He talks about all women in sweeping generalities.


I was guilty as I had issues with a few and was led down the garden path and the feminine extremist as well as only fans. But I realized these people make up a smaller percentage than good ones. It took time to adjust as alot has happened in my own life and the world. There is good on both sides of the sexes and races. Ignore the hype and the ones who follow. There are good people in this world. Some of us have experienced the bad due to problems with mental health in one side or being nieve and thinking everyone is out to get me or everyone is nice and does the right thing.


They unironically idolize Patrick Bateman/Tyler Durden/The Joker.


fuvk you liberal


Makes a lot of sense when you think about it. All these characters have severe mental issues going into psychosis. Left untreated and uncared for, are silently rejected by soceity, not worth the effort. So they reject soceity in return, guided solely by the moral compas of their broken mind. So yeah a meticulous yuppie on a powertrip or a revolutionay anarchist are two examples of "this happens on my terms" someone labeled an incel would idealise.


recessed jaw


Poor hygiene (usually), and blames the other sex for the stupidest things.


Probably very quiet, and when they do talk being rude/nasty towards a person. Incels feel entitled and blame everything and everyone around them except themselves.


Why do you ask? You should watch for words like "Chads, hypergamy, sluts, whores, c*nts..." Watch for misogyny, especially when combined with entitlement to women's bodies. If they complain a lot about women not being interested in them, in a hateful way (calling them names and alluding to physical violence), it's a bingo. Some of them will openly talk about how women deserve sexual violence, so I think that's a pretty reliable marker.


Being a big stinky fatso who doesn’t lift