Closing doors via my younger brother. Sometimes when I’m all tucked in to bed and my door is still open I will get out my phone, call my brother who sleeps down the hall and ask him to come close my door- mind you he’s also already tucked into bed… soo yeah


If I’m in bed and forget to take my contacts out, rather than walk a few feet to the bathroom and throw them away, I just pop my contacts out and throw them on the floor next to my bed. I don’t even place them onto a tissue. Just straight onto the floor. I hate the CRUNCH in the morning when I accidentally step on them, but I will never stop doing it.


I always gather all the things I will need in the next few hours before sitting on the couch. Remotes, chargers, food, everything. If I forget even a single thing and have to get up, my day is ruined.


Tooting the horn for someone in the family to come out & open/close the driveway gates rather than me getting out of the car doing it myself.


Leaving shoes laces, laced..


Sometimes I don’t even open my mouth to talk. I just let the vowels die against my cheeks and let people guess.