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what the hell, these comments all so wholesome, and I don't date for years because I'm self conscious about my chub....


Just because you are not your type doesn't mean your not someone else's type.


this is a very nice thought :) thank u


I recently heard a song from 1927 entitled, "Everyone has Sex Appeal to Someone," which was scandalous in its day, but it's absolutely true. I personally think curves are nicer than counting ribs in the dark. Now if I could find the someone I appeal to... 😁


[Everyone’s Got Sex Appeal For Someone](https://youtu.be/Mqwj0pvNbFU) (for anyone who’d like to hear that song)


Man, I recently gave away any coins I had so I can't give an award. Will you accept a virtual hug instead?


If I could, I'll give you a hug


If I could I'd take it. I'm having a shit day.


Additionally, what you look like and what you like aren't necessarily on par with one another. I'm a fat lady who has dated a duathlete.


I'm a fat lady too. Married to a superfit guy who's job revolves around being fit and he works out and lifts daily. He likes the larger ladies and loves my body, and I tend to like people based off of personality first but I won't lie that he's easy on the eyes. I've struggled for years with the idea that people secretly think, "why would someone like him be with someone like her?" But after a pretty happy decade of marriage I've just come to realize that it doesn't matter what you look like. You could look like Brad Pitt and still find T-Rex from Orgasmo to be your total 10. Humans are complex beings.


I read an article about a sex club in Germany. One would think it was packed with skinny supermodels but the owner said not. The customers all had different tastes which backs up what you say even if we are talking objectification.


Why would you expect a sex club to be packed with supermodels? That's like figuring a sports bar would be packed with professional athletes.


Lmao!!! Yes


If someone is paying, then I would assume they are choosing the best for themselves. I interpret this as showing that men really do prefer all shapes and sizes.


Sounds like you are confusing a brothel with a sex club. At a sex club, you hook up with other customers. Nobody gets paid, though women often get free admission. The appeal of any partner in such a place is much more about attitude than appearance. But yes, it's not uncommon for prostitutes to be curvey ..


This is technically more the former than the latter but that is how it is described. The German term is FKK Club.


there is an anime/ cosplay club In Auburn and it is basically a sex club the kareoke rooms are used for sex more than kareoke and I have seen all shapes and sizes.... I've seen just about every fetish too..... personally I like a little extra weight sometimes..... also the ones that have a little extra are usually thicc ahd curvy too and are wondeful to just hold close


Visit a BDSM dungeon sometime. No one cares if it's perfect.


A.million times yes! Someone out there will be excited to meet you just as you are


Wow. I freaking love that quote


Bout to say this to my gf who’s still insecure


Bro you changed my mindset thank you


Absolutely this


Women that are on the bigger side are absolutely my type and what I look for. So much better for cuddles and other things I'm sure there's a guy out there that would totally be into you


Rock your chub. It's when you hide behind clothes and always hold your purse or a pillow in front of you, pull sheets over your body in bed that shows negativity towards yourself that others sense and respond to. Nothing wrong with an extra piece of cake once in a while as long as youre not out of breath going up 2 flights of steps.


Yep, it's about confidence and owning yourself.


You shouldn’t be self conscious everyone is different and it’s only your opinion that’s important


Head over to r/chubby to see how many people like ladies with a little extra to love 😉


I considered myself chubby but when I see the women there I have a very different body type. Their confidence is the most beautiful feature though!


You're not chubby at all babe😂


Hey it's all about confidence I'm 5 ft tall and about 200 lb yes a literal ball and I've never had any trouble getting men. I've been married for 12 years to a really hot great guy and before that I was with someone for four years who was also hot. I'm really nothing special as far as looks go but the people that like me seem to really like me and usually it's just because I'm confident. And I faked that in the beginning. Do you know what confidence looks like? Fake it. The way people react to that fake confidence will give you real confidence.


Facts, my wife was like that first date. Now, she yells at me to stay off her.


As a guy.. I can tell you that many guys prefer a lady with curves. Also! I'm pretty sure that as guys get older they begin to appreciate curvy girls more, for whatever reason. Also also, as people age they start caring much more about someone's personality, and less about a "perfect" appearance. LPT, a smile is the single biggest improvement you can make to be attractive. :-) Good luck, take care.


As an older guy, I would say it's probably due to wisdom from experience.


We are impossed by the media and society a beauty standard, then as we grow up we realize that standard doesnt really fits our taste Thats why you often see cases of the husband of the "perfect" wife cheating with a less atractive woman


> We are impossed by the media and society a beauty standard And we don't realize what puppets we are, and how much of a tiny slice we're born into and accept. The "heroin chic" thing is relatively very recent in human history. Fashion moguls and advertising and cultural media influence us well beyond what we think we're influenced by. Rise of chub acceptance (so thankful, as a dude who's always only been into curvy/plus ladies) is a relatively "recent" thing on the scope of 50-100 years. But check those fertility goddess statues. There's a deep-down appreciation of the big hips and tiddays.


I bet you're hot.


I can't really tell, I personally don't think so, but I suppose i could be someone's type. I don't have much luck in dating tho


I’ve been so self conscious about my body for about 15 yrs, so this is really nice to read.


post yourself on gonemildplus or gonemildcurvy or something, see what happens.


What's is your definition of chubby tho? Some guys think big ass , small waist is chubby, but when I think of chubby I think of full belly love.


Full belly love all the way




💖💖💖💖making me feel seen💖💖💖💖


When I say I like chubby girls people think I want a figure 8 girl. I like chubby girls with full tummies and love handles. Nothing more beautiful than a girl whose full figured :D


I love chubby and curvy girls. And *especially* if they have freckles.


God bless you.


I don't know how to say that without looking like an asshole, but you are so hot I literally stopped mid-work just to look at your profile for a few minutes.


Aw thank you! Now get back to work! 😉


That was such a wholesome reply ngl.


Now I need a bathroom break because I was curious


Hoping that’s a good thing


It certainly felt like it


Haha well good! Just didn’t want to walk headfirst into a joke if the implication was that it made you sick


That been funny kinda




Didnt know prono redditors were anywhere but porn subs lol.


Haha well I’m actually just a real live boring human (albeit a naked one) and they allow me on all parts of the internet! 😂😘


Wowza, person above me is right! So hot! Good on ya girl


Perfect on every way, don't change keep the freckles.


Do you like webtoons, because... https://www.webtoons.com/en/romance/assassin-roommate/list?title_no=1050


Is that the same webtoons author of Boo its sex? The artwork looks similar.


Yes it is :)


This. I’ve always been mad that I don’t have freckles. They are beautiful!


It me!!




Freckles make me weak


I am 100% with you on this. Pure beauty in my eyes


If we’re thinking of chubby like belly, then yes. They make for the best hugs and snuggles, and warm embraces during winter. And she looks beautiful with long hair, and adorable in a hoodie.


I love all body types, it's the face and personality that's a dealbreaker for me.


Omg same! I do not understand the obsession with it sometimes. Tol, smoll, thinn or thicc everyone of them may take my....




I have always liked a little meat with my potatoes.


Crazy how so many agree yet IRL they get looked right passed those with a tighter figure. Never the ones to get picked.


Unfortunately, many heavier women are just a fetish to these people. Good enough to fuck but not to take in public. If Brantley over there is too embarassed to be seen in public with my fine ass, you can fucking bet I'm not giving him any of this 🔥 pussy. His loss and DEFINITELY not mine.


comments passed the vibe check, thanks guys


Tbh you are gorgeous! You should def post more!


thanks so much :3 I'm very shy about how i look but I'll try to!


A cute chick and a jojo fan on top of that, you must be proud of who you are !


Seriously bro! A chubbier tall girl who likes cuddles with stretch marks, blemishes, and scars is all I'm looking for.


Yes! All of these!


Like, I've talked to my bros about this, but imperfections are so much hotter! Asymmetrical face? GAS! Is one cup is bigger than the other? Fantastic! Discoloration of skin? Dream material!


Definitely love height, a few extra pounds, cellulite thighs, stretch marks, bellies that have borne children, and scars. I don't know why women think we all want androids and mannequins, I prefer a woman whose body shows that she's experienced real life. There's nothing hotter.


Chubby girl with a gap tooth. Smart, funny, talented in some way. It's all I want.


Curves are sexy.


My formative teenage years were in the early and mid 90s…the trend then was waifs…super thin Kate Moss types and I fell for it for the longest time…then I met my wife and my eyes were opened to the superiority of having meat on your bones. I go back to Fabienne’s quote from Pulp Fiction “It's unfortunate what we find pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye is seldom the same.” *this isn’t meant to shame any body size…I find many shapes and sizes beautiful, I just prefer the thicker ladies…y’all are all gorgeous and amazing*


Interesting quote, never heard of it before but I quite like it!


I like you 👍🏻


This is so cute. I love my extra padding and it makes me happy seeing others enjoy it too ;p


Thick thighs save lives


Do you know where this phrase comes from? I’ve heard it a million times but I don’t know if it’s a reference that I’m missing.


It’s a meme or a joke (I don’t remember) I’ve seen years ago in reference to dropping your phone while in the toilet. If you got thick thighs they’ll just fall onto your thighs instead of dropping all the way to your toilet seat. So yeah. My thick thighs saved my phone’s life a few times by now 🌚


shit, is that really where it came from? I've literally only ever heard it in a horny context in all my years of being terminally online. TIL


Thick thighs make the dick rise


Call me little buttercup……


of course, love curvy girls


I find chubby girls beautiful. They always instantly assume I'm out of their league and when I start flirting with them they always act so cute and nervous and get this surprised look on their face. I makes me feel good and appreciated.


The girl I just started dating asked me something similar. I reminded her that it's more of her I get to hold next to me at night and snuggle with.


this is so wholesome 💖


Abso-fucking-lutely The sexiest body a woman can have, in my opinion, has some hips and some ass and thighs and some tits and some stomach.


So all women?


What if someone has amputated legs


🎵 You might be thinking, "oh no, sound the alarms He's not appealing to little girls who don't have arms" But they can't use iTunes, so... Fuck em, who needs them?! 🎵


Jesus Christ Bo


No, some very thin women or thin women are lacking in some of those areas. I prefer my women to be at least on the higher side of average weight or more. Again this is just MY personnel preference.


I will never get tired of reading that I don’t need to be whip thin to be cute. It doesn’t get old. Thanks reddit ✌🏼


I mean, not to body shame, but I'd call you thin/average. I don't know what circles you run in, and don't claim to be a prize myself, but if we had some ice cream date, I'd be eyein up some real thicc girl.


No shame inferred, but I am at least ten kilos overweight. I am by no means a big girl, but I’ve never been accused of being thin in my life. I’ve been much bigger than this, I’ve been a little smaller than this. Two babies, this tummy has all sorts going on. It just always warms my cold dead heart to see any sort of praise for anything other than smooth slim bodies!


flaunt your shit on gonemildcurvy or gonemildplus! Grill up that dead heart! err. Weird analogy. Wrap that dead heart in a sexy exhibitionist blanket! Ahh, also failure.


Yea definitely. I prefer thick, curvy women.


Size 24 female checking in. These comments are very wholesome.


All I have ever wanted to be was seen. Seen as beautiful. Seen as wanted, sexually and such. I don’t require it but I have found I have need it


Yes. and considering the little bit of weight I put on since getting back, yes more so, and I'd be a prick if I didn't.


Hell yeah! My wife was a size zero with a booty when we met, now 20 years later she’s somewhere in the teens and I think she’s sexier than ever.


These comments made me feel good til I realized most of yall most definitely mean ~hour glass shape with a fat ass lol but I personally love chubby women.


There is a documentary on Hulu on like, nudity on film. It was super duper eye opening to see the first ever nude scenes. The women were so different from the last 10 years. I also started to realize that as I get older, gravity takes hold and things become round and lumpy, my partner’s tastes evolve too! He is really less attracted to a very thin figure, which is how I was when I met him. I sort of think this must be part of our biology.


I hate my chub because it’s genetic and I tried so hard to get rid of it, I don’t have a lot just a lil belly and thunder thighs but these comments are really making me feel better


Don't feel bad about it or hate it, there's nothing wrong with it.People shouldn't care about the looks,just the personality


"shouldn't" but they do. But the second half of that, is that some of us give a hard pass to thin girls. Just be yourself, own your body, your shining confidence wins the heart. (and the hips, but that's just me) I "shouldn't" care if a girl has a visible skeleton, but I do. We could be personality soulmates, but I'm not going to want to hit that.


I like chub. But there’s a difference between a healthy amount of chub and being overweight


I think you'll find even a small amount of chub qualifies you as overweight, so that makes no sense.


Nah, healthy weight is on a spectrum depending on someones height and frame. There's def a healthy weight that's lighter, and also one on more of the heavy side. I'm right in the middle of the range for my height, I still consider myself to be a lil chubby cause of my thighs. Body composition is also a factor.


Yeah, it depends on your frame for sure. I am a small woman, so a "small amount of chub" on my body, at least the way I would define it, definitely puts me as overweight. When I was right smack dab in the middle of my healthy weight range, I had people telling me I looked too skinny/sick. I wasn't, of course, but it just goes to show that people have wildly different ideas of what a little bit of chub/overweight looks like.


Honestly though, I've seen lots of women who are obese that wear their weight well and are dead sexy. Just really depends on the distribution


I agree. There's a woman I work with who is by all definitions morbidly obese, but she walks with such confidence and wears flattering clothing and it just makes her so sexy.


I'm more attracted to bigger women than skinny women myself. Like, nothing against thin women, but if I had to choose based on nothing but size, I'm choosing the BBW every time.


Women can be extremely cute at a surprising weight range. Not that it doesn't matter at all, I absolutely have upper and lower limits.


Fuck yea, we love all shapes of women over here. And they look damn good ina dress


Yep, not only do I think it's cute, I'm more atracted to it


I love curvy women


I sure hope so! Some of these comments are the best thing I’ve heard in awhile


Definitely on the chubby side. The only girl I’ve fell for was definitely on the chubby side. Also they have a really intense appeal to them for some reason.


I'd say 80% of men will agree at least secrectly


From talking with my guy friends, agreed


Ngl i am happier with my body and feel sexier when im a little chunky than when I would starve myself and fit into XS clothes


Extra from which baseline?


So I'm not the only one who likes it when their thighs touch 🥺


The chubby types yes


Bruh chubby girls, thick girls are literally the shit. As a big guy I'd much rather hold onto and cuddle with someone a bit thicker. Nothing wrong with skinny girls whatsoever. But chubby girls are the queens of my heart


Hell yes they are!!!


is this whole sub posts from teenagers?


I think it's just really, really, really, really thirsty dudes... Really thirsty.


Oh hell yes.. Chubby is best.


Yes;especially if she's really short. (I really like short girls whether they're skinny or chubby etc.)


Chubby girls with freckles are the dream.


Love it


Dude, chubby women are the wave


Oh my god and when she wears garters (I’m into alt girls lol) that are tight enough to squish and their thighs bulge through its the cutest. Or when her cheeks get all round when she smiles. And of course this goes for chubby guys and non binary people too


Iam attracted to a little bit more weight


Please date me. ASAP


This is nice to hear! I'm not skinny and I'm not fat but my partner makes me worry all the time about my weight because he doesn't like "fat" girls


Dump him, sis.


All body types are beautiful in their own way! Skinny, chubby, curvy, short, tall, whatever!


all about that bass


Yes especially the MILF’s


as a girl with little extra weight.... thank you for making my day 🥺


I’m a slightly chubby girl. But I love small skinny boys :P


I hope so!!! because I'm one of those girls


Eh not really?


Idk why you're being downvoted. Not every person needs to be into the same thing


Thank you lmao. I expected it but like I’m not gonna censor my opinion


I'm a woman and also not really, but people are people and they like what they like and that's all valid.


Um fucking yes goddamn.


If I were to put all the women who have turned me on in categories, I think the "chubby" category would do really well. Maybe it would be number one. And, to answer your question: yes.


I think a lot of chubby girls are sexy. To my preference if they are chubby I like them to have big boobs. Personally not attracted to chubby girls with small boobs


You're not in the minority (sadly for me).


I used to think this, but now it's all ass or no ass, to be crude but honest about my strange inner-workings. Everyone's different, and there's someone for everyone.


that's the difference between me and you


Chubby= cute, squishy n snuggly ☺️


Yup, 20 years married!




Even though I’m probably 20 years late




Of course! If guys can be lovable teddy bears then so can women! They’re all beautiful




Extra weight makes it sound like there's a standard weight for women.


A little is. Trouble is every fat girl thinks she is still at that cute stage.


Thanks for bringing us all back down to earth 😂


Hell yes! Curvy girls are sexy af. Esp with the extra tummy to touch and rub. The big booty to squeeze. And hopefully, boobs appropriately sized for the chub. And they're sooo good for cuddles too.


A bit of chub, especially around the hips, waist and upper legs is so fucking hot.


I do. A lot. Most of them are nice and friendly as well.


very cute, very nice to hug too :)


Hell yes! Chubby ftw personally. Curves look beautiful and are something that can be appreciated.


I just love curvy girls. They're so hot


Im dating someone thats got a tad bit more than the average weight and i agree, they are the cutest fucking thing in existence plus, that extra weight makes them some of the best people to cuddle and hug. I love it <3


Curvy, thick, soft, fluffy, chubby, squishy, plus, fat….. I’ve been called it all and it used to bother me. I’m working on shifting my focus to healthy on the inside, body and mind, and worrying less about how that looks on the outside


And here I am swiping left because I think I'm too fat for any potential matches..




Of course.


Prefer them


Heck yes!!






Yup...right here


As a Pansexual lady, the answer ( at least for me) is hell yes!


Hell yeah, they're!