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Mine was more personal than actually disturbing. Was back before I had an account and just browsing one of the pregnancy subs as a bored pregnant woman. It It was a woman’s story of absolute heart break on her still birth. The signs she hadn’t thought were signs and how she had unfortunately waited to long and her child had passed in womb. It was super disturbing because I had over 75% of her signs. I called my ob, was induced the next day and gave birth several weeks early. Turns out I had the same problem. Preeclampsia and the cord being wrapped around my baby’s neck. My kids only alive because of that post. I’ll never forget her. Her post was removed and I couldn’t bring myself to look to hard if I’m honest.


Those pregnancy forums can actually be super helpful. I had a similar experience but with hearing about pregnancy cholestasis. I had a sick feeling in my gut when reading about how the other woman had experienced symptoms and just knew because I had the same in addition to a damaged liver from prior illness that I undoubtedly had cholestasis, too. My family made fun of me for being paranoid and on the pregnancy sub too much, but I was insistent and got my levels checked right away. Next day I got a call saying that I would have to be induced two days later for cholestasis. She was also 3 weeks early, but I’m forever grateful for that stranger on the forum sharing her experience or else I wouldn’t have my miracle rainbow baby today.


Someone posted on here like over 10 years ago about being traumatized and needing to talk to someone about witnessing a woman being run over by a car. Reading his account actually traumatized me and I couldn’t stop thinking about it for years. The short version, is that this person had exited a storefront like Forever 21 or something and saw a woman on her bicycle get snagged by an 18-wheeler, pulled under the wheels and watched her scream and her head pop like a zit. He didn’t realize what he’d just witnessed, so he stood there in shock for a second, and then went into shock for a bit. His version was far more descriptive and I can’t imagine recovering from seeing something like that.


Your description is enough for me. Holy fuck.


I saw something similar 20 years ago. I was on the phone with my girlfriend, now wife of 18 years, heading to work and noticed this lady seemingly inching out into traffic. I’m on the other side of the highway saying “no,no,no, don’t go, no”. My wife says what and I reply I need to call 911, there was a wreck. The lady either wasn’t paying attention or was impaired, pulls out, gets slammed into by another car and as the car spins she is flung from the vehicle and wraps around a pole. I can still remember how it seemed everything slowed down and almost stopped for those few brief seconds. I tried to find something in the paper but never did. I still hope to this day that the paramedics got there in time.


The one we’re the guys mom got kidnapped and possibly murdered on his FaceTime call. Just happened too. Still being investigated. Edit: https://www.reddit.com/r/RBI/comments/z38v4k/crossposting_because_my_head_is_spinning_i/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Shit. Sometimes you forget that Reddit is filled with real people. That dude must be losing it!


He’s 16. Quite sad, not sure what he is going through mentally. He must be a wreck.


Has he posted any updates since day 3?


Not that I can find.


The one where girl is playing around with gun in bathroom, it goes off, shoots her sibling or cousin dead, she realizes what happened and without a second thought shoots herself in the head too. The speed at which she made that decision is so haunting to me.


Happened earlier this year during a party. 12 year old girl and her 14 year old (M) cousin snuck into the bathroom to play with a gun on Instagram live. Link to news article (not the video): https://wpde.com/amp/news/nation-world/12-year-old-accidentally-shoots-kills-cousin-before-killing-herself-during-livestream The reactions of all the adult party goers, especially when they realize it was all recorded via livestream… gut wrenching to even think about.


I read a story about a guy who was cut open by a chainsaw while working on a lumber crew in the middle of nowhere. His buddies told 911 that they were going to start driving him to the hospital since the ambulance was an hour away from where they were working, and they'd meet somewhere in the middle. A woman on the highway decided to block them and not let them speed by, causing them to take an extra 15 min to get to the ambulance. When they finally did get him there, he died on the way to the hospital, and if they had gotten to the ambulance 5-10 min sooner he should have lived. Since then, anytime I see someone speeding insanely fast and driving recklessly, I have stopped trying to be the highway citizen police and just let them go. Maybe it's an emergency or maybe they're just an asshole - but I'm not going to be the reason someone dies because I assume the latter.


Fuck yes I remember this, when they stopped didn’t the woman also stop to question about the speeding / tailgating and on e of the guys in the car just slapped the bloody rags over her bumper?


Something like that, yeah. And she got arrested for obstruction of traffic or something like that




Bet she felt great right up until then though.


I always tell myself they just have to poop really bad. Helps quell my potential road rage.


I do the opposite - when someone’s going way too slow, I just assume they have a delicate, multi-tiered cake in the car and they don’t want to damage it. Edit: Somehow completely forgot to mention that I once pulled up alongside a minivan that was absolutely crawling along a residential street. This was after the cake hypothesis came into being. Turns out the entire back half of the van was packed, wall to wall and floor to ceiling, with eggs in those big cardboard flats. Must have been at least a thousand eggs. I felt kind of proud of myself for being polite and giving them lots of leeway, and kind of amused that my cake hypothesis was almost correct for once.


Fun fact: in Brazil we have to take driving classes before earning our licenses. They explicitly say you should never try to be traffic police. If someone's driving hella fast behind you, just get out of the way. You never know what their story is


Even if they're being an asshole, it's safer to get or stay out of their way. A couple times I've called 911 to report really dangerous situations, like the 2 guys street racing on a busy road. But taking them on personally is just asking for a disaster.


The AITA post that I HOPE was fake about the pregnant woman whose husband and FIL were convinced that she would die in childbirth, just like her husband's mother, and were insisting that she do things like pack up all her non-maternity clothing so he wouldn't have to do it "afterwards" and make milestone videos for the child to watch in the future. It went way beyond "husband and FIL are paranoid" and into "Husband and FIL are plotting to kill her" territory.


In a similar vein, there was another pregnancy post on…legal advice? Maybe relationship advice? I can’t remember. A woman had been dating a guy for a short time, and they ended up pregnant unexpectedly. She decided to keep the pregnancy, which ended up being twins. Almost immediately after finding out about the pregnancy , the guy leaves OP to go back to his ex (Becky for clarity). OP keeps the guy involved in her pregnancy and plans to co-parent with him, despite being very uncomfortable that he is insisting Becky attend all appointments and Becky gets equal parenting rights, including choosing names for the children. Op then is confronted by her ex, becky, and Becky’s mom, they insist because becky is infertile, OP has to GIVE one or both of the babies to becky and sign away her rights to the child, to “make it fair to becky”. Lots of Op engaging with commenters, and it becomes clear that this man was never actually broken UP with becky. When becky couldn’t get pregnant, they came up with the scheme that the man would go out, meet a woman, intentionally get the woman pregnant, and use her as an unknowing surrogate so him and Becky could get a child. Everyone was encouraging Op to leave the state and get the fuck away from this man who was basically recreating handmaids tale. They were also trying to force Op to have an unregistered, unassisted home birth with only baby dad and Becky present, and people legit thought they might plan to kill OP and steal the babies. OP updated once, a week or so later, to say she was taking it seriously and going to try and run from them. It was absolutely wild, and I never saw a later update about the birth or what happened. Edit: 15_piecesofflair was a true champion and linked to the original post in a response below. It includes an update that I missed where Becky (named Kim in the original) found the Reddit post and got herself arrested for being violent and dangerous. Read the original for sure. But this is a post where most of the really scary details come out in the comments. The original post is concerning, but wow…OPs further details and realizations in the comments are where a lot of the details I half remember in my post were discovered.


There’s this old story I say on a true crime show where a pregnant woman was buying baby clothes off Craigslist. I think they met in a public area and everything, but the “seller” kidnapped the pregnant woman, and tried to preform an amateur c-section to kidnap the baby and leave the mother for dead. The mother lived to tell the tale because the “seller” brought a friend over to help and, while the friend helped with the kidnapping, she got cold feet when the “surgical instruments” came out.


Teka Adams! Both her and baby survived, iirc. But there have been a few cases over the years of attempted fetal abductions like this where either mom, baby, or both did not survive. Teka has an episode of “I survived” about her experience. She is a true badass.


That is scary as fuck what the actual fuck is wrong with people


Reddit reminds me what a sheltered life I live, and how crazy people exist in the world


I remember reading about this one, I wonder what happened. I’m hoping it wasn’t real, too scary to think it was


Been browsing the comments for a half hour or so and I'm proud to say I haven't ventured into a single video link.


One misclick and our lives change forever 💀 No amount of therapy will get us back to who we were 2 seconds prior to the clicking


I stumbled upon a video I haven’t seen again, it was very graphic. A man had this nice sports car and was trying to film himself selfie mode while driving extremely recklessly, I can’t remember if he was drunk or not. He lost control of the car and crashed into something badly. The camera captured the footage of him being impaled on something and or crushed between the dash and the seat. He started bleeding out almost immediately and somehow the camera filmed his last few moments as his eyes went blank and died. I only saw it once but it’s burned in my memory. So people stop asking me, I am pretty sure it's [this video.](https://www.reddit.com/r/DarwinAwards/comments/s6c7x3/egyptian_man_drunk_drives_himself_right_out_of/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)


I accidentally watched a similar video on Facebook. These girls were drinking and the driver was going so fast. Most werent wearing a seat belt. I've tried to block it from my memory so some of it is fuzzy but at one point the driver is sitting by her sister trying to put her head back together. You could see brain. It's burned into my mind.


I work for the Coroner and we usually just get the photos of the deceased and the scene but sometimes we get CCTV footage, and I remember seeing this guy being assaulted and when he was unconscious, the attacker spent 4 minutes stomping on his head. That kinda fucked me up for a while.


I remember this one. The driver was acting so strange the comments thought she must be on benzos and alcohol. She was beyond drunk.


She literally went up to her body and was like "awww maaan I just killed my sister y'all. Damn, I loved my sister..." or something like that.


In that one, the sister was begging her to slow down, drive safe, etc. Tragic.


Jesus christ man. Ive seen some horrible internet videos but just HEARING about this is one of the worst things ive encountered. Good god


I saw that one. The blood dripping down his face right onto his phone while it’s looking up at him, and then his blood slowly making the video fade out. Would be a good safety ad for drivers watch.


I once saw a thread of unsecured webcams. It was just a bunch of people going about their days not realizing anyone was watching them and it was really freaky and weird. I hated it.


I remember when a whole sub of those got popular. I felt like I was going crazy because almost everyone found no problem with the ones inside peoples homes. They would say stuff like “well if they didn’t password protect their webcam then they’re pretty much asking for people to watch them” like what??????


Yeahhhhhh I actually just got a laptop and remembering all of this… I’m gonna go put some tape on that camera right now.


This is scary, but also....if someone REALLY wants to watch me sit around with one hand down my pants and eating shredded cheese out of the bag with the other.... who am I to stop them?


If you really dont care and they really wanna see it... get paid!


Mine was when someone used AI tracking software to match pictures in IG to public/security camera feed. He showed the video clip of the people in the area posing and then the resulting pic from IG which he also found. Some people thought it was cool, I thought that was terrifying.


The guy who posted in r/relationship_advice about divorcing his wife, and she ended up killing both of their kids.


jasoninhell or something like that


That was his handle, yeah... I read that, and it was haunting


that was one of the most fucked up stuff i have ever read in my life


This one still haunts me, there’s something so fucking scary about it, I think it’s when I first heard it I was like “damn hope this guy gets better” and the straight cut to the news story? That gave me chills and still does to this day


I recall seeing a cartel video where they murdered a guy who ran a Monarch butterfly sanctuary. Because fuck butterflies, I guess?


Iirc, it was because he was trying to push to make an area that the butterflies migrate to a protected area where logging should be banned (I think some of the trees the butterflies migrated to were valuable and used for construction of expensive furniture and the like), which would have led to reduced profits for the cartel. I don't wanna look it up again because I got super distressed reading it, but that was the gist of it.


The video of a husband and wife arguing with a man across the street. The husband starts calling the other guy a pussy. The other guy pulls out a revolver and shoots the husband and wife multiple times as they try to flee. He follows them, shoots them more, then goes back inside and gets a rifle and finishes them off. Then, commits suicide. All recorded on a garage camera. So god-damned horrifying.


I think they were arguing over snow shoveling or something. Fucking wild.


They hated each other. I imagine they stayed awake at night thinking of ways to fuck with each other.


Still one of the dumbest and most senseless encounters I've ever seen. He pulls out a gun, and then the wife yells "do it" or "shoot me", something along those lines, 6 times. People, I swear to god, telling someone pointing a gun at you, to do it, is dumb. Do not do that.


"What are you gonna do, shoot me?" \-Couple who was shot to death


That bloke who tried heroin once confidently thinking he could do it as a one off and the subsequent updates.


He posted last year. https://www.reddit.com/user/SpontaneousH/


Gosh that was a roller coaster


As someone who tried heroin thinking I could do it recreationally and ended up spending a decade in hell I want to thank you for making me aware of that account I’ve always wanted to do something with my experience of addiction and that account definitely has given me some ideas Edit: just posted an AMA if anyone wants to participate https://www.reddit.com/r/AMA/comments/zbpuqz/im_a_recovering_heroinfentanylmethcrack_addict_ama/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


some guy confessing to killing small animals, with pictures, and then their post history was just them asking about serial killers and one question was "who would your victims be" and they said that they'd go after homeless women. I reported it and reddit did fuck all


>they'd go after homeless women Man wtf!


Reddit’s always going to do fuck-all about that stuff - half the people on here are roleplaying anyways. If you think there’s a credible threat, send that to the FBI or your country’s equivalent. They’ll be the ones to reach out and get information from Reddit.


Saw a post that had a dude jump off a building and land butthole first onto one of those pole guards and get impaled


He lived long enough to be transported to the hospital with the bollard inside him. It essentially went through his ass and all the way through his body deforming the shape of his shoulder IIRC. Edit: https://www.documentingreality.com/forum/f166/paris-man-dies-after-falling-onto-bollard-191330/


Yup and before people that have not seen it, think it's a pole the size of a rake/broom shaft, it is more like a solid iron pole with a 2-3 INCH diameter.


Just to further clarify, it's those poles you see in parking lots that stop cars when they collide into them


This actually happened to my brother. He got drunk and high one night and decided to climb a cell phone tower for fun to "skate" down the support wires with a beer in each hand for balance. He almost immediately fell off and landed on one of the poles of the chain link fence he and his friend had cut through to get to the tower. Impaled himself through the pelvis and abdomen, crushed his feet into powder, broke every bone in his legs and hips, lost yards of intestine and bits of various other organs but somehow managed to survive and mostly recover.


How did his feet get crushed so badly if he had already hit the fence?


From what the doctors said, the soft tissue of his organs didn't slow his momentum down very much from such a huge fall. Even shattering his pelvis didn't do much. So he essentially landed on his feet with the post holding him vertical. The impact of the landing got his feet first then traveled up his legs. He was very lucky they didn't have to amputate both his feet though he had a limp and severe pain for the rest of his life.


The English language doesn’t have the letters for the involuntary sound I just made. Poor guy.


Ya, it was bad. For the first week after, the doctors said my brother wasn't going to make it. My whole family rushed to the hospital to say goodbye. It was a miracle he survived.


I was browsing the relay for reddit sub. It's a third party Android app for reddit. I think I was checking to see if other people were experiencing the same bug in the app that I was having. Anyway, randomly clicked on a post and it turned out to be a video of a guy with his hands tied behind his back on the ground getting his genitals torn off by a rottweiler. I think it was shot by a Mexican cartel. To this day, it's one of the worst if not THE worst videos on the internet Ive ever seen. I may have been mildly traumatized because I was absolutely not expecting that on an app sub and it was just so god awful terrible


I noped out of that video pretty quickly.


I saw a video post of a person being eaten alive by lions as their friends were all in their cars and couldn’t do anything to help. I don’t know why I watched it but now every time I think about it I feel nauseated and terrified. I really never should have watched that.


good news, that video was a complete fake. it was filmed to add running time to the first Faces Of Death video


There was this one about the girl who was scared shitless when she found out about her guy's gore fetish and she also read some messages between him and his friends about wanting to fuck a decapitated girl until the body got rotten. There was a real-time "broadcasting" within a few days, and it was quite disturbing. I stopped reading at some point.


It sounds like she’s okay now but oh lord that’s TERRIFYING.


She's probably not okay.


The guy who thought that he was into scat sex because he watched scat porn all the time. Then he saves up, and get a prostitute to fly in from another city to shit on him, and it turns out that he finds it disgusting and is not into scat sex after all.


You can't smell porn...


I had the exact same thing happen to me but instead of scat it was wood-turning, and instead of a prostitute it was Harbor Freight.


You got a Harbor Freight employee to shit on you?


That was hilarious, he was really into it until the poop touched his lips and he got instant clarity.


It was really well written as well, I I totally felt for him. We all tried stuff where we go, "no that was a bad idea. "


I saw one for a guy who was looking to buy women’s teeth. Women only. More money the bigger the tooth.


@ pls? got some big teeth fo sale


I think you mean fo' thale.




There’s a dash cam video floating around of a family driving down a country road. Just as they’re about to drive past a truck driving the other direction, a brick or something flies out of the truck and smashes through the car’s windshield, which apparently killed the mom in the passenger seat instantly. You can’t see anything from inside the car, but you can here the kids screaming and the dad wailing when they realize she’s dead. It’s fucking heartbreaking


This almost happened to me. Kids threw a huge rock/small boulder off a bridge and smashed our windshield on my/passenger side. Thank goodness it didn’t go all the way through. I was covered and even swallowed some glass and glass was all over my 1 year old in the back seat. It was traumatic. I feel so blessed and so sad for this family.


Now that you mention it, it's probably the worst thing I've seen on here also. The cartel stuff and gory accidents are horrible, but just hearing the sheer pain coming out of the husband is haunting.


This shit happened to a friend of mine from high school, only it was a deer and it impaled her with its horns on the highway right in front of her husband. It was fucked bc she was such a crazy nice person, and so was his whole family. They didn’t deserve that tragedy.


I hadn’t thought about that in years. But that was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen/heard. I felt nauseous afterwards and I couldn’t get it out of my head for days.


I read an account of a young lady who was alone in a remote house when she heard someone walking around outside and trying to get in through various windows, as if they knew someone was in there alone. That was scary enough, but what happened next is worse. She didn't call the police. Instead, she called her boyfriend, who recommended that she switch on all the lights - lighting herself up like a Christmas tree, so that the person outside could see her but she wouldn't be able to see them. When the attempts at intrusion continued, the boyfriend then demanded she get out of the house, even though that would leave her outside with the attempted intruder, and without her eyes having adjusted to the dark. **And she took the advice**. She went outside, went to the car without knowing whether or not it had been disabled, and drove off. That account started off pretty scary just with the sounds of someone trying to get into the house, but what made it worse was the layer after layer of terrible decisions and advice, all of which the woman actually acted on.


At this point it’s safe to assume the guy outside was the boyfriend


I was really expecting that plot twist.


Not going to lie, I probably wouldn't have considered the issue with switching on the lights, but I suppose it goes towards having to guess the motives of the would-be intruder. If it's some dumb thief trying their luck, they might get scared off by knowing that yes, someone is actually home. But someone who knows you're alone or is after something worse, probably that would be a bad idea. The scariest thing about situations like that is what works for one scenario is the worst thing for another.


My fiance was being stalked. The police weren't doing anything. One night we heard thumping on the house. I grabbed my revolver, cut the lights.... And almost became a statistic. Turned out he had decided to SWAT us because my fiance wasn't replying to his messages so obviously she was being held hostage.


What on God's green earth is wrong with people


His case- total Sociopath. He gets pleasure out of watching people in fear or pain.


I was expecting the boyfriend to be the attempted intruder luring her out of the house


What the hell... if the boyfriend wasn't the intruder or somehow involved, he might be the dumbest mother effer to ever walk the earth.


I forgot which subreddit that was on but the title was “helmets are important” or “don’t forget to wear helmets” and it’s this guy doing a flip (idk what the actual term is) on his skateboard over this bench and he fucks up the landing kinda tumbles and falls on the back of his head first. The dude taking the video runs to him to see if he’s ok and the guys on the ground convulsing, foaming in the mouth. Fucking terrifying.


On the flip side, theres that video of a dude longboarding, cracks his head after a spill, but bounces right up yelling "I LOVE HELMETS" ​ Always, always, always wear your helmet


One of my favorite videos on the internet. Brings a tear to my eye for some odd reason.


It's gotta be the sheer good vibes and joy in his voice, I love people like him ahha


It was lifted from 4chan. This guy had murdered his girlfriend that same day, and posted photos. He bragged that he left her body for her kid to discover when he gets home from school that day. If I remember, this made Reddit before school ended that day. We all knew some kid was going to discover his dead mother's body soon, and there was nothing anyone could do about it.


Didn’t know what CBT is. Went to the subreddit. First video was of a dude getting the head of his penis nailed into a 2x4 while also having his nuts kicked by a woman in heels. Made me question why humanity exists


Cognitive behavioral therapy has gotten weird huh?


God damn what corners of Reddit are you all hanging out in that you’re coming across all these gruesome and graphic videos


A lot of them have been banned. Sometimes they pop back up named something else. Like watchpeopledie. It was exactly what you think.


Or fiftyfifty. Learned quickly any liveleak link was no buenioafter watching a dude have a shotgun put to his forehead, fired, and his head opened up like a flower.


The one where a dad had an evil son. Kid was a psychopath since birth and tore up everything constantly. Op and his wife had another baby who was, for lack of a better word, normal, and the son ended up harming the baby (I think he cut her with a knife) and the mom beat the shit out of the kid and left him for dead. Op and his wife and baby moved downstairs to their basement and the son tore up the house, left, and they never heard from him again. It’s just so disturbing. I work with kids and I “see” that kid in a lot of students. It’s devastating. And this was a kid whose parents really cared about him! It was wild


I just reread this post this morning after seeing a post about that 10-year-old that murdered his mom because she wouldn’t buy him a VR headset. Was instantly reminded of that story, and someone else must have been too because it was linked in the comments.


This was the one I thought of as well. Had to go find it: https://www.reddit.com/r/confessions/comments/c93egn/i_stood_by_and_allowed_my_wife_to_almost_kill_our/


There are more cases like this than people tend to think about. It's just that most everyone involved in these sad, sad scenarios are under confidentiality and can't speak of them. Families too broken to talk, medical/law/police can't speak of them for good reason - it could ruin the lives of the people involved, or reveal critical information to the psychos if information got out. On a side note social media and searching tools like Google frighten me in that way, I've met several people in my line of work that would kill if they found out where their victims are and managed to escape. They're generally "everyone loses" stories of the worst kind - but the resilience of some people has surprised me. People can recover from absolutely horrific things in a truly astonishing way. I don't think the wounds ever completely heal - it's not like they'll be what they were before these experiences and sometimes the mental and physical scars ache. But they can lead good lives, be happy and do good. It's one of the things that gives me hope in life and humanity in spite of the atrocities.


Stuff like this terrifies me. Yeah, a lot of evil people are *made* due to their upbringing and circumstances, but some people are just born like that and will always be that way no matter how perfect their life was and that’s even scarier to me.


A man confessing to fucking a horse.


I live in a decent sized city, but there is a lot of agriculture in the surrounding communities. Some guy got caught fucking a horse, arrested, tried, and sent to prison. When he got out he went straight back to the same farm to fuck the same horse. He just kept doing it and ultimately got something like 19 criminal charges against him. People are fucking weird.


I read a book once by this former German skinhead/neonazi who thankfully saw the light and left that scene. But one story he mentioned was one of the first times he was in prison in what was then still East Germany, he'd shared a cell with someone who wasn't mentally all there. He'd gotten jailed for fucking a cow but couldn't quite understand what was wrong about that. The "fun" aspect was that there had been no law against that, however the cow was producing a lot less milk afterwards. So he got arrested for harming the East German people's economy.


Maybe he was just bad at spelling and was actually fucking whores.


His username is flared pony


just read a thread from 2020 yesterday, about people sharing how they were living double lives before the pandemic and were caught when they had to wfh and away from their other families. Some people shared about their own life and some about someone they know, reading all of it made me feel sick to the stomach like can you even trust anyone these days. their SO must have no idea and thinking that their partner is just at work or away for long for a business trip but they were with another family the whole time.


I read one yesterday about what was something bad/good that came out of the pandemic. There were a LOT of stories about cheaters getting caught. One man had two families, neither knew about the other and he would say he was 'on a business trip' to one so he could go to the other one. Missed a lot of holidays by purposefully getting mad about something and disappearing for a few days. Got caught when one wife, who was getting set up to WFH, was using her personal laptop until the corporate secured ones were distributed. Found a travel booking on it, did a little investigating and discovered the other family.


purposefully starting a fight just to get mad to justify what they have already planned to do.. Something so evil about this. You have to be a total pos to even think of doing something like this to anyone you claim to love. the sad part is, their SO will never know if something actually bothered them or what’s actually going on in their mind. And when it’s a pattern, it will drive anyone mad.


The story of Jason in hell where his wife was having affair with the neighbour. After posting initially on reddit, was advised to go for divorce and take custody of their 2 kids. On the night when he told her, she killed their kids so that he couldn't take them away. When this came all over news, he went underground and months later came back with Jason in code ID and gave update on his life. Edit: She didn't kill herself


She didn't kill herself, just the kids. Its such a sad story.


The guy complaining that his landlord was breaking into his house and leaving hand written notes, turns out his carbon monoxide detector was out of power and he had a gas leak


Ooh, the guy who found his own death certificate in his mother’s safe. It said he died when he was six, and his mother gave some half-assed explanation for it which OP then bought (which people assumed was because he didn’t want to accept that he may have been kidnapped as a child by some woman he thought was his mother). Then there’s the one where twelve identical stores pop up in the same neighborhood, and they’re all filled with rotting/expired food. I don’t think either post was real, but I love the eeriness of posts like that, regardless of real/fake


This reminds me of the mystery behind the American candy stores taking over London’s high street. They sell expired and counterfeit candy at ridiculous prices and have no real foot traffic in one of the hottest shopping districts in the world. Everyone agrees there’s something weird about it all, but nobody knows what. Like if they were just laundering money, they chose a strange and very visible way to do so… so…??? [Here’s a more in depth article about it.](https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/londons-oxford-st-overrun-american-candy-stores-rcna38845)


I think the second one is just KMart from 2007


Can’t remember what sub it was on but an EMT told a story about an abandoned car in a parking lot. It was summer time in some ungodly hot state in the US and there was a body in the car. Apparently it was a morbidly obese person and was basically slow cooked for days if not weeks. The windows were fogged up and it was far enough away from people that they couldn’t smell it. The way the EMT described what they saw was fucking horrible. Using bbq and other culinary terms made me gag.


This happened to a family friend of mine. He owns a tow truck company and got a call about a car being abandoned in a Walmart parking lot. He picked up the car and dropped it off at his shop and when he opened the door to the car he got hit with the smell and there was a dead homeless man in the car.


There once was a thread that had a list of the truly scariest videos on YouTube. One of them was a recording of a transcript that was read to kidnapping victims. The insane level of detail described of these horrific acts that were to be done to the victims was truly haunting. That was maybe 15 years ago and it still crosses my mind often. Chilling.


David Parker Ray? The Toybox Killer? I tried reading that but couldn't make it very far. It's awful beyond description.


I listen to alot of TrueCrime stuff and The Toybox Killer is by far the scariest. The one womans whose tattoo led to him being caught had no idea what had happened to her. How many other victims could there be out there who don't even know they were victims? And there seemed to be a number of other people involved, not just his gf. The implication of the story are just too deep to properly comprehend.


I listened to the Morbid episode about him and had to take a break from true crime for a bit. I've never been brave enough to look for the transcript.


On a local sub there was a guy who wanted someone to go with him to confront his wife and her lover at a motel room. Pass.


"Who's trying to come be involved in a DV incident before the cops arrive??"


TW: graphic depictions of disturbing death ahead I willingly clicked on a post where someone was asking for genuinely gory, unedited content. Then I also willingly clicked on a video linked there. Granted I’m absolutely not into gore, but you know how the mind works. It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen, a man working in a factory next to this big machine with massive rolling pins I can’t remember what it’s called. The loose hem of his shirt gets caught in the machine, and after a couple seconds he gets pulled in it and completely crushed by it, the machine rolling a few more times before his remains get stuck. Blood and flesh spewing all over the place. Just a few seconds later, a coworker runs up and turns the machine off, then stands there with his hands in his hair. I feel so sorry for him and for everyone that had to witness it and clean it up. It’s been a few months and to this day I still get flashes and it’s quite disturbing. Edit: oh yeah, how could I forget the pictures. The video was low quality but the stills were absolutely fucking awful. Why did I check that stuff, I’m not built for this :( Edit 2: yeah I know it’s called a lathe lol


That one will stick with me forever… the only thing worse was the “aftermath” photos. I learned that day that my morbid curiosity will no longer get the best of me. The poor man’s head looked like a cheap Halloween mask…


I had never seen death so raw and violent and unnecessary but absolutely accidental like that. It almost doesn’t look real. I googled the video earlier for some reason and was about to watch it again, what the deal with my brain? I hate this kinda stuff.


I saw a post from a guy who found a VHS of his dad assaulting him when he was a toddler. Iirc his mom was also in the vid as a spectator. OP posted to ask what to do with the VHS, how to handle his parents, and what to do with himself since the discovery. Really crazy stuff. Edit: I remembered a couple more. - A relationships post of a woman who found cameras in her home bathroom. Iirc it was the husband and he was sharing the recordings. - A government person’s (maybe CIA?) AMA heavily implying they sex traffic children and use them as bargaining chips. Edit: source for this [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/a8c03j/i_am_andrew_bustamante_a_former_covert_cia/ecagv2t/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)


I have to say I’m glad there weren’t hand held video cameras around when I was young. Now, at this time of my life, that would be a terrible thing to learn.


I think it was a response to an AskReddit about double standards. A guy was watching his infant daughter while his wife was shopping and a well-dressed woman just walks up, takes the carrier and walks away. He tries to get the carrier back from her and she screams that he's trying to kidnap her baby. A bunch of people started beating him up and the woman would have gotten away if his wife didn't come out and tackle her. The mystery woman got away and was never seen again. Edit: Wasn't an r/AskReddit prompt, it was posted in r/LetsNotMeet


Nit on Reddit bit this happened to an ex coworker. His daughter is dark skinned but mixed he's white. His daughter was like two and threw a huge tantrum he was calming her down and she started throwing herself. He was circled by angry ladies wanting to know whose child she was. He had to wait for the police and his wife to come (this was before cellphones)


I haven't been on reddit for very long, less than a year in fact, but I did see one thing on r/autism that scared me. r/autism is basically a safe space for autistic people to discuss things, or for people who aren't autistic to learn more about it. This post was from someone who WASN'T autistic. They said that there was some allegedly autistic person (who I will refer to as A) who constantly, obsessively emailed them. Literally hundreds emails every day detailing everything about A's daily life. It got to a point where op blocked A. A found a way to contact op again and asked why op wasn't reading A's emails. Op said that they blocked him. They checked their spam folder where blocked emails go to by default, and saw well over 1000 emails. All from A. I should mention that they did not know each other in real life. Anyways, A then proceeds to make many more email accounts, and spam sends hundreds upon hundreds of emails like before. Some threatening, some kind. Op tried literally anything they could possibly think of to get it to stop, but absolutely nothing worked. A always made the excuse that he was autistic and couldn't help it. This comment cannot convey just how bad it was, op's post was a lot more detailed. Most of the people in the comments agreed that this wasn't an autism issue, and that op was basically being stalked and harassed to the point where legal action wasn't unreasonable. Tl;Dr guy comes to r/autism asking for help to get rid of an autistic stalker


I put a post in AskReddit, “What made you say ‘My God, what have I done?’” I regretted it. One of the comments was from someone claiming to have been forced by an adult to sexually assault one of her friends when she was a young girl.


It was back when r/worldpolitics turned into porn. I saw some girl selling “content” which is totally fine sell your only fans if that gets you money but this girl had bruises all over her, bags under her eyes, on a dirty mattress with no sheets or blankets, the room had holes in the drywall, there was trash all over, and she had zero light in her eyes. So I either saw someone getting trafficked or I saw some crackhead gone wild.


Yikes. Years ago, someone posted in a totally innocent gardening group on facebook a photo of a naked little boy and an adult woman--who did not appear to be a willing participant--in a dank-looking place. Seeing that darkened my soul. I know this stuff is going on all the time and I am horrified just knowing that people get trapped in these situations, but I did not need to see it to believe it. The internet is a wild place.


There were tons of videos like that on pornhub back before it got nuked, just the most depressing looking shit.


It's usually human trafficking. If you ever run across shit like that again, report it immediately.


The young girl who asked if her In-Laws's tradition of having every male family member examine the genitals of future brides and girlfriends (as part of some fucked up ritual) was normal and if she should agree. Her boyfriend was insistant that she'd do it. Creepy as hell.


I went on a certain subreddit that is known for its gore videos before I knew what it was. The very first video was of a woman and two men sitting in a parked car. The woman was in the driver's seat playing with a gun she thought wasn't loaded, pointed it at the guy next to her and shot him in the head. Not fun to see that.


If it’s the one I am thinking of, he survived!


Early on in the 2022 Ukraine-Russia Conflict, I was on all the subs with various cell phone videos of what was happening on the ground. One video and one image still haunt me. The video was the aftermath of a Russian truck taking a hit from something explosive. Ukrainians milling about and justifiably boasting. Sitting on the ground next to the truck was a pair of ass cheeks. Like the rest of the soldier had been disintegrated. I'll always remember, one of the top comments, something like, "Imagine if all that was left of you was a butt." The second was the aftermath of a Russian attack on a train station. Civilian casualties. There was a little boy, laid out on a park bench. No head. His head was just gone. The rest of him seemed perfectly intact. Couldn't have been a day older than 9. Lots of death on those subs, but those ones stand out.


Yeah, early war videos were rough. Some videos of Russian convoys with smouldering bodies, looking mostly melted, contrasting against the snow. The video of that Ukrainian squad becoming pink mist by a tank was pretty fucked up too.


The craziest one I ever witnessed was a Russian soldier laying in a bunk. What proceeded next was one of the most horrifying visuals I’ve seen. This was all captured drone footage. The drone was hovering above the laying Russian and dropped an explosive near the bunk that rolled into his lap. It exploded and showed his face caved in. He was still moving… His hands reached towards his face and there was nothing. It looked as if there was only blood pouring out of a once in tact face.


I shouldn't have read the replies to this post. Wtf


I watched a guy put mentos into a chick’s booty hole then pour coke into the same booty hole


Somehow this is the most innocent comment I've seen in this whole thread


Completely wHOLEsome


Mr. Hands. A guy is recording himself basically seducing a horse, having sex with it, and then later its found that he had internal injuries and died.


Not really a post, but an entire subreddit dedicated to people cutting off their dicks. I saw one post on there of a detached dick stuck to a wall using a needle.


Wow r/breadnailedtotrees has changed


Cartel videos.


The post about guy who didn't know that his wife was being raped with the baby watching. He was inside his room and didn't hear his wife calling since he was wearing headphones. The husband killed the guy in the end.


I have seen the post. The guy shot the rapist or something if I am right. But by then the rapist was pretty deep into it. The guy also mentioned he is traumatised to even wear a normal headphones now


He was playing videogames up stairs with the headphones covering both ears. To this day I still only wear one head phone ear piece or have one of the speakers off one of my ears because of this story. Being aware of your surrounding is extremely important.


Maybe not the scariest. But one video where a 12 or 15 inch home made dildo without a base is being pulled out of a bleeding ass in the ER room. The nurse had to put in her arm almost upto the elbow to pull it out. So basically the dildo was deeep in. The video was removed also immediately.


I think mine is a tie between a video from the center of the recent crowd crush in Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea, and it haunts me to this day. It's such tragic loss of human life and so many angles were documented by victims who couldn't get out. You can see people whose torsos are jutting from the top of the crowd yet hanging lifelessly while blood trickled from their mouths, and just blank stares of other faces of all of the dead. Honestly that one probably wins actually. The other was some guy who I think was a veteran and doing a live stream and called an ex partner or something, I don't remember the exact details, but the phone call doesn't go how he wants and she hangs up on him. He says something to the effect of "Well guys, that's it!" and proceeds to shoot his head clean off with a shotgun. I've seen people die before but it's the dribbling/water running sounds that follow as his dog moves over to clean up the mess that disturbed me so much with that one.


Second one is Ronnie McNutt, seriously fucked up shit


That second one hurt alot to see. Its still stuck with me to this day


A woman who thought she was in a poly relationship with a husband and wife. They made her get pregnant and drop out of college to live with them. A lot of people hinted that she was being used by them to have a baby. She was basically like a house maid and an incubator for them. She was basically stuck with them. Stuck and pregnant. She had no sort of financial help to be able to get out and even if she did, the baby was legally theirs.


HOw was the baby "legally theirs"? Esp. the wife's.


I saw a post about a dude's Spotify wrapped and the screenshot showed 525600 minutes. That's how many minutes there are in a year. Top artist was the wiggles.


When there was an uncensored video of a man torn in pieces and eaten by a crocodile casually dropped in a wildlife themed subreddit (not marked NSFW), and almost everyone in the comment was enjoying the content and cheering about the crocodile eating that man while being amazed about how gore it was. I don't want to ever meet those people, they're scarier than the crocodile.


Half the people like that are edgy teenagers and wouldn’t do well in any actual dangerous situation. They just got desensitized because the internet is full of dogshit, and now their brains don’t work correctly.


The guy who shared a photo of his dad at the grand canyon, and without his dad knowing there was a guy hiding in the bushes looking directly at the camera.


He was probably wondering why someone was taking a photo of him pissing.




Yep, definitely pissing.


Someone posted in r/cringe an invite to a party they received and they were making fun of the invitation. Reddit quickly discovered that OP made a ton of Scat content and had NSFW content where she took shits outside. The post and the account disappeared. Never seen anything like that on Reddit before


I once saw a post asking for help saying that they were being stalked by another Reddit user, they linked the account and it somehow led to me. I was scared as fuck for a sec but then realized it was a prank and somehow linked everyone to their own account. That shit freaked me out even if it was for a few seconds. I’ve never been able to find that post again, anyone else see this?


There is a dark side of Reddit with the unfiltered stuff that used to be banned from tv in the 90s. One day I just binge watched a "gore" sub. It's disturbing. Afterwards I realized that in 200000 years humans have probably done literally everything that you can imagine to each other. Now it's on video for you.


There was one about a lady who gets up in the middle of the night to let her dog out. She lets him out and then closes the front door, locks it, and goes into the kitchen. A few minutes later she hears the dog scratching at the door to be let back in. When she gets to the door she gets a weird feeling and checks her front door security camera and sees a man on all fours scratching at the front door


On justnomil there was a guy whose fiancee was pregnant with twins and gave birth but died in childbirth. The grandmother/finances mother simply took the children from the guy. Or rather didn't even tell him what happened. the hospital didn't give him the children in the grounds that they weren't married and decision makers sided at first with the grandmother. It took years and courts for him to get his own children. I don't know how this is even possible. And for my own peace of mind I hope it's fake. If it's real I couldn't stand the sorrow of the poor man.


That one post/thread about that guy who was in a coma and experienced a world where he had a wife and two children and how much it sucked waking up and them not being real.


Didn't he admit later it was made up? Either way, it's just a Star Trek episode.


Dear lord this thread has left me traumatized


The infamous pacman video that was linked to me long before I even had reddit. For those who are curious, or if you're not sure what I'm talking about, the Infamous Pacman Video is a crime scene Video where a woman has her face horizontally split open supposedly by an axe and she was still alive. Her eyes were above the split, the rest of her face was below. Lot of gross gurgling too as her eyes darted around in panic. She was strapped to a table I believe, or I think she had her hands and feet cut off too. Edit: God damn... you poor souls went and looked. I told you what was inside pandoras box, and you still chose to open it. This is why you just take someone's word in cases like these. Sometimes, curiosity really does kill the cat.


Guys who got rabies and went into a hospital for help…. I never knew how serious that shit was


Rabies is no joke. By the time symptoms start to show it is 100% fatal. The only cure is to get a series of shots shortly after being bit even if you don't know if the animal that bit you was rabid. This is also the reason why vets are big on giving pets rabies vaccines annually. Not only to protect your beloved cat/dog but to make sure they don't give you rabies! (From what I've heard before it's more practical than humans getting rabies vaccines every year).


Is that the video where he tries drinking a cup of water and his body physically won’t accept it? Like he starts shaking uncontrollably and the water doesn’t even make it to his lips?


Two videos that really fucked my shit up: The first was in what appeared to be a prison setting a guy was in a cell and was screaming and crying with another on the outside of said cell. The crying man was forced to put his arm through the bars and the man on the outside hit the guys arm with a blunt object until the arm was broke as fuck. He then made the man repeat the act with the other arm. As if that wasn’t enough, the guy was made to come out of the cell and the guy outside grabbed both hands and did battle ropes with the guys arms for a good ten seconds or so. Second was a video from africa I believe. Apparently these 2-3 people were accused of being witches. There was ditch where people had started a fire and what appeared to be the whole village came out to burn the witches. The people tried to get out and we’re being kicked back in. Literally people coming from off screen flying in with kicks, people attacking the ‘witches’ with 2x4’s to get them back in. These people were so burnt up and still scratching and clawing to get out, then finally you see one of the people mentally succumb to the idea that today he will die and he will burn to death. He was just sitting on the edge of the fire in like a seated fetal position, rocking back and forth waiting for the cold hand of death to take him. It was completely fucked. [found a partial link.](https://youtu.be/iNlCCGJl-IY) [another partial of the end.](https://www.reddit.com/r/MorbidReality/comments/17vire/man_being_kicked_beaten_and_burned_alive/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


A confessions (seen from reddit YouTube mind you) where an individual confessed to having sexual arousal from parasites and got off from planting parasite eggs in strangers drinks. Makes me not trust bars and the like.


I always liked the classic about the guy with two broken arms that had his mother jack him off since he couldn't do it himself. It seemed legit and he did kind of an AMA about it


If you read the AMA, it progressed worse then that. I remember that it included blow jobs, sex - the lot. Father apparently knew about it too.


knew about and encouraged it. also... they only kissed once, because they did it and thought it felt "too weird." holy hell.