Worst-comedy comedian or worst-human comedian? If both, then Andy Dick.


I'd love to punch that fucker in the face for Phil Hartman


I heard you can hire Jon Lovitz to do it for you.


He'll do it for free, no payment required.


Works on contingency? No, money down!


Conan has a story that the Simpsons writers would write Phil the worst lines just to see if he could make them funny. I have no doubt this was one of those lines (and the one about repeatedly running over the judge's son) I STILL remember reading about his death on AOL when I was in 7th grade


if i could, i'd pay jon lovitz to tell me that story over a joint and some coffee. i'd also need him to rate various things in my house. i hope they all "stink"


My 90s heart is smiling and bopping to that jazzy theme song.


Jay Sherman's pre-review monologues are what my young mind heard every time grandma watched Siskel and Ebert


I cannot hear Andy Dick’s name or see his face without mourning Troy McClure.




And the Zapp Brannigan that could've been.


Also why fry's first name is Phillip


I can hear Bender's disgusted, angry ***"PHILLIP?!"*** when he first learns that.


Kenny Banya. I mean what’s up with his fixation on Ovaltine?


Hey you wanna suit?


It's GOLD, Jerry!


I'm a 42 yeah I'm huge


He’s having a soup at Mendy’s


Soup's not a meal.


Did he crumble any crackers in it?


As a matter of fact, he did.


Oh! Well. Crackers in a bowl. That -- That could be a meal.


Well, the container’s round. The mug is round…


That's gold, Jerry. GOLD!


They should call it Roundtine!


That's gold, Jerry! Gold!


Mario fucking Bart


This is a weird request, but r34 I guess.


“‘Mushroom’ kingdom, heeerre weee cooome”


"*Eat my shorts!"*


Kennste kennste kennste


Did you mean Mario Barth? The German comedian?


You mean the german racist piece of shit ? Hes such a terrible person behind the scenes ( and in front of the camera of course )


"meene frau is ja manchmal ned de schlauste, weeste?"


HAHA MEINE FREUNDIN KENNSTE KENNSTE Absolut verstörend das so viele Leute den Typ lustig finden


> Mario fucking Bart Challenge: Google this and open the top link without reading anything.




She was clearly propped up by her opener, Landslide slays


I bet his diarrhea is nasty!


What’s up with those people with hand free headsets? They’re like “hey everybody look at me I’m 1 part robot and 3 parts assho-HUUUURRRRRRL


No joke her dry heave acting in that scene is the best in the business. It's so funny / good!


Kaitlyn Olson is a master of physical comedy! The scenes when she dry-heaves around Pondy, her running into that car door… she’s a legend.


There's a scene in The Mick (I think) where she is intimidating someone and just slightly widens her eyes at them and looks utterly unhinged and it is so subtle and hilarious. I love her!


I loved *The Mick* and was so hoping that it would at least be picked up for a third season to help close off the remaining storylines.


In the latest season when her and Dennis were talking to the castle lady and Dennis is dying, as soon as he starts that bit Dees facial expressions are just golden. “Uh oh. You okay there Dennis?” *surprised joy face*


She's so good all around. IMO, I think her role is harder to pull off than the others. Charlie Mac and Dennis are idiot losers, but they don't really know it. They get to express a degree of confidence, no matter how misplaced. Dee's curse is that she's *just* smart enough to realize EXACTLY how much of an idiot she is. Absolutely incredible character work.


And then when Charlie tries it. “What’s the deal with cheese…hhhurrrgalalaagg.” Fucking slays me every time.


Her Irish charwoman and Puerto Rican reporter kill though


Dee Day was such a hilarious episode. I wish they didn't take it off Hulu.


Jesus Christ!


That distant jesus christ always kills me.


That scene made me laugh so hard the first time I watched it, I swear I felt air shoot out of my ears like some fucking cartoon. It still gets me every time.




She’s got crabs. Clakety clakety trRrRrRrRrRrRrRr


Sound effects! Out of nowhere! And now the crabs have machine guns!


Joke's on Dee!


Well, she’s a bird.


Bird lawyer here. This is confirmed.


Shut up bird




As a guy who takes his comedy seriously-and assuming the question is about material and nothing else-I gotta go with Dennis Leary, and here's why: In the early 90's, when his album "No Cure For Cancer" came out, me and my post-high-school, pre-college/university friends thought it was amazing: it was rude, it was unapologetic, and it was a nice rebuttal to PC culture at the time....fast forward about a year or 2 later, and a friend of mine plays me some Bill Hicks, and I was shocked that this dude had lifted-almost word for word- Leary's set...I remember saying as much, until my friend said "this was recorded almost 2 years before Leary's shit"...so, I did some research with guys who were coming up in the scene at the time (Jason Rouse, etc.), and they were all like "Leary is the biggest fucking hack", and "Honestly, wait for him to release another album or tour or stand-up special"...so, I waited...and waited...and....yeah, no real Original material at all...for 30 fucking years. So, there you go...there's being a "lifter", and there's being a lazy, line-for-line stealing hack. Fuck that no-talent piece of shit.


> Dennis Leary When asked about this, Hicks told the magazine, "I have a scoop for you. I stole his [Leary's] act. I camouflaged it with punchlines, and to really throw people off, I did it before he did"


When Bill Hicks was asked why he quit smoking he said "I just wanted to see if Denis would, too."


Reminds me of a great quote from George Carlin: "Richard Pryor had a heart attack; then I had a heart attack. Richard Pryor went into rehab; I went into rehab. Richard Pryor set himself on fire...I said "Fuck that, I'm just gonna have another heart attack."




Yes he was


rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreal fuckin' high on drugs


His attempted take down of Greg Giraldo for being prepared and having his material ready was such a poor take. Glad it got brought back up on Two Bears to show the difference between a comedian that works and busts their ass and his “just talking” approach. Greg way outlasted him in terms of comedy.


For the uninitiated: at the time, Leary was one of the bigger comedy names and his sitcom had just been canceled. Giraldo is the scrappy up and coming workhorse comedian. Both are guests on a political-comedy talk show and Leary takes a cheap shot for Giraldo taking the time to write jokes for the show, to which Giraldo stated that perhaps if Leary had spent more time writing jokes for his own show then it wouldn’t have been canceled


[Greg was killing it with his prepared quips about Sadam Hussein and North Korea, the topics of that day's discussions] Dennis: "This guy writes so many jokes before the show, it's not even funny. It's unbelievable. He's got a pocket full of 'em." Greg: "It's kinda what we do here, Dennis — comedy writing." Dennis: "You're the guy at school that did all the homework then asked if there was any more that needed to be done." Greg: "That's a good point and if you had tried comedy writing maybe tour show would still be on the air." Dennis didn't like that Greg was getting laughs because he came prepared and Dennis thought his unapologetic personality was enough to get by without preparing. Greg didn't like Dennis trying to embarrass him like a bully picking on the nerd just because he was smart. So Greg pulled out a knife in this verbal pillow fight.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymltNm4p2VY 3:20 is the argument


What a colossal baby Leary was. I remember watching this when it aired.


God*DAMN*, I miss Tough Crowd.


This is what I was looking for, the universe took Bill Hicks from us and left us with Dennis Fucking Leary. People sit here and talk about Mencia stealing jokes, Leary stole Bill Hicks entire routine. I know he couldn’t have foreseen Bill Hicks dying of cancer 2 years after his “No cure for Cancer” special, but I don’t know it just doesn’t sit right.


Took Bill Hicks AND [Greg Giraldo.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymltNm4p2VY)


I think Greg Giraldo is one of the more intelligent people I’ve ever seen on camera who could flip the switch in an instant. The dude could take over a room in 5 minutes, but there was always this sense of a tortured spirit to his delivery. Late in his career he’d make fun of his failing marriage and how much time he spent on the road being a comic. Watching those specials now is really tough


His asshole song was also a Louis CK bit originally. He ended up paying Louis CK for it years later


B, the correct answer is Brandon Shwaub Axe jay


He's the only guy to be awful at stand up in two different careers


Best comment I have seen on this whole thread. Outstanding.


I hope you've seen this, where Segura is all but openly mocking Schaub and it just whizzes over his head. https://youtube.com/shorts/PfXwPYA9_iI


Touch my camera through the fence.


This is like watching your older brother make fun of your youngest brother right to his face. Like I'm back at Thanksgiving man


Tom was also team Bobby Lee when that whole drama went down. I think he was one of the first people to reach out to Bobby.


While he's a terrible comedian, he was also at least mildly famous beforehand from his UFC career and being on Joe Rogan Podcast. So not really an unfunny comedian who became famous. He was a famous guy that became an unfunny comedian.


Andy Dick


I feel like Andy Dick was the kid who everyone thought was weird, so he started doing things for shock value and he finally got some attention so he kept doing it. The entire premise of this humour is that you don’t know what’s real and what’s a show, and now it’s his entire personality and he can’t even stop himself.


No that was Tom Green. Andy is just an asshole. Edit: I stand corrected he is just a dick. Also i wasnt equating Dick with Green. Green actually had his moments while Dick... i mean i dont remember ever laughing at something he did. And I was talking fever dream Freddy Got Fingered/MTV era Green of course. Edit2: I would like to clarify I also was not intending to put Tom Greene into this list from the OP. I do not think he belongs in this list. He had funny bits and was not the "worst". :) Edit3: I think Freddy Got Fingered had some pretty good moments. Not a masterpiece but a Grandmas Boy type movie. Edit4: I liked Newsradio but I wasnt there to see Dick. I was there for everyone else. I actually saw it taped but it was post Hartman :(.


Tom Green except for the "whole personality" part. When you see him appear on other shows (recently at least), he still has that weird humour but he seems pretty down-to-earth. I think I remember him being a judge on Roast Battle and Drag Race in the past couple years? Maybe it was something else but it was those types of guest appearances.


His guest judge stint on Canada’s Drag Race was hysterical. He said what a contestant was wearing reminded him of a costume he wore as a kid, and then called his mom and put her on speakerphone to confirm the existence of said costume


That checks out. I remember watching his schtick on local public access TV in Ottawa before he made it big, he incorporated his parents a lot, too funny. It was Rogers 22 iirc.


Someone posted the slutmobile clip yesterday on another thread and I couldn't stop laughing, hadn't seen that in years. His parents were such good sports to put up with all his shit, he really paved the way for Bam.


He bought a camper van during covid and spent the whole time out in the desert playing guitar. Dude is chill AF.


Seriously, his youtube channel is one of the most calming and serene places on the internet. It is such a weird juxtaposition from his early 00s comedy.


He’s been a contestant on celebrity big brother too.


Oh, unfunny AND a complete, irredeemable shitbag of a person...you might have found the actual winner.


Carlos Mencia easily One of his jokes was “If Asians are so smart, why are they such bad drivers?” Look up the Dee Dee Dee song


There’s a whole category of comedians here that are “the only good jokes I’ve heard out of them were the ones they stole from other comedians”. And Mencia’s face would be on the cover of that folder.


I’m amazed how brazenly comedians steal jokes. Years ago I went to see some no-name comedian do stand up at a college. He literally was reciting Dane Cook for 80% of his material.


I’m sure many of them do it knowingly, but I can imagine trying to think of jokes and struggling to differentiate between ones that are original and ones that come to you because you’ve heard it previously and not realized. Especially when you practically live in comedy I remember an interview with Eminem where he said that after coming up with new lines, he has to look them up in a song lyric search engine to make sure it’s not a line he’s heard and forgotten or even from one of his own previous songs


I have a Harry Chapin concert album that has him stopping the band at the intro of a song. He asks them, "Did I write that?" John Fogerty said he couldn't remember a lot of the songs he wrote. Alice Cooper said he was so stoned all the times he didn't remember recording any of his albums in the 70s.


There's a story that Aerosmith was at a photo shoot one day and the radio was playing a song, and Steven Tyler said, "That's a good song, we should cover it." And Joe Perry replied "That's us."


So they were twice stolen jokes.


Could I get that deep fried twice please, thank you.


he is so bad that my brain blocked him out as a defense mechanism. Remember mind of mencia? Because i don't.


it was one of those shows that people watched in my middle school for like a month. My hunch is that the network was desperate to have a Hispanic comedian and latched on to Carlos Mencia, but the guy has never been funny


I think it was meant to fill the slot left by the chapelle show but that didn’t really work out for them.


Chapelle Show was still airing when Mind of Mencia came out. At the time, Comedy Central had a knack for creating a lot of samey shows, and I'm not sure how much creative control each comedian really had. There were some comedians who were absolute fucking geniuses who went on to have very mediocre CC shows, so I really think that CC was probably trying to put some square pegs into round holes with their writing/producing teams and the comics they were signing. But yes, my biggest gripe with Mind of Mencia, even at the time, is that there wasn't really any *new* humor to be had on the show. It was a 30 minute foray of rehashed "offensive" humor that no one even found offensive because of just how *LAZY* his brand of it was.


Lazy! Thank you, that's the word I'm searching for when someone reminds me of this asshat. People were watching his show and talking about it when I was in school and I couldn't figure out why I was one of the only people who didn't find anything to like in it. But "lazy", that exactly csptures how I was trying to describe it back then. It was godawful: just have a little person dance around on your stage while you spout one of the most irritating catch phrases of all time. I remember he brought out an N64 and made some shitty joke like "if you even know what this is, you're older than dirt!!" or whatever and then smashes it up. I was still playing on that system, it wasn't that old, and all I could ever say about that woeful excuse for a bit was, "What are you TALKING about, dude?! You're older than me!!" His popularity was altogether baffling and sad.


I mean, he just rinsed all the Chapelle Show and Blue Collar Comedy sketches with a different accent


He’s exceptionally terrible


There's a reason he was the big joke stealer in the fish sticks episode of South park.


I just take jokes and repackage them with a Mexican accent.


Isn’t that part of his deal too? He’s like Honduran but does Mexican jokes with a Mexican accent and his excuse is racist white people call him Mexican so it’s cool.


His real name is Ned.


And he’s not even Mexican, he’s Honduran


His real name is Ned.


Just looked it up. Dee Dee Dee song: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opUGK7rsl7E](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opUGK7rsl7E) wtf is this?


I listened to half of it, understood an 1/8 of it, and liked none of it.


Dude tries to rap about how society has lowered its standards and too many dumb people are raising dumb kids. Ironically, it’s during this time that he was also given an opportunity to rise to fame and fortune. Lowered standards, indeed.


Fish sticks joke was amazing though


Why don't you get it mayn?


Just please get it


Comeon maynnn, look at me maaaayn. I'm not funny, I steal jokes, my dick don't work mayn.


J-j-j-jur a gay feesh mayne




Go easy on him, his dick don’t work.


I gotta piss in a plastic bag man, I ain’t got no dick!


James cordon if you can even class him as a comedian


I’m so sick of seeing that man everywhere Edit: alright guys I get it you like him stop DMing me to tell me I’m a shitty person


He's the male Ellen Degeneres and that is not a compliment


I remember when someone suggested watching Ellen’s show when I first moved to the US, and they made it sound that she's a big deal. I absolutely did not like her, she was unfunny, obnoxious and just plain rude.


yo stop DMing this guy, he's right, Corden can eat shit and an entire restaurant


Dead Norm Macdonald... Alive version was way better.


“If I die I want everyone around me to get together, gather around, and try to bring me back to life” -Norm


Who is the dude that was a dick to Marc Maron?


I was listening to a podcast with Marc Maron and Kumail Nanjiani, and Marc said something about how he was resentful about how Kumail was becoming a big star so fast when Marc himself had to "pay his dues" (something along those lines) and Kumail said "Yeah it's a little easier when you don't take a 10 year sabbatical for hookers and blow." It was a little awkward between them the whole show.


Because, honestly, comedians seem like a super bitter bunch about 'paying their dues' and only themselves knowing good comedy.


Isn't it also Maron's whole comedic persona? He opens one album by just going "I've been doing this for 30 years, I've done Letterman, I've toured with the greats...and I still can't fill a fuckin' room!"


It's mostly a certain type of old school, east coast style comedian. They're just huge assholes that like to open up about their problems for confessional comedy. Maron is a dick so I'm sure he has issues with tons of people (and I've heard tons of people confirm that)


WOW. As a fan of both of them, KN nailed this. Very deserved.


If there’s anything I know about Nanjiani, it’s that he pulls no punches. Another great example is when he retold the story of what he said to Pete Holmes during his 31st birthday roast (that he threw himself lmao). It’s similarly ruthless AND he told it on Pete Holmes’s old show (RIP).


He's not wrong.


dan nainan


I'm not familiar, but his name sounds like the ESPN anthem. Edit: specifically SportsCenter, as pointed out by u/48ozs


Holy fuck guys


Lol, as a huge Maron fan: 1. The bigger question is probably: "who was that one comedian Marc Maron was a dick to during his bitter period?"; and 2. That's gonna be a long list But, the most well-known extant Maron comedian beef is probably Jon Stewart.


What’s the beef with Jon Stewart, out of curiosity? I haven’t heard it.


I'm not super up on the specifics, but apparently both of them were up for replacing whatshisname for The Daily Show. Obviously, Jon Stewart won. Marc, this being during the bitter period of his career, apparently bitched about Stewart relentlessly after this both behind his back and to his face. Eventually, based on what I've heard, Jon Stewart eventually confronted Marc and told him something to the effect of "you're a deeply unhappy asshole, and I want nothing to do with you." Supposedly Stewart still refuses to do Marc's show to this day. Marc doesn't really talk about it much as far as I know.


Really it is as you said. Sour grapes. Maron and Stewart have very much the same comedy approach. At the time of Daily Show after Kilborn I can see how in Marc's life it may have been a better idea to go with Jon.


Marc tried to get back at him by bringing Wyatt Cynac on his show the week before Jon left TDS to talk about the fight he and Jon had over his Herman Cain impression that led to Wyatt leaving the show. Jon and the producers were super pissed at that.


> Marc, this being during the bitter period of his career Also known as "Marc Maron's career." He's still pretty bitter, but it seems more directed at his parents and social media stereotypes than peers in the business.


Did some googling and found this video, sounds like Marc kinda resented Stewart for seemingly being so much more successful and kinda took it out on him long enough during his bitter period that John just didn't want anything to do with him anymore. Sounds like Marc is legitimately sorry about it now but sounds like John is over it and not really interested in making amends. Hopefully they'll work it out but doesn't seem likely https://www.cbc.ca/strombo/videos/web-exclusive/marc-maron-Jon-Stewart-The-Daily-Show


I enjoy Maron's podcast interviews but did his "bitter period" ever really end?! Bitter is his entire personality, and I'm a cynical person to begin with. Jon is also rightfully bitter over the state of the world, but he's not constantly imploding. He's more functionally bitter, and you need the functional side to run a show with deadline pressure.


Usually when it comes to Marc it usually starts with him being jealous and then some perceived slight leading to a bigger issue.


Brendan Shaub, friend of Joe Rogan who was in MMA and thinks because his friends told him he was funny that he should do stand up, but he doesn’t understand that he’s just not that funny when it comes to stand up.


Prepare for the arrival of 9000 Amy Schumers.


Actually way less of them than I expected.


There’s a surprising lack of them


Surpringly very few so far.


It's actually 4500 Schumers. The other 4500 are James Corden's just like it is every week when this question is asked


I came here completely convinced that I was going to say Dane Cook and that I would have been hard pressed to find someone worse. Then the top post was Carlos Mencia. Okay, reddit, I stand corrected. You're right, he is worse. I scroll down just a little bit farther and find Andy Dick. This puts me in a bind. Do I keep scrolling farther, or do I embrace the peace brought on by knowing Andy Dick as the worst? I do not keep scrolling. I'm not quite ready to live in a world where there is room under him.


Yes...let the hate flow through you...


The one thing I'll give Dane is his stage presence, timing, and ability to work a crowd. I guess that's three things.


I've never seen him live but if you listen to comedians talk about him Dane Cook destroys rooms live. People leave tired and unable to laugh anymore. He was selling out stadiums, that doesn't happen on accident. I don't love his style, but he's legitimately funny.


I remember hearing Bill Burr say that Dane Cook is a comedian he deeply respects. He talked about being behind stage at events where Dane Cook opened and other comedians flipping out on their managers about how they couldn't go out on stage after Dane Cook had just absolutely slain the audience and try and top him.


More than that. Burr talks about coming up with Dane Cook and that he killed. Whatever we think about Dane Cook now, he was legit and earned his 15min of fame. The dude personally financed his own stadium tour. Bet on himself and would have won if his brother didn't steal all his money.


> if his brother didn't steal all his money Wow, really? Did not hear about that.


Both his parents died and his brother embezzled $15 million, I think all in the same year or two. People think he was a one-trick that people got bored of, but those events derailed his life.


I saw him live at the laugh factory in LA earlier this year. Everything everyone here is saying is true. Not one of his jokes was actually funny, but the way he tells the stories had me laughing the whole time. His delivery is impeccable.


Yeah, he's got B material but S-Tier delivery.


That's like Puttbull's thing. His music isn't really that good, but man can get a party started and keep it going. Any comedian will tell you that delivery is everything.


I didn't have one feeling about him one way or another, but had heard he was an asshole forever. Then he goes to Kodiak Alaska because of that internet contest and he seemed like an alright dude. And there is where I stand, he seems pretty alright.


Larry the cable guy. I watched him bomb so hard on a special one night he kept asking if his mic was on. I'm all for him being successful he seems like a nice guy but it got out of hand when seen git r done merchandise everywhere and got so tired of hearing everyone around me saying git r done.


He's probably the least funny of the Blue Collar boys. He has a few jokes hit here and there. Got to appreciate his dedication to the character, though. Ron White is great for raunchy humor, and Bill Engvall is great for clean family-related humor.


Ron White is everyone's fun uncle that they want to sit beside at Thanksgiving.


His *Drunk in Public* album was recorded at the Houston Laff Stop and my ex and I were there. We didn't know who he was, the ex was given tickets at work. It is still, to this day, the funniest show I have *ever* been to. He drank the whole time, and the more he drank, the funnier he got. At one point my ex literally had to run to the bathroom to avoid peeing herself in laughter. My face and gut really hurt from laughing the next day ... it was as if he had beaten the shit out of me with jokes. It was fucking legendary.


"I was drunk in **A BAR**. ... I got thrown into Pub Lick"


Are you Ron "Tater Salad" White?


This is my son...tater tot.


You caught me. You caught the Tater!


The only thing Ron White had in common with the rest of the Blue Collar Comedy thing was that he is from the south, specifically Texas. It ended there. The other three were always billed as PG-13, down-home family men, just average working class southern dads, and that's who they played to. Not Ron White. He clearly watered his material down for their specials, and *even then* it was teetering in too blue for the theme. I guess he brought a bit of edge to the group, and I think being part of it broadened his audience and people discovered his solo specials from there. And boy howdy, if they were expecting Jeff Foxworthy describing having a few too many beers at the family reunion, they'd be in for one hell of a surprise.


I think it's because he's playing a character that's nothing like him. The others seem like their stage personas are close to who they are as people and it makes their comedy feel more genuine and less forced.


I get the feeling that Ron White on stage is just Ron White standing somewhere different. I think if I sat down next to him in a bar, he would be exactly the same person.


>in a bar At least until he was thrown in to *PUB-LICK*.


"I didn't know how many of them it was gonna take to whip my ass.....but I knew how many they were gonna use." I've always thought that was such a clever line. Cracks me up even now.


The funny part is he has now quit drinking.


I stumbled on a Bill Enhvall clip on YouTube yesterday. That guy is boring as fuck but man, does he know his audience. He had them eating out of his hand. I couldn't sit through his show but I gotta respect someone who consistently delivers to their core audience.


I reached a point where I was sure if I heard the line “Git-R-Done” just one more time from anybody, I’d need to be institutionalized.


Yea, he was funny back in the 90’s when he was a radio personality. That voice was hilarious and his bit would last maybe 2-4 minutes? Good jokes to drive to work to.


James Corden


His career nearly flopped too because of it. Following the huge success of the TV series Gavin & Stacy, TV producers tried to cash in the popularity of him and co-star Mathew Horne by giving them their own sketch show. It was abysmal. Mathew Horne has pretty much vanished from TV since but James Corden clung onto his association with the loveable character he played in Gavin & Stacy and to be fair, played the game well.


Oh god, Horne and Cordon. It was so bad! Don't forget the film they were in: Lesbian Vampire Killers. At one point it was on BBC Three almost nightly (or at least felt like it).


I am still mystified that Dave Coullier has had a career in comedy.


I remember Artie Lange on Stern once said it best when he said, "He does a really great Popeye impression."


That's a fantastic joke because its a compliment, its true, and its *scathing*.


You Oughta Know it.


Cut it out


You mean, Cut ✂️ It 👉 Out 👍 !