Nothing. I’m just a regular guy working a job paying my bills. C’mon.


Same. But I would embrace the memes.


The memes were funny.


Exactly what I thought when I saw this. What are we supposed to do? Rise up in the masses and make our own version of January 6th? No thanks


Yeah if he genuinely won an election. Then we don't wanna have our own version of January 6th


The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world.




Live my life knowing that no matter who is in office we the people will always have the short end of the stick


Politics is no longer about serving the people.


Not true.. corporations are people..


Then there's the [Donor's Trust](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donors_Trust), which makes sure right wing money continues to make society "more conservative" even after the donor is gone. DEAD people are people, too, apparently.


Like Subway. I went to Greendale with him.


Was it ever?


There was a 5 second window on the onset.


This is why we need a revolution. Every president in modern history has been chosen by and worked for the interests of the capitalists and against those of the working people. It's not that they're necessarily bad either. They don't really have a choice in the matter, and anybody who would side with workers doesn't have a prayer of becoming president.


Nah. You would need a revolution on human nature. People want power. There are very FEW people who would be great but they are crushed by people who would sell their mothers.


but they dont wanna wake up


You honestly don’t see any difference?


No. Biden is in office and still betrays the American people daily. Trump was in office and also betrayed the American people. If you still believe your neighbour is your enemy then you are playing right into their hands. Wake up.




There are degrees of bad and Trump was very far outside the normal distribution on that curve. He actively went out of his way to hurt and attack people he perceived as his “enemies”. Maybe you weren’t on the receiving end of it but him actively destroying certain agencies really made my life difficult


which agency?


Well to start my wife isn’t from the US and him completely gutting the immigration agency basically put our life on pause with everything we wanted to do. The motherfucker also stole PPE that was being sent to our state during the height of COVID so that his goons could sell it to the highest bidder. I work in renewable energy and he basically did everything possible to kneecap the industry. The guy was just so malicious it wasn’t even funny




Assume DeSantis died or pooped his pants in public, thus dying.


You can't survive pooping your pants in public.


Gary Lineker begs to differ


Yeah but Gary Lineker shags crisps.


*Vladimir Poopin enters the chat*


If poopin your pants in public is cool consider me miles davis


Scott Morrison did it


*Scott Morrison scurries away*


Is an audience with the pope considered "public"?


That's a papal poop.


Is DeSantis actually popular? I thought republicans cared a lot about freedom of speech, or does it only matter if it impacts them?


Desantis is popular for his 'anti woke' positions. His biggest weakness would probably be that he does terribly when challenged. He managed to get around this so far by being selective with interviews and the fact the general election in Florida didn't gain as much attention. I suspect guys chances in a primary are linked to your much the GoP coalesce around him. If there is an actual primary and debates... He doesn't do as well when people swing at him. I could see other candidates taking the lead in that case.


You assume republicans know what they're voting for.


Is he pregnant?


He’s pregenont


Who's pregagant?


Maybe pregnate by then


Am I preganant?


Can u get pregante?


We're all gregnate.


Retire on the profits from my Trump NFTs /s


Be happy I’m in a different country


Just be shocked he pulled it off. All his campaigning hurt the American GOP during mid terms that they are starting to praise Desantis more


I haven’t been shocked since 2016. He just keeps getting away with it all.


It's funny, if you'd asked me at this time last year I would have bet any amount of money that he'd get re-elected. Now? Hard to say. Just goes to show that a lot can happen in a year and he's certainly surprised us in the past, but his star seems very much to be setting. It's beautiful, really. Getting rejected by the public will fuck up his world more than any government punishment ever could. You can tell that he's already squirming.


Nothing Americans do shocks me anymore


Me either. The way people acted after he won was downright despicable. The lack of empathy was baffling.


“In my work with the defendants (at the Nuremberg Trials 1945-1949) I was searching for the nature of evil and I now think I have come close to defining it. A lack of empathy. It’s the one characteristic that connects all the defendants, a genuine incapacity to feel with their fellow men. **Evil, I think, is the absence of empathy**.” * Captain Gustave Mark Gilbert, the U.S. Army psychologist assigned to observe the defendants at the Nuremberg Trials, in his book [*Nuremberg Diary*](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuremberg_Diary)


Never heard of this guy, but I agree. Empathy is one of the core things that let us evolve. You’ve reached a society in your species when a broken femur is not a guaranteed death sentence, because others have the empathy to drive them to help you while it heals


Yes, I'd be shocked too.


Watch the United States burn of course


Nah, just simmer and reduce until you get a nice national demi-glace. Add the demi-glace to your next nationstock to give it a rich depth and historical connection. Many western states have added little bits of ancient greek democracy demi-glace to their fond.


This is my favorite comment today +1


What exactly is the USA doing now?




RIght? Yeah, it can get a while lot worse


Unless something drastic happens to reverse or accelerate it, we’re living state akin to the fall of the Roman Empire, which was a slow decline that took more than two centuries. In my estimation, it started with Reagan and his massive amounts of deregulation and tax cuts.




Burn more?


Good bye and thanks for all the fish.


so long*


Definitely not storm the capital.


Buy more crypto to deepen my wounds.


I hear FTX is doing well!


Continue to live my life


Watch the American civil war live on TV


The same thing I did when every other president won




Grab the popcorn and see if the Simpsons was right about the death of trump thus adding more confirmation they got a team of psychic writers


If the Simpsons was right, then the next president after Trump will be named Lisa Simpson. Therefore the winning strategy for the next presidential candidate is to legally change her name to that.


In France we would just decapitate him but you americans make everything so complicated.


Weird way of spelling protest


If he really won the 2020 election like he claims, he cant run again since hes already been elected to 2 terms. So him running again is him admitting that he really lost the 2020 election. To answer your question, ill be scared for my safety as a woman, and even more terrified for my daughter.


Lol, you Americans are fucking nuts


I’m american, and the amount of hysteria here is fucking insane, everyone lives in fear of shit that will never happen


Good. So the mainstream media IS doing its job /s


“The internet told me trump is murdering women and sucking their blood! If trump gets elected we’re all DEAD!!” Luckily these people never actually go outside so we don’t have to hear them in real life


When you have people in power, or people running to gain power, who’s belief set includes the limitation of basic human rights for a specific group of people, that group of people has the right to be scared, concerned, whatever. Dismissing it as hysteria is how these limitations grow from the groups you aren’t apart of, to the groups you are.


The GOP is distancing themselves from him, guy isn't going to get the nomination. Too much trouble... too much bullshit... even for them. But please keep fracturing the party and maybe we can get like someone under fucking 60 to run the country who is a little more in touch with reality? That would be nice.


Be grateful that I don't live in the states And wish them luck surviving


They're gonna need the luck


They need the luck right now lmao


Laugh and then despair at what you lot are up to


I am just going to keep living my life. The world didn't end last time he ran. It was for sure the most stressful test of the limits of our legal system and the structure of the American government, really putting all checks and balances to their absolute limit! Here we are though. We are at the other side and still going.


From over here your checks and balances were non-existent. System of government easily exploited and... rule of what law? Still no indictments for any of it. It would be an international joke but for the nukes and narcissism.


Yeah I didn't see a working system pushed to the limit. I saw a broken system badly exploited. The founding fathers had a great idea, but they trusted politicians would always act in good faith. The GOP does not give one shit about decency, democracy, or the Constitution. The US is so f*cked.


I guess it affects people differently…I’m thinking about the babies and kids separated from their families at the border and sexually assaulted whose parents they now can’t locate because they didn’t keep track of who the kids were. Or everyone with a medical emergency while pregnant who needed to first be actively dying of sepsis from the dead baby in her uterus, instead of just at the ‘this only ends in sepsis but is not yet actively life threatening’ point, before the docs would treat her for fear of lawsuits after Roe v Wade was overturned. Or hundreds of other stories like that. For them it’s more real, not theoretical.




You nailed it. My first thought was "I don't think certain minority groups feel that way."


~~Don’t take this the wrong way, I fucking hate Trump and will vote for anyone other than him in the general election, but aren’t we still separating kids at the border? It’s a policy that started under Obama, Trump continued and then Biden kept continuing right? Could have ended by now, but it did last LONG into his presidency. It was one of the issues that really fired me up as the parent of an adopted kid with early childhood trauma from a separation. But that’s, unfortunately, been a bipartisan shit show. Like many things, it was used as a talking point to get people fired up enough to vote and then forgotten about after the election.~~ Edit: I just read a little on it and it didn’t take long to find that it did not start under Obama and there has been significant progress made since Trump left office. There seems to still be progress needed, but I’ll happily admit I’m wrong on this one.


On your first point, that was happening under Obama, i dont remember if he started it, and is still happening under Biden. That wasn't a Trump thing at all. He changed nothing other than adding more security which I guess meant more people caught which lead to more cases?


You’re not at the other side. Democracy wasn’t going to collapse overnight. But it’s been slowly whittled away the last few years. It’s still very much a threat.


Smirks in Canadian, Realises that Canada is above the US, Worries in Canadian


Same things I did the first time he was in office.


Kill myself. Edit: for god’s sake, I am not actually going to do that, stop reporting me to Reddit Care Resources! I have a lot of support in my life and it was a poor choice of words. I’m just frustrated that this asshole keeps winning and that the people in charge of this country are all completely insane and there’s nothing I can do about it.


I hope you get the support and care you need.


You are very sweet, but I am okay. I’m not going to kill myself. Ever. In fact, death scares the living shit out of me. It was a poor choice of words… I’m tired and frustrated


I believe you


I’d do what Hollywood did. Tell everyone I’m moving to canada and hope everyone forgot


Username checks out




Enjoy the memes from across the ocean.


The same thing I do if anyone wins. Not a got damn thing.


Enjoy the meltdown and memes,I'm not American


I'll watch the shitshow from the other side of the Atlantic


Lucky! I’m stuck here.


same thing i do every night u/Time-for-rain...try to take over the world....


Shake my head as the American elite continues to convince the American public to vote against their own best interests. Few things in life are this consistent.


I would thank God every day, that I am no longer in the Military and have to follow such a moron's orders.


I will literally breathe air.


Keep making fun of Americans.


Watch Reddit turn from every fourth post being about Elon to Trump


I wont. to be able to take anything serious after that... Life will officially be a comedy show


Hope he kills us all so people stop asking this stupid fucking question


I couldn't care less. Yall are obsessed with the man.


At one point I was worried about it. But after this latest NFT stunt, no way it happens. Enough people now clearly see the guy is unhinged.


Carry on with my life like an adult.


Stock up on popcorn so I do not run out while watching the Internet Implode for 4 years.


Waiting for the americans who promised to leave the USA during his first term claim they will leave again... except they didn't of course. Then I will watch all the sycophants who at first fawned over Trump during his term who now turned on him go all mushy again during his 2nd term. And a resurgent terrorist group to get more emboldened and burn america to the ground because they got away with it during Trumps first term being released by crooked da's and governors. And the corporate media will get all frothy at the mouth because they can trot out the same air heads who will shrill and gnash their teeth in made-up outrage.


This is the best answer


Grab popcorn and watch the shitshow from my cosy European home


Europe is never on fire lol


Don’t bring that evil into my life


Lose my faith in the American public completely.


You assume he'll win because of a majority vote? Illegal maps and illegal votes and suppression. That's how.


No one has won an election through illegal votes. Stop with this nonsense.


The maps and the voter suppression aren’t illegal if the legislature drew them. Unfair, yes. Illegal, no. That’s why we always need to get out the vote for local races. It’s tough because young people often can’t be bothered until the presidential election. But by then, it’s already over.


At this point, Trump might be better than Desantis. Devil you know vs. devil you don't?


Same thing i do everyday. Go about my life knowing regardless of who is in office we are all still fucked. The facade of left and right, republican and democrat means nothing to me. Both wings on the same bird, no politician is worried about me, they are worried about their financial future and the connections they get to further their business ventures. Its all a farce to keep most people down, enslaved, and mindless.


It must be nice to be so privileged that you don't have to worry about who is in office.


Privileged? Not worried? Neither. But if you believe that rich old people give a shit about lower or middle class then everything the rich have been pushing for the last few hundred years is working just like they hoped. If not better. On a planet where realistically there is enough space for everyone, enough food, enough resources, all these wars,starvation, homelessness is shit the rich, the politicians have enforced on us. Do you think anyone willingly wants that? No. They have us enslaved and they dont even need to keep us in manacles anymore. Its funny, and its sad all at once. Believing that a politician will make a difference without realizing how many cocks they had to stroke to get where they are in the first place, to me, is maddening. How easily the name of someone who actually wants to try can be smeared with technology nowadays is maddening. Letting these senile ,geriatric, out of touch people make decisions for others without any realistic understanding of the decisions they are making is maddening.




Buy stocks


Same as last time, nothing.


Prepare for four years of excellent memes from both sides. I want as much chaos in my politics as possible for the entertainment value. And he isn’t actually a nazi so the world won’t end.




He's already announced?




Yh ig maybe he's just doing it as a cashgrab. It's not like he can beat De Santis.


Watch people lose their shit again. Between Elon and Trump this is comedic gold.


There's nothing funny about incompetent leaders.


No, You don't understand. It's *funny* watching democracy burn to the ground and watching life literally get worse for everyone because it makes people with blue hair angry /s


Oh yes, how could I forget? /s


It's funny when cunts ruin the world and then people who care about the world get upset that it's being ruined Ha ha ha


Well when you react like the screaming liberal “NOOOOO!” it’s pretty funny


Great point


Sell my ultra valuable Trump NFT's


Without both houses of Congress, it won’t matter. They ensured there wouldn’t be a red wave


Nothing I'm British


As a european I kinda miss him, he entertained us. Every night we would hear about him saying something stupid. It was quite refreshing. (Not saying he should be back ;) just a sarcastic comment)


During his last term that's a good discription of how I felt. Then I also see that with the war in Ukraine the US is unfortunatly the only one who can help them, as our incompetent children that call themselves the leaders of the EU have failed Ukraine and Europe as a whole entirely. And in such a case the US needs a good leader, not a clown that keeps the world entertained.


I’m not saying it would be good if he won, just a sarcastic comment ;)


How could I possibly know, such a thing would be entirely unpredictable. I'd expect him to make marrying my boyfriend illegal, but perhaps instead he'll convert all of the national parks into shopping malls.🤷🏼‍♂️ Who could possibly have any idea what he would do given a second term? The only thing I'd dare predict is that he wouldnt leave office gracefully or peacefully at the end of his second term either.


Ugh. Please stop putting his name out there.


As a Brit, laugh uncontrollably while retreating into my underground bunker after saying goodbye to all my loved ones.


The Navy Seals have a saying: Embrace the Suck, which means to keep moving forward and make the best of a difficult situation.


Assume America is a lost cause.


From prison how?


For the people saying that they don't care (because they don't live in the US): You should. I don't live in the US either, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't be affected by Trump's potential (yet unlikely) second term. The US has an incredibly large role in the global economy and is currently probably the most influential country in the world. If Trump gets re-elected, chances are high that the economy would suffer greatly, human rights in the US would decline even further than they already have and the support that the US gives politically unstable countries would vanish. This would effect everyone in every country. It would obviously effect certain people more than others, but if you think "heh, I live in the UK, I don't care what happens over there!", It might be worth re-evaluating that position.


Be thankful that my incredibly left leaning glued-to-the-TV-constantly-tuned-to-MSNBC grandmother is now dead; both so she wouldn't have to live through the horror of another Trump presidency and so I don't have endure any more of her shouting at the TV every time they report on him doing something stupid.


Both laugh and feel sorry for the USA


Watch as my country falls and becomes one the most hatable and biggest laughing stocks of the world.


I mean trump is loved outside the US way more than biden lmao, ya’ll are literally the laughing stock right now


heads of state literally laughed in trumps face, but ok.


i would be pretty excited, he makes great memes. biden's memes are just sad in comparison


Lose the remaining faith I didn’t know I still had in this country.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I respect that, so all I'm going to say is those talking all that mess must love paying five and six dollars a gallon for gas, milk, and really must have enjoyed how crappy 2008 was, because y'all forget awful quick how good the economy and the job market was under him. But, y'all ain't ready for that conversation. Yes Trump is an arrogant ass, but he was a damn good president.


He was on vacation 1 in 3 days of his presidency regardless of all the other obvious shit. I'm English and fuel prices are fucked here too mate. You, we and everyone else deserve much better and should set a higher bar.


Lol. The dumbest thing about modern Republicans is that all of their core beliefs require you to believe that America is the only country in the world. You know they have high gas prices and inflation right now in the rest of the world, right? You think Biden's decisions drive global inflation? Why do countries with conservative leaders (UK) with similar economic policies have terrible inflation now? The job market is better right now than it was at any time under Trump, BUT because I'm not an oversimplifying moron, I also know that that's hardly a function of Biden's presidency and is reliant on a lot of global economic drivers.


Fill up my gas tank for less than $80


Oh no, found one in the wild! Someone that thinks the president controls gas prices. Yikes!


Who is president has no bearing on the price of gas. It’s largely due to the price of crude oil increasing, in part due to the war in Ukraine. Demand has also outstripped supply since the COVID pandemic has eased. Oil refineries have decreased in number meaning that fewer facilities have to do more. Also, the shareholders of the oil companies won’t sacrifice their increasing profits for anything so they pass the cost on to the consumer so they can rake it in.


Point and laugh at what a joke the US has become.


Ignore it? The fuck I care it is what it is, I have no saying in it.


Wait until you hear about voting!


Be happy that at least it’s not Biden again.


Celebrate..... 😊


You're in the slim majority it seems!


Pray he can stop Russia from invading Ukraine.


Move out of the US


Why didn’t you when he won before? 🤷‍♂️


Noone left the country after they said they would the first time.


Feel some sense of releaf. Altough cotroversial Donald Trump was a way better president than this senile fuck americans got now. Id trump was still president the economy wouldnt have gone to shitt like this


Move a large portion of my portfolio back into the stock market.


Wake up (I highly doubt he can win)


Relish that establishment loses again.




Move to Canada


What’s wrong with Mexico? Racist much…


I will shrug because the world has been an onion article for a long time now.


Reboot the simulation. Fucking bugs getting out of hand; computer is tripping balls


Never thought he’d win in 16. Think he has even less of a chance in 24 since now everyone really knows what a POS he is. But I was wrong then and just pray I’m not wrong now.


Nothing, because at the end of the day big government doesn't give fuck about the average person.


Laugh my ass off