what is slowly phasing out in 2022?

24 hour Walmarts


24 hour Walmarts


24-hour anything. When I bought my house 7 years ago, there were 3 24-hour stores in my area. Now there are none. The grocery store I used to go to reduced their hours to 6-11 even before COVID, but now they aren’t even open past 10


Covid destroyed the 24 hour business. It kind of makes me sad because I used to love shopping at night


I used to work the 6pm-6am shift and I'd get off at 3am every Friday. Nothing beat a Wal-Mart run at 3:30am. Nobody there. Everything stocked or getting stocked. No lines at the 3 open checkouts. I miss it.


This, and now there are workers taking up all the space stocking aisles in the middle of the day, even during rush hours. Not complaining about the workers - they’re just doing their job, but it’s still annoying.


It's either the stocking of the aisles or those large contraptions for the car-side delivery shoppers that they have to shop for.


Goddammit I miss grocery shopping at midnight when I didn’t have to deal with other people.


Yep and this really fucking sucked when I was a night shift person. I could drop by on the way home, get my items and gtfo. After they stopped I'd have to get up way early or stay up way late to get there and back. Not night shift anymore so no longer an issue, but I feel sorry for people who are.


My suicidal thoughts. I contemplated killing myself almost every day from the time I was 14. Some days I thought about it a little, some days I thought about it a lot. No more, though.




I think my brain is losing the battle. I can still perform complex and creative feats, but I just zone out sometimes and need to do nothing.


Isn't that pretty normal if you perform complex and creative feats?


Modern society has us convinced our brains need to be firing on all cylinders all day long, and then that we should go home and live energetic, social lives too. We’re not biologically wired to complete difficult creative tasks all day every day. There’s an evolutionary reason that we need sleep and have mid-afternoon slumps and off days. Your brain needs a break just like every other part of your body.


We’re not even wired to absorb the amount of information and content we see in one day online. 30 minutes of scrolling social media is at least 15 different videos with different emotional responses. We’re really fucking our selves up lol


The idea of an 8 hour work day 5 hours a week in programming is a fantasy. Like someone can “work” that time by being online or in an office, but outside of rare crunch days (which leave me feeling like needing a break) I’m not banging out code, or design documents, that entire time, not even close. I’ve done that at jobs that don’t need much mental load - I did factory shifts where I worked most of that time but probably because my mind was barely on the work and mostly joking with coworkers, listening to music, etc while doing repetitive tasks


Affordable food at the grocery store. 🥲 It’s fine, it’s not like I need food to survive.


I had to get my family in food stamps for the first (and hopefully only) time ever. I hate it, the judgement is intense. But I usually only buy meat and fruit/veg. that I don't have in my garden. I try to stretch it as long as I can and squeeze every last calorie out of a meal. I'm really hoping to not have to be on EBT for long, but despite my pride taking a hit, at least my family is fed.


My desire to work in kitchens. It’s been rough for a while, but the pandemic and the pay has really put a new light on everything.




86 cooks




I took the leap after 16 years. Never held a job outside of a kitchen. Went and got a CDL and now I drive big trucks and lord Jesus if it wasn’t the best move I’ve ever made. I have no desire to live that life again after seeing how much easier making a living could really be, and more importantly: how much my mental health has improved. I have a life again, I can go and see my little cousin graduate high school, I can be there for birthdays, I can come over and watch the game because I’m not working fucking brunch. Do it my friend. You won’t regret it, and it’s good for the soul!


comparing truck driving positively to kitchen work.....and most people consider being a driver as hell work, says alot


Kitchen is probably the hardest work you can do while also having the longest hours and shittiest pay coupled with zero benefits. I always felt terrible for them as a server, because I’d walk in after they had been prepping since 4am, I’d make way more money than them in half the time and a tenth of the effort for just handing their work to people, then I’d leave and they’d still be there cleaning and prepping for the morning. Restaurants exist purely via exploitation of poor people basically.


>I’d make way more money than them in half the time and a tenth of the effort for just handing their work to people, This is why I stopped cooking after 20 years and went back to school. It's so frustrating working 70-80 hours a week to make way less than the servers working 24-30 hours a week. My last girlfriend worked 3 shifts at the same restaurant where I worked 6 days a week, 14 hour shifts. She made almost twice what I did.


Biomass and Biodiversity.


This one is the most depressing. Genuinely grim


Those crabs didn’t phase out so much as simply crash


On a more optimistic note, I think monoculture turf lawns are being phased out. Lots of people are converting to more eco friendly options and also many younger people just don’t care enough about having a perfect lawn to be constantly dumping fertilizer and herbicides on it. edit: [here's a handy guide](https://www.prairiemoon.com/blog/resources-and-information/how-to-grow-a-prairie-from-seed) to start thinking about how to convert your lawn to native plants.


Affordable living


Attention spans


TikTok destroyed mine. I started reading books a lot more though and its been slowly healing.


It's so nice that attention spans can heal; problem is a lot of us need to be cut off from the addictions first. Mine is reddit - my account might be new but I've been doing this since 2011. If my wife weren't a social butterfly I think I would have downgraded my internet years ago to encourage local storage (DVDs, video games, etc) and going outside more.


Oh i had my doubts for some time but recently i witnessed my cousin sitting down watching youtube on thr TV. He couldnt sit longer than 10 minutes. I think he only finished one video out of the around 30 he watched.


Look I'm not saying it's not a short attention span, but quality has a lot to do with it too. At least as far as youtube goes if creators want money it's quantity over quality. I'll do the exact same thing your cousin did (except for a select few youtubers) but I can also sit down for a multi-hour documentary, maybe he just didn't find anything interesting


I can't sit through most videos longer than 15 minutes, but whenever Oversimplified, Lemmino or Barely Sociable posts a long-ass video, I'm there for it.


Same. I need the topic to be interesting and slightly mysterious to keep watching


IMO, it's all about the person presenting and how they present it. You can make most topics interesting with the right person talking about them. Having an obvious passion about the subject can also help the audience become more invested.


Sorry, you lost me. What was that?


Yes. My friend has an attention span of around 5 minutes. When we try to watch a movie together, he almost instantly goes to twitter to browse 10 second meme clips. I hope that never happens to me.


Manned registers.


"The unions agree, sacrifices must be made, computers never go on strike" - Dead Kennedys


To save the working man you've got to put him out to pasture


*sighs while scanning my own soup*


Soup "is" good food.




The fact that some Airbnbs are trying to add chores now is laughable. Like na man, I am on vacation I will go stay in a hotel


The worst is they don't tell you about them until you get the check in instructions and then they're like "oh yeah you'll need to take out all of the trash yourself or else I charge a $150 trash fee." Like no, I didn't agree to that when I booked. There's some great Airbnbs I've stayed in, but I was very happy that one turned out to be an illegal one in a residential building where the city had zoning restrictions. $150 surprise trash fee? Cool, I'm sure the city would love to hear about how you're not paying proper tax revenue.


We stayed in an Airbnb over Christmas one year from Christmas Eve until Boxing day and of course were charged a cleaning fee. When we arrived the "welcome pack" actually told us we were responsible for cleaning. When we were leaving we of course cleaned the kitchen etc but my partner had accidentally forgotten to remove two contact lenses from the bathroom counter. Those things are almost invisible and she forgot to remove them after taking them out for whatever reason. We received a 1 star review for that. When we challenged them the host said the cleaning fee only covered changing the bed sheets and nothing else. The kicker is that we'd already washed the bed sheets for them and put them in the dryer as a courtesy. But those two contact lenses were definitely cause for a 1 star review /s.


I feel Airbnb used to be great at one point, but not so much anymore. For several years, I used to always use Airbnb when I traveled because a lot of the time it would come out cheaper than a hotel. When I went on vacation this year and did a road trip across New England, I ended up choosing to stay at hotels rather than Airbnb's. When I was planning my trip, I'd find a place that looked decent, then after you look at the cleaning and service fee and other charges, the price nearly doubled from the advertised price. There were plenty of hotels that were cheaper than doing a private room, so of course I chose to stay at hotels instead. Unless Airbnb gets their shit together, I'm just going to go back and use hotels again.


Man if there is one thing that makes me want to never give you business again, it's hidden / ambiguous fees. Looking at you AirBnB, Doordash, restaurants with unnanounced service charge. Fool me only once.


Ticketmaster. Too bad they monopolize fucking everything


iPhone Chargers


USB-C supremacy


I'm so excited for USB-C iPhones. The future is bright


Cash… 2022 has seen a sharp rise in card only transactions


I took my five year old son to the store with me a few months ago. Upon checkout we paid in cash, he was blown away and kept asking me why the lady was give us money back when we were the ones buying stuff. He had no concept of physical currency. That’s when I realized we are in a new era.


Omg I thought this when I was little! I thought you went to the grocery store and they gave you money and food. And then I didn't understand how we could be poor


I wanted to be a cashier when I was little because I thought they got to keep the money we handed them. Seemed like a pretty sweet gig.


I mean, you *can* keep the money customers hand you, but you just have to go to jail or get fired.


Depends on where you are. A lot of restaurants where I live are charging a fee to use card, eating out is already a luxury and I’m not paying extra just to use a damn card. Really 3.5%!!!


Affordable anything. Housing, food, bare necessities needed to live. It’s all going out the window


I feel like something has got to give, you can only push people so far toward the edge before they lash out.


Wages been stagnant for a long time. Things now starting to run away from the good ole days.


Starting? Good ole days have been gone for a long time in regards to affordability and good wages


Honestly? Cheap and neat finds at antique/thrift stores. Most places upcharge outrageous amounts for the items they get in, especially if it's a legitimate antique or unique item. On top of that, a lot of what's being sold now are nicknacks and decorative items that were made cheap at the time, and no one wants anymore. I think we're also phasing out of the cheap product phase for everything, or at least slowing down. More and more people are choosing to repurpose their items or try and fix them, rather than just tossing and buying something new. Repurposing is even easier than ever thanks to the internet, it's no longer a struggle to figure out how to fix shit and to buy missing parts and tools that you'd need to get the job done.


My local library does repair clinics where you can bring household items and folks who are more handy than I will help repair them. It's amazing.


That's brilliant! Libraries are a vastly underappreciated resource for so many things.


They really are. My county library offers free continuing ed courses, free tutoring k-12 or subjects that are k-12 so if you are taking a college level course, but need assistance in the foundation material they can help. They help with job searches, resumes, cover letters. There are also goal planning sessions so if you want to make a career change, they will research what that will take and give you a plan on how to get there, and follow up sessions. There are weekend activities for children, like science or arts demonstrations. Plus, they have books. And books are pretty cool.


I noticed a repair thing like this locally a while back. They had some stuff to offload on FB Marketplace. Sounds like it's for retired dudes to help put skills to use, people can get stuff working again or fixed up etc. We need more shit like that. I'm sure it's a great social thing for older folks. Wanna check it out some time.


Reminds me of the Christmas present wrapping stations. Gold coin donation and the ladies will wrap your presents perfect and neat. It's a win win


Wish people thought about and made room for oldies more.


Hey my library is launching a program like this. I can't wait! We are collaborating with the library in the next town over so we can get a good diverse group of fixers.


I have literally found dollar store items at Goodwill... I'm like... this is ridiculous! Who the flying fuck charges five dollars for an item one can buy new....for less than 1/3 the price?


Goodwill has started charging ten bucks for some books. Who do you think you are? People dropped this stuff off for free!!


Goodwill has lost their dang minds. Their starting price for shirts in my area is $8! You’re telling me you want $8 for a t shirt originally from Walmart with a stain on it? No thanks.


All the value Village locations in Canada took out their change rooms and have refused to put them back in. Why the fuck would I pay 2 to 3 times as much over what I would’ve paid new in the store, *plus* I can’t try it on and see if it fits, *plus* it smells like that noxious delousing chemical that they frag everything with, **plus** if it doesn’t smell like that, then I wonder if the item has lice? Seriously, who the eff do they think they are?


I tried to repair my TV because was in perfect conditions but one led was burned. Found a detailed tutorial online for a similar enough model, found the replacement led strip on ebay for less then 10 euros. I start to open the TV and everything goes smooth untill i have to remove the last piece to have access to the led strip and... surprise! Unscrewable screws! I tried my best to bruteforce my way in without ruining the TV but in the end i managed to break the screen and I didn't even get to the led strip.. fucking anticonsumer practices EDIT: since many are asking, with "unscrewable screws" i meant that type of screw that once put in expands and can't be unscrewed. I tried every method i found and none of them worked on one single screw Samsung for the one interested, the TV had like 15 years and survived a lighting strike so I'm not really complaining, I was just pissed Edit 2: to add to that they were really tiny and they were attached to the screen so my options where limited in terms of what to do without damaging the screen (that ultimately broke anyway) Edit 3: i don't know much about this stuff but I'm 100% confident they weren't rivets, they where screwed in and had the hole for a screwdriver


God manufacturers love ruining their shit with planned obsolescence and anti repair designs.


This should be illegal to be honest. The mountains of e-waste, partially due to this is disgusting to be honest.


And it’s an easy problem to solve too, the manufacturers of these products could even sell the repair component or tools needed to get inside of it and make money that way. Honestly if my tv broke and was irreparable I would most likely buy from someone else next time


They'd make the cost of the tools expensive enough to entice you to just re-purchase whatever broke. Ask a mechanic if they like the Volkswagen system of having proprietary tools for everything.


Not a mechanic (just an avid shadetree) but I strongly dislike modern VWs for this reason. I tend to stick with Japanese stuff that's 90% held together with 10mm bolts just cause it's easy to work on.


No screw is unscrewable with the application of a Dremel


Do you just use the Dremel to make a slit in the top of the screw that you can get a flathead driver in?


You do exactly that. I tend to use a burr bit for it as apposed to a disk as it's just smaller and easier to manoeuvre. You can also grind two sides of the screw head down to make two flat plates to get a pair of mole grips or pliers on.


Part of it is what’s in vogue at the time. When we moved to Australia 15 years ago we picked up a house full of mid century furniture from kerbside collections and deceased estates. It’s worth a fortune now. Used heavy wooden furniture is cheap at the moment. It’s coming back into fashion; you can pair it with stripped back interiors for that modern Mediterranean look.


I used to go thrift shopping all the time like literally 3 times a week but in the last year or so I hardly ever go because of the pricing. You were at one time able to find quality clothes and items for 10 and under but the last time I went in the prices were ridiculous. Sorry but I'm not paying 30 bucks for a old pilly North Face fleece that even the labeling is peeling off. I think as the economy faces tough times more people are heading to thrift shops which in turn is raising prices.


The major chains have gotten pretty delusional with their pricing. They will jack up the price on anything with a higher end label regardless of condition. The Savers near me had a cashmere sweater by Nordstrom they wanted $30 for, but it had multiple holes larger than a penny and weak seams. I've found you gotta seek out the little places like church thrift shops or non-chain locations to get good deals, or of course yard/garage/estate sales.


I work hard to maintain my appliances. A few weeks ago my fridge kept popping open, did some youtubing and did some basic tweaking. Decided I was gonna buy a new gasket. Just the gasket on a 20 year old fridge was $350. Went back to youtube, saw that my fridge door was sitting lower than the freezer door (french doors). I bought two washers to prop up the door, fixed the issue. $1.20 out the door as they were $.60/ washer. So, I spent $1.20 versus spending $300 on a part or $3,000 on a new fridge. I got super lucky! Edit: I’m so proud of everyone that took the initiative to repair their property. It feels like those that “saved” their stuff are super proud ad I’m glad they get to share it in this little corner of the internet. Cheers y’all!


The plastic cubby’s on the door cost more than a new refrigerator. We have so much glue and duct tape holding them together. I feel forced into contributing to pollution by throwing out a perfectly good fridge I can’t store anything in or spend a fortune replacing parts.


Depending on the type of plastic used, acetone (fingernail polish remover) can work much better than glue or tape. It acts as a plastic weld by lightly melting the outermost layers, which will form a fairly strong bond when dry.


We are basically back to where previous generations were due to poverty, recession, war, or whatever other reason: you repair, mend, recycle, upcycle, swap, barter or anything else you can do to avoid unnecessary expenses. I think it's a mix of economic reasons (we aren't able or willing to spend money) and ecological ones (we are more conscious about the environment and what unnecessary waste entails)


For me its mostly out of spite. I absolutely hate throwing away stuff because "theres something wrong with it" or "The new product is slightly better". And like, why would I do stuff like buy a new pot for a plant for $15 when I can get one at a thrift store for 20 cents? Where the one from the thrift store is nicer because its not just a standard boring factory design.


>I think we're also phasing out of the cheap product phase for everything ... rather than just tossing and buying something new Enter: disposable vapes. Has a small cartridge of ecig juice that lasts only limited time, but utilizes a lithium cell capable of hundreds or thousands of recharges. Roadsides are littered with vapes.


The inflation is so bad that most stuff I use rn will be completely unattainable if I lose/break them.






Metaverse is an ungodly expensive impressively terrible video game.


Feels like a money laundering front 😂


True, barely anyone I knew back in the day is even still on Facebook when they were pure addicts before. It's ghost town of abandoned accounts.


I screwed up and created accounts through FB on other apps like Spotify. I have no need for FB and want to just delete it but then I can’t use my Spotify account that has years worth of playlists and liked songs. If anyone knows how to get around this lmk I’d appreciate it


You can disconnect your Spotify account from Facebook. I did that. If I remember correctly, you can go to profile settings and set a password for your account. So now you should be able to login with username and password instead of Facebbok. EDIT: To clarify, you need to open the web version of Spotify in your browser, and login with your Facebook account. Then, click on your name in the top right corner and go to the Account page. There, there's an "Edit profile" section where you can fill in a new email and password, and save.


Thank god. Thank you


Yeah I disconnected mine and it basically turned my account into an 8 digit number, as opposed to a name. My algorithms were not affected as opposed to another commenter, but that may be due to things like followers, how interactive you are with the like and dislike buttons, etc.


I deleted my Facebook without thinking of that and the spotify Service was happy to help me get back into my Account. I think they want to get rid if Facebook connections anyway


I quit Facebook in Jan of 2020. I got a bit worried it was a mistake in late March of the same year. I powered through and don't regret a thing. It secretly kills souls. Strangely enough, I still have friends.




My depression, to brighten the mood here a little bit


Hey, same! Let's keep on going!




Optimism, apparently.


Got any to spare?


Spare??? In this economy???


Term lengths of UK pm's


I thought Australia had it bad a few years ago. Unbelievable what is happening in the UK.


The ol' PM process; wake up each morning, roll two dice, if it's snake-eyes you get replaced.


I actually kind of love this when it works right, though. A PM can't get away with the same shit a President-Executive with a term in office can, because if they make a serious enough mistake, *their own party* will gleefully stab them in the back and replace them. They're always looking over their shoulder wondering who in their cabinet will replace them. If a President-Executive had made as much of a hash of the economy as Liz Truss just did, well, they'd still be in office making as much of a mess and there would be little anyone could do about it. The fact she's out is the system working properly; the real mistake is that she got in in the first place.


Tbh I don't think it goes far enough. People keep claiming you vote for a party and not the prime minister. That's nonsense, when a new pm comes in all the senior leadership changes and it's essentially a new manifesto. There really should be a method for people to call for a general election if you fuck it up too much like this government just has.


Really depends on the country. Australia had a succession of conservative PMs, but the biggest problem is the factional internal politics that put them there were still in play. So we ended up with three different PMs from the same party who had different stances on paper, but still had to balance the wants of the two internal factions so in practice they weren't terribly different in policy. Granted, I doubt the other two could have fucked up so much in the execution of literally anything as Scott Morrison did.


The best thing Scomo did was birthed that clip of old mate telling him to get off his front lawn he was trying to grow Edit: really should have added this before I got excited and posted https://youtu.be/t17O2AKa2FU


Oh no, for us it’s quite believable. We’re witnessing the death throes of a political party in real time. Even Sunak looks panicked going into the role. He looks less like a confident statesman and more like a guilty kid left holding the bag after all his mates have run off.


This comment is even better when you picture him as the wee speccy briefcase guy from The Inbetweeners. They have the exact same voice.


Briefcase wanker


Only 2 more UK Prime Ministers until Christmas 🎄🧑‍🎄🎅🤶


Considering just how useless the last 3pms have been, I'm not sure we even need one to run a country. Probably do better without people making decisions that actively negatively impact the country and its economy.


The civil service is pretty much designed to work that way, and to keep ticking on in the background.


*Humphrey Appleby smirk*


Disposable income!


The ability and willingness to discern fact from fiction.


But mainly the willingness


Mainly willingness for sure, but there seems to be a serious lack of journalistic integrity these days as well. It’s really getting harder to tell who’s telling the truth and who has financial ties to what they are saying is the truth.


I think also people need to learn what opinion editorials are and learn to accept them as is- an opinion, not factual news. Most articles now days I find are op Ed's. Especially in regards to politics, inflation, ukraine/Russia, covid etc.


Correct. Too many people I know share tweets and memes as if they are facts when 9 times out of 10 they are taking things out of context, stating an opinion or just flat out wrong.


This isn’t a 2022 thing


Affordable homes


Pretty sure those got phased out a couple years back.


I started shopping for homes two years ago and gave up six months ago. In my area a starter home in good condition doesnt stay on the market for more than two or three days. My realator told me about 60% of her sales are to LLCs who just buy them up front and waive inspections. Since I started searching I have seen high 300/ low 400k homes become low to mid 500k homes. Pricing me out of anything not in need of 10s of thousands of dollars worth of work. Hell even town houses are 450 - 500k now. It sucks. Corporations are driving the prices up and putting pressure on buyers like me to basically look at, have home inspected and place an offer around 10k over asking all in one day then close immediately if the offer is accepted. So no time to think anything through once you see something you like.


Over the last year, the most affordable things in decent shape I was seeing in my area was mobile homes in trailer parks selling between $250-$350k. If that's not an indication of how bad things have been, then I don't know what is.


I don’t even want to talk about mobile homes. I had one back in 2006-2010. Paid $12k for it and sold at a loss during the housing crash because I had to move out of state. I looked it up and it’s now worth $275k only 12 years later. W T F


Man I really fucked up in 2009 by being in middle school when I should have been buying up real estate.


This is what truly sucks about the housing situation. Your generation deserves the ability to own a home. I’m 15 years older than you, I bought my first home in 2009, sold it at a modest profit in 2015, bought a bigger home in the same year. This was the way to generate generational wealth. It’s like your generation was given all the same or better tools than my generation, but you started the game too late to use them. Try playing Monopoly but one person starts a whole trip around the board behind. That person who was behind will be bankrupt quickly because they own no property and will spend all their money on rent (sound familiar?) I don’t know how to fix this mess, but I know lots of people in my situation (the last generation of home owners) who would trade lower home values to have more first -time homebuyers move in.


LLCs buying up all the affordable housing needs to become illegal or at least regulated. Its literally killing us.


Completely agree. There's too much crap happening in the world that this isn't addressed while companies quietly take advantage of the situation. How's a regular buyer supposed to compete with limitless company funds?


When politicians are in the real estate business, they aren't too keen on regulating themselves.


Being coerced into waiving a home inspection should be illegal in my opinion. I'm tired of hearing how buyers have to waive it in order to compete, then get royally fucked later because the floor joists failed on the 2nd floor (costing them thousands in dollars). No more of this, the dishonest seller should be brought back to reality of the condition/value of thier home. They should be forced to repair those issues before the sale is finalized, which usually results in lower the purchase price. Some states enforce that aspect of a home inspection, but only when the inspection is actually done. Inspection isn't just a question of financial liability but safety as well. It just boggles my mind how unregulated the real estate market is in that regard. So home inspections should be a legal requirement before finalizing the sale.


As a Floridian, I felt this. Affordable housing/cost of living used to be the biggest pro of living in Florida. Not any more.


I think the straw has broken the camel's back on laughtrack sitcoms; How I Met your Father is the first one ive seen in years to use one and its... not good Its jarring to see So id say those are finally phasing out, with the norm being laughteack free funnies (which have existed for years now ofc, but are becoming the standard)


Those have been phasing out for a while though right? Especially since the success of Schur style sitcoms and then the revival of sitcoms with Modern Family.


Having a savings account.


I’ve been struggling to keep my savings account afloat with the cost of everything. It sucks.


Social acceptance for cigarette smoking in public. Like the old-fashioned light-them-on-fire tobacco smokes. I go all over for work, and it’s a noticeable event if someone smells like smoke. No buildings seem to have smoking areas anymore, even the butt cans are rare sightings. Can you even imagine someone lighting up *inside a restaurant*? People still do it, but they almost have to hide it, only smoking at home or in their cars or vaping while out and about. When you come out of a store and you smell cigarette smoke, it’s noticeable because it’s not always there. The difference from 10 years ago is huge. 20 years ago this would be unimaginable.


Depends where you're at, smoking in public is still pretty common in more rural areas


Some cities are just slower to change. Walk around San Antonio and everyone from line cooks in alleys to lawyers in sunglasses and suits are smoking downtown


My weight, 20 lbs since the start of the year and if I can keep it up I hit my goal by years end.


Good job! Edit: I'm not here to judge the quality of other people's goals. They wanted to do a thing. They're doing the thing. That's worth a 'Good job!' in my book.


Great job! Keep that shit up! This time last year I weighed 320lbs. Currently at 245. It feels great, people look at me differently. I feel more confident. Probably added a few more years to my life. It's just all around great! Keep going no matter what! Don't let your brain argue wit you. Edit: Side note; for you fellas still on the fence; the rumor about adding some length downstairs is definitely true.


The fucks people have left to give.


I’m emotionally constipated.. haven’t given a shit in weeks.


When I am feeling that way, I will watch movies/listen to music that rips my heart to shreds. Usually does the trick. Jojo Rabbit usually does the trick. If you are into gaming, there is a game called To The Moon. It takes about 4 hours max. Mostly storytelling and it's just beautiful.


Me. I pretty much checked out mentally 5 years ago. I barely know where I am anymore


Relatable "I'm not growing up, I'm just burning out, and I stepped in line to walk amongst the dead" - Green Day


Man they were so young for that one, but it still rings so true. BRB, putting that whole album on


Mentally checked out, no idea who I am where I am going or what I’m doing. I just exist.


Ill use my throwaway for this one so my friends dont see it and realize its me and think in a fuckin insane person. I feel you comment in my soul. I look in the mirror and think this all time. Im just a guy, im noone special. Nothing I do matters. Nothing I do anyone cares about. Nothing. I just exist in the universe and I don't know why. I don't know what im doing. I feel like I miss everything important going on around me and at the same time nothing matters at all so who gives a shit. And half the time I don't care. The other half I stare out my window at the trees and wonder what the fuck is wrong with me. I cant focus on anything. I forget half the shit im doing while im doing it. The only things I can consistently remember to do is to eat and feed my goddamn cat. Walks only help while im on them. Half the time I don't wanna spend any time at home and the other half I dont want to leave to go outside. Im not like afraid of the outdoors its not that. Its just... whats the point. Why? Who cares. I think at this point if I had the money and the means id take my guns and go live in the fuckin forest for the rest of my life or something. Idk. It is what it is I guess.


The worst is when someone asks you the date, and you do not know.


I swear a few weeks ago, I group texted my family "Enjoy your weekend guys" My sister replied "Boy, it's Thursday. What's wrong with you?"


When I was single, the weekend started on Thursday night--you'd go out for drinks with your friends to hear some live music, get home late, get up early, suck it up at work on Friday, then after work you would start the weekend up all over again...


Not to self diagnose but it's been 3 years and I'm starting to think there's something wrong with me


I feel you. I don't like to say it's depression, cause I've seen depressed people and that seems like a lot worse than what I have. But I haven't been happy for a while either. Haven't been sad tho, no dark thoughts either, just... Not happy. I haven't been really living, just existing, going through the motion. Been like that for 2 years now.


Depression isn't necessarily sadness. When I've been depressed, it has felt like what you described. No highs, no lows, just "meh". It's worth talking to a therapist to determine if you may be going through a depressive episode or something like that. If so, there are treatments that can help. But watch out, depression also makes you feel like it's hopeless and not worth trying to fix.


My wardrobe. I've lost just over 50lbs this year.


My life with a parent Mum passed 3 years back and now Dad has a life expectancy of 1 month. I’m gonna miss you old man, fuck Edit: I love every one of you. God bless you all and cherish every moment. I only had a short 28 years with my parents but sometimes that’s all you need


I’m so sorry. No matter how old we get, being orphaned is a horrible feeling.


the middle class


Metaverse. Despite how much money Mark Zuckerberg has put into its development, it is failing to generate public interest or revenue. I would say 1 - 2 years before investors give an ultimatum and pull out.


Well it was never phased in to begin with


I still dont understand what it even is. It's like Google Wave. Check out this thing - what does it do? Look at it, it’s fancy - but what can i do with it We gave our avatars legs! - Did anyone ask for this? Edit: thanks to everyone who’s explained the meta verse for me. I’m still not gonna use it


Did people really want or need a smart speaker that you can talk to in your house to order diapers? Not really, but Amazon made it and sold it to you so it could collect more information about you. Facebook can't compete along the lines of data collection in the real world with players like Amazon, Google and Apple- they know how big your house is and where the walls are (Roomba), what the temperature is and when you're home or not (Nest, Android), what you're buying (Gmail) and what your heart rate is (Apple watch). Additionally, the folks making phones and phone operating systems are pulling the plug on Facebook's app doing a ton of data collection- they are at the mercy of Android and iOS. The solution is to try and become Meta, where instead of spending your time in the real world, you spend your time in THEIR metaverse where only they can collect data on what you're doing. The problem they're having is just selling that to you in the right way- I think they've recently gone from trying to get folks actually interested to just focusing on professionals so that someone's boss can FORCE them to use it and they can collect that sweet data. That's why it always feels like these companies are trying to sell you something you don't want or need- they aren't in the business of providing for your needs, they're in the business of collecting and selling your data, or even shaping your needs for their real customers- other companies.


Do they finally have legs? Not like I'm going to use it, just curious.


Metaverse isn't really tangible in anyway. Doesnt help that Facebook tacked their name onto it and sucked any momentum it had like a parasite.


Yep, just a crappy second life clone




And alas my yearly tradition of realising the year is almost over and I've still accomplished nothing begins.


Maybe making it through another year in this demanding life is accomplishment enough.


DVDs. It’s been going on for a bit now but it’s still crazy how fast they went from king to nothing


I still prefer having something physical as part of a collection. I hate the idea that, one day, a company can just close my account or just go bust and I've lost all my films.


I totally agree


This is my anxiety too


I still have heaps and even keep a spare DVD player as insurance lol. Enjoying lots of movies from the pre-1960s is incompatible with modern streaming services


Likewise. When the world burns down I'll still have a DVD player, a TV and a huge stack of DVDs INCLUDING The Lord of the Rings AND the original Star Wars trilogy!


Physical menus at restaurants.


Not only do restaurants not need to print and maintain menus, but they can raise their prices on the fly and much less conspicuously.


My hairline...


Going to the movies. A night at the movies with my wife and kid + popcorn and drinks is as much as an entire years worth of a streaming service. Plus people don’t know how to behave in public places. Mix that with my general desire to not be crammed into a room full of strangers, it becomes less and less fun when anyone can practically have a small movie theatre experience in their home. Aside from that, nothing in the theatres make me excited to see anything. It use to be that summer was blockbuster after blockbuster. The holiday season was filled with great movies vying for awards season. I use to know almost all the big pictures coming out over the next year. Now? Aside from a few super hero movies and Avatar, I’m not even sure what’s coming out.


Working in an office


My dad loves working at home. He gets to spend more time with us, he doesn't have to drive 40 mins a day, doesn't have to dress up and stuff, just overall more chill. He's also a master at getting work done unreasonably quick, so he has tons of free time


Your dad enjoys spending time with his family??? What a psychopath!


Working from home is one of the best things that's ever happened to me, I'd be devastated if I was ever made to go back to an office