold. They look like they'd be amazing if I could get them over my knees. They might fit my 5 year old.


Some goofy hair straightener brush. It was pure trash. All the more reason to embrace my natural curls. I've been "natural" since 2013 but bought that travesty of a product in 2017 out of curiosity and because the videos on Facebook & Instagram looked very convincing. The models using the brush on social media were mixed with Black so I thought the brush would straighten my 3b curls as I am half-Black too. Nope, still trash.


Garishly jewelled sandals that looked not quite but close enough to the pictures. With a drawn on instead of real adjustable strap and they smelled like toxic crayons for a week on my balcony while they off-gassed. I (55F) should know better at this stage than to buy unneeded stuff on Facebook at 2:00 am but free shipping and ooh pretty turquoise and jewels.


A Casper Mattress. It was fine at first but now I’m couple years in and it sucks. I can’t get comfortable and I wake up in pain.


You NEVER hear about these things a year later. The influencers always talk about their great nights sleep after they get it but no one ever follows up after they have had time to wear.


Prose shampoo and conditioner. It made almost half of my hair fall out. I contacted the the company letting them know what happened, suggesting that I was allergic to something in the shampoo. They said it was probably because of my age. Really? I stopped using Prose and my hair filled out again. Luckily this happened at the beginning of the pandemic and I didn’t have to see anyone. I’m still mad that they tried to blame my age.


That Ocean Galaxy Light that is supposed to make your room a super magical nordic light space. They pay people to promote the light on insta and Twitter and they pretend to be an American company but actually you pay $50 for an outdated lamp that's like $10 on Aliexpress and you get it directly from China and the company NEVER replies to any emails or complaints, it's a complete scam. The only time you'll hear from them is when you open a dispute on Paypal and you won't get your money back.


Function of beauty lol


That vanity planet spin brush. Broke twice within a couple months.


Suction blackhead remover. Ordered in May 2020, it arrived 2 days ago - does nothing!


A push up sports bra. But it didn't push up


An epilator for the eybrows. Course it didnt work, it just cut the hair like a regular blade would and would cause ingrowns on my eyebrows.


I saw an ad for those finger hand things. I assumed you'd get a pair of finger hands, as the real thing usually comes in pairs. It was $30, not including shipping, which further confirmed that yes, I was buying a pair of finger hands. Nope. I received a single finger hand 3 months later.


A stick that promise to tame my flyaway hairs in a ponytail. It was greasy and it made my hair disgusting :(


Glamnetic eyelashes


Bras and leggings tend to be very hit or miss.


Galaxy Light I've been seeing on Instagram. Not terrible, but definitely not worth the +$50.00 price tag. It's very cheaply made and the laser is too bright/ distracting if not placed out of sight.


Revlon two in one blow dry dupe. Works fine, just not on my wavy curly hair. It left me a frizz ball. Any type of blow drying leaves me a frizz ball so I should have known.


A hair straightener brush. It's just awful, it does NOT work at all.


I bought a heated wax pot from Instagram during the first lockdown so I could wax my own foof. Took 3 months to come (shock horror, came from China), customer service was shit and refused to refund me. When the pot arrived it was completely different to the one advertised and was of such bad quality I just threw it straight in the bin. Didn’t want to cause a house fire, ye know? Never ordering from SM again.


KVD Apple Foundation absolutely horrendous 😫


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra