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Cat person. Dog person. Hamster person. Hate Giraffes. No longer on dating apps but back in 2016 it did well for me. I gift it forward to anyone who may dare.


✋Sir if I may? 📝What's the follow-up reply when the inevitably ask "Why do you hate giraffes?"


Nowadays I'd just make up a dumb reason like "Their necks stupid." But back around 2016 the were headlines about some giraffe having a baby. There was some reason it was trending which I cant recall because I didn't care. The joke worked better then.


I open with a warning about how lame my openers are. Then I offer a free dad joke.


Anything based on their bio so it's obvious I actually am interested in them as a person and view them as potentially compatible


Here for sex


back in my dating days, I would usually ask about something she mentioned in her profile to get the conversation started


When I was single, I included my Top 10 Ultimate Dinner Party Guest List (living or deceased) & felt it worked well... Ben Franklin was on the list, & I met my now spouse because they happened to be related to Franklin. Frank Lloyd Wright was also on the list, & my spouse had books on his architecture, & there were a few other "guests" we had in common...


Something tailored to their profile that isn’t a simple yes or no question- although I never get responses, so idk


Serious offers only.


I don’t need one. Perks of being a woman I guess lol