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I've had friends in abusive relationships. I always speak the truth to them, that they should leave. I had to pick one friend up with a baseball bat in the middle of the night. She still stayed for a long time after. I will always try to help, unfortunately, a lot of people stay because they think they can't leave. As a kid, I was absued and when my best friend found out she gave me the courage to say something and I'll forever be grateful for her.


Not a friend but a neighbor. There's 4 of us on our side of the floor, we've all tried to help her over the last few years. It's pretty obvious nlthat she doesn't want it after she let him move back in as soon as the restraining order was over (for ripping her letter box off and booting her door in) so we don't bother helping now.


I had a friend who was in an abusive relationship. I tried to talk to her about it, but it was clear she didn't see it as abusive. I dropped the subject and remained a supportive friend, and she eventually saw the light and got out.


My ex actually. Her ex husband was a friend of mine until I found out how abusive he was. After helping her we ended up in a 5 year relationship


had a friend go through mental and emotional abuse, was only 15 so i couldn’t do anything. had a couple friends in abusive relationships, but i really could only give my advice and tell them to come to me if they need anything. hell, my own grandmother went through abuse. verbal and mental. it was awful, and watching it happen was awful.


I was in that position when I was younger. I had a friend whose mother's boyfriends were just awful to her. Physical and sexual abuse and just treating her terribly. Sometimes i would spend time with her at her place and that would be enough to keep her a little safer, and sometimes i basically took her place for her to give her a break. She was really grateful for it but i dont know how much it actually helped. We're older now and not in the same position, but I know a younger girl who is going through something like that now. I don't know if calling police will actually help anything or if there's any evidence. She doesn't want me to call anyone but she does tell me a little bit about it and it sucks feeling powerless to help.