My Classmate was high af in highschool and im pretty sure it was: "Im sorry im late but I had to finish something. Whoa mister \*insert teachers name\* the Blackboard looks so green"




“Sorry I’m late, I really didn’t want to come at all”


God that’s a mood


Okay fr fr. Someone I know who always showed up late to work pulls up late one day and boss goes “why are you late”. Bro goes “sorry boss I stopped to tie my shoes and a raccoon attacked me! By the way can I go home? See it got me here—“(shows small scratch on leg)”and I want to go home and disinfect it, maybe hospital….” Boss looked down and bro was wearing flip flops i.e. not work safe shoes, so he clearly planned on not showing up anyway, and secondly, NO SHOELACES lol


I used to work in a post-production room when I was younger, and this guy was always late, his best excuse being... The wind blew me back and I couldn't fight it; my socks were also wet...