Go to the dentist routinely or you will be paying a lot of money for dental treatment in your 30s.


I wish I had skipped on getting crowns and gone to Mexico to get implants instead. A crown is 2k, and about half need to replaced within 5 years. An implant doesn’t get cavities, lasts forever, and is about $750 across the border. I think dentists insist on you fighting to preserve your natural teeth because it benefits them.


Having the pain in teeth really cost so much money at the end


Implants have their own issues like having enough bone to support the implant. Making sure you have enough room so you don't have nerve damage (IA canal especially) or needing a sinus lift (maxillary arch). Periodontal issues are much more pressing when you're talking about implants. Implants also don't last forever. Whoever told you that just sold you a bunch of shit. And are we talking single unit implant, implant supported bridges, or all on 4? And if you travel across the border for cheaper dental work (no issues there) and you run into post op complications, who is going to fix it? Are you going to pay out of pocket for your regular dentist to fix it or are you going to fly across the border to deal with it. Its going to be expensive if you're routinely flying out of state to get something simple like the occlusion adjusted and even more expensive if its a serious complication.


While I absolutely agree. It's hard to get to financially in your twenties for many. What is easy though - brush your fucking teeth at least twice a day (morning and definitely night), floss that shit even though it's annoying (to me, anyways), and try to stay away from cigarettes.


From someone who just spent 25k a few months ago. I can't agree with this enough.


make memories. money comes and goes. don't miss the family picnic to work. one day mom and dad will be dead.


I’m feeling this. My parents are alive but my best friends dad just passed away last week. Hits really close to home for me.


Also, stay in touch with your family. I had talked to my mom for the last time 4 months before her death and it was only a 10 minute conversation to wish her a happy mother's day.


Start saving for retirement. Like, yesterday. Even if not specifically for retirement, stack as much as you can without depriving yourself. It will only be useful in the future.


As a retiree I agree, with a caveat: if you have bucket list items that you will be too physically broken or too responsible to do later in life, do em if you can afford to within reason. Some of the life's biggest regrets are not things that we did, they are things that we *didn't* do.


Almost 40 and recently went to Yosemite. I was fine but a majority of the people there were younger than me. Made me realize there will come a time I won't be able to do big hiking trips. My wife and I have now been to 9 national parks and a 10th is planned for this month. Save enough to be comfortable in retirement but don't wait until retirement to start doing things.


If it makes you feel better, my dad is 65 and still regularly hikes. He just did a 14 mile hike up Mt St Helen’s last week with some buddies. Stay active and healthy and you’ll be surprised how your body will keep up.


I work out almost every day, eat fairly well and keep active. I plan to be sitting in the hospital at 110 dying of nothing


Doing regular exercise now will keep us going in old age is well.


You really can’t know. I’ve always been active and healthy but suddenly started having a lot of problems at 46. Cancer, hypothyroidism, back pain, arthritis, hypertension, chronic insomnia…. Travel is challenging now. I wish I’d done more when I was younger. At least I hiked the Inca trail and have hiked in several national parks.


I was saving to travel in Japan during my retirement until COVID gave me a wtf am I working so much all the time moment - In Japan now and am so glad I did it now


46 here and just had our first child. Most friends have kids getting ready for college. They might be free in their 50s, but that's kinda late to start doing all that shit you wanted in your 20's-30's. I might be older, but man I have done a lot of fun shit.


My advice to young people is, you already know how to live cheaply. Keep doing that. Every time you get a raise, put the extra into your 401k. When you realize you’re putting plenty into your savings, then you can start to spend and enjoy your excess income. You don’t want enough money to have a flashy car, you want enough money that you don’t even have to think about money anymore.


My dad told me this when I got my first big girl job out of college when I was 24. I continued to live like a poor college student and I’m doing very well financially at the age of 32. Living well and saving money.


Your father must be proud! Frugality sometimes sucks, but boy does it pay off in the long run.


Even a little bit goes a large way. An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure, etc.


I will never follow this advice. Americans have this warped view that retirement is the end all be all. What about my youth? That’s seriously the most precious thing, and I’m going to spend it having fun. Save, save, save for retirement, so when you’re 70 and have all these health issues you can finally live and travel the world! Yeah, no. I do not subscribe.


Some shit I saw quoted in reference to retirement savings, “the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is right now.”


This makes sense to me because I work with trees. But the pay from working with trees is not helping me retire. If I could plant a penny in the ground and it would grow into a dollar tree I’d be pretty good at that.


Everyone saying that thing for the investment and that is kinds true is well.


And, keep learning, it doesn't stop when you leave high school, or when you leave college, it just begins! They can take everything from you! Your money, your car, your house, everything! But no one can take away what you have Learned!


I just turned 60.Cannot stress this enough...


Belgium checking in: stop saving for pension as soon as possible. Inflation is 11.8%, your fund will never catch that up currently. Invest in having a home, solar panels, insulation, a good heat pump, etc... If you've got savings, great time to use them up. Otherwise you will watch it burn away automatically.


Hot tip: Set up an automatic monthly transfer of 10% of your paycheck to a savings account every month on payday. Make a rule with yourself that the only thing you're allowed to do with that money is move it to safe investments. That money otherwise does not exist to you. Now go out into the world and enjoy everything you want to do with that other 90% knowing that even if you spent every penny of it every month you'll be ok.


Don't compare your life with someone else's. We don't have to do things at the same time. Don't rush into marriage, is not 1950 anymore If you don't have kids your 30s are like your 20s, but with money Learn how to manage money Take care of yourself (mentally and physically)


Solid advices, thank you.


The part of 30's being like 20's of you don't have kids made me genuinely happy, because iv always had the feeling that I've wasted most of my 20's


Don't worry, you can waste your 30s too. *Extends hand to help pull you up*


Don't be in a rush to get married.


Yes, take your own time and try to be settled before doing that.


But don’t wait to long to get pregnant. Its not impossible after 40 but gets dramatically more emotionally painful as its more and more likely to have miscarriages. The thing no one talks about.


If they even want kids. Don't let someone talk you into having them if you don't want them too.


Having kid is not a small thing, always be sure on what you are doing.


The post is geared towards the percent of people that want kids but delay having them thinking everything will fall into place when they are 34/35.


Yeah but it doesn’t matter if they want kids earlier on because if everything is out of place (financially/mentally/emotionally/physically) then they really should wait and hope for the best that they remain fertile.


Take care of your back.


Back and teeth are the two thing we really need to be careful.


Omfg this. Fucking T H I S. This is not a movie. You are not invincible. Time will make you realize this too late.


and knees.


How do i take care of my back? Like do i need to have a good posture and that's it or is there something else?




When I turned 20 a lot of people told me that the 20s were supposed to be the time of my life, and it would be all downhill once you started to close in on 30. For a lot of us that isn't true at all. So far my 30s have been better than my 20s. I have met a lot of people who genuinely started to feel old in their mid 20s but we should not do that. There is a lot of life left to live, and many new experiences to be had. The good old days are right now, regardless if you are 20, 30, 40, younger or older. And don't be in a rush to find a life partner. It is better to be ok alone than miserable together.


Yes they are right that is actually the best time of the life and i am not getting that thing once i passed that. So i have once advice that never force the thing and actually enjoy the every moment that you are getting here.


Your boobs will sag, whether you have kids or not.


Can’t sag if I don’t have boobs. Small boobs gang


My wife is a stereotypically 'petite' Asian woman. Her gradual evolution from "Why can't I have big beautiful boobs like the other girls" to "Gee I'm glad I have small boobs now I'm pushing 40" has been fun to watch.


Itty bitty titty committee ftw


I had to learn that lesson when I was 23 :( Rapid weight gain and weight loss will make you look like the mother of two toddlers even when you've never had a baby in your life


Don't put more effort into finding a romantic partner than you do into finding good friends.


Honest question. What if I’m antisocial as shit and nah not really a people person. Like I have a few friends but none of them live within 3 hours of me. But I want a friend around me area.


Never rely on a romantic partner to meet 100% of your social needs. Relationships like that foster either codependency or resentment, and when they end, you're left with nobody to support you through the breakup.


I've known so many people who would disappear completely while they were in a relationship and then reappear again after the breakup expecting constant attention and support from their friends, until they got into another relationship and that cycle continued indefinitely. Honestly, romantic relationships have always been at the bottom of my list of priorities even when I was younger, but I have been known to withdraw completely from any form of social interaction due to depression. However, I never expected my friends to just hang around waiting to cater to my every need after I haven't reached out to them in months. You have to be realistic in situations like that. I think that a lot of people use friends as some kind of a "backup plan" when all else fails and that's horrible. So, I guess my advice for someone who is 20 would be: cherish your friends and understand that they are people with lives and emotions that are just as complex and intricate as your own and they deserve to be treated as such. They are not your shoulder to cry on or someone to kill time with until you find a partner.


>I think that a lot of people use friends as some kind of a "backup plan" when all else fails and that's horrible. I feel the same way. Lots of people seem to only want friends when they're single, like friendship is just a consolation prize for when you're not dating. It bothers me a lot.


Oh nah def not like that. I’m single and have been for like a year and a half. It’s just that I don’t have the want/drive to go out and meet people. Not a fan of bars. On the weekends I just tend to do chores and clean my apartment. Idk maybe I’m just weird but my idea of a good weekend is getting all my chores and laundry done Saturday and just lounging around watching football and nascar on Sunday.


Sounds like you’re mentally already in your 30s 😄 A relaxing weekend at home is a good weekend to me.


My cousin jokes that I suffer from old man syndrome…. I hate seeing stupidly loud cars, hate spending money on dumb shit…. I’m cheap as hell lol I don’t care what brand of shoes I’m wearing type shit. People just piss me off like I go into Walmart and I’m think to myself what the fuck are you looking at or why tf is your child throwing a tantrum that the whole store can hear. I usually shop at night just to avoid all the people and bullshit haha


Yes to all the above. I purposefully go to the gym and grocery store as late as possible to avoid people. I enjoy my peace and quiet, and don’t care about spending money on superfluous things. As a result I’m doing pretty well financially.


There is no harm in taking care of the personal time in the life.


If you are single then i would say be like that specially if you are happy. Because not always relationship is like that we are seeing may be you will not find that happy and will miss the single me time after that.




Sometimes we gets that deep that hard to move on from there.




This is gold.


I have nothing to gift you except my sincerest gratitude on this truly wonderful peace of advice, thank you kind redditor for this experience filled, insightful and eye opening piece of knowledge, I hope I make the right decision when my time comes


Don’t fucking drink so much!


Sobriety is actually really cool and much more normalized as you get older. Also that weed you are smoking now is stunting your emotional growth, giving you more anxiety and depression… it’s making things worse and not better for you.


took me wayyyy too long to realize this about weed. i’m 28 now on day 3, been smoking basically daily since 14. i feel amazing (aside from these night sweats 😪)


I stopped smoking weed and tobacco along with drinking alcohol two months ago. I’ve never felt better. The night sweats get better with time so do all the other symptoms!!


Vivid dreams when you quit smoking weed is kinda fun tho


I learned this years too late, it already had its hooks in me when I realized. I thought all during my mid 20s "oh this is fine, I'm young, healthy, it's just that time of life" No. No. It isn't normal to drink every day and brag about being able to drink people under the table. Quit while it's still possible. Seriously.


If I ask how was the party and you say I don’t remember but I had fun. You have to ask if you really did have fun.


Keep up exercising and cut down on crap food and soft drinks.


I'm 18 and since the beginning of this ear I have hardly eaten junk food or a soft drink and I have felt so much better. I can do this for the rest of my life


You really should. I'm sugar free since years now (as in processed sugar. You can't really go FULL sugar free) and I never felt better. My 30+ year old body thanks me for that as well.


Yes, not eat much fast food and try to save bucks on the food.


It’s not a sprint. It’s okay to be alone. Your life isn’t completed with a partner. Not everything is terrible. For the love of god please sleep.


This. And learn to enjoy being alone. Figure out what your own interests are and go do them. Don't rush scared from one relationship to the next.


Have to enjoy the every situation could solve the many issue but loving your own company is some next level satisfaction. Because once you starts doing that then there will be no one that will going to bother you.


As a sleep-deprived single parent trying to scramble to get a degree and career while swimming in a stress latte I really appreciate this. Especially the sleep part.


Fuck u old man all the cool kidz have insomnia 😎😎😎🤟🤟🤟


wear sunscreen


*Any* day your face will see sun, put sunscreen on. Not just the days when you plan to spend hours in the sun.


take care of your health


People aren’t against you, they are for themselves. That means partners, bosses, the lady at reception, everyone. So take not shit, but do no harm and generally you’ll get along fine. Also, want to grow your career? Do the things no one else wants to (with enthusiasm if possible). You’ll carve out your own kingdom and become an expert in the process. After that you can start demanding exactly what you want and a salary/price that reflects your expertise. And I do mean demand or ask for it. The number of employees I have who never ask for a raise is astounding based on how great they all (over)perform.


As an over-30 someone who's in management...my advice to you is to maybe give them the raises they deserve before they ask for it because once they ask for it, you were late and they're open to other opportunities. A well-timed bonus or raise does a lot for loyalty at least within a team.


Learn about finances, laws and computer systems.


Learn the one thing that actually make you feel alive while doing.


My advice is cynical... The person you love in your 20s might change, or you might change and that "true love" is no longer sustainable.


learn how to manage money. its boring but makes life easier in the long run. i had to learn the hard way. cant believe no one taught me ANYTHING about money when i was young.


In my thirties still paying for my financial mistakes from my twenties and it fucking sucks. Only more recently was I able to build better money habits and I do finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. Growing up my parents taught us absolutely nothing about money and really never even talked about. I wasn’t allowed to have a job as a teen because school was to be my only priority. I remember my parents dumping me off at college and telling me to open a bank account, and that was pretty much it lmao. Had my first credit card my senior year and I called their customer service line because I didn’t even know what a statement was or when I was supposed to pay it.


Still paying for nights out drinking (plus interest!) a decade later sucks so much. I didn't even have anything to show for it. Don't spend more then you can immediately pay off.


I'm sorry you didn't have my Dad. Since my sister and I were toddlers, he gave us each a Milo tin with a notebook, and taught us to do deposits and withdrawals. He paid us interest, and if we borrowed from him for a toy or something while out shopping, we paid him interest. He had me pay board when I got my first job. It was $50/week or 10% of my earnings, whichever was less. Unknown to me, he kept it aside and when I moved out, he gave it all to me, including interest. Nowadays he talks to me about his investing which has become his retirement hobby. He still reminds my sister and I about getting our super up to scratch and budgeting. He came to Australia as a '10-pound Pom', but he's raised us well and worked hard. None of us are rich, but we are all debt-free. My Dad is best Dad.


I am adament about teaching my kid about money. My parents taught us soooo many things about money. Our allowance was our age in pennies. So at 4, I got 4 cents on Saturday, etc. (I began work at 12. I was 15 and my Mom said, hey I owe you 60 cents for the last 4 weeks of allowance and I said, you can keep it, I don't need allowance any more.) Only if we could calculate what a cup of sugar costs, could we hold a koolaid stand. We had to pay for cups, koolaid and sugar so we learned profit/loss calculations. My Mom would take back unused cups but not the koolaid so we learned bugets and break even. When we used the car to go to work, we paid by the mile. We had to log it and pay each week. It was whatever the IRS used for mileage and when we asked why so hgh, it was because of the wear and tear on the car. We learned commuting has a cost. After 1 year rent free after college, I owed $30 every Monday but I still had to follow their rules. I was gone in 5 months. Smart Mom and Dad.


Wow! I learned some stuff here too ha!


The thing I learned the hard way is that credit cards are not free money. I had it in my head, for some reason, that I'd eventually have a great job and be easily able to just pay off that debt. Needless to say that didn't happen, and carrying a bunch of debt feels like having just this boat anchor tied around your neck. It seriously stunted me from moving forward in life.


It feels boring but yes it will make the life much more easy once we enter into the real life time. Because life is really hard once we grow up and money is real thing in the world so you need to save that.


I want to preface this by saying most of the things I've learned in life...I learned by doing them wrong first. Take care of your fucking hearing!!!! Tinnitus sucks donkey balls! I can never hear silence. Even right now...while I'm typing this....I can hear it; "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE". Wear earplugs when you go to a concert, or are around prolonged loud noises. That muffled sound might wear off the next day or so....but it's a cumulative effect. Don't let your identity be defined by your job....or "partying". It's okay to be driven. It's okay to have a few drinks. But you are not your job or your vices. There's a whole lot more to life than climbing the ladder and getting fucked up. Don't make material possessions a life goal. It's fine to want nice things, but too often it can become an obsession. Not to mention, it can become a never-ending chase. That car, boat, watch, etc;....if you're not already happy in your life, that thing won't make you happy. It'll just give a temporary rush....until you want the next newest best thing. People will come and go out of your life. It happens. Don't be a social climber.....but also, its okay to move away from people who no longer act/feel like a friend. Find a healthy balance between work and life. Saving is important, but you still have to live life. There **has** to be a reason you go to work **aside** from saving for retirement. Don't waste your youth on focusing solely on the future. Travel, travel, travel! It doesn't have to be a luxurious far-flung adventure...but go see the world outside of your immediate area. When I had no money....a big trip for me was a weekend roadtrip to Boston (from NJ). Sleeping in a hostel, meeting fellow travelers from other places, walking around the city...spending leisure time somewhere other than home. I once took a 20 hour train ride from Philly to Chicago...just to do it. The unknown adventure and the journey are part of the entire experience. Your career plans might not work out. I know mine didn't. From a very young age, I "knew" what I wanted to do. When I finally got there....I hated it. I tried to stay out of pride....but it was not for me. I had to bounce around for a few years...working shit jobs, dead-end jobs...to regroup and refocus. I ended up in a career that I very much enjoy...one that I had never thought of or aspired to before. Don't do things like get married or have kids *just* because you think that's what you're *supposed* to do. Dating someone for a set amount of time is not a metric for marriage. Being married for a set amount of time is not a metric for having kids. Do it if that's what you *truly* want.


It can all be gone in an instant. No matter how good of a job you have, no matter how much money you think you make, it can all be gone in an instant. Save your fucking money SAVE YOUR MONEY


At the same time, recognize that you can survive far more than you think you can, and there is ALWAYS hope to turn things around. So many people fail and then kill themselves/give up because they think it’s the end of the world. You will live to fight another day.


Nothing in life is permanent wheather its money or people so always try to embrace them when you have the chance. Because you never know what emergency is looking at you and you to deal with that situation after that.


I'd say this should be "save your money for what matters," because if you save and save and save and save and get smoked by a bus crossing the street tomorrow - congratulations, you missed out.


So do you think you'll have regrets when you're dead that you saved too much money?


The only person who can take care of your health (physical and mental) is yourself.


Yes, and i feel that somehow that is also connected to what we are eating.


It's not too late to start playing the drums




I think in the young age we had so many advice from the people and it is really easy to fall under the influence is well. So instead of doing their thing i would say try to figure out what you want from the life here.


1. Take care of your food and drink intake, love and be kind to your body, well-being, and health. 2. People come and go, not everyone is meant to stay in your life and that is okay. 3. Family will pressure you at times, take the time to think it through before making any decisions if they are not in agreement instead of caving quickly. 4. Marriage is sometimes bringing not just two people but two families together. 5. Society will have a set or standards and norms they expect you to follow, it is okay to not. 6. Save up, even if you can only start with a small amount. 7. Set up a separate retirement fund, different from the one mandated/encouraged and under the government’s purview. 8. Do not spend more than what you can afford on your credit cards. 9. Do your due diligence and buy the right medical card and other insurance policies. 10. Do your research and be realistic when you want to buy any properties. 11. Buy a car you need instead of one to impress people (more often than not, these people do not even matter). 12. Listen to and consider your gut feelings, do not dismiss them. 13. There is always a choice, it just might be difficult. You dictate your happiness in life and good luck!


Buy fewer things. You’ll pay to move, store, and just deal with all that crap off Amazon for a decade before getting rid of it.


Wait to get married/have kids. You change soooo much in your 20s.


Better yet, don’t have kids unless you want to dedicate your life to quality parenting and providing.


Exactly. I have 2 kids and I'm glad my wife and I were married for several years prior to having kids. We got to be us before we threw kids into the mix. Being a parent is awesome but if you want to raise good kids it takes a fuck ton of effort and they could still end up being a shithead


I would say the opposite, at least about having kids. I've never been married. I guess it depends on the person. I'm 47 now and had my first kid at 19 and the second one a few years later. It was the best decision I've ever made. Sure, I missed out on some stuff while I was young, but I'm still feel fairly young and enjoy my life and my adult kids lives so much, and I'm still young enough to do anything with them without being held back by age. That's just my personal experience though. Edit: I don't mean you should get kids at 18/19 without being financially or emotional ready. But don't wait too long. It really is a joy to have kids while you are still young, and have them in your life much longer.


Moisturizer. Go to the dentist and take care of your mouth.


Give yourself time to grow into yourself, especially if you're on the younger side.


Use moisturizer on your face every day. I'm male, 53, and I look like I'm 40. (I've regularly used moisturizer on my face since I was about 18)


Learn to let go of what bothers you.


And don’t project your frustrations or past issues into others. My ex wife did this all the fucking time. Everything was always my fault, even for things I wasn’t even around for, and somehow for things before we even met!


Yes and never really force the things that is not important in life.


Stop doing cocaine the day you turn 30.




After 30 the hangover lasts like 4 days


Because 30+ 1 day your teeth fall out. 🤷‍♀️ Crack is wack & drugs are bad mmkay


ay, do you wanna hear the story about coke wakes? You see after being at the club for about 4-6 hours. The owners eventually turn on the lights and everyone scatters like rats in a barn. It's 2am but it feels like it's around 8pm because you've had about 3 lines since midnight. You don't wanna go home but you do anyways. And you still have most of the bag of cocaine left because you starting hoarding that shit like smaug after your 25th birthday. So you go home with most of a gram. There's not much to do at home. So you proceed to masturbate for about 4 hours. At 29 you're still healthy enough to fuck yourself for that long. A day past 30 and by the time you are done your feet are numb, heart is beating out of your chest, all the liquid in your body is trapped in your mattress. And if there's still some left in the bag no point in quitting early.


Wow are you okay haha


Because it's no longer worth it.


It was never worth it but i have tried that to hide my oain behind that.


Why you even need to start that thing?? Even on the young age is well?


Find GOOD friends. Don’t rush it, though.


You don’t have forever


Life and time will not going to wait for the anyone in the life.


Funny answer: Fuck as much as possible. Real one: Save money and keep good credit.


High end sex workers: I see this as an absolute win.


Aim for a job that is more complicated than what you like to do now, because in 10 or 15 years you'll get really bored


Don’t worry what others think of you. If you let people’s perception of you dictate your behavior you’ll never really grow as a person.


Start investing in your retirement early. Compound interest is golden. I wish I started in my early 20’s.


Also, if you **can**, continue to invest even as the markets crash. Stock-based economies are designed to rebound so you're buying everything for cheap.


Don’t binge drink, keep up with your friends, get a hobby. Life is about love. If you don’t have love in your life you have nothing. Love for each other, love for our planet, love for family or friends or a significant other or a cat, it doesn’t matter. Cultivate love in your life.


Invest your money towards a house, workout daily, don’t let yourself be fat first to then take care of it, don’t keep thinking about hooking up with a lot of people, just find one that fits you and spend your time in a good relationship. Keep in touch with the ones that you love. Always try to help people the way that you can. Educate yourself and try to improve yourself in your own pace. Never feel ashamed to ask for help and don’t feel bad to look for a psychologist to improve your mental health.


Try to learn as much as you can from your partners.


Look after your teeth. But a Waterpik. (water flosser) Unlike Sharks our adult teeth do not grow back. Do something that your future self will thank you for.


Learn to save money. Don't rush relationships. Enjoy things for what they are. Wear a condom in addition to any other contraceptive stuff. Learn as much as you can from the things you live through. Social media is not real life. You can change your career.


36 M, married with kids here. Disclaimer: No professional financial advice! 1) Don’t start saving money until you have your first proper job. What you save up before just affects your quality of life manifold compared to later. 2) Nevertheless, consider a disability insurance and life insurance early. Much cheaper! 3) If not too poor and working 3 jobs, be aware that you have a lot of time for yourself in your younger years - this changes fast! Carpe diem!


Nobody else has any idea what they're doing, either. Just enjoy yourself and stop comparing yourself to people around you. Also, put sweet relish and yellow mustard on your pizza. It sounds dumb. It sounds really dumb. But holy fuck I wish I hadn't wasted so many years of my life before figuring this out.


Make every effort to do exactly what you want. There is no reward in waiting and "playing it safe". If you fail, at least you can say you tried.


Its worth staying alive. Things get better.


Yes, all life is not that bad, there are some bad chapter here.


Here are mine: - you are the most important person in your life. Be healthy, mentally, physically. - don’t be angry at people, you never know what they are going through. - A job is never worth ruining your health or your family/friends moments - don’t be shy to share your fantasies with your partner. - life goes fast, appreciate every moment - your time does not have to always be profitable. Doing nothing sometimes is the best


Turning 30 changes absolutely nothing about your life.




30+ is coming faster than you think, yes, even faster than that. Oh and that nothing makes any more sense, it's all still the same, at this point I'm pretty sure adults are a myth or something that just used to exist.


Travel as much as possible


Nothing lasts forever, good and bad. Enjoy the good and realize the bad will pass.


The beauty of the time is that it keep changing so be there.


Find an exercise routine that you enjoy and stick with it. It only gets harder as you get older.


Live it up. Your 20s are the time to have fun. You have the energy to do everything and you can recover from just about anything. Try not to commit a major crime or grievously injure yourself, but you should otherwise go nuts. Too much of the advice given to people in their 20s is basically, "Live a shit life that is tedious and boring and awful for the sole purpose of saving money to have fun later." Fuck that, have fun now!


Figure it out yourself.


Saving is paying yourself first, exercise and self care pays off...try to find a partner with similar values...marry up.


Enjoy the ability to stand up without making a noise… you will miss it when it’s gone


Once you are out of school and in the work world, keep track of how you spend your time. Somehow, it becomes so easy to squander your free time, particularly on weekdays. If you don't, you can easily fall into the feeling that your whole life is just eat-sleep-work-repeat and living for the weekend.


Go to therapy. The hard stuff is easier when you understand your own mind.


You can use your twenties to instill discipline. Get yourself to do things in a religious way. Set up simple rules that you must follow like making bed right after you get out of it. And take it up to bigger things like keeping your word. Your time of being a kid is over and forgiveness is hard to come by. So if you say you will do x, you must do x. Do not mess up your credibility or you’ll be wasting a lot of time rebuilding. Pick up hobbies and interests and go balls deep. It’s not like you can’t start in your thirties but you’ll have more fun if you start now. So if you always wanted to sing, go take vocal lessons. You’ll also realize that your uniqueness doesn’t come from you pleasing everyone. It comes from being you. Be authentic. Be truthful. Be strong. Be consistent. You’ll do yourself no favors by keeping people around as a result of altering yourself. Be yourself and that way you will enjoy yourself too. Life will become easier. Do not be afraid to fail. Ever. Be happy to fail because it helps you learn. And those lessons are worth the price. Let failure guide you. Don’t let it steal your hope or conviction. And if you’re successful, don’t let it get to your head. Stay humble but stay smart. Don’t surround yourself with people who are not there for you. Quit wasting time on people like that. It will never be worth it. Get to learn yourself and explore sexually. You will have interest and fetishes that you have not tried. There is no shame in sharing and enjoying this side of yours. Never be ashamed of your sexual choices and preferences so long as they’re within the bounds of law. Your physical and mental health are counting on your decisions. Take action to take care of yourself. Eat better and seek help for all that bothers you mentally. Do not let it ruin your life. Take control of yourself today. You can do all this in your thirties too. But it’s better to do it today. Wishing you all the best.


Keep an open mind and grow as a person. Experience life and do some serious self-reflection at least once a year. Think about your world views, who you're becoming, who you want to be, and what you want from life. Switch jobs at least every 2-3 years before your late twenties. It's the fastest way to get your salary up early on. If you stay at your first job for 5 years, you probably F'ed up. Just get a great raise from a great employer? Jump ship anyways and get another big raise while you're at it. I know a ton of people who are a lot more talented than me, but make way less because they didn't do this. Just don't go overboard or you'll come off as an unretainable mercenary...and don't burn bridges. Don't worry too much about saving in your early twenties. Enjoy living on your own (or with roomies) even if pissing away rent money bothers you. Looking back, I don't regret "wasting" money in my early twenties at all, but I do wish I'd started saving more in my mid to late twenties to buy property sooner in life.


Don’t wait for the future to change your life…you have to do it yourself…


Don't Rush to do whatever the Last generation tolds you have to do (have children, buy a house, marry, etc) analyze if you really want to do those and if not, prepare to Hear those insesant questions of why you wont do that.


Don’t rush marriage. Never, ever buy anything the first time you see it. ALWAYS sleep on any purchase decision over $500. You will often find you were just succumbing to the sales pitch hype and don’t actually want it.


dont get into debt.


Get some good debt on real estate, u mean bad credit card debt or stupid loans


There's good debt (like real estate) and bad debt (want new pair of Jordans or car i cant afford).


And also don't get marry to a person that is actually in debt is well.


Start saving, keep socialising, relax a little and just live life. 20’s is where you really find yourself.


Get into health care. Pay is great and theres always somewhere else you can go. Most jobs, they pay for your education.


Don't drink Jager


Enjoy the time you have before kids because the kids eat up ALL of your time until 8 or 9pm every night.


I’m just gonna not have kids


Do everything you already know you should be doing. Save money, eat right, excercise etc. The rest of your life gets a lot easier when you build a good foundation in your twenties.


Make a chart and divide the money equally in that is well. Like make a plan of for party, for saving, for travelling kind of account and spent the equal money in these things is well.


Prioritize your health and fitness, develop professional skill set, and start saving for retirement


Whatever it is you dream your future to be, get to work creating it right now. Don't wait another minute. You do NOT have time. Get started immediately.


enjoy your youth and try to do other things that will make your skills better


Finances & career. If you can't find one you can tolerate, get the closest one and basically try to get that career you still want


Don’t do what/something someone tells you to or because everyone else is doing it. Think for yourself and truly make decisions because you thought it through. Even if I don’t agree with you about something I will respect the shit out of you for thinking critically.


Lift with your knees not your back


keep going


I really needed this. Thank you, captainmcfuckface


it’s going to change whether you want it to or not. Me at 26: Homeless Me at 40: own a house with no mortgage, make 6 figures with no college things change. Keep going


Workout/ eat somewhat well. It will compound throughout your life. Debt = stress. It’s not worth it. Be in the moment and learn patience. There will be time for marriage, kids, a house… Move around! See the world, even if you’re rubbing two nickels together to make it happen. Do spectacular physical feats, like biking through Europe! Remember to love. Love yourself. Love your friends. Put love into the world. It will come back 10 fold. Have compassion for others. You could have easily have lived their same life.


Est healthy, drink water and don't drive like a dick. Also, don't give a fuck what other people think, look after number 1!


Stop worrying about whether you’ve got this adulting thing figured out.


Address your minor alcohol issues now before they slowly creep up on you and destroy your life. X