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shoes that are slightly too small so their toes hang off and they look like gnarly bird talons desperately gripping a branch.




I hate when they wear flannel and jeans and just stand out in a corn field perpetually T-posing


I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but you’re reminding me of Bo Burnham. Good girl In a straw hat With her arms out in a corn field That is a scarecrow


That’s panderin (yessirrrrr)


*I’m hoping’ my southern charm is offsetting all these rapey vibes I’m puttin’ out.*


Y'all dumb motherfuckers want a key change?


Ruined every song with a key change forever


>🎶 I put my hands on your body 🎵 >🎵 It feels like hay, it's a fucking scarecrow again! 🎶


This one gets every time. I know it's coming, and I still giggle without fail.


It feels like hay--It's a fucking scarecrow again!


*fuck your ears, I'm pandering*


*i write songs for the people who do jobs in the town's that I'd never move to*


*I own a ranch that I rarely use— I don’t like dirt*


Mose, we've told you a hundred times - she's just not that into you




Impractical shoes, too much eyebrow work, covering themselves in goat blood


People always say they want a big-tiddy goth girlfriend, but - suddenly - when it comes time to light the sacrificial flames and dick her down in a pool full of goat's blood while onlookers chant for the glory of Baphomet, they start complaining...


I’m ready coach, put me in


Aw man, guess I gotta lay off the goat blood.


Just gotta be *tasteful* with it. The *right* amount of goat blood is where no one *notices* you’re slathered head to toe in goat blood.


Nah, I wear goat blood for me and me alone


Once in a while, I'll wake up late and don't have time to cover myself in goat blood. I always get so many comments about how I look tired, and how I'm not "radiating as much evil as normal". Its embarrassing.


How do you feel about long black cloaks?🤔


No complaints, can be hot


I’m a man and I drench myself in goat blood weekly Really hides my baggy eyes


Should be completely normalized for men! I hate this double standard!


Those giant sharpied on eyebrows at strange angles


I told my girlfriend I didnt like that. She looked surprised...


Needed the laugh, good one.


Lol, my cousin does this. Maybe not crazy angles but good fucking lord are they thick. I’ve never told her and I won’t, but goddamn when she stays over there’s all this black shit all over the guest bathroom and it’s obvious where it’s from.


Get black guest washcloths for makeup.


Tetris brows


Why did we go from zero eyebrow to full on slug brows? You would expect an in-between stage.


Maybe she's born with it... Maybe it's millipedes.


Those tarantula eyelashes.


I saw some today that looked like straight-up sea urchins


Bonus points is one corner has come unstuck.


That reminds me of an art piece (idk if it was photoshop or real) of false eyelashes made out of thick fly legs. Thanks for the flashbacks


It was made from real fly legs. I almost threw up.


Not gonna lie, the girls around my work wear them a lot, and the other day as I was walking down the hallway I nearly had a heart attack because I thought I saw a huge ass spider but realized it was someone’s lost eyelash 😂


Wearing strappy heels that are too small and leave their toes hanging over the edge. And lip fillers.


Thank you! As someone that used to sell shoes, drives me crazy how some people won’t just go up a size. If your toes are hanging off the shoe is too small!!


I have a friend that refuses to buy the correct size of running shoes because the correct size "is too big" (who ever looks inside someones shoe to see the size?) So instead of wearing a shoe that's the correct size they're always getting blisters and "not having any idea why."


I can kind of sympathize with your friend. When I first got into running, I kept getting blisters and hammer toe, but was convinced that my shoes were the right size because going up a size left a space in the toe box. …but the people telling me my shoes were too small were persistent, so to shut them up I went up a half size. Within a week that gap disappeared and the hammer toe returned, so, ok: half size again. So anyway, I was wearing 10.5s when I should have been wearing 12s. No problems with my feet anymore.


Where'd the third half size come from?


Stubbornness, I'm guessing. Have you never done something where you went muttering: "fine, you little... If you keep this up, I'll... And then see what happens"? Like after having faced a repetitive problem like that?


Those toes are called cliff hangers


as a teen in ireland, teen girls putting on fake tan. It always looks like hideous and makes them look like an oompa loompa


It's funny how desired traits vary from region to region. Many East Asians would love to have pale skin... And then we have Northern Europeans that do spray tans. People just like being different I suppose


It's how cosmetic market advertise itself. Making people feel inferior in their own skins.


Yep. If you're in a culture that typically has dark skin, curly hair etc then you will be advertised light skin, straight hair, and the opposite is true. It's just so that companies can make money on our self loathing


Lol here in south Asia there's a very big fashion brand named 'fair and lovely'. They were sued for that.


In Korea her co-teacher gave my wife skin lightening cream. If my wife gets any lighter skinned she's going to be translucent. We just thought it was funny.


Sometimes “skin lightening”/“skin whitening” actually refers more to “brightening” (reduce scars, freckles, sunspots, etc) to make the tone more even.


To be fair, when shopping there I remember finding it difficult to locate non-whitening skin cream and I was looking for it.


When I went to Dublin in 2019, it hit me like a brick wall when I saw so many girls walking around looking like doritos....


As an Irish dancer, teen girls putting fake tan on [only their legs.](https://i.imgur.com/CTsx5SZ.jpg) It makes their legs look like a different race from their head/neck/hands


> It makes their legs look like a different race from their head/neck/hands Yes but, imagine the savings on stockings.


Like who are we kidding..we don’t get sun here yo


Okay, so it’s not a trend anymore, but the worst women’s fashion choice of all time was those stupid hair bumps. I HATED those things.


Bump it up, with Bumpits! And get that salon style look fast and easy Edit: Thank you everyone for the upvotes!


God damn it I thought I had finally escaped bumpits! I feel like I just lost the game


what are hair bumps?




As a European this looks like an instructional video on how to look like an American lady. I think I've never seen this style outside of American TV shows.


yessss!! looks really American! wasn’t aware at all that it’s not natural smh


This feels fake even though I remember watching it


It looks like something Saul Goodman would direct.


thank you for this. im not white and i live in a certain region of the US where most women have big hair. now i know how they achieve that


The higher the hair, the closer to the lord darlin'!


*reads answers only to see how many “unattractive fashion choices” I make* Edit: thank you for the awards and upvotes. I’ve never had a comment get so much attention.


So far, so good. Whew


I’ve been good so far except for the goat blood. Guess I’ve got to hold off on that a little more


Never let a man dispel your love of goat blood. That goat blood is for you, girl.


So, turns out I make none of these fashion choices. I was just born unattractive. *nice*


“Naturally unattractive”. Winning!


This is the most accurate thing in this whole thread lol. It kind of makes me feel better about myself even though you’d think it would do the opposite since way I see it is if I’m not good looking anyways what does it matter if people don’t like how I look with lashes and fake nails or other choices about my appearance?


I personally don't like that trend where they put lipstick around their lips to make them look bigger. They don't look bigger, it makes you look like a child who stole their mother's makeup.


Thin lips lined where their actual lips end look waaaaaay better than overlined lips. It’s easy to take a convincing photo with overlined lips but it’s super obvious in real life.


>It’s easy to take a convincing photo with overlined lips but it’s super obvious in real life. I feel like that's been an issue since Tik Tok and IG became so prolific. Women have been doing "photo shoot" makeup for everyday life because you never know when an IG or Tik Tok worthy moment will pop up. I've been through a professional photo session and there's a huge difference between looking good in person and looking good in a photo. You extend your neck, tilt your chin, and angle your head in an unnatural way, you almost over widen your eyes, you hold your arms in awkward positions, etc. Makeup for a photoshoot is the same. You over-exaggerate certain things like lips of cheek bones to get them to show up well in a photo, but it looks almost clown-ish in person.


This has been an issue for way longer than IG and TT have been around. My first experience with it was back in the mid2000's when MAC cosmetics blew up in popularity - specifically MAC bc it is literally a stage make-up brand.


Even further back than that too. Look at day makeup in the 1980s. Everyone “stylish” had snatched eyebrows, sharp cheekbones, crazy contouring/blush. Which looked great in a magazine, less so on the commute to your office job or school.


Ah, is that why I'm fugly in every picture? :D


Yeah it is. I used to work with a girl who was absolutely gorgeous, but the way she did her makeup was more for a camera, than every day life. At a quick glance it looked good, but actually looking at her for more than a minute you could see how very obvious it all was. She came in to work one day without a full face of makeup, and she was just stunning. She looked so much better without the overlined lips, harsh contour, and drawn on eyebrows. But hey, if the full face of makeup is what made her happy, I'm not gonna rain on her parade. Edit: no, I didn't say anything to her. But other people did. She still did the full face most of the time after that, but not all the time. I think she was really self-conscious about it, because I think she even apologized for "not being as ready as usual", or something like that, but felt more comfortable with us all after the first time.


Fake tans make you look like a clown. All the girls in my high school got fake tans for prom and would've looked thousands of times better without them


Don't go to the UK. Theyre a lovely shade of orange on a night out


I said this before.. 18 year olds in the UK look like they're 30+. 30+ women look 40+, 40+ look ok.


Every. Formal. Event. I have to explain to my mom "no, the technology hasn't improved since you were a teenager and certainly hasn't improved since I was a teenager. You are tan already, please do not show up looking like a pumpkin."


The weird part to me is not the tan. It's the orangeness of it. I don't tan myself, but my very good friend and her mom went before her wedding and it looked completely natural. You would never have known it was a spray tan. Why do they pick orange?????


I think when your skintone is relatively cold, it is difficult to avoid the “orangey” feel. I’m a very pale white German with a coldish undertone and I never found a tanner that didnt make me look orange. :(


Between this and the other thread... Men to women: You are trying way too hard! Women to men: Could you try at least a little bit?


Also, the first things I saw on the men’s version were mostly clothing related. This version is focusing on make up, face stuff, and nails.


In my experiences, this is exactly it. Women can go too far in accessories and small additional things, whereas men just do the basics wrong. If any of my male friends asked how I thought they could look better, 9/10 would be to wear clothes that fit and remember to shave. And I assume they’d say the same to me


I did see basic hygiene come up further on down (cut nails, wash hair, etc.) on the other topic. I find it a difficult question to answer, myself. Clothing, style, adornment, etc. are a matter of personal upkeep and expression, so it doesn’t really matter what I find attractive if that person is happy. There’s something to be said about fit, color theory, sure, but that’s got a lot to do overall basic cultural tastes and there are people that break “the rules” and look damn good doing it. But I’m not a man of Reddit so I guess I should stop now. 😶


it checks out. me and my wife are marrying each other because we both medium try


Women: I have to coordinate every single part of my outfit to look my best!!! Men: *sniff* Clean enough.


"Then I fumbled in my closet through my clothes And found my cleanest dirty shirt" --Kris Kristofferson/Johnny Cash


this doesn't have too many obvious holes in it...


Which other thread? @[email protected]


Nude color yoga pants. You would think this would be a winner, but it is not.


My children and I were walking and my toddler shouts and says “WHY IS SHE ALLOWED TO NOT WEAR PANTS?” 💀💀 Background: we had to wrestle minutes before that because she doesn’t want to wear any pants on.


I can't speak for all, but my eldest sister really likes poorly drawing her eyebrows. Looks tacky, like a tramp stamp for her face.




Thats some highbrow humor


Well yours was terrible. 15 lashes for you.


Fads come and go but leopard (animal) print always sticks around somehow.


Cheetah print makes us go faster, running in heels is just as much of an art as it is a skill.


spray tan , it's hella unattractive and they usually put too much and look orange and weird , also drawn eyebrows ...


My friends sister draws her eyebrows so rectangular that I can’t take anything she says seriously.


Insanely huge fake eyelashes. Shaving your eyebrows and leaving little dots. Or disproportionately large butt implants/ lip injections


My first girlfriend would shave her eyebrows off and draw them on, I’d wake up in the morning with an eyebrow drawn on my cheek 🥴


Swollen injected lips. Those fluffy slider things


What are the "fluffy slider things"?


Think pink flip-flops with rabbit fur on top


Never understood who finds lip injections attractive. They instantly make someone ugly.


Body dysmorphia is a hell of a disorder. Its like wondering why those guys inject synthol into their biceps even though it makes their arm look diseased.


There's a girl I went to high-school with who I'm friends with on Facebook. She was always attractive but clearly had some body dysmorphia even almost 20 years ago when we were in high school. This woman gets lip injections so often that her lips looks like she stuck a vacuum cleaner on her mouth and left it there for a month. I'm not kidding, her lips are at least 5x their normal size. Look I believe you should be able to do whatever you want with your own body and do whatever makes you happy. But the amount of random creeps constantly posting on her photos telling her she looks amazing when all they want is a blow job from the chick with huge lips is clearly making her continue to do this and there's no way it's healthy.


To be fair, a lot of fellow women encourage some pretty toxic body positivity. I had a friend convince me I had a “sexy” curve to my spine because she was the type of person to praise odd or unconventionally attractive features. Turned out I just had plain old scoliosis that I probably should have looked into around that age like fifteen years ago 🙄


Lip injection aren't supposed to make it look like that, people have taken it too far. Same as those HUGE breast implants.


I hate the lip injections so much, unfortunately my wife thinks they look good I got blasted on here asking how to tell her not to get them


Me and my acrylic nails are shaking right now


I know this isn't what you meant, but now I'm just imagining you sitting there going *clack clack clack clack* like a little crab (but a fashionable one. Who cares what internet people think. I personally get acrylic nails specifically for the clack clack.)


All I can see is Louise from Bobs Burgers when she gets those massive acrylics on her hands and feet


Krakatoa hadn't always been this way, I was a drab little crab once


Wearing the skin of their previous lover. Like I know that's how it's gonna end but at least try to make it a surprise


This is why I leave all my skin suits at home in the closet where they belong.


Those are for special occasions and break ups only.


I made the mistake of telling a chick that I wanted to know the real her...watching her peel off 32 layers of former boyfriends was...disturbing.


Those really long nails. Aint a fan but you do you Edit: I'm talking about anything 1/2in and bigger. Mainly the sharp looking ones. And please stop commenting, "How do they wipe their ass?" as the last 17 comments of that are being downvoted


What really throws me is when I've seen acrylics on their toes...


You mean talons


Do the chickens have large talons?


Can’t find my checkbook. Hope you don’t mind I pay you in change.


That's like a dollar an hour!


Over there in that pigpen I found a couple of Shoshone arrowheads


Can you imagine stubbing your talons on the coffee table or chair leg?


I hate and am low key grossed out by long nails and mentioned it in a similar thread and a woman replied something like "those are for me, not for you or anyone else" and other women talked about feeling like some kinda ladycat or tiger with claws I still think its really unappealing, but also now I get it


Duck lips


A smile is 10000x better than duck lips. Duck lips look awful.


The aggressive square angles on eyebrows. Even if you’re hot, it screams that you’re insane. Looks terrible.


What if someone had eyebrows that looked like brackets. [


That would be hilarious, I'd love to see that! Or maybe even { } ?!


It’s interesting that all the top “fashion” choices are physical instead of material


I think most men (myself included) really don’t care what women wear, but physical alterations can be extremely unappealing.


I agree. My husband’s friend is constantly talking his fiancé off of the BBL ledge and has more recently had to convince her not to have work done to sculpt her jaw line. Last time I saw the fiancé was about a year ago and I couldn’t stop staring at her because her lips looked like she was having an allergic reaction to something. Turns out she got lip filler. My husbands friend clearly lost that round.


Not so much unattractive, but for the love of all things holy, do not forsake your body temperature for something that “looks cute”. Leggings and a hoodie will not keep you warm in a driving snowstorm, and you’ll be significantly less attractive if you’re dead/missing bits from frostbite. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve overheard conversations that include “I’m so cold” only to see the speaker in a) leggings b) jeans torn to oblivion c) skinny jeans and a zip-up over a crop top when it’s 5F outside.


I'm just imagining you aggressively throwing blankets at girls lmao


Real Tree/mossy oak cammo sweaters. I automatically know you will want to name any child Braxtyn and that's going to be a no for me


Or name the kid Hunter. Hunter will be friends with Cody, Jesse, and Braxtyn.


Every Christmas you all gotta wear plaid shirts and take pictures in front of a tractor or an old ass barn.


I'm trying to think of something clothing related but I usually just can't stand lip injections. I'm not really for breast/but implants either but the lip injections are out of control. Too many women out here looking like they having an allergic reaction to shellfish or something. Very not hot


Perfume/deodorant /= shower. Blokes make the same choice and we all need to collectively start taking more showers.


Also wash your hair. The smell of dirty unwashed hair.


Women are taking notes. *How to deter men*


After reading this thread about the anti-man woman, I really want to see someone who has acrylic nails, falsies, lip injections, boxed eyebrows, fake tan, Karen cut, and wears leopard print leggings. I know she's out there and somehow she's pulling it off


Yeah they’re called “the real housewives of (insert city here)”


Long Eyelash extensions


Don't squeeze your body into something that's too small for you. For fucks sake, you might think "Look I can still wear S!" but you can't and you shouldn't, it just makes your shape look worse than it actually is. Get that top in M and wear it with pride goddammit!


My grandma taught me that one. She called it "dress for the size you are, not for the size you want to be".


Absolutely! High school friend moved away and came back to visit maybe 5 or 6 years later and we were all floored by how much weight she had lost! She looked great! She said she hadn't lost a pound, she just started wearing clothes that actually fit her. We all took a second and thought/looked about it, and she was right, but she looked fantastic!


IKR, people look so much better with clothing that fits their body. Big or small, showing off your body in clothing that fits is far more attractive than the alternative.


Just because it zips doesn’t mean it fits!


I used to say this to my younger sisters growing up. “Men don’t know if you are wearing a 0 or an XS, but they do know your clothes don’t fit.”


Yes, I used to suggest to my friends to cut the tag out if it bothered them too much or they were worried someone would look.


This reminded me of something I learned about working at a bicycle shop. Men’s bikes went from small to medium to large. Women’s bikes when from small to medium to tall.


Oh man, when I worked in clothing retail I had to damage out so many items from people trying to squeeze into too small sizes and rip/damage them in the process.


It makes you look way fatter if you wear clothes a few sizes too small


definitely lip injections. Never seen a woman that I found more attractive after having them done.


There is a highly-Instagrammable coffee place in my neighborhood that we call the Big Lip Cafe. It’s like 90% of the women there have ridiculous lip fillers.


So what im getting, natural look is what men like.


Except what they think is a natural look is probably someone just really good at subtle makeup


Yup. I put on some concealer and "natural" eye shadow and I look what most men consider "natural." I go in without any make up and those same men think I'm sick or something. Comments all day asking if I'm okay. I'm fine. Just didn't put on make up. Shocked Pikachu face when they realized I was wearing make up. Then I just *stopped* wearing make up completely. Because screw it.


My strategy is to almost never wear makeup so the people around me are FORCED to become accustomed to my bare ass face. Then if I *do* wear makeup, I just look extra special pretty.


I use this same exact strategy. Plus, I got tired of all of the "You look pale" comments. One lady told me to go to the tanning booth or get spray tan. I happen to like my pale skin, so I told her to stop worrying about how I look and go work on her priorities.


My wife doesn't wear makeup but one time when she was a bridesmaid at a wedding, the bride's stylist applied some very subtle natural makeup to her and I was blown away. If done right it can really highlight someone's features without making them look like they were dipped in candle wax.


I actually work in the clothing industry, and this may be a spicy topic with the early 2000s coming back, but I really am not a fan of super low rise jeans. I think it really messes with proportions in unflattering ways, and makes people who wear it look like they have really long torsos, and short legs.


I’m getting extreme Christina Aguilera flashbacks 😬 I was afraid her ass was going to fall out of the top whenever she would wear those (and don’t get me started on the intentionally visible thong strap fad that paired with the super low waisted jeans).


Whale tail!


Long nails freak me out. I mean they absolutely repulse me and I really don't understand how a whole industry has sprung up around bits of plastic that you glue on your fingers that make it incredibly hard to do basic tasks. I want to add the caveat that you do you ladies and if you like it then go for it. But I do not understand the appeal.


I like the way acrylic nails feel on my scalp when I wash my hair. That's it. That's the reason.


And pets really like head scratches with long nails


My gf has acrylic nails, and my dogs melt in her arms when she scratches them… I do too lol


I am now asking my gf to scratch me with hers. Will update if it happens. Edit: I.. borderline orgasmic


*eagerly awaits update*




Those shorts where the front pockets are longer than the legs.


Dundies= denim undies


Michael is gonna be disappointed.


They aren’t so popular now but awhile back, girls used to wear those sandals that had boot tops on them. So they were this god awful half boot have sandal monstrosity. They looked so dumb.


Honestly can't picture this


Lemme guess: eyelashes, fingernails, lip injections. We know.


Not me looking for the fashion answers and only being met with the physical features


Yeah, seriously. I came in expecting, like, overalls. I’ve gotten down to your reply so far and it’s literally been: acrylic nails, lip injections, painted on eyebrows, spray tans.


nah, girls in overalls are cute. but honestly clothes are just a at a glance kind of thing, what makes someone really hit or miss is the face 9 times out of ten. Ive never honestly seen a girl whose clothing made me go "nope" ive seen girls at wallmart in full pajamas who were rocking em lmao.


PLEASE read the comments before commenting, it’s just the same shit for a mile long lol


Anything that makes them uncomfortable.


One of the top posts in the men's version of this post was about baggy jeans. Most guys I know love jeans and most women I know hate them and I'm almost positive it's because women's jeans are skin fuckin tight. I wouldn't be stoked about a denim wedgie either.


Baggy, high-waisted jeans for women are hugely back in style again and I'm living my best 90's life. Great excuse to wear jeans that are actually comfortable.


Uh oh. You know what this means. The super low rise ones are next.