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Marilyn Manson removed some of his ribs so he could suck his own dick. Someone rocked back on their chair so much he fell and he died/became disabled.


It was Prince in my day. Or maybe they both did it.


Did not realise this rumour was generational. I’ll need to ask the kids at my uni who the Gen Z equivalent is.


As a gen z, I heard it was Marilyn Manson too.


Legit had both rumours at the same time at my school.


Not only generational but universal. Heard the same thing in eastern europe in the early 2000s


In my parents' day it was Alice Cooper.


Yes to (allegedly) both, and (equally allegedly) David Bowie before that.


A guy in our primary school used to swing on his chair. He would also chew on his wooden ruler. One day, he fell backwards while chewing the ruler. Ripped the inside of his mouth to bits, stitches and all sorts. Bet the teachers were equal parts shocked cos blood and poor child and pleased cos they could now say "Well, look what happened to Ben..."


Someone in my primary school DID rock back on their chair so much they fell backwards, in the rearmost row of tables, where there were old massive heating pipes running along the back of the room, and cracked her head open. We all saw her being led to an ambulance, as the infants went out for lunch slightly earlier than the juniors. Had a jumper turning from grey to red, tied around her head. People stopped rocking on their chairs. For about two weeks.


In primary, my TEACHER rocked back on his chair. And fell back into a stack of chairs. The whole school laughed. Some smart Alec kid said "you should practice what you teach!"


I think he put that story out there himself just for the publicity. Apparently, he likes to blow his own trumpet.


Hahaha I still find myself googling this Marilyn Manson ‘fact’ every few years or so. Away to do it now…


This rumour was a thing in Sweden too!


And in the Netherlands!


The chair thing is legit, it happened to a brother of an old friend, they ended up in a wheel chair.


Yep… I was coming here to say this 😂 I dated a guy in college and a girl from my school was in our class and she told him “you know that girl is really weird? She told us that Marilyn Manson removed his ribs to suck his dick” 😂


My fiancée was raised in America and even her school had the Manson rumour


If you put those jelly alien things in the fridge back to back they’ll make babies.


And you believed that this was definitely true because all your friends confirmed that their aliens had had babies ffs


There were definitely ones that had babies in them, you just had to rip them out though.


Crazy, I had a dream about those alien things just the other day after not thinking about them in over a decade. What were they made of anyway? They fucking stank


Rubber possibly? I remember throwing them onto the ceiling and sticking


Just unlocked a core memory from childhood that was otherwise lost for ever !


And that it wasn't working for you because actually you had to freeze them first, no wait you had to put them in the fridge for a week, no wait actually you had to put two of them back to back, no wait you have to swap their jelly.....


Oh good one! Why did my parents never tell me…


That kid at the school down the road who offed themselves with a pencil during their GCSEs, so everyone passed with top grades.


Oh yeah, I heard about the nose pencil. Gnarly.


I’m a teacher and yesterday my year 11s were asking if they’d all get top grades if someone dropped dead during their chemistry exam. The lad who asked first isn’t willing to take one for the team.


Taking my chemistry GCSE in just over an hour, and I’m seriously debating taking one for the year here


I heard that one but it was the kid from the Frosties "they're gonna taste great" ad


I heard the exact same thing, in the version I heard he did it in the middle of a class because he was being bullied.


We had that - it was a pencil up each nostril in our version (North Wales, 1990s).


TIL you can judge how old you or someone else on here is by what celebrity allegedly had a rib removed to suck themselves off. What a day to be alive!


For me, it was Prince.


For me, it was Montgomery Clift.


At least you’d have stood a chance with Montgomery Clift!


For me it was Julius Caeser.


I feel like the only kid who ever got told it was Michael Jackson :|


I've heard that one (and the "Had to have his stomach pumped" one) over the years for pretty much any effeminate or androgynous male celeb. Bowie, Brian Molko, Alice Cooper, Manson, The guy from Babylon Zoo, even Rod Stewart, oddly. The "gerbil" one, tho... Only ever Richard Gere.


Purple aki was going to get you


Used to see him on the bus - he was absolutely huge, really imposing guy. He used to make a few of the lads I knocked about with squat for him and let him feel their biceps 💪


This one could have been true, depending on which part of the country youre in


The north west gym pest


I went to school in the north east and we all knew of purple Aki... Fast forward 30 years, my 16 year old son comes home from school in Portsmouth and asks me if I've heard of Purple Aki...his fame has spread over the country and lasted 30+ years!


Was about to call you out on this but googled it and fuck me, I had no idea Purple Aki was 60!


Only if you're northern


Yeah I heard that one a lot.


Show me your muscles boy


That such and such was pregnant. I went to school in medway, 9/10 they was.


I’m pretty sure my guidance teacher was behind all the pregnancy rumours. Would stir it up and start it all over again whenever that year group started showing interest in the opposite sex.


Our guidance councillor was bullied by the year above and quit. Roughly 4 or 5 teachers were bullied until they quit whilst I was there.


Went to secondary school in another part of Kent. There was a rumour going on that a girl from the secondary modern down the road nicked a boiling tube from the chemistry lab, ahem… inserted it somewhere delicate, it smashed and she bled to death. Just remembered another rumour. Some girls from the other grammar were doing a ouija board at lunch. Shortly after, one was pushed down the stairs by “something invisible” and broke loads of bones. Overactive imaginations…


The delicate area ones man. We had that one, and the one about the girl whose bf really loved tuna mayo so she put some up there ao he could lick it out but he didnt get all of it and eventually it got so hot inside her maggots hatched in her vag. And the one about the girl who ate the chocolate bar after it had been up her. And the one about the girl whose bf ate skittles out of her but then one of them was actually a genital wart and his tongue became covered in herpes. And the one about the girl who had eaten her twin the womb and had its teeth growing in her vag and definitely cut your friends mates penis/tongue/finger/ whatever with it. That one was weird. I also went to a girls school in Kent, and apparently we were obsessed with vag and what you didnt want to put up them.


These rumours worked even better in one of Medway’s all boy schools were you couldn’t be sure why you hadn’t seen that girl from one of the girl’s schools for ages…


The school nurse would do a gay test on you at some point. She was meant to out a cold spoon against your balls and, if you got a boner, it meant you were gay.


I never heard this one but I'm gonna go try it for myself and find out.


How did it go?


I’m hard as fuck bro


Username does not check out.


I am gay.


Well at least now you know


Jesus fuck I had blocked this out of my memory. Even reading the first half of your comment I was intrigued but the myth of the cold spoon against the balls sparked a single neuron somewhere deep in my brain. I'm aware my comment reads like I actually suffered this test. Alas, no.


I only got a semi... Am I Bi?


The spoon wasn't cold enough


Or maybe my balls were too Hot? You free Saturday night? ;)


I was about to post a similar one... In my school, the nurse would rub you until you got a boner, and then she'd hit it with a wooden spoon. I'm not sure what we thought that would achieve


If you use strength on the hidden van by the SS Anne there is a pokeball with Mew under there.


The OG Lavender Town music was bad luck/cursed.


Yeh there was that whole thing about kids developing Lavender Town syndrome.


Funnily enough there is a glitch on the bridge in Cerulean City where if you have an Abra with Teleport you can spawn a Mew.


The lyrics to Blue by Eiffel 65 were actually "I'm blue in Aberdeen I will die in aberdeen I will die in aberdeen I will die" and the guy who wrote it actually died in Aberdeen shortly after the song was released. That is, of course, bullshit, but the kind of nonsense you'd hear before being able to google things became the norm.


It was 'I'm blue if I was green I would die' for me!


And if you supported Celtic you changed it to I'm green if I'm was blue I would die. Us Glaswegians were such word smiths 😂


I (a Celtic supporter) would refuse to sing this at school discos hahahha. Also strongly remember getting a new jotter in primary school and the new ones were blue whilst we’d only used green ones in the past. Queue me refusing to use it and my parents being called… Why were we like this?


"I'm blue I could beat off a guy" is my favourite misheard lyric for that song but now yours and the oddly specific story behind it has to be number two!


Earwigs crawl.in your ears and eat your brains.


Apparently crane flies feed on your saliva when you're asleep too.


And you apparently eat x amount of spiders in your sleep each year.


Can thank Stat Trek II for that one


Surrey puma, rumour was there was a puma that lived in a forest in Surrey. Dogs would go into the bushes and never come back.


We apparently have pumas roaming about Glasgow too. This even makes the news up here every few years.


I moved from Lancashire to Kent as a kid. We weren’t far from the Surrey border and I was terrified the Surrey Puma would get lost, break into our house and eat me in the night!


Mate this is actually true tho I live in woking and the Surrey puma killed all our chickens no joke! Has a wiki page and everything


Yeah, definitely true. Lived on the Surrey/Hants border and knew of multiple sightings back in the 90’s. Didn’t believe them as I thought it was a bit far fetched. That was until my mum came from work in absolute shock at seeing something. She was a respite nurse who’d do overnight shifts at elderly patients houses. She did a lot out in the countryside and one morning when leaving a house in the winter, a big black cat jumped on her bonnet of the car while she was reversing. When she got home there was a few very large smudged muddy prints on it. There were a ton of sightings for the next few weeks after that by locals too.


I saw one once. It ran just ahead of the galloping horse I was riding . Wasn't Surrey though


We had that rumour multiple times in my village in the north east, I wonder if it was the same well travelled puma


Also Dorset/West Country - there’s a whole website tracking sightings


Lincolnshire wolds had one and all the footage suspiciously looked like a black lab.


A kid a few years above us had died after they ran across the field an got hit by a javelin.


I do recall seeing that on a 999 episode, it went through his neck and pinned him to the ground. But I believe he survived.


This actually happened near us. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/wirral-woman-opens-up-accidentally-16434375


That you're PE teacher was a pedo and there were always stories/rumours going around about it despite no evidence whatsoever.


It was one of the tech teachers in my school and he was! He made all the girls get on their hands and knees on the floor to make sure their skirts touched the floor. If not, they were ‘too short’. I refused to do it so he threatened to phone my dad, a very strong east end Glasgow boy. So I told him ‘on you fucking go’. Never got told to bend down again. I didn’t realise how severe it was at the time but I only wish I’d told my dad.


Ah we had to do this at my school too, but all the teachers would make us do it so it never got associated with any rumours about particular teachers.


Can you imagine this happening now?! This was happening to us in 2004. He was also a raging racist. Used to ask the brown guy in our class where he was from. He was as Glasgow as they came. ‘No but where are you ACTUALLY from?’. I wish I’d known more to stand up to this kind of thing but I was only 11.


Yikes!!! We did have a teacher like that too (this was in south London) who was creepy, sexist, and racist - my old school was actually in the news in 2020 because the students started protesting against institutional racism and I think there was a petition to finally get rid of the guy 😬 I was horrified to learn that he was still there, 10 years after I'd left... the other teachers knew about it but it was just "oh that's just what he's like". Making sexually suggestive comments to 16 year olds? Okay...


All PE teachers are pedos. Fact.


Sadly the older you get, the more you realise actually at least one teacher at your school almost certainly was, and a good number of those small 'creepy' behaviours should actually have been talked about a little more... Except the female PE teacher at my school. I think the girls were just mean because she was a butch lesbian and decided this meant she watched them in the shower. We probably should have talked a little more about what the 60+ year old head teacher did though.


It was our geography teacher. Apparently stared down girls tops. Never seen it myself, so was always skeptical. Now, as an adult, I believe it more than I did then.


It was the art teacher at our school, he did end up getting done for it a few years ago though! We all knew but no one could prove it!


One of our female PE teachers would often give some of the girls a bit of a rub down to warm them up - yep that was weird. Another had to give us sex ed which actually was hilarious, learnt nothing but had a laugh.


One of ours either left or was sacked, the rumour was that he stopped a couple of girls fighting and said an innapropriate comment like they if they wanted to fight they should be in mud. Something like that, not even sure if it was true. Knowing him though it sounded true enough. The more ridiculous rumour is that he was caught having sex with an elderly, and stern member of staff, not well liked by most students. Funny enough that was the most believed rumour. Even though she remained there after he left.


One of the local Chinese takeaways got shut down because dog meat was found in the freezer


One of our local Chinese takeaways did get shutdown because of dead pets in the freezer. Strangley enough there was a pet shop next door. Never found out if they were cooking them or just storing them for the pet shop after some sort of incident at the pet shop.


We had that one except it wasn't shut down..


Marc Almond of soft cell. Feinted and had pints of spunk pumped out his stomach.


He was a regular customer when I worked at HMV in The Trocadero in Piccadilly Circus. Very nice chap!


Because he gave everyone blowjobs?


We were told this was Elton John!


Ironically he was allergic to nuts


All I remember is talk of the legendary porn star King Dong. Nobody ever saw one of his films but bizarrely we all (well the boys anyways) heard of him. Apparently his member was so large that he used to faint when hard.


That’s quite a feat. I never heard of King Dong though! I will ask my guy pals.


Yep I can confirm he had the biggest dick in the world


Please stop spreading these rumours about me


Why is the Fr*sties kid banned? I guess I'll have to go with the story about the girl who turned orange from drinking too much Sunny D


That actually happened to my sister when she ate two nets’ worth of tangerines one Christmas so I can believe it could also happen with Sunny D


Except that one's true: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/too-much-sunny-delight-turns-girl-s-skin-yellow-1134703.html


As a treat for her boyfriend a girl put 2 skittles or fruit pastels inside her for her boyfriend to eat out of her. The boyfriend ate 3 sweets from her. The third ‘sweet’ was either a cluster of herpes or a genital wort and guy got a horrible rash on his face


Isn't this the jolly rancher story from reddit?


Not *quite*, but an extremely similar version, I thought the same thing!


Haha, we had this one but with starbursts as the chosen confectionary… still scares me now though


Fruit pastels was our version, which always freaked me out a bit texture wise.


If you even paddled in the river near school you’d get bitten by the Pike that lived there. Basically Jaws but in rural Gloucestershire.


There seems to be one of those in every local body of water. Ours was called the Brayford Beast.


Purple Aki, well tall tales about him did go round.


Who is Purple Aki?!


By legend he's a huge 7 foot tall man, so black that his skin is purple, he feels up your muscles an depending of legend he'd rape you too. [The man who squeezes muscles.](https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-6d083913-0bfb-4988-8cd8-d126fa6dcff1) is a good documentary on the real Akinwale Arobieke.


It went around my school that someone dislocated a leg playing rugby, and when trying to put it back in, they accidentally caught one of his balls in the socket joint


I've heard that one before. True or not, it still gives me the heebie jeebies thinking about it


This one, my brother actually lost a testicle while playing rugby! He got hit by a knee when on the ground - ended up getting it surgically removed.




Manson and his rib, if Slipknot ever took their masks off they'd have to kill themselves


I heard they were in a fire and the masks are melted to their face


That korn and limp bizkit hated each other with a passion


Kel out of Kenan and Kel killed himself. He’s didn’t.


Who loves orange soda?


This played havoc on our playground.


The school building used to have a clock tower (It didn't) that was now where the maths rooms are located. It was frequently visited by a ghostly woman in dressed in grey (it wasn't) and if you saw her it's because something bad was going to happen to you (again, nope) The Gray lady, I went to 5 schools growing up. Each had a version of this tale.


My secondary school was built on the site of a PoW camp. The library was allegedly haunted by their souls.


A girl masterbated with a lobster and it laid eggs inside her and she gave birth to baby lobsters. And the Marilyn Manson one.


That putting banana skins in an oven got you high. Noone ever had any idea what you were supposed to do with them or how you were supposed to get high off of them.


You were supposed to smoke them. Cotton wool was also alleged to get you high. Someone in out group dried banana skins in her mum’s airing cupboard, then we wrapped them around Tampax and tried to smoke them on the school bus. Smelled vile.


You had to peel the white stuff off inside the banana skin and put it in the oven to dry it out then smoke it. I was a bit too young to know about rizla and Tobacco, so I tried to smoke it wrapped in a4 lined paper. It was like a forest fire in my lungs, and was a gateway drug to trying smoking the white piffy stuff inside orange peels. They were the days


[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bananadine](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bananadine) This one definitely was still going in the 90s, it was always somebody's older brother who passed it down - which I guess is how it survived so well. I remember it also had a follow-up rumour, which was **DONT** ever smoke banana peels; because if you dry them out in the oven, formaldahyde is created and you'll get sick and die. Which is just absurdly good, that it relies on you knowing the first hoax and believing it, for the second hoax to even be a thing. I wonder if dumb ones like this still exist with kids, now they can just search it up and be like "oh no, that's actually a 50 year old hoax from 1960, it says on the wiki"


Someone once put two pencils up their nose rammed their head into the desk and the pencils went into their brain and they died.


That you could teach Sea Monkeys to do tricks. You can't




Richard Gere would insert a toilet tube up his anus and let hamsters crawl inside.


Apparently this rumour took off originally because on a Friday night some prankster faxed continual copies of this stories to every newspaper. This was in the 1980s when fax machines had just arrived on the scene and way before the internet was the staple it is now. So it just hung around in the offices, or got pinned up on shared noticeboards etc by hacks and became a private joke among newspaper folk before slowly leaking out into the wider world. As it was done on a Friday, all the weekend staff left this 'scoop' for their weekday colleagues to find.


Being in the 90s and into taking acid, the urban myths about LSD. The man that took too much and permanently believed he was an orange and spent his life terrified he would be turned into orange juice The man who was seen running through town on LSD screaming about being chased by Mars bars. The numerous people that took LSD and jumped off high places believing they could fly. I took LSD loads and in large amounts, none of that shit is anything like you see or feel or think on LSD.


There was a rumour at my school that one of the teachers husband's had taken LSD once. He apparently thought his fingers were Sausages, fried them in a pan and began eating them. Edit: a word


GAP stands for “gay and proud”


That a celebrity hid in a schoolgirl's closet to surprise her (a la Noel's House Party) only for her to start pleasuring herself... with the assistance of dog food, in some cases.


Ha, I remember that one. At my school it was Ricky Martin hiding in the wardrobe.


Someone killed themselves in the flat above KFC and nobody discovered the body so it decomposed and dripped into the fryers.


Missing the standard one in the winter... X cm's of snow and the school has to close!


Various rumours about games like Spyro, Mario, GTA etc like secret areas or bosses You know the ones. E: Some ones I remember: * Luigi being playable in Mario 64 & Sunshine * Spyro 3: the distant island in Midnight Mountain had a secret bonus level that had you fighting all bosses in one go * GTA: Bigfoot, ghosts, zombies and whatever could be found in very specific areas at very specific times with very specific weather * Mario Kart DS having Shy Guy as an unlockable


I don’t remember these ones specifically but I remember The Sims and rosebud. Which incidentally was not, in fact, a rumour.


The girl who both owned peanut butter and a dog, It went round as a matter of fact at our school for a while, the girl in question didn't even have a dog


I remember a rumour at primary school that the poo of brown people was white!


That a kid jumped off the top diving board at the local swimming baths, belly-flopped and split open! Three different schools, different parts of the country, three different versions....


The girl and the test tube…


The black nun at Llangrannog.


the black nun's real tho


We heard she was at Glanllyn! This came up on the Wales sub a while back, it turns out there's a version for all of the Urdd centres.


The kid from the Frosties advert killed himself by putting two pencils in his nose and headbutting a desk


The milky bar kid was our version at my school


A reminder that was specific to my school was that one of the PE teachers called Mr Hill run an ecstasy business out the back of his Honda Civic at the nearest nightclub on weekends. More general, every exam season people would always talk about how if someone died in an exam then everyone automatically got an A.


If you swallow chewing gum it takes seven years to digest or can wrap around your intestines and kill you. Plus putting a chewed piece in hot water revives the flavour.


Well the one I heard was that Posh Spice was pulled over for drink driving and they found she had a pint of becks in her. That H out of Steps couldn't spell his name. The Nurse who explained Mars Bar Parties to 10 year olds in a sex education class being part of a "loving" relationship. Funny the only women who are into that sort of thing go into the whole avoid as they start doing your head in.


I'm wheezing quietly at H from Steps.


That some girl got bummed in a phone box


Round the back of the bike sheds for us.


This was rumour that showed up after I left, but was mostly spread by all of us who went to high school: our head teacher was a sex offender (not pedo) and that he had sent a pair of underwear to our receptionist (lovely lady).... Turns out we were right


Every time we had to see the school nurse rumour went round that they were doing the "cough and drop" test. This, people said, was where the nurse grabbed your balls and asked you to cough. It never happened, it was always something else, eye test, colour blind test, dental examination, etc. The lie was prolonged by people who'd already seen the nurse telling those still queueing how embarrassing the test was. The fact that the girls also had to see the nurse should have given us a clue that it wasn't what the rumour mongers said it was. Gary Oldman in Diff'rent Strokes was really a 50-year old guy who had some disease which made him look like a kid. During exams a kid put a pencil up each nostril and smashed their head down onto the desk add the pencils went into their brain.


Gary Oldman?!


Just shows how versatile an actor he is


Gary Coleman!


Remember them alien things you used to get in plastic egg shaped container with slime and a rubber alien thing… well I’m sure as you all know if you got another and stick them back to back they would have babies 😂😂😂


My primary school had a rumour where everyone said Bloody Mary haunted the school and if you went to the toilet alone during lesson you’ll see her.


Various people got fucked with a crisp packet and a bobble instead of a condom.


Catman of Greenock




The girl whose boyfriend worked in the morgue Thr guy who ate one too many starbursts out of his girlfriend


Not sure if everyone had one but we had the 'girl who was driven mad by a session with an ouija board and ended up in the local psychiatric hospital'. Everyone had heard of her or knew someone who knew someone who knew her but nobody actually knew her, if you get my drift.


Every secondary school has a story about how "one year" some boys in whatever year was leaving brough in 3 farm animals (could be sheep, chickens etc) and painted 1, 2 and 4 on them. Then they let them loose in the school on muck up day and had everyone running around desperately looking for number 3.


If a teacher is 10 minutes late for class it was the law you could leave.


If you dropped a frozen pea from Blackpool Tower it could kill someone!


One of the Pussy Cat Dolls had a penis. Props for guessing which one.


Was it Eric?


How come no one has mentioned the three drains in a row being bad luck? We used to have a bunch of them on the road to school and you'd see all the school kids avoid walking over them.


Rumour: Put a sock or something of kind over a phone and put it on vibrate and up their noot noot under the desk at school..


Don’t know if this is in every school but something about a woman cutting a guys dick off with scissors for cheating on her and she didn’t even get sent to prison


I don't know how old you are, but I was 8 when this story came out, and it's fair to say it was widely talked about in school! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_and_Lorena_Bobbitt


Born and bred in Bristol. Banksy was apparently a student here though hard to verify


I went to primary school in the late eighties and everyone referred to Jimmy Saville as a paedophile back then. Also, does anyone remember being told about an infamous porno called Animal Farm? I remember someone telling me a guy has sex with a hedgehog in it, which was the moment I decided I definitely don't want to watch it.


A "skeleton key" can open any lock. (A skeleton key is a thing, but pretty much any lock since 1900 isn't affected by it.)