Take my business

<Throws Cash> Take my business


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I smell freedom of choice , love it , it's the best smell . That's why we must protest against the china paid government , like Biden and his son hunter doing crack and money laundering through crappy paintings .


If "freedom of choice" really is the goal, why can't the store owner make the decision for what happens on their property grounds? Mask Mandate? Fine No-mask Mandate? Fine Patron's choice? Fine It's private property. The owner of said property makes the rules and has the option to pass the choice on to the guest. "No shirt, no shoes, no service" has been a thing for decades and there was never a "freedom" issue surrounding that. With that said, patron's should also respect that choice, regardless of their own beliefs.


yes. if a store chooses to enforce masks, I would probably grumble something about commies, then leave and take my business elsewhere.


And what would wearing a mask have to do with commies? Are you just calling anyone you disagree with a commie, or do you have a actual, REAL reason to call them such


I’ve refused to start wearing them again since I took their useless vax just to not wear a facial comfort blanket like a moron. Most places don’t say anything, the ones that do I just say I have a medical “thing” and they leave me alone. It’s still annoying that every place I go I have to have anxiety about being hassled by some busy body covidian.


I walked into Best Buy and asked the yellow shorted securities if it's mandatory, they said no. So I shopped without a mask and I was the only one. LA is turning into shit slowly. I was hopeful one moment but not anymore


>LA is turning into shit slowly Turning? I thought it was already there.


Wear a mask? Sure. Not wear a mask? Sure. Exactly how it should be. Not forced to do one or the other. Those at risk can wear masks, those who aren't dont need to.


If I saw that sign, I'd go into the store and buy shit that I didn't even need just to support them.


After all this time you people make me sick.... Pun intended. The mask's primary objective is not to protect the person wearing it. Dumbasses.


Exactly! If I saw this sign, I would never step foot in it, even if it was the only place to get something. I'd do without.


Thats right. F the kids


The kids have little to no risk of Covid. Stop watching CNN.


I got it, it was like a slightly more annoying cold because I’m not at risk, but oh my GOD why don’t I have my smell back 8 MONTHS later


Do you still have like zero smell or taste, or did they come back all out of whack? I completely lost my smell and taste for like two months, but when they came back almost everything smelled and tasted like actual garbage. It’s called parosmia. I had to do “smell therapy” with myself in order to retrain my brain to associate all the correct smells and tastes with the right foods. It’s still an ongoing process, but every day it gets a little better!


Won't see this in blue states; the lunatics hate freedom of choice. It's bow down before me Jor el or annihilation to the liberals.


Believe or not, I'm in Massachusetts, and the liquor store near my house has a very similar sign. Needless to say, it's become my exclusive place to buy liquor.


What store and state? Love it.


There is a small coffee shop in my city. Judge just upheld a $130,000 in fines for the young woman being open with this sign. No words…


Now THAT is how to run a business! Good on that owner/manager who made the call for that sign.


Nothing scares the Karens off from confrontation lol


Red state? I’m in.


The skating rink I work at has the same policy. It’s fantastic!


I would give this store ALL of my money.


I'd shop there, what store?


It’s free country, not a rent free country






Live like 9/12. That’s how you honor the fallen 🇺🇸


Last week I had to run some errands and do some shopping for the first time in a loooooong time. I was in a few weeks earlier and there was no problem being maskless but a month or so earlier there were signs stating they require the unvaccinated wear masks, although they weren't asking for proof. I went there, another large home improvement store, and another store that had signs strongly encouraging masks so I didn't wear one. No more than half of other customers did either. The service area of a car dealership had no signs and didn't seem to care. Only place I went that had a sign requiring a mask was the beer store so I wore one since it wouldn't be for long, it was my last stop before going home, and, well, it's the place that sells beer.


SHOULD BE in every store in the USA


Adults have agency, everyone should remember this.


As a libertarian, I think you should be able to choose if you wear a mask and I believe that the shopkeeper has the right to require a mask. Just respect others opinions.


The good ol days....


If ur over 40 get vaxxed if your under 40 and healthy move along please nothing to see here!


So everyone here seems to love the idea of Freedom if choice. So why can't you let women have that choice when it comes to abortions?


Because murder should never be a choice.


Because that’s murder. You don’t get a choice for murder.


No one should be able to tell someone what to do with their body. Same with fetus/unborn baby. It shouldn’t be the government telling anyone what to do. Not the governments place. Unborn means unborn.


Between mask rules and no one showing up to work I’ve seen more pictures of store fronts than I ever would have imagined.