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One of the comments makes it sound like they may be raping their French bulldog.


How are they getting on and finding reddit in the first place


Grandchildren, fed up at being shown "things on the internet", by elders, many moons after they first appear, set up elders with a reddit account, subscribed to suitable subs, left unsupervised the elder wander off into other subs.


Stepped out of my office and saw a bunch of Japanese high school girls stripping down to their underwear in the corridor. Turns out that Japanese schools don't have changing rooms.


In my primary the girls changed in the classroom while the boys changed outside.. Little strange now that I think about it.


Yeah, that's what they do here usually. That day the classroom was locked so they just got changed outside. I can't understand why they don't have changing rooms.


primaries are often really underfunded. sats don't do much for people in the long run


I understand. But these are expensive private schools. Seems to be a cultural thing.




thanks, japan


My mother’s big blue dildo in her dressing room.




My colleague's pay check.


This happened to me a few years back. This guy I worked with made nearly 5K per year more than me. This man was a legitimate lazy person and not at all knowledgeable. He’d constantly ask for my help and pass me difficult phone calls. After I saw how much more he made, I stopped helping him.






Similar. Doing data recovery for your workplace is liable to lead to that. I just have to try and forget it.


emails telling a senior engineer that one of our customers was trialling a competitors product, which would evetually result in job losses.


Text messages between my friend and the guy she was having an affair with. I was round hers and she asked me to look at something on her ipad for her and when I unlocked it was already open on the messaging app and there was a message about meeting that night and how she was going to be wearing a long coat with nothing underneath. Quickly swiped off it and got the YouTube video up she wanted. Pissed me off a bit as she had always been very judgmental about mine and my husbands lifestyle.


Mum and Dad banging


Banging what?


The postman.


A dildo came through the post. I live with my dad and my dad only😐




\* Discreet. And yeah, but the problem is that just makes it more obvious.


It was it came in like the grey bag packaging so when I picked it up to put on the side I felt it, and me being 14 at the time like wtf is that it better not be….. I cut it open a little to peak and yeah. Not impressed, I guess that’s what you get for snooping


I work in finance and in one of my jobs in the past I worked for a small/medium sized company with relatively bad controls. I was working on the annual budgets for the next year and usually Head Office will send over a file and payroll is listed as an overall number but was linked to a worksheet in that file and it was password protected. You'd think that was a good thing. They use the same password for everything so I tried that and boom everyone's salaries showed up to me. I browsed through and of course I was the lowest paid of my team (not a shock but I guess it was confirmed). I was more annoyed by lower level staff doing unskilled work on more than me however considering I'd been sitting exams to get into that job and they were earning noticibly for a no stress job annoyed me. I left about 6 months later after they said they couldn't pay more.


Sat in a cafe after work (I was a contractor so didn't really have any home to get to) and a super senior, board level, guy at the firm came in and had an informal interview with his potential replacement. By the end not only did I know he was leaving, but I knew when, where to, how the business was going to be restructured and so on. Also at a different place I saw some emails to the CEO about an office move nobody knew about


Driving home from work a few years ago.. stopped at traffic lights. Looked up at the police headquarters. One light on. 3 floors up. This woman was getting banged over the table. Lights turned green. I giggled all the way home!


A "personal massager" in my dad's bedside drawer, when I was 15 and looking for cigarettes.


My bosses had a folder on their sharepoint page detailing disciplinary procedures that they'd been following with a number of members of staff, and they left it open for everybody to see. It was buried somewhere so not many people saw it, and I stopped reading when I realised what it was, but my colleague read the whole thing and told me everything. Not good at all.


Not me, but my uncle told me this 'story' after a few drinks about the time he was doing some contractor maintenance work in a government R&D building. He said that there was this huge barn area where there were weird animals, in particular, a horse that was as tall as a giraffe, but with the correct proportions for a horse. The thing is that my uncle is a quiet, matter of fact guy. I have never heard tell any other kind of exaggerated story ever. And as he told me this it just seemed like he almost didn't want to say anything.


The government have a barn that has horses the size of giraffes?


That's what he told me.


maybe he's on to something


Office junior with arms around the regional manager. Both married. Her recently. Another time: A couple of us were in her office when the RM walked in. I have never seen nipples go so hard, so big, so fast. She left after getting pregnant. I saw her on FB many years later with 3 teenage boys. 2 looked like her husband. The other one ... guess. They photos have since been taken down.


I saw an NDA and customer contracts on the works computer. They still have no idea the files are visible to me.


On a Teams call about decommissioning an old application. Colleague is sharing her screen to walk through how she uses it. Step 1: open an Excel spreadsheet that lists her username and password for this and all her other applications ...


My parents having sex


Pretty sure I overheard my dad wanking in the bath when he thought he was home alone! Also pretty sure I unintentionally intercepted a drug deal outside my old work…


My job is IT support. I remoted into another colleague's computer to fix something, and saw a Word doc named K-Pop Bands in his recent file history. Presumably it was a list of his favourites? I definitely wasn't supposed to see it because why would you share that with anyone?


My mum's diary. I won't say what I read in there, but a couple hours later I tried to kill myself.