What's your favourite PC game of all time?

Doesn't have to be a PC exclusive, just that it is available on PC and you love it.


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The Sims. I've never really been into video games, but The Sims is one of the few exceptions. Sunk hours and hours of my life into that. Closely followed by Roller Coaster Tycoon and Age of Empires.


Roller coaster Tycoon is up there with the absolute best. I forgot about that so thanks for the nostalgia.


Got it on iPad a few years ago, took me straight back 20 years. Really well done port


There is a development version (free to download) called OpenRCT2 which is modified and updated by devs, and includes an online multiplayer mode so you can build with your friends, run competitions etc. it's making a small comeback. Has a nice community of players and a few sites full of community creations and custom objects to download and use yourself. If you enjoy the OG game, it's well worth getting into as there so much more you can do now! I've been hooked for the last 8 months.


The Sims, Rollercoaster Tycoon and Age of Empires are truly the holy trinity of being roughly 30 and not that into video games.


Absolutely. Basically: which games are the least 'video gamey'. Even with those three games, I didn't even enjoy the actual 'game' element that much, I just liked building things!


Same. Also zoo tycoon too for me.


You can never say you played The Sims unless you knew what this meant rosebud:;:;:;


Rome Total War, approaching 20 years old and as playable today as it was fresh off the CD.


Medieval 2 is mine. Still play it.


Dude... when you fight the Timurids with the CANNONS on ELEPHANTS... and then you go to the Aztecs. AMAZING i loved the original Medieval with the Risk-style board as well honestly. Rome was good, but the crusades was always so much fun.


Third Age mod for that is amazing if you're a LOTR fan.


Shogun Total War was my fave. Absolutely loved playing that




100%. I used to love the assassination cutscenes, by the ninja and Geisha :D


The total war series is a legendary classic


Time Commanders


loved the tv show where they had it on, that was ace.


Time Commanders!


Rome or Medieval 2. Tip top bangers of all time.


Shogun 2 is mine! Total war ftw :)


Anyone remember the short lived tv show where teams of people played Rome total war and battled each other?


Time commanders! Some episodes are on YouTube for a nostalgia hit


Came here to say this. Played it just the other night, in fact.




Yes!! I still play with my brother every now and then :)




This is what I immediately thought of! I'm so sad that I don't have it for the computer anymore, I have it on the PS2 but it just isn't as good as the PC version


There is a difinitive edition that's available on Stream of a fully remastered version. Can't recommend it enough for fans of the the original




All hail, king of the losers!


Worms 2 with the angry Scots voice


Armageddon is my Worms choice from the series (for all the ridiculous ninja rope based online shenanigans) - but definitely a good pick.


Yeah Armageddon was the peak of the series, since then they've just released the same game again and again, with the odd new feature here and there (in some cases with less features than previous games). Local play with your mates in the late 90s throwing concrete donkeys and holy hand grenades, doesn't get any better.




Worms is forever a classic, the online multiplayer still functions today


The Civ series. The only game I've played every iteration of, starting with my first computer in the early 90s. Whether on floppy, CD, DVD or Steam.


Just one more turn and oh, shit, its 4am.


Civ 2 is my absolute favourite


Dungeon keeper - playing though it again now and its still awesome. So is anything by bullfrog for that matter.


Theme Hospital was my Bullfrog game of choice. Spent hours on that as a wee lad. *Patients are asked not to die in the corridors*


Two point hospital is amazing and very much the spiritual successor to theme hospital, think most of the same development team worked on it, Plus the receptionist is just as sassy


Hospital administrator is cheating


24328 I struggle to remember what I've had for breakfast some mornings, yet that code you enter in the fax is seared into my brain lol


It's currently £1.29 on GOG if you want to relive the memory and pop some bloaty heads.


Syndicate was a banger as well.


Dungeon Keeper 2 is something I’m still playing to this day!






One of your creatures is being scavenged!


Some of your creatures cannot reach their lairs.


I still announce 'it is payday!' when I get the monthly text from the bank, and 'your creatures are fighting amongst themselves!' when the cats are having a boxing match


It took me a while to realise why Peppa Pig’s dad sounded so familiar…


Wait! Really?


Unreal Tournament 2004. What a shame that Epic Games abandoned the never-finished reboot of Unreal Tournament and divert all the efforts to Fortnite.


I remember getting a copy of that free with our 56k broadband router, let’s just say I got addicted! Such an amazing game. Rankin still haunts my dreams


A fine example of how a few relatively small changes could turn the rather disappointing sequel that was UTk3 into a classic. PANCAKE!


Just posted the same answer. M-M-M-MONSTER KILL!


UT 2004 was a lot of fun, we had many lan parties dedicated to playing Assault and VCTF. Even though i don't really play much these days I've kept our Instagib VCTF server running for the last 15 years. Sadly Epic killed off the server list earlier this year, although the community have setup a replacement.


UT99 was the best version. What an absolute gem of a game. The mod scene for UT99 was great too. Got me addicted to a game called Tactical Ops which was a CS type game.


There used to be a gaming centre in town where we'd go and play against each other as no ones home Internet was fast enough. Think that may have been an earlier version though


My secondary school had a gaming club, I went around 2014 and we were playing UT2004 and I fell in love with it. Got it cheap on steam but nothing compares to playing it on LAN.


Oh my word! Loved this game! Going to hit some nostalgic feels, if you know you know! Redeemer Translocator Flak Cannon Tokara Forest Convoy Definitely check out the main theme - that track is perfection!


Command and conquer red alert 2


Kirov reporting


Used to love the sound of the Tesla coil!


*Shakin' baby!*


I'm pretty sure she says "shake it baby"




I’ll take the high road!


Little C4, knockin' at your door.


Theme hospital!


Patients ARE reminded NOT to die in the corridors. HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATOR IS CHEATING!


Absolutely loved the original, and the re-make is brilliant.


Is that 2 point hospital? I've played it on xbox but didn't like it (playing on the xbox part) but have now got my own pc again, is it available on pc I take it?


Yes, there’s also Two Point Campus which is the same style game but you’re building universities.


It's currently 75% off too - https://store.steampowered.com/app/535930/Two_Point_Hospital/


Has to be Portal.


Mine is in that direction… Half-life 2


I still play Portal 2 every now and again. There's almost a million maps on the workshop.


I just finished Portal for the nth time. It was a triumph.


I’m making a note here: “huge success”


C&C Generals: Zero Hour The amount of hours I spent fighting people online with some good mates of mine is full of some excellent memories. We were quite competitive for a time.


I loved that game, never felt it got the love it deserved in comparison to the original and Red Alert


The day they switched the servers off was a tragic moment in gaming history in my opinion. We all moved to Supreme commander, but it wasn't the same.


Supreme Commander is when the RTS genre peaked. I still go back and play Forged Alliance from time to time.


Oldschool Runescape 🤓💻


I remember getting £10 phone credit a month, £5 straight away on membership. Blew my mind when I could finally go past those gates just outside of Falador and running through white wolf mountain.


And almost being killed by the wolves on the mountain as you first go over


Was absolutely shitting it running across it…even had someone following me in the hopes he could loot my corpse as I stupidly went with all my gear (was only low level mind you).


Was looking for this in the comments. The only game that’s successfully got my attention for so many hours. Just started up again recently as well on my HCIM.


why cant i wear this goblin armor


Minecraft. Games that require me to hard focus and concentrate do nothing for me. Minecraft, I can just switch off and relax and let the creative juices flow


I'm amazed Minecraft is so low down. It's such a fantastic creative outlet and has something for just about everyone. Truly phenomenal game.


I only really dabbled with it here and there, but when we went in to lockdown my mates and I wanted a way of still being able to socialise and we opted for MC as we can just chill out and each do our own thing. And we all had our different styles of playing. I like to be creative and build things that are epic and look good. I built a massive lighthouse complete with rotating light at the top. I built a massive maze. Whereas my mate didn't like anything flash and showy and instead preferred building things with purpose such as, mob farms, xp farms, trading halls and a village to trigger raids. And we'd meet in the middle on most things. He built an xp farm that was really far from our base. I built I built an elaborate viaduct so we could travel there by cart. He worked out how to travel there by Nether portal. I'd make his stuff look good, he'd make my stuff have a purpose. So I built the maze, he gave it traps and perils and put a prize in the middle and installed a shortcut out. I built a pyramid that rose past the clouds, he built a creeper farm inside it.


Championship manager 2 97/98 and Half Life. Both excellent back in the day


Champ Manager has a V2 reboot. The players are rated and altered to match how their careers would turn out, with the benefit of hindsight. For instance, Bjorn Heidenstrom is no longer a world class defensive midfielder, and that Icelandic bloke is no longer an exceptional forward. Instead, a child John Terry is weak and inexperienced, but if you give him game time, and pair him with an experienced CB, he'll flourish jnto the linchpin of England's defense. You can probably only get him on loan, since Chelsea aren't daft. It's that kind of thing. It's been updated with more realistic finances and team ratings too. Doncaster Rovers were being asset stripped in 97/98, so in the V2 game, they are in financial chaos and have mainly just youth players. It's a free game, available here https://www.mediafire.com/file/30pma9fe4evtsh3/cm9798v2patch01.zip/file It's being constantly tweaked and updated. You can follow the progress on Twitter @CM9798V2


Black And White


Ah man solid solid shout brother. 20 odd years later I still sing the sailors song from time to time.


We need a remake of it, it won't play on my pc now


This brings back memories, I loved that game.


World of Warcraft and Cities Skylines


>Cities Skylines I hope the sequel is good!


World of Warcraft for sure! (Vanilla especially)


Hi fellow WoW player!


Yep I've been playing WoW for 14 years straight now. Been with it when it's been at its best and when it's been at its absolute worst. Got a whole network of friends within the game and honestly couldn't picture myself not playing it now.


My first job was in GAME and the manager and other workers all played WoW. 16 year old me had no idea what WoW even was but they wanted me to play so I got a copy. In game they sent me 5g and some bags.. fast forward to today and I regret this life choice lol. Still a huge WoW player and recently moved to another country to be with my boyfriend who I met in WoW 13 years ago.


Either Deus Ex or VTM Bloodlines.


The original Deus Ex was brilliant


Human Revolution was fantastic as well


My second playthrough of VTM Bloodlines as a Malk remains (terrible sewer section in the final third aside) as one of my favourite runs through a game ever. The extra effort in the choices available/prophetic dialogue really shines through. I've played Deus Ex more though, so yeah choosing between them is tough!


Baldurs Gate


I’m hoping the 3rd instalment is going to be as good as the first two


Divinity Original Sin 2 is a masterpiece in my opinion. So much care went into it and the story, score and voice acting are brilliant. That must’ve been why Larian got the BG3 job, really excited to see what they do with it!


I still regularly go back to Thief 1 and 2. Absolute masterpieces


Nothing quite lives up to the organic world building of thief. It just somehow manages to explain the whole world with small text/image cutscenes, chats between NPCS, the random unexplained undead that somehow actually make sense. Making you hate the mechanists just with a couple of mummified children. I started a list but there's too much and i got work to do! BUT I know thief 3 is the unloved xbox child of the thief games but i strongly advise thief fans to play it too, it has some great missions and manages to retain quite a lot of the thief feeling (in certain missions). Unlike that other thief we do not speak of. Also check out system shock 2.


In terms of hours played Tetris which kept me sane on many night shifts back in the 90s. However Portal and Portal 2 are perhaps the most perfect games ever made. The cake is a lie


Civ 5. Too good


World of Warcraft. It's the only game to have kept my attention for a ridiculous amount of time. Over the years, I've got upwards of 13k hours in the game. I don't play it anymore, but man did I have the best times of my life on that game. EDIT: Gonna throw this here too. If anyone reading this used to play on Eonar, Alliance, during 2009-2011 then drop me a message :)


Same here. I played an ungodly amount when I did play (something like one tenth of my time for over a decade), but boy did I have the best time doing it. I quit when my sub ran out while I was pregnant with my first mid BFA. I knew I would struggle carving out time to play, so quit while I was ahead. Dragonflight is looking amazing though and is seriously tempting me into returning. Shout out to: Papers Please, Return of the Obra Dinn, Monkey Island series, Factorio, Tropico, Total Annihilation, Black + White, Fable series, Homeworld, The Sims 4, Portal + Portal 2, Kerbal Space Program, Cities: Skylines, and Sid Meier's Civ series as well.


I lost about 2 years of my life to this game about 10 years ago!


I feel and resemble your remark. What a game


Not trying to drag you back in or anything, but Dragonflight has been the best expansion in a decade IMO.


The Broken Sword series.


The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Incredible game, I spent so much time during my early teen years playing that game and using the Construction Set to create my own homes and whatnot


Can't believe how far I had to scroll for this. Modern RPGs just don't come anywhere close to the depth and worldbuilding of Morrowind.




Civ was/is a remarkable game. Taking what could be a very complex board game and using the advantage of computing. I just think Civ2 made a huge jump. Everything simce then has been okay but not totally necessary.


With the exception of hex tiles imho. They really made a difference to how you plan an offensive and choose your city locations.


Theme Hospital/ Dungeon Keeper Monkey Island series/day of the tentacle (Lucas arts ) Original Settlers Special mention for Discworld All games I’ve had to track down to play again in adult life


The obvious answer would be the original Doom. That was the first game my dad sat my in front of the PC and left me alone with, I ended up replaying that for over a decade. I am also a big fan of point-and-click adventures and two of my all-time favourites are Simon the Sorcerer (featuring Chris Barrie as Simon) and Day of the Tentacle. Two fantastic little adventures :D


Stardew Valley. It’s a game that I’ll always keep coming back to when I need to just chill the hell out


This was my lockdown game. Something so chilled about it all. Can't wait for his next game.


Dungeon keeper. Rip bullfrog, you were epic


Cities skylines - i find something so relaxing about coming home and just building a city from scratch. It kept me sane during covid


Populous. I used to love that game. Wish somebody would web emulate it or create a mobile port :(


Possibly Monkey Island 2... or Championship Manager 2001/02


Replayed monkey island 2 recently and It still held up pretty well. Got so stuck in a couple places though.


Loved the monkey Island series!


RCT was mentioned already, a close second would be Sid Meier's Pirates! And stardew valley Although most time would easily be championship/football manager series


Grim Fandango Could have chosen a few others but it's the only game that I ever bought any "merch" for (a Manny Calavera t-shirt), so I'm giving it the nod. Close runners up (Outcast, Little Big Adventure 2, Deus Ex and Spelunky).


Same, I've got a t-shirt and a hand-drawn print of Manny.


> Grim Fandango I really do need to go back and finish Grim Fandango, I think as a kid i got stuck somewhere on the ship which was world 3. YouTube didn't exist back then and we didn't have the internet regardless in early 1999. I know it took my brother and I weeks of playing to get that far, so we felt we'd done pretty good.


I think.....Civ2. Its a tough one though. I also loved the original unreal tournament, and C&C red alert. Oh, also X wing v Tie fighter.


Football Manager.. there has never been a game created that can compare to the 'just one more match.. oh shit, it's daylight again' feeling that this delivers


I have two. Counter Strike: Source. I used to run a clan and it was great fun. Battlefield 2. One of the best mass multiplayer games ever. Really wish I could play this again.


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - The Graphic Adventure. Was made by Lucas Arts with the same engine as Secret of Monkey Island. Came with a copy of the grail diary which helped you to solve puzzles during the game. Had a wicked sense of humour running through the game and was tricky. Loved that game.


Did you ever play Fate of Atlantis? I played it before the first one. I was given a box of floppy disks and it was one of the games. Along with Day of the Tentacle and Monkey Island 2. They got me hooked on adventure games, but mainly Lucas Arts ones! Also if you haven’t played for a long time, the special editions with better graphics are fantastic.


Hi, I'm selling these fine leather jackets


Disco Elysium is the best thing I've played in a long time, maybe ever, and I've played a lot of games!


Disco Elysium is the first answer to “Can video games be art?” Without compromising the game elements. It is still fun, while also being emotionally evocative and exploring philosophy in a characterful fashion. Love it so much.


Factorio is definitely a strong contender, but given FF7 is installed on my PC in going to have to name a PS1 game with a PC port as my favourite PC game for the sake of nostalgia. I also have far too many hours in Civ4, and Stardew Valley.


In terms of gameplay and story: Half-Life 2. In terms of how many hours played: Minecraft.


FTL: Faster Than Light. Sci-Fi strategy game with a bit of a learning curve but you can spend hours upon hours and still not master it. Great music and charming visuals really make this game timeless in my eyes. Into the Breach is also great but doesn't beat FTL in my eyes.


Monkey Island


Old School Runescape for sure, such a nice community with people trimming your armour for free


The Sims, I’ve played it since I was a kid! I remember playing the Sims Urbz on my PS2 when I was just wee & stuff, and I still play Sims 4 just now! Last time I played it was… 9pm last night 😂 I’m sure my fiancé who’d a die hard PC gamer would for sure disagree. But I’m not a gamer, I just play the sims 😂


Secret of monkey Island


Rollercoaster tycoon! Specifically number two. I still play it now and it has given me IRL interests. Vividly remember building a Jurassic park boat ride as the millennium ticked over 😂 good times!


Theme hospital, and theme park to a lesser extent


Heroes of might and magic 3.


Battle for middle earth. 1 or 2. The lord of the rings movie tie in games in general were just way better than they had any right to be.


I still have happy memories of playing Elite on our BBC Micro.


Pharaoh with the Cleopatra expansion.


Counter Strike 1.6 & Global Offensive. Spent over 5000h in those games and probably £1000 opening cases and the best thing I got was £60 sticker. CS:GO offers a highly competitive gameplay experience that can be very rewarding. The game requires a combination of skill, strategy, teamwork, and quick reflexes, which can be very satisfying to master.


Unreal tournament, 1998 - still got it on my pc now I love it


Team Fortress 2, played it when it first came out but stopped playing around 2013/14 when the PC gamer server died. It was a shame as we had a good community on there.


Half Life Half Life 2 I guess is technically a better game but Half Life was just more enjoyable


Knights of the old Republic, love that game!


An old game called total annihilation, recently bought it on steam and it’s almost unplayable now


Total Annihilation and it’s expansion packs are available on GOG and they work. Such a good game, the expansion packs add too it nicely!


Outer Wilds


Not my fave of all time, but Return of the Obra Dinn is a masterpiece and everyone should experience it.


Early Lara Croft. Loved it for years. Starts in the mansion with old butler walking around with his glasses clattering. Side of mansion was a course, where you leaped jumped on frames trying your skills. No idea what console it was probably ps2. Hated the spiders, just freaked me out at times. After that original Goldeneye kept me up midnight bavk in 1995 ish


Has to be theme hospital, as frustrating as it is hilarious


Dungeon Keeper. I still play it.




Tie fighter


Civilization 4.


Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. Recently remastered as Diablo 2: Resurrected.


Simon the Sorcerer. I get that lovely nostalgia feeling whenever I think about it! Or Theme Hospital because filling an entire hospital with Kit Kat machines then murdering everyone was a good laugh.




My parents didn’t really ‘get’ gaming at all when I was growing up, but they got Total Annihilation free with a PC when I was about 11 and I must’ve lost more hours to that game than anything else


Unreal tournament 1999, still go back to it when I just want to chill after work.


I'm going to go with Rez - for somewhat odd reasons I've had it on Dreamcast, PS2, 360 and then finally with VR on my PC.It's been pretty much the same game throughout (which is pretty impressive for a game that's now well over 20 years old) - and whenever the new version appeared, it felt exactly as good as it always did. No rose-tinted glasses or nostalgia required. It's not here just for it's longevity - it's here because the VR version on my PC, suddenly showed what the game was always meant to be like. Honourable mentioned in no particular order: Space Quest 4 Monkey Island 2 Grim Fandango Worms (multiplayer, sat around keyboard) Doom (multiplayer network) Witcher 3 Battlefield 2 Portal 1&2 GTA4 Sleeping Dogs Stanley Parable Total Annihilation Edith Finch The Witness Civ2


Total Annihilation. Commander is king


Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 or 2 Rediscovered few weeks back after +10yrs, something so simple yet can spend hours perfecting it. *We don’t talk about the third one*


The original Deus Ex... or Thief: The Metal Age.


Old School RuneScape here, can never stay away for too long


The Curse of Monkey Island. I was a tad too young the first time I tried to play it and couldn’t get further than what was covered in the walkthrough, but the sense of achievement when I went back to it and it just clicked hasn’t been matched by anything since. The Sims 2 and Civilization 4 are worth noting though, both games I lost all sense of time when I was playing them including playing Civ for 14 hours one Saturday before realising I hadn’t eaten all day.


Civ 5 (with expansions)


Half life followed very closely by half life 2


L-l-l-look at you hacker... Panting and sweating as you r-r-r-run through my corridors!


Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. It's like Civilization, but in space. And the 'barbarians' are genuinely cool in this game.


Command and Conquer Worms Transport Tycoon Rollercoaster Tycoon Still play Transport Tycoon today - it's now open source and available free as OpenTTD.


Broken sword 1 and 2 , I can't chose. The music gives me shivers


Grim Fandango. I was obsessed with all of the Lucas Arts games but that one was easily my favourite.