Welcome to my life for _years_.


Since I was 23, that's been 12 years now. Nasal sprays help but are physically addictive, so watch out and only use if really needed...


I am addicted to otrivine. I tried coming off it but it's really hard as things get much worse for about 2 weeks. Eventually I couldn't cope and caved and am back using it pretty much every day now :(


Hi Pharmacist here. Nasal sprays like otrivine causes rebound congestion which is worsening of your condition if you use it for even more than a week. Would suggest consulting with a GP. It's a common occurrence and in your case, may already have become chronic. Do get it checked out.


Ooh! I can help you. I got addicted and it was a nightmare. Someone on Reddit incredibly kindly talked me through it. They warned me it was a two week process but actually it was only a week. Right, get ready because it’s super simple. You do one nostril at a time. That’s it! Take an antihistamine every 12 hours and keep spraying the side you’re not tackling yet. After 3 days you will be amazed, it really does clear one side. Then once that side is clear, keep taking the antihistamines (I confess I also took Pseudoephedrine because that shit works!!) and wait it out. I couldn’t BELIEVE years of torment came to an end within a week. Good luck!


Thank you. I'll give it a go. My concern is that the underlying issue that caused me to use otrivine in the first place will still be there so until that's addressed the stuffiness will still be a problem.


did this work out for you?


Ah, so I can't say I ever got around to trying it to my shame. Or if I did I slipped back into bad habits and am still snorting the stuff daily. Perhaps now is the time to try again 😩


Ah no worries lol. Going through the same pain like you right now. Just got a humidifier today so I'm gonna run that for a bit as well as when I sleep and see how it goes




Oh god all the luck coming your way. You will be fine, just stick with it. A couple of days discomfort and you will be free.


so did it work?


Anti allergy meds help a bit. I have dust and cat allergies, so this time of year it needs a boost.


I take an anti-histamine every day, and sometimes at night too just before bed. It probably helps a little but not sure how much.


Yeh, it's real shit.


My life right now. Can't breathe at all morning or night without it.




Yeh...you can and I have tried them, but they don't reduce the sollen capillaries to the same extent. They don't have the same effect on me personally. Good point though, there are more alternatives than I alluded to.


Same. I must be on year 2 right now


Me too, I like olbas oil on my pillow case and handkerchief.


Dry air from heating?


Could be some type of allergy. Have you tried washing all bedding (incl. duvet and pillows) at 60c? I find that helps.


Ill give this ago as I was taking antihistamines during spring summer as I thought is was hayfever and now just a cold but it has been constant. Thank you!!


I stopped my antihistamines recently as... well it’s November... but after a few days I started with itchy eyes and skin and sore throat and congestion etc. Restarted the antihistamines and improved almost immediately. Definitely seems to be something still around.


Randomly we had wasps in our garden yesterday, and a couple of flies. These were a killer in the summer. Must be I reckon....


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To be fair they weren't correcting your grammar.


I always heard it as 'Bolivian Marching Powder' but don't know why as Colombia is obviously much more famous for cocaine


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Literally sat here now gone from stuffy to snotty and tissue everywhere. Been like it for months. Usually dries up around 11am. Very random


when did you last wash your bedding? The pillows and duvet themselves, not the covers?


You can wash pillows?


Check the label, and you might need a high capacity machine, but yes, a lot of pillows can be machine washed.


You can also put your pillow in the freezer for a few hours then vacuum it. This kills dust mites too.


No way... You've done this?


Yes and with children’s toys that can’t be machine washed. :) Mind you not much will fit in the freezer currently ... —-> not a hoarder I’m just prepared. Honest


Be careful with nasal sprays. You get into a habit with them and they can do more harm than good, and make the problem worse long term.


It’s almost become a habit for me. Ugh. I need to stop using it. Rhinitis is a pain!!!!


The rebound congestion will be worse than the original congestion tho lol


As someone else said, its probably because the air is dry from having your heating on. Try and make your room a little more humid while you sleep. You could buy a humidifier that plugs in, or a ceramic thing that hangs off your radiator. When i was at uni i just put a cup with water in near the radiator in my room and that solved the issue for me


Yep, every day for years. I spend the first 15 minutes every morning blowing my nose and copious amounts of mucus comes out. Yuck.


2 years ago after a bad cold I got addicted to otrivine nasal spray (xylometazoline hydrochloride) - couldnt stop using it as my nose immediately completely blocked. Soon regretted ever taking it at all. I got off it by starting using it only ever on one nostril - the left one. I could cope, sleep, and breathe fine, with only one nostril open. After a few weeks the right nostril was no longer perma-blocked, then i stopped using it at all. And a few weeks after that the left one stopped being perma blocked Dont get addicted to otrivine. It makes your nose require it to stay open at all. It is undoubtedly addictive.


Yes - and have been like this since I had a bad cold at the start of the year. It never fully clears up, but is worse in the mornings. Hay-fever made it worse. For the last month I have been using Beconase nose spray, recommended by GP, which helps for the day I take it but that's about it. When I get around to it, I'll go see the GP.


It's only intended to work for the day, no one is claiming it to be a one time cure


You might want to invest in an air filter. I had this problem for a long time, and it cleared up within a few days of running the filter. The prpblem was dust in the air


Just read your suggestion, I have a dusty house and have a runny nose all the bloody time, I'm gonna try it out, thanks :)


Yep 8 weeks now and it's driving me mad. My left nostrell gets fully blocked overnight. Sometimes find myself waking up and having to take a massive breath of air in through my mouth. I'm 42 and before this started i'd only get a blocked nose for a day or 2 when I had a cold.


I use a nasal spray before bed and it helps. You're only supposed to use them for 2 weeks, but I have been using this one on and off for a couple of months. Not the best suggestion, but the difference is like night and day. I can finally B R E A T H E. As other people are saying, it could be allergies. Drink lots of water as this also helps the body fight allergies.


No, only sore throat, bizarrely


That could be caused by snoring, it's usually the case for my wife after she's had one of those nights sounding like someone is chainsawing a herd of cows...


I used to have to use the decongestant nasal sprays as I have year round dust allergies and hay-fever. Now I use beconase allergy nasal spray which can be used long term. It doesn't unblock the nose immediately, you need about a week for it to properly start to work but I use it every morning and evening and dont have that problem any more. I can't do without it in hay fever season.


Ah, dude. My rhinitis is so bad that my right ear is so blocked that I'm practically deaf in that ear. It's non-allergic so anti allergy meds don't work. My face hurts and my ear throbs and I can't take it anymore.


Have you seen an ENT?


Yes, that's who diagnosed me, but not for a few years. He gave me cortisone injections high up in my nostrils a few times. It helped. I've got an appointment with the gp tomorrow and will asked to get referred again.


Oh good, I’m glad you’re going. It’s awful to live like that long term, I hope they can do something.


It's getting unbearable. I'm not exactly sure why it's so bad this year.


The ‘botanical sexism’ theory makes most sense to me. Sounds initially barmy, but once you read up on it, it’s probably the cause.


Slutty man trees spewing all their pollen 😂. Makes sense actually.




Yep about the pseudo. I just don't want to take it too long, but if it's going to open my ears, I'll do it. Have an appointment with the gp today, to see what she says... And yes, will try the menthol rub! Thanks


Have you switched your heating on in the past month? I'm the same if I don't wake up before the heating comes on in the morning.


Try dusting more often or taking anti allergies. Mum has a dust mite allergy and suffers from the same thing, this is the only fixes we have found.


Hello. American here to offer a different possibility: dairy. I've noticed (especially as I age) that when I eat dairy, I get a bit congested when I sleep or when I wake up. Dissipates through the morning. I think the term is "post nasal drip". Anyway, just another thing to consider. I now avoid dairy. Sucks but I feel better.


Yes but mine is caused by constant sleep deprivation thanks to my baby


I get a stuffy nose every night. Have done for years. Doesn’t matter where I am or what I eat (ie not allergies). It’s really annoying.


Yep! I have something called rhinitis - had it for around 15 years, 2 different antihistamines every day and a steroid nasal spray and it still doesn’t relieve it 100%


I used to get this. I have a window open all night for fresh air. Get hypoallergenic pillow protectors and mattress protectors, wash bedding and change regularly every week or 2 weeks. Hoover your mattress. I have a fabric headboard i hoover that as well, dust and vacuum your room every week, dust first then hoover. Any lamp or lampshades (i have one over my bed for reading) dust these obviously not over clean bedding.


I've suffered all my adult life, nothing helps.. just blow and wait lol.. sneezing a weeks worth in the 1st 1/2 hr of the day.. my mums the same..


Sounds like you need to hoover up


Yes, usually when I’ve had the heating on, don’t tend to have it on very often, use blankets and dressing gowns


Itchy eyes for me, especially as the weather turns from autumn to winter. The responses on this thread have cleared up the reasons as to why though so thank you for asking this question.


I have my fan in every night. Usually gives me a stuffy nose and a dry mouth in the morning


Sorry for being an arsehole but “everyday” and “every day” aren’t the same [It’s just that one thing that gets on my tats for some reason](https://www.grammarly.com/blog/everyday-every-day/)


Yes, and have done for years and years. It's never runny or anything, just really stuffy. I'm afraid I over-use otrivine as it's the only thing that helps. I tried to wean myself off it earlier in the year, and was successful for a few weeks but started using it again, initially "just one spray" to help with a little stuffiness but it's gone back to regular use again. I know it's bad and I know they can do damage long term. I was using a neti pot at the time which apparently is meant to help clear out allergens and soothe the nasal passages. It did help a little I think, but the weaning off nasal sprays is really hard as your nose gets even stuffier and uncomfortable for about a week or two. I use snore strips at night which do help open the airway a little. I use an anti allergy mattress protector, anti allergy duvet under-case and anti allergy pillow under- cases. I clean my bedding regularly, clean and dust my room regularly and have a special mattress vacuum cleaner. It doesn't seem to make much difference. Wishing you luck as this is a total bitch if it really sets in.


When the trees start to bud, my hayfever starts. It goes on all summer with different things setting it off. When the leaves fall, I start up again. I only stops in winter. Hopefully I'll be able to stop taking my tablets soon. Before I have to start taking them around March


Same here ever since I've moved to the UK 2 months ago !


It's dust dude. Get new pillows. Wash your sheets WEEKLY


Too everyone here suffering from what seems like chronic sinusitis like myself. You pound anti histamines and nasal spray all day. Or you can invest in a neti pot, Nasodren, AND pound antihistamines and nasal spray all day. Works wonders


Yup, I have a deviated septum so it's usually stuffy anyway. Sometimes a nasal rinse with a Neilmed bottle and solution helps when I've got a cold or just for a 'clean out'


Heating on, windows shut? Keep your bedroom cool and ventilated


It will likely be something in your bedroom, mold or dust that is causing this if it only happens when you first wake up. I discovered a few weeks ago that coffee can cause inflammation if you drink too much, and after cutting coffee out of my morning routine have found that I can breathe! So that's a bit shit.


Could be polyps in your nose? Best mentioning it to your GP as the waiting list for a specialist is really long (so best getting on it ASAP)


I always have this in winter.... So it can just be the cold


Every single day since I moved to the U.K. two years ago. Have also had to stop wearing eye makeup as my eyes are now CONSTANTLY watery, even with antihistamines. I’m allergic to England I guess.


You could definitely benefit from a humidifier in your room!


This happened to me in my mid twenties. I’ve been the GP route and they have determined it’s a problem with turbinates or something like that. It’s much better in summer which leads me to believe it’s a humidity thing...but we have a house that’s super prone to damp so I guess ill just suffer.


Would I benefit most from an air purifier or humidifier?


Same here! For many many years now. It’s not cold as feel fine after clearing it first thing in the morning. But wondered myself why and what is it.. could possibly be the air: too much dry/humid or something like that.


I get this all the time. In the summer, I thought it was due to tree pollen, in the winter I've no clue, but assume it's some kind of allergy. It doesn't happen Spring/Autumn, for some reason. Only Summer and Winter :D


Dust mites and mould can cause this.


I used to. Every year around this time I'd wake up stuffy and blocked up. I open my windows for an hour or so in the morning and I dont have a problem.


I tend to suffer hay fever like symptoms in the autumn winter - must be dust. generally take citrazine (?sp) as could get a months worth from Savers for £1.30 Dr told me to change antihistamine and stuffiness should clear. Sure enough did. Otravine I struggle with, because coming off it make you 10 times worse.


Replace your pillows. They're likely chock-full of dust mite shit.


Yes! And lots if people around me. But for like ages... can't blame hay-fever at this point!


Yup. I used to think it was because I smoked but now I haven't for years and it still happens. It's possibly some kind of dust allergy...I guess?


I get this throughout the year. I found out I have a lot of environmental allergies like dust/dust mites etc. I got an air purifier which I run overnight when sleeping and it helps immensely. Would definitely recommend it to anyone having the same issue. Weirdly it also reduces my snoring!


Do you drink?


I get that every night, every time I experience the slightest change in climate and also when I eat hot or cold food. 👍🏻👍🏻 such fun.


My nose is completely blocked all year round. Like as if there's concrete inside it. Its horrendous.I've tried every antihistamine and steroid nasal spray going and they only work temporarily. The only thing that really works is Otrivine which is utterly amazing for a short term fix when I'm at the absolute end of my tether. I honestly can't believe the difference in my mood when my nose is clear. Apparently there's some liquid nitrogen treatment available in the US which can give long term relief. I'm praying that it becomes available here soon.


I get that if I don't eat enough fruit and veg for a while. Poor diet lowers the immune system.


Omg yes!! I thought I randomly became allergic to sommat! What typically helps yours mate?