I don’t know that I’m 100% sure but I think my grandma killed my grandpa, who passed away while napping almost 10 years ago. He was an asshole and she busted her ass taking care of him for decades. He smoked his whole life and gave her terrible lung problems. She’s very intelligent and reads a lot and I’m confident she could have done it in an undetectable way. So yeah, I can’t prove it but I have reasons to suspect lol. After he died she was able to experience independence and happiness and though her health is now really declining I just wouldn’t be surprised if she did it just to get some peace while she could.


loooots of killer granma stories today.


You should ask her...


A lot of people in this thread think their grandparents murdered people. It's fascinating.


Well back in the day, in many places, divorce was legally unattainable (ie a woman couldn't get one for silly reasons like "he regularly beats me senseless"); or unacceptable (social & religious stigma); or economically impossible (women not getting property rights or credit cards till the last couple decades of ~~this century~~ edit:"*last* century"... oops, aged myself, still thinking of the 20th century as "now"). Pretty sure there's a a statistic somewhere about men getting poisoned far less as soon as the sexual revolution happened and wives were allowed to leave their husbands.


1974. 1974 is when women gained the right to open credit card accounts in their own names without a male co-signer. 1974!


I believe my grand mother was a serial killer. She was married 7 times; each ending in a sudden death. She died in the 1980’s but everything is still suspicious and no one seems to know anything. I did find an article about her when she came to the US where her first husband died defending her after her ex-boyfriend climbed in her window in New York City. I also found evidence of her having been in prison before coming to the US.




Same, if my grandma talks bad of someone, that person has to be a horrible human being, she sees good in everyone.


I believe that at least one of the people listed as dead on 9/11, used the situation to abandon their life and start a new one somewhere else.


I think someone shared a secret to this effect on PostSecret once.


May not be 9/11 but I remember that secret. PostSecret was great for me back in the day.


That's a popular theory for the disappearance of Sneha Philip


My great grandmother killed my great grandfather. The story was that he was knifed in a bar by a jealous husband. But it was great grandma. He was an abusive cheater.


That the Donald Trump animatronic at DisneyWorld’s Hall Of Presidents show 100% started off as Hillary because Disney were so sure she was going to win the election, and when Trump won they hastily tried to rejig it into Trump, and it shows.


Had to Google it… absolutely agree!


​ [HOLY SHIT](https://www.google.com/search?q=Donald+Trump+animatronic+at+Disney+World%E2%80%99s+Hall+Of+Presidents&rlz=1C1GCEA_enUS924US924&sxsrf=ALiCzsY_TpT8PRf-QF4-raOfEG_AiYQpEA:1664915661474&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiVvNSUtsf6AhVQmWoFHfNpB50Q_AUoAnoECAIQBA&biw=2752&bih=1031&dpr=1.25) ! ​ I SAID - [HOLY SHIT!](https://helios-i.mashable.com/imagery/articles/00EA7eSgjzIO3Fl3aTTvbEP/hero-image.fill.size_1248x702.v1623368067.jpg)


Thats definitely Hillary's facial structure


It looks like somebody on the creative team was like "just beef up the browbone and nobody will ever know"


its haunting


The proportions of the face are off, it does look like it started off as Hillary. Side note, now I want to see a movie where they use artificial intelligence to improve the Hall of Presidents and they all become self-aware and go on a killing spree. Call it **45 Dead Presidents.**


President Evil


[Dillary Clump](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DRY78R_U8AAuR2-?format=jpg&name=900x900)


That’s… the most cursed Hillary trump combo ever


WTF that doesn't even look like him omg


But it does look like her.. if she wore a Donald Trump costume for Halloween


well that is something I never knew existed and now wish I didn't. The robot is almost as frightening as an ACTUAL Hillary-Donald hybrid.


There’s a reason it took, like what? A year and a half? Two years? To be put in the Hall of Presidents. And I believe it stands at the back now, in the dark. They obviously don’t want anyone to notice that it clearly started out as a Hillary Clinton animatronic.


But at that point why wouldn't they just start from scratch?


Phones are always listening in. I had never done a Google search for a pressure cooker in my entire life. But I talked to my friends about a pressure cooker one day with my phone in my pocket, and the very same day I get an ad about pressure cookers.


I recently received an ad for something that I only THOUGHT ABOUT. And it can't be explained by algorithms because it was smth completely outside of my life experience. No possible explanation.


This has happened to me too! Completely freaks me out.


My friends aunt disappeared in the 1970s leaving her kids and belongings behind. 100% sure her husband killed her. Not able to prove it.


My coworker found one of my alt accounts and he follows my comment history. ETA: ok a few people have asked and it’s like this. Also, I don’t mean THIS account, this one’s just for dumb askreddit questions lolol 1. A bit ago he said he’d found it at one point. He saw a post on /r/knitting that was clearly me. So he DOES know. Which. Whatever. Do the polite thing and don’t look at a bro’s comment/post history. 2. He often pms me when I’m having a bad day. It’s like he knows somehow. 3. He always pms me about working out/running after I post on subs for those things. It’s like he reads it there then pms me to initiate the same conversation 4. He recently asked me if I ever just scroll through peoples’ Reddit histories. I mean. Come on. He knows and it’d be one thing if he knew but HE WATCHES.


Do you have my WENIS ready yet?


I'm looking at the WENIS, and I'm not happy!


Yes, FRAN, I know what time it is


My neighbor will, occasionally, mimic the sound of a cat meowing. This has happened more times than I can count, as we share a bedroom wall (I live in a row-house). The problem is that while it is always at night, the timing and frequency varies wildly. Sometimes it’s one good “meeooowwwwwww”, sometimes it’s two. My housemates have never heard it and I’ve been unable to record the sound. The neighbors are quiet and keep to themselves, so it’s not a topic I could ever broach with them. But, I know there is an adult human who meows at night. Edit: To further bolster my claim, I provide additional details. 1.) Living in a row-house does mean hearing one’s neighbors from time to time. The neighbors to my right, we can hear them every Sunday during football season or if there’s a particularly loud fight. HOWEVER, there is nary a peep from my neighbors on the left, with the exception of the adult making meowing sounds. I’m talking: no music playing, no TV sounds, no sounds like someone dropping their phone, no conversations, no loud coughing/sneezing, no slammed doors, etc. Just. Meowing. 2.) The house in question has 4 adults. Two parents and their adult children (in their early/mid 20s). I’ve never seen or heard a pet of any kind. 3.) I have lived here for 3 years. They’ve been my neighbors for the entirety of my residency. While we’ve exchanged hellos, they have not been interested in communicating past that, which I respect.


I mean, sometimes my cat meows at me and I meow back at her. Mostly because she's very vocal. Do they not have a cat though?


Same here, sometimes my son meows at me and I just meow right back at him.


Ah shit. I got two cats. I literally meow at them to mess with them. I sing songs to them, replacing all the words with "meow". Sometimes just the rhythm of a song. If one of my cats is running through the house like a demon I meow the opening instruments of Rocky's theme song to them. I know deep in my heart my neighbors hear this stupid shit. But I can't stop, won't stop.


Do they have a cat? I meow at my cat all the time


Could be a tick! Saw someone with Tourette’s say they have a bark tick occasionally.


That YouTube can tell if you can skip ads or not. For example, listening to music or podcasts while doing something? Short, unskippable ads. In the shower? Long, skippable ads. Doing something that dirties up your hands so you can't touch your phone? Long, skippable ads.


I totally agree! Literally, the second I put down my phone or walk out of the room and start doing something, like dishes, AD. It's honestly creepy.


Hijacking to say that the extension UBlock Origin and the browser Brave remove all ads for free. The minute i downloaded them, my quality of life drastically improved.


I’m up to 56k ads blocked on Brave. 56 fucking thousand. In like 4-5 months.


I was partying in Phuket Thailand and met a group of guys on a Stag from Australia. Drank at our hotel. Drank on Bangla Walking Street. Got bottle service at a club and you guessed it, drank some more. Wrapped up at about 5 am and I was dropping a deuce in my hotel room. I noticed a mosquito got in and had landed on my arm. I was so drunk and exhausted I just thought ‘eff it. You can have the blood.’ When I woke up there was a dead mosquito on the ground next to the toilet not crushed or smashed just dead. I am 100% sure I killed that mosquito with my BAC ( blood alcohol concentration ).


This story did not end as I assumed at first.


Telling it person yields the same anticipation. lol


Ngl I was very dissatisfied with the ending and was thinking “damn this one’s gonna go somewhere dark”.


This is fucking hilarious. I feel like I’m going to end up telling this story to people because it’s too funny not to share.


This same thing happened to me about 10 years ago and my gf (now wife ) witnessed it and still brings it up. I was about 3/4 of a way through a 750 of Makers Mark and had blown maybe a gram of coke at that point. Mosquito landed on a large vein on my arm and just died right there. Edit: the spellz


Fuckin hell lmfao. Was probably the sickest few seconds of his life.


Phuket, I’m out of here


I went backpacking alone in Thailand for a month when I was 20. Didn't know anywhere outside of Bangkok but I thought "oh I'll just land somewhere else and make my way to Bangkok eventually" started in Phuket since it sounded like "fuck it"


That my Aunt's ex-husband murdered his second wife. My aunt kicked him out because he beat the shit out of her for not having dinner ready, it was in the late 60s-ish. A while later he got remarried to a woman who had a young son from a previous relationship. After a few more years the woman just vanished, left the kid and disappeared. She had a few friends/family but said nothing to them about going anywhere. Nobody's seen or heard from her since, this would have been in the late 70s/early 80s. Sounds super sus to me and it's already established he's a POS wife beater. Not a huge leap to imagine he got carried away and killed her, disposed of the body and told everyone she ran away. Anyway he's dead now so I guess we'll never know.


Whoa. That’s dark. Meanwhile I’m posting how I think I am wasting time on Reddit while I’m supposed to be working. I think I missed the point of this thread now


What happened to the son ?


I believe he went to live with someone in her family. At the time he was 4 or so years old I think. POS had no care for his bio-kids he sure wasn't gonna raise one that wasn't his. I don't know what happened from there though. My aunt only told me this a few years ago, quite casually when we were discussing her life. Apparently the woman was, according to my aunt a "sweet, quiet woman" and like yeah that cemented it further for me. It baffled me how no-one seemed to question this, but then again he was a manipulative, narcissistic arsehole so I guess he could have managed it. As an aside, I was ridiculously proud of my aunt for taking no shit and kicking him out, apparently she "wasn't allowed to wear make-up because that's for whores" so she went to work the next day with two black eyes and covered in bruises, told him everyone will see what he's like and if he was there when she got back she'd make sure he never raised a hand to her again.


Hell yeah, I mean that's a terrible situation to go through for your aunt, but she handled it like a badass.


That there's absolutely nobody that actually believes in Flat Earth and that every single person involved in it is doing it as a joke and are very committed to the bit. ​ Ok I'm not 100% convinced of that but like COME ON!


There's a guy I've worked with off and on for many years. We work very well together, and I have no complaints as far as his professional abilities and cooperation. At this point, he almost seems like family. We've just spent so much time together and accomplished so much. I just have never been able to shake the feeling that this guy hates me. He's never been rude or dismissive to me. He's never said anything to me that would indicate he doesn't like me. He's only ever fun super fun and nice. I just really feel like he hates me. In fact, I'm convinced. No idea why. His approval isn't even important to me. I've done plenty of good work with people I don't particularly like.


I worked with this lady for years that I was sure hated me. She was usually rude to me (nobody else) and would go out of her way to avoid me at work events. I didn't know what I did to deserve it, and nobody else acted like that around me. When I left the company they had a going away party, so I asked her point blank why she didn't like me. She said she was attracted to me and had a sex addiction, so if she was nice and I was nice back she'd have to fuck me. So what I'm saying is maybe he just wants to avoid the urge to bone you


This is what I’m gonna start assuming for everyone who seems to not like me


So I speak for all of us when I say I’d like to know the answer to the obvious question.


No, for a multitude of reasons.


I'm 100% sure the answer is yes, but I can't prove it.


Probably for the best.


TIL the whole world wants to bone me, thanks


I've got a similar story, not a coworker or a sex addict but a customer of the company I worked for, when we first met we got along vary well and it went on for a few years like that. Then one day I'm doing some paper work and they come to the back room and introduce me to their partner, which was cordial enough but the next time I saw them it was cold, like we're talking -1 Kelvin. So some time goes by and all our interactions are the same , to the point where I showed up and get a "I don't have time for this you'll have to deal with someone else ", then they abruptly turn around and walk away. So finally I start asking around to find out what I had done to upset them so much, if for no other reason then to avoid doing it again in the future. Well it turns out they had a number of "sex dreams" about me and their partner had felt threatened by me, to the point that the partner even called my boss to see if I could get assigned somewhere else, which I only found out after chatting with my boss about the situation. It was a funny , flattering and a slightly awkward situation but Im not working in that area anymore


Hopefully she did not encounter too many attractive guys in her daily life


I thought my first boyfriend hated me when we met for the first time. He told me later that he had a love at first sight sort of thing as soon as he saw me enter the class (we were from the same class, I joined later than others) and developed an immense crush and was just jealous that I spoke to everybody but him. In my defense, I thought he was annoyed with me and didn't wanna annoy hum further by forcing him to talk to me.


My GF thought the same. She started working where I did and I fancied her within about 0.28271 seconds of looking at her. She thought I hated her as I was always laughing and joking with everyone else but not her, The truth is I was so terrified of talking to her and messing it up I just avoided her!


I’ve had people tell me, a few times, that they feel like I don’t actually like them. The truth is, I don’t really know how to act around people. I know how to be nice to them, so people assume I’m friendly, and I’ve basically built my entire personality around being friendly to people so they like me. My problem is I just have trouble forming deep connections with people, even my best friends who I’ve known for years. I care for them but deep down I really don’t know how to properly show these emotions, so when people get close to me they feel like I really don’t like them. Idk, just a different perspective to consider.


I have this feeling with a buddy of mine. Long time friends, had some ups and downs but for the bulk of our adult lives we have had zero issues. Now, he doesn't talk to anyone (says he is stressed with family shit etc) but will still occasionally talk in our group chat. Except to me. Never responds to me or anything even when I try to engage him. I have ultimately gotten over it but I still don't get what I did.


He probably doesnt hate you, he might just look at you as a “work friend”. There’s plenty of people at my job that I talk to every day, ask them about their lives, and have meaningful conversations with regularly etc. But if they quit/got fired tomorrow I’d just be like “huh, James is gone. Weird” and that’s it. We’re not friends, we just spend a lot of time together and I’m generally a nice person so we might as well chat.


Can't wait for the true crime documentary on your death by your coworker who secretly planned your death for years


Smile doesn't reach his eyes? No warmth in his speech even when he's saying something nice? Does he smell angry?? Not that I think I'll be able to put my finger on it, but it's such a weird case, and I feel like I've felt something similar, before. As social primates, we've evolved over millions of years to identify the people who want to bash us with a rock, so...


I really have no idea what it is that gives me this hunch. He's professional, competent, makes work fun, I think he's absolutely hilarious. He's gone out of his way to do personal favors for me before, as any of my coworkers with whom I'm friends with would. He called me to check in after my cat died to offer condolences. I've been invited to parties at his home. He recommends me to clients, I recommend him to clients. In other words, he acts just like any normal friendly acquaintance that I have. I just can't shake this feeling. I'm totally cordial, courteous, and polite to him. He has never done anything to make me not be that way.


Amazing. It would be tragic if he just gives of pheromones or holds his face in some way that hits people wrong.


That my friend stole my Vanilla Ice CD in elementary school. We were jamming nonstop to those sweet jams one night when he slept over. Then, the next day, the CD was gone. Now this is back when each CD was a precious thing so there's no way I just tossed it aside and lost it. I think I owned that CD and one other at the time, so you bet I was damn careful. But more importantly, it just never turned up. At no point in the 10 years I was in that room did that CD come back. You'd think I would have found it when packing up for college....nope. It was gone. I know you took it. You owe me $19.


That my super power is catching the bar of soap mid air in the shower, I swear it never hits the floor.


Teach me


Quick hop in the shower


My biological father may be the Burger Chef murderer, a local unsolved murder from the late 70's involving 4 teens who were killed during a botched robbery. My late mother told me he had disappeared prior to the incident and had come home burned his clothes and shaved his beard. He was known for having a long beard by friends and family for years and then suddenly shaved it all off and never let it grow back. She was thouroughly convinced it was him and left him as a result of it and a few other incidents plus another murder that he may have have been a part of. I wish i had more details, but she spent years terrified of this man. He had made death threats as well as threatening to turn her brothers in for an insurance fraud fire (in which he helped commit). The guy is/was a pos, and frankly I wish for her sake they would have caught him.


Rat him out, you'll feel a lot better.


Aliens exist.


If not, it'd be an awful waste of space. - Carl Sagan


Hey Mom, there's something in the backroom...


Hope it’s not the creature from above


You used to read me stories, as if my dreams were boring.


There is a non-trivial number of people who said “yes” to a marriage proposal ONLY because the proposal was made publicly and saying “no” would have devastated the proposer.


That's why I always hate those big public proposals. You're putting intense social pressure on what is already a big decision.


Generally if you're asking someone to marry you, you'll have discussed it enough in the past that you know with a very high degree of certainty how they'll respond I think the people that just ask out of the blue are wild


Oj did it.


He wrote a book called "if I did it" about how he'd get away with it if he did it. So yeah. He did it.


I totally agree.


That Casey Anthony is guilty.


One in million shot the grandparents were in on it. Still overwhelmingly likely it was Casey acting solo.


No way grandma was in on it... she knew Casey did it.


I am willing to believe it was unintentional. I read/heard somewhere that the nanny's name was slang for Xanax. I am convinced she was drugging Caley with xanax so she could go out partying and that's how the child died. I am also pretty sure the dad/grandfather helped cover it up.


In third grade, my friend Peter cheated me out of a Pokemon card. He wanted to trade his Kangaskhan for my Chansey, telling me it was a really good trade. Afterwards though, one of my other friends told me Chansey was a lot more rare and I got the short end of the stick. I tried to get Peter to trade it back to me, but he told me he didn't have it anymore because he lost it. BULLSHIT PETER, I KNOW YOU STILL HAD MY CHANSEY YOU LYING BASTARD


This thread has it all; aliens, conspiracies, intrigue, scandal, politics, and BULLSHIT PETER from r/fuckyouinparticular. Edit 1: forgot murderous grandmas


This is a great villain origin story!


That I would be able to convince more than 30% of the people in the world to donate me a dollar each. I do believe people would be okay with just giving away one dollar, and I would be okay with not having to work for the rest of my life.


Abraham Lincoln had an astoundingly large penis. We're talking baby arm status!


Lincoln's Log


I bet it had it’s own hat!


And a beard.


And Emancipation Proclamation


Ejaculation Proclamation


The OG manscaper


That I didn’t roll my eyes when my wife told me I did earlier


That insurance companies and healthcare companies in the US are in cahoots


That’s generally agreed.


This is the reason for such outrageous Healthcare costs in the USA.


Toddler programs like Cocomelon that use cheap cgi and public domain music are created completely by AI.


As someone with a toddler who has watched/listened to entirely too much Cocomelon and Pinkfong, I’m convinced that there’s absolutely no way a team of humans can just crank out that amount of content all the time.


Aliens are real. We literally can't be the only lifeforms in the entire f*cking universe. It's f*cking massive.


“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” -Clarke


I would say being alone in the universe would be significantly more terrifying.


That epigenetics is the primary driving force to evolution, but we don't have ancient DNA to test this theory on.


For the lazy: >Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work.


We're getting more and more evidence that confirms this. Memory is stored in genes. You can shock mice any time you give them a scent and their offspring will fear that scent.


Poor lab mice, what horrors *haven't* we inflicted on them?


Is this aligned with generational trauma? That's hardcore real


There is research that the DNA of refugees and families is changed due to their trauma.


Yes, but not permanently. Epigenetics doesn't change the genome at all, it changes the rates at which genes are expressed. In the case of trauma, people are born with the trauma genes "pre-activated" and ready to produce stress hormones and stress neurotransmitters at elevated levels. But two people born with that condition who don't experience trauma can still have children with the non- trauma gene expression. In humans, the starvation genes activated in Dutch survivors of WWII lead to higher rates of diabetes in their children, even if those children are born many years after the war. Most of the other studies involve animals- a rat is raised in a stressful environment, and its offspring have a stronger response to mild stress than genetically identical rats raised in relaxed environments. These effects are observed when the father is exposed to stress as well as the mother, so it isn't prenatal hormone levels.


I live in the northeast of the U.S. I, and many, many people I know, all had covid in late December/January of 2020 (before the "outbreak"). When I mentioned this on here back in the summer of 2020, I was called a crackpot.


It is absolutely possible that you had it. It's called Covid-19 because it was discovered in November of 2019. Lots of people probably had it and didn't even know. It took some time to spread to pandemic levels. There's nothing irrational about this. I had Covid-19 this past Christmas. My symptoms were identical to a cold I had shortly before the pandemic began. I also live in the Northeast.


I live in the south US and have never traveled outside the southeast (unfortunately). I remember joking with my neighbor the 3rd week of November 2019 that I was patient zero of some new plague because I was so sick and she had wanted to come over. I have never been so sick in my life and symptoms were identical to Covid. Also not a conspiracist but I don't understand either. ETA - just to mention I never EVER get sick and it put me on my ass in a way I still haven't recovered from. I ended up having 2 cardiac arrests in April 2021 and am now in end stage heart failure. No idea if related or not but it really seemed like a lot all at once. But I can also see why it could seem that way and be completely explainable too so 🤷🏼‍♀️.


Friend of mine came back from Japan in December of 2019 and is convinced he had it. Never seen him that sick. Was down for 2 weeks with the “flu”. All the symptoms matched covid.


I’m in England and also sure I had it in December 2019. I have never been so ill in my life, and had to sleep sitting up for over a week, or I simply couldn’t breathe. I spread it to friends who each had weeks off work. I have no doubt that we had Covid and I’m not a conspiracy theorist at all.


I’m also in northeast US and was so sick December 2019 I’m fully convinced it’s was the ronies.


There is another planet that we can live on.


But it's likely so far away we'll never reach it with current technology


The easiest planet to terraform will always be Earth.


Yep, it will always be thousands of percent easier and massively cheaper to live on any part of earth than on another planet.


Somebody farted on this planet in the time it took you to read this comment.




More likely thousands if not tens of thousands. I know I did


In May 2019, I slipped into a coma while watching the Transformers movie Bumblebee. The events of the following 3 years have been a coma dream. Hence all the robots and disasters and generally annoying humans in the news.


I often think something similar. My grandma lived near a creek and I used to swim on it all the time, but one time after heavy rains it got too deep for my swimming skills and I almost drowned before getting saved by a stranger. I often wonder if I died that day and this is the bad place.




I've always believed that different things perceive time differently. Does a fly have the same perception of time as a human? Would life as a fly seem like slow motion to a human? What if 1 second to us 'felt' like 3 seconds to a fly? There is probably some really cool physics dealing with time, but I am definitely not smart enough to make sense of it all.


Well I mean, time feels different from person to person. Take a child. They are simply perceiving time slower than an adult, because they have less to compare it to. I read somewhere that the average person has had half of their perceived life by the time they are 10. Those first 10 years feel longer than the next 50. And honestly, I buy that. I have a vivid memory of childhood, and it lasted forever. I'm 30 now, and my entire adult life practically feels like a flash compared to my childhood.


I also read on this and the article stated that it's also that as a kid you perceive more new stuff and make memories. As adult you pretty much repeat a cycle, wake up, work, chores, sleep, repeat, so you won't make so many memories. More memories in a time period = the longer it feels.


My ex cheated on me while working away, Would always tell me stories about the other guys "cheating" and laughing about it went on for about a year and then I find out that there is a girl that works with him under his team (and had been for about a year (only girl) . And they were living together while we were on a break trying to figure out what we both wanted. Always trying to be at his apt when our kids are there visiting but he still denying any relationship


Yup. He was cheating.


My dog can read my mind


Dogs are so perceptive that they can do MORE than read your mind. They can literally read your bodies internal mechanisms.


I have a friend who has combat related PTSD. His service dog can sense an oncoming panic attack. She will signal to him and he's able to remove himself from the situation before the attack starts. Before he got her, he could hardly go out in public.


I wouldn't be surprised if dogs are just highly sensitive to their owner's heart rates and can sense when you're calm vs anxious. I'm sure there are studies on this that I could google, but I will not lol


There is always someone who looks exactly like you


Poor guy.


I have seen pictures of my doppelganger, I think he's doing better than me. Maybe time to trade places


My dad apparently met my doppelganger on a cruise ship in a band that played Jazz. He played trumpet which is funny becuase I played trumpet and studied music but never pursued it. I also love jazz, was and is my favorite genre of music. I think cruise ship me was living the life I could have lived. Makes me think.


My doppelganger and I took the same speech class like 3 years apart in junior high. Teacher showed us video of old speeches and even I could have sworn one of them was of me. We even had the same small mole on our cheek.


In my freshman year of college, people I didn't know in my dorm kept saying hi and calling me by the wrong name. Turns out my doppelganger had lived in the building the year before...in the same room. A girl down the hall had a picture of him. Yep, identical.


There's a documentary about you and your two brothers on Netflix


I thought I found my doppleganger. I was waking up in the recovery room from surgery. I was groggy but I felt pretty "with it". I knew I had just had surgery, I knew where I was, I knew that I'd be better soon. I look to my left, and there's another guy in the next bed who looks just like me. I mean, it was scary how much. Thoughts ran through my head. Was I a twin and was never told? What are the chances that a random guy looks just like me? I wonder if he has the same name as me! I tried to talk to him but I was wearing one of those oxygen masks, and because I had just had my tonsils out, talking was tremendously painful. The nurse came over to check on me. I begged her, pleaded with her, to tell me who that guy in the next bed was. It took me a while to get my point across, and my eagerness to find the answer was growing, as was my impatience. Finally she figured out what I wanted. Then she showed me the mirror that was about five feet away from my bed to my left. **Edit:** This story isn't some kind of trick or joke. This really happened. I thought the effects of the anesthesia had worn off, but it made me think my own reflection was another person.


That speed limits are intentionally set lower than the *actual* safe speed limit of a particular road because they know people speed and want to prevent them from going over the actual safe limit


This is not only provable, it’s well-known. Ask any traffic engineer.


This is true of just about anything requiring professional-grade engineering. Eg. >Weight limit 10 tons. I can almost guarantee you, it can probably support a 20 ton truck.


I’m a civil engineer who’s worked on roadway projects. Yea this is true but it’s not by a huge margin, they just make sure there’s some wiggle room between the speed limit and the true limit, like a factor of safety.


This is actually a civil engineering concept referred to as the factor of safety, where they design roads, intersections, curves, etc, for a range of speeds, even though the speed limit is a single number. More generally, the idea is that people typically settle comfortably into a range of speeds for a given road (because you kind of intuitively understand what a safe speed is for an average road), and the speed limit should fall around the 85% of the common high side of those speeds. So, e.g., if you see most people driving 50-75 mph on a highway, the speed limit should be set at 65. That means you're not pushing Grandma to drive way faster than she's comfortable with, and the people who will speed a little bit no matter what are still generally within safe limits.


The head of the CIA is not the actual head of the CIA. Why on earth would you want the leader of the most secretive organization in the US to have a public figure as their leader. That dude is paid a stupid amount of money to be the target / fall guy. Whenever the CIA gets in hot water they can dump the old guy and substitute a new one without actually changing the chain of command.


Coal and gas companies spread disinformation and exaggerate the dangers of Nuclear Power to delay the switch to fossil free fuels. Why? Because they want money.


Ryan started the fire


That I'm wrong 99%of the time


today isn’t tuesday someone counted wrong in the past


There's an alternate universe where people find extra socks in the dryer.


Anti virus software companies create viruses.


Kinda like how your iPhone starts to show bugs right when they release a newer model


That my uncle was murdered by his ex-wife's boyfriend over custody of the kids. They were divorced when the kids were young and he has always had full custody. She has tried multiple times to get custody and each attempt met with failure. He was living in seatle and she had moved up to alaska. She flew down for her final Court hearing. Her lawyers had told her that if they did not give her custody this would be her last court case. She flew in two days before the custody hearing. Later that night her boyfriend also flew down from Alaska to the same city and stayed in a separate hotel. There was supposedly no contact between her and her boyfriend at that time. My uncle was an expert swimmer. He had been a lifeguard in very rough waters. The day before the custody hearing he went out on his windsurfer. He was known for going out on days when other windsurfers wouldn't because it was too rough. This was a very calm day. He never came back and his Windsurfer was never found. When my uncle did not show up for the custody hearing she was granted temporary custody of the children. The children had been spending the weekend with their grandmother. Their mother picked them up from their grandmother's house and drove them straight to the airport and flew back to alaska. The next day her boyfriend flew back to Alaska. While she was married to my uncle she never once went shopping she didn't shop for groceries she didn't shop for clothing for the kids she didn't even like Christmas shopping. Yet when she picked the kids up she didn't even drive by their home to pick up their clothes and personal belongings. For the next 2 years my cousin's ,who had spent at least one weekend a month with their grandparents were out of communication. No one could talk to them on the phone they did not answer letters. Occasionally they would call but it was evident that their calls were being heavily monitored. 10 years later my uncle's remains were found. There wasn't much. What they found fit in a shoe box. He was identified by Dental records. The reason is body wasn't found for 10 years was because it was found on a prison island. They were searching for an escaped prisoner when his remains were found. The island was almost 10 miles away from where he had been windsurfing. In an area where there was a flat bottom where at his anything happened his body would have been found readily. The prison Island was also up current from where he was windsurfing and there was no way that his body would have floated or drifted there. It had to have been left there


Mattress Firm is a national drug front


My reflection in the mirror does something completely different from me when I walk away from it.


Well now that’s my nightmare.


That my husband probably murdered someone before we met EDIT: Everyone wanted more information so here. My husband has always been a figure of bad luck so to speak. Really suspicious and strange occurrences happen to him that he'll never fully explain to me. Once he came home at 2am covered in vomit and blood and I had to play home nurse. (If someone would have told me medschool would prepare me for my extremely accident prone husband, I wouldn't have complained as much) So many things like this happen to him, while we were dating he was hospitalized because some of his ribs were broken because someone threw a cement(cinderblock?) Straight onto his ribcage while he was on the ground. And he refused to elaborate how he got himself into that situation. Along with oddly suspicious situations his reaction to certain media stands out to me. Now some of you may detest this, but my husband is a HUGE fan of My Little Pony (You wouldn't know it by looking at him.) As far as I'm aware he's loved the show since he was a kid, the versions before the popular one. Either way, in the 2017(?) mlp movie that came out there's a scene where a cat tricks the ponies into thinking they're his friend and then he reveals he was trying to sell them off to someone. This scene never fails to make my husband extremely uncomfortable. Moreso than a regular person would be, almost like he felt guilty watching that scene. My husband has three close friends, I've only been allowed to meet one of them, and he refuses to go into detail about their jobs or what they do for living. He claims two of them are jobless and the one friend of his I did meet is an auctioneer. (Idk the correct term) The cherry ontop is that I met my husband inside a dumpster. (My friend at the time was working at a restaurant and closing shift. I was hanging out in the lobby until she got off. She asked to please take the trash out for her and I did, where to my surprise there was a man inside the dumpster.) He claims he was simply dumpster diving for trashed leftovers. Of course these could all just be coincidences, my husband has always been fairly secretive, and I could be connecting dots that aren't there. It's just hard not to jump to conclusions when he won't tell me the details of certain things 🤷🏻‍♂️




Oh that is NOT something you can just casually drop and run.


I was hoping for answers but now I just have more questions


I'm wondering what someone who's gone to med school is doing marrying a guy they literally found in a bin.


Okay now you have to write some good stuff about him cause I'm judging your judgment now


Everyone is waiting.




At least some % of the Anti-vax community is just deathly afraid of needles


Aliens exist, have existed, or will exist. I am also 100% sure we have never, nor will we ever make contact with them. Fermi paradox sure is a bitch


Social medias are intentionally designed and run to increase polarization


I am not crazy! I know he swapped those numbers! I knew it was 1216. One after Magna Carta. As if I could ever make such a mistake. Never. Never! I just – I just couldn't prove it. He – he covered his tracks, he got that idiot at the copy shop to lie for him. You think this is something? You think this is bad? This? This chicanery? He's done worse. That billboard! Are you telling me that a man just happens to fall like that? No! He orchestrated it! Jimmy! He defecated through a sunroof! And I saved him! And I shouldn't have. I took him into my own firm! What was I thinking? He'll never change. He'll never change! Ever since he was 9, always the same! Couldn't keep his hands out of the cash drawer! But not our Jimmy! Couldn't be precious Jimmy! Stealing them blind! And he gets to be a lawyer!? What a sick joke! I should've stopped him when I had the chance! And you – you have to stop him! You-




Oh chuck, chuck, chuck. Brilliant show!


Greatest legal mind I ever knew




It was Berenstein bears.


That 99.946% of reddit does not understand the definition of "prove".


Dogs can talk to each other.


I’d argue most animals can in some way communicate with each other yes


I consider myself atheist - but at the same time, I believe there is something spiritual out there. I believe there is some kind of afterlife, that spirits linger in some places, that the universe sends signs. This will never get proven, and I don’t care to prove it. I don’t care that people will brush any supposed evidence as coincidences, or blame it on the mind playing tricks. I just feel sure of this and it’s something that science may never explain.