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Anything relating to shit or vomit.


this is very fair it’s a no no


Same. Is it just the humiliation aspect of it all? I don’t ever want to judge anyone for whatever they’re into, but this one I just don’t understand


[I’m into both. Here’s my attempt at an explanation if you’re curious.](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskRedditAfterDark/comments/rapqun/what_is_one_kink_that_you_dont_understand_no_kink/hnkhw0t/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)


Hmmmm that actually makes sense to me. I still wouldn't do it. but I understand you.


Thank you for trying to explain to those of us who don't get it.


They say it's the number two fetish.


I don’t know about vomit, but I was once dating a guy who was in to coprophilia. It was not my thing and never followed through, but he explained that taking in a part of something that was inside of me was the most extreme form of intimacy. The thought that I would be a part of him forever was so romantic and a huge turn on for him. I’m sure I’m butchering it, but he had a very romantic way of explaining it. Still… there’s no way in a million years that I would enjoy something like that, but I didn’t judge him.


So you had the opportunity to shît in someone's mouth and you blew it?


Yes… yes I did


Coprophilia? ( the Baron episode of “What We Do in the Shadows”)


I didn't understand vomit until I got throatfucked so good it felt like my pussy was in my stomach and that vomiting would make me cum. It was extremely strange. But now I get it.


Vomit is just a subset of gagging/choking for me. It’s just the most extreme it can get, and that’s enticing in its own right. Scat is absolutely disgusting, and that’s precisely why I enjoy it. The power dynamics involved are also very potent, and that’s a massive turn on as well. Not to mention the sheer tabooness of it all.


I agree. Vomit is not for me, (to each their own), but when I explain the scat (or pee) aspect of it, I explain it as such. Our entire lives we have been told "you only do these things in this one specific room, away from prying eyes because it is gross and only you know about it". There is such a stigma with going to the grocery store and buying TP and heaven forbid someone attractive sees you. "Oh no this isn't for me, I don't do that". The taboo involved is the ultimate turn on, not to mention if it is contained in clothing also. Its the whole, "We are not supposed to do this, let's be bad, and do it anyway" sharing that with someone you love, to me, is the ultimate level of trust and Intimacy.




What if it's with that one guys wife?


That's the one exception for all of us.


You've never wanted to crack open a cold one??


Does it count if **I** wanna be the corpse, not the one fucking the corpse? The taboo is appealing, and theres a certain power dynamics involved that’s also kind of appealing. For most people who are into that (like myself) it’s also only fantasy/sometimes roleplay. Actually fucking a corpse is entirely unethical


Oh shit, what's up


Username checks out.


I have this kink where I wanna get fucked while I'm [pretending to be] asleep. With consent, of course. I think it's almost the same, isn't it?


It's not same. it's closer to freeuse


You know what? When I see it as roleplay it becomes more understandable.


Everything is more understandable if it's just roleplay


Isn't that what Denis Nilsen wanted? Well technically he wanted to fuck his own dead body I think.


I can't remember the name of it, but there's a movie about an autopsy tech who only fucks dead people. She meets a dude who becomes infatuated with her, but she won't sleep with him bc he's alive. He said he can pretend but she's like no bro, it's not the same. I don't want want to spoil it but yeah. This comment reminded be of it


Same cause free use is one step away from necrophilia technically just like sleep is the cousin of death. 🤷‍♀️😔😩


I don't understand myself to be honest 🤷 I wouldn't be about to do it to an actual corpse, morals and all, but I am incredibly turned on by the prospect.


Poop,fart sniffing and face spitting. But hey different strokes for different folks.oh and blokes who enjoy been kicked in the nuts


Face spitting I can understand. Domination and degradation. I imagine it's hot when someone is like "you're not a person with dignity, now you're a sex object I'm gonna use for my pleasure". I could get into it, on either end. Right there with ya on the other two though


I like when someone spits in my mouth but not all over my face. The degradation and nastyness of it I find really sexy.




Furry costumes. Tried it once, EXTREMELY hot (not in a good way) and itchy. Like fucking in a sauna. That woman was insanely creative and freaky.


Some people are into sweat lol


I like the smell of men that havnt showered, but I used to be a stripper and my co-workers would drop sweat on me like it was raining, and that was not hot


There's a specific sweat that smells soooooo gooood. I can't describe it perfectly, I think it's musky? (but not the sour, stinky kind of sweat) One whiff will make me crazy like an animal. It's suuuuper rare though...


It's like armpit sweat vs ball sweat Armpits smell kind of sour. Balls smell musky Although I'll admit that certain men have armpits that I could smell for days on end.


I just realized that furries are better equipped to fight covid.


Why? Because we try to keep a distance of 1.5 kilometres from them?


Cause they literally in protective gear.


Im on board with this one when it's comics or other digital/animated form but once it's real people the sexy level is 0 for me.


Anything that involves poop


The striking of genitals.


That description makes me imagine someone in a forge using a hammer for it like a medieval smith


While it sounds epic, it also sounds extremely painful.




Lightly is alright though tbh. Probably striking a coochi is better.


I like it


armpit fucking


shit, that’s a thing?


Yeah, in two varieties. One is like a thighjob but with an arm, the other is like... a titjob with no tits? You grind up the pit rather than along it.


Like this [NSFW?](https://el.phncdn.com/pics/gifs/025/625/221/\(m=ldpwiqacxtE_Ai\)\(mh=XJqE-29VUha8ssGK\)25625221b.gif) I think it's just the same as a thigh job, or a boob job.


I mean I’d try it?


I’m turned on by armpits. But even I dont understand why.




Real gore or fantasy/drawn gore?




I'm a diaper fetishist, in my case is more about regression and losing control, and I also like to mix it up with infantilization as a way of humiliation. It's like taking a break from being a responsible adult 24/7


I’m assuming you’re a woman. So just to understand better, do you like being the one in the diapers, or do you like being more of the “mommy” that is in control?


Yeah, I'm a woman, and I enjoy both roles. I used to enjoy being the one in diapers, but once I tried to be the dominant since it's easier to find subs than doms, and I found that being the "mommy" to other adult babies is enjoyable as well.


Thank you for sharing this! Have you done this with both men and women, or just strictly men? I'm not personally into diapers, but my whole thing is seeing an attractive woman give up control, usually to a dom woman, so it's kind of up my alley in a sense.


I'm bisexual but I'm more attracted to women, so I usually do this with another women.


Licking a toilet seat cover maybe 🚽


Gross and degrading




Handing over your hard earned money to a dominant is hot solely because of the submission and degradation aspects. It’s like saying “I don’t deserve this money. It’s yours because you own me.” I’d do it if I could afford it lol


I can never get past the fact that I’d be paying a pretty girl for attention and she’s not interested for anything but the money


Yes and i suspect it taps into something primal for being the provider and being at service. Knowing the woman the fawn for is happy because of them.


Everyone's giving the obvious answers, the top one at the moment being "necrophilia". Yes, we all feel that way, that's why it's illegal. What I don't understand is how seemingly *most* porn is just very unenjoyable sex. Guys banging away at some girl's face, or doing it in some really uncomfortable position... How is that sexy? Both parties look like they're doing some extreme workout, and the women often look more worried or weirded out than anything. Also, how hard can it be to find a seemingly normal looking man who's willing to do porn? I don't watch porn for the guys, but it's a bit distracting when the girls are constantly being railed by angry 80s movie thugs on steroids.


The most fucked up one that I cannot really understand is that one kink where someone is turned on by trees. Just… why?


Have you seen how thick those trees are ?


They’re big ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ fans?!


It even has a scientific name: Dendrophilia, so it might be not so uncommon.


Feet. I had an ex bf who was into it. I didn't mind doing it for him bc I loved him and it was quite easy fulfilling his desires. I just never got it. It did however made me more comfortable with my feet. I have small wide feet like a damn hobbit minus the hair. But he really enjoyed them. That made me happy.


Yea I’m kinda like this. I don’t think I necessarily have a legitimate foot fetish, as in don’t desire regular foot jobs, I don’t jack off to feet pics, I don’t want to cum on feet and whatnot. BUT, cute toes have become like a prerequisite for me to feel sexually attracted to a female. If a girl has real lanky, awkward, banged up toes that aren’t taken care of, the rest of her body could be a 9 and I’d immediately lose attraction. Like I used to give my ex regular pretty good strong lengthy foot massages with lotion (she *loved* having me do it), I gave her a pedicure once, and I’d pay for her to get them done every once in a while. Around the house I’d totally peep her toes quite often. But that’s about it. I guess it’s like foot fetish-lite


I agree, most women already are self conscious about their feet. I make the effort to take care of them since I like being barefoot. You get a sense of pride when you look down and see a fresh pedicure and soft feet. Honestly I feel the same about guys I date/sleep with. It says a lot about their hygiene. Also kudos to you for the foot rub. I’ll save that for the next guy.


At least you have the very same feelings about feet as I do. I don't "worship" but I find it incredibly sexy looking at women's cute feet. I don't want them to give me a foot-job - does nothing for me that way.


I read about this once.... Apparently the receptors in the brain for sensation in the genitalia is right next to the ones for the feet, and it's easy for those "wires to get crossed". In other words, it's common for the brain to perceive touching/stroking the feet the same way as touching/stroking the genitals.


I’ve always seen this explanation for foot fetish but this would mean that fetishists should enjoy having *their* feet stroked and caressed but from what I’ve seen the enjoyment is in the other’s feet. 🤷🏻‍♀️


> I just never got it. When I was a desperate teenager and all girls were out of reach even the look of a foot might have turned me on. So there could be some imprint during this life stage.


It’s not the same for everyone, but for me it’s about the submission


I didn’t used to like feet at all, found it baffling and slightly gross. My wife used to wear heels a lot when we were dating, and I liked the legs and perhaps the top contours of the foot. But when she was pregnant, she began sleeping facing the opposite direction in the bed. For weeks. Said the top of the bed was too hot, and that she wanted more space. She also didn’t want to have conventional sex very often because it made her uncomfortable. So I’d be laying in bed _wanting_ her to be affectionate, to be reciprocal, or engaged. I’d touch her legs and she’d make pervert jokes at my frustrated arousal. And at some point we experimented with a FJ, I think mostly because she didn’t want to bestir herself and sit up. But something clicked, and now I really enjoy the foot stuff. Feet are still gross, and I suppose, that’s why it takes a lot of care to make them clean enough to enjoy. Now we get it into the mix with other general stuff.


scat. i accidentally found a scat kink subreddit today and i was so mind blown… i’m not one to shame but i just cannot wrap my head around it at all


Tbh it's pretty shitty








If you do it right, it doesn't hurt..... much..... Just make sure both you and your toys are CLEAN.


I’ve had a catheter while in the hospital. That hurt like fuck


I’ve heard it actually feels nice Not fucking testing it out though 🤣


I played with a guy a couple of years ago, who after edging for 6 months, had a vibrating plug on his prostate, the tube hit his pelvic bone and he orgasmed so hard that he pushed the tube out… it looked like a gallon of cum… it all got scooped into his mouth, so at least it wasn’t wasted…


What did I just read..?


Sometime I wish I couldn’t read




It’s hard to describe how it feels, but with the right kind of lube, it can be very enjoyable. I can’t cum from it, but it does turn me on to do it, or to have a partner do it to me. The partner that introduced me to it enjoyed having it done to him immensely.


This is my answer, and I can’t believe I had to scroll past 100 comments of “feet” to find it


I uh… have an appreciation for this. Had a few partners totally into it and had been doing it so it was easy to guide me. I guess it just feels good to them?


i actually don’t know what this is


putting thin rods inside urethra


They’re not always so thin…. 😣


Oh lord! Hell NO.


It feels really good.


It can actually feel really good! I don't do it much but when I'm in that mood, it's a lot of fun!


Prolapsed anuses


Try it, will turn your world inside out


God damn it Dad, we talked about this, no Reddit after drinking.


take my damn upvote & leave


People wanting to buy your bathing water, or pee in that matter depending the preference.




I would be careful with that one, I got heavily downvoted for saying that one a question like this several months ago


Hollywood saw it


It may have been *how* you said it. People often confuse ddlg for ageplay and that gets people rallied up. DDLG is about the dominance and ownership almost, similar to a parent and kid, not actually ACTING as a kid and parent, just the roles, like being in charge and having dominance. So a lot of people will comment ddlg with the commenters explanation when that isnt what it is


Mmmm r/abdl for all your eyes needs


You know how you're an adult with responsibilities? And the world is a difficult place, and you have to deal with it, and you have to work and pay bills and plan for the future? You know who doesn't have to do any of that? Babies. --- Explanation 2: You know how you were raised in western culture and thus have an internalized core of shame about sex? You know who doesn't have that? Babies. This is the same reason people are into being fucked while asleep or being (fake) raped or sometimes the DDLG stuff or even just submission in general. If sex is something that ***happens to you***, then you can't be blamed for what's happening and you can let go of shame to enjoy it.


Anything with emotions.


Found the Sociopath lmao.




Im low emotions so anything that involves fear, anger, happiness goes right over me.


Cock and ball torture.


I'm convinced it's become quirky to think feet are gross, like I'm not attracted to feet, but I can see why people are


Gloryhole..I just don’t understand on my end


Hot in concept, fairly dangerous in reality.


Maybe we could all pitch in to create a glory hole that requires STD test swapping before going at it


Have you tried the other end of the glory hole? Could be a game changer, who knows


Both ends are super risky


High risk, high reward.


Gloryhole is one of those things I like in theory but in practice it's an abdolute no in most cses. First, it just feels so freaking risky. But more importantly, if you're providing the dick then you're like... bunched up against the wall? On the receiving end though, it sounds so hot!! Still risky, but also the prospect of it is super exciting!


I don’t understand from the other end either


Actually quite a few most confusing is probably scat. Hell even urine I get because squirt contains it and why not but scat is just.... Not ok for me.


Cutting off body parts.


Oh nooo thats a thing?!




i actually don’t know what that is is that new?


Role playing being a human cow


Does that have anything do do with milking


Ive ran into this quite a few times, it’s definitely not for me but it’s fascinating to hear peoples trains of thought on it




ah man :/


Vore. And I'm a furry too! I just dont get it :/


That's not something I would say is sexual. I dreamed about vore as a child, and I didn't know there was a name for that. I think, for my case, is caused by the lack of affection given.


They did say a kink, and I know some people who are SUPER into it. I just dont get how people find it sexy. Same thing with feet imho


Yeah, same! For feet, I believe this is some kind of humiliation thing. And they are different kinds of foot fetish, like dirty feet/socks (nope nope nope), boots (urk) and bare feet. I'm not at all into feet, but I think bare feet is the most understandable, since it's like kissing the skin of someone, but it's a specific part.


Not a furry but into vore... yeah i don't get how i got it either. Something about it just.. does it for me. Its wack


Now I have to admit, that's rare. It's not often i see or hear about a vore fetish outside of the furry community.


Chastity cages. How no getting pleasure can arouse somebody? It has no sense to me.


The cages don't restrict pleasure. They restrict the range of which the wearer can become fully erect. But they can totally get and reach full levels of pleasure. Also not my kink but I'm familiar bc someone I loved was into it and I engaged a few times.


Human ashtray fetish




As someone who has a huge hotwife kink, it's crazy to me how much of an instant turn off it is the second you add cuckolding to the mix.


I once had a coworker that was a furry and went to cuddle parties, never quite understood that kink.


Assuming it's in no way a sexual thing, that actually sounds pretty cool


Cuddle parties are the best


Feet, blood or scat


I have no idea why some guys wanna see her girlfriend/wife getting fucked by another man and maybe even get degraded when that happens to. Again, no shaming, if everyone involved is fine with that then they should do whatever they like, but i don't get cuckolding.


The whole hotwifing kink of watching my partner getting fucked is insanely hot to me because, if you think about it, is the combined peak levels of the 3 most important aspects of a solid relationship. Confidence, Trust, and Consent. For me it gets me all kinds of worked up thinking about how secure I feel with my partner, that I could really enjoy seeing them getting all the pleasure she could ever dream of, even if it was with other men. No jealousy, no fear of being replaced, just all the energy in the room focused on maximizing my wife's sexual pleasures. I feel like a king watching his queen having her needs being attended to by servants. Happy wife, happy life. The minute anyone tries to talk shit, and humiliate or degrade me in this scenario though, I am exactly zero percent interested in continuing. It's not that it doesn't do anything for me, it's more like the opposite, and I'm completely disgusted by it. Like if I wanted to feel terrible about myself, I'd just go have dinner with my parents, and listen to them tell me about all the ways my brother does everything better.


I don't get the degrading thing either, but like, sluts are hot, especially when it's my wife. The sluttier she wants to be the more fun I'm having.




Any kind of incest fantasy. Even step-whatever. Can’t get into it


Foot fetish. Like feet are feet. They literally don't do anything for me.


Cant tell you how many people have stopped me on the street eyeballing my toes, complimenting them. It’s wild out here.


Now we need a pic of those toes…. 😂


Gimme dem toes, boy!


Hahahaha I’m like most of the other posters…I have zero interested in receiving a foot job or anything like that, but I definitely do appreciate a pretty foot, if that makes sense…


Diapers, feet, skat, extreme bdsm (like the type that includes blood and bodily harm), crushing, and most importantly children, animals and non-consenting adults, like wtf is wrong with u…


i understand all, but i’m guessing the feet one is personal preference? for me personally , all of those are extreme no’s except the feet, even though i do not like. but i guess different strokes right?






Choking Like I can understand a lot of kinks, but literally having someone choke you sounds like abuse not something to enjoy.


Breeder kink, (people that have kids)


I really don't get feet. I don't look down on anyone who's into it, but it's very much not for me. I dated a girl who was into it and she convinced me to try it once, and that affirmed all of my hesitations.


how did it go? usually it’s the opposite where a guy will try to make a girl do stuff with feet


She wanted to use her feet on me. I gave it a shot once. It did nothing for me. She didn't have a thing for it, really. She was just testing it out.


Anything close to face slapping. I’m all for just about any bdsm action; smack a breast or ass, clamp anything from delicate skin to directly on a clit, electrocution, even choking. Face slapping takes degradation a step too far.


Fair enough. Everyone has their limits


Watersports, scat, vomit, feet


I don't particularly have any particular kinks I don't understand, I just have sides of a kink I want sit on. If you like shit, more power to you I'll take a shit on your chest if it means you'll eat my ass and swallow me whole.


People out here wildin 😂😂


There are tons of them! But the most popular is daddy/mommy things. Like, I already call my parent by those names, why the fuck would I find this sexy to use these words in a sexual way? That's some Freud shit


Daddy daughter stuff


It's just a form of power dynamics. It's not about real incest.. Just like calling someone "baby" isn't pedophilic. It's about having some innocence and lack of control for the sub and corruption and authority for the dom.


Pee and Pooh. I could pee on someone if they wanted me to but not on my face or even close to my mouth 👄.


Vore. I mean, I like someone who swallows... But this is too far.


Scat. There are other kinks I am personally not interested in but I could see why other people could enjoy it. But when it comes to scat I simply don’t understand. Props to the people into it that find each other, probably a tough one to bring up.


I don't understand feet fetish. I know it's the most basic out of all but why are people attracted towards feet when it's one of the dirtiest parts of the human body? Not trying to kink shame, just curious.


Piss, shit, vomit. I can get blood tho


Feet stuff


Scat, piss play, vomiting, furry stuff, genital torture, like legitimately degrading submissive play aka being chained up in latex and being called a bitch and a pussy and being walked around like a dog, made to eat from a dog bowl, etc .


Feet. Always gonna be feet.


Age Play


absolutely nothing creeps me out more when people try to do the underage play stuff


Agreed! I can’t even watch porn that looks sus. Something about people pretending to be 15 makes me sick at my stomach.


Age play and everything surrounding it. I’m a SWer and I always see videos and ads saying “barely legal” and “just turned 18” or “teen” and it makes me feel very sick


Those people who pretend to be dogs???


Cucking/ wife sharing. Especially the part where the guy is submissive to African Americans? I just dont get it


Feet Poop Pee Any Butt Suff


ANY?! and to be clear, this isn't things you don't like but literally things you don't understand...YOU CANT UNDERSTAND HOW PEOPLE LIKE BUTT STUFF?! haha you are missing out, pal


I don't get why people are downvoting this.


Spitting directly into the mouth. I like spit everywhere else.... And yes i know in theory kissing or oral or even eating ass is way worse...but I'm totally into all those...but whenever i see a pornstar is about to spit directly into the other persons mouth...i skip that part.... nd luckily my partner has never wanted to try it with me....


Urethral sounding. As someone that has had to have a catheter multiple times, I can’t imagine having anything in my pee hope for pleasure.