Having nothing to do.


Made the mistake of going canoeing with my 10yo nephew. Not another soul in sight. Just sounds of nature; picture perfect day... I was just relaxing and taking it all in. Happy to be away from the rat race. But then every 5 minutes it was shit like, this is so boring, why are we just sitting here, can we go faster, I'm so pissed i forgot my iPad.


I remember when I was a kid I used to think “how can adults be sooo boring? They just sit there and talk, that’s their life, how can they enjoy that?” And now I’m 37 and I have friends and family with kids and I see them running and yelling while I’m sitting just having a beer and I think “man… how can kids just not enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet?”


Yeah im a homebody and I just like to relax and my kids think I'm super boring lol


That's why I'm currently soaking in the cuddles my 1.5 year old is giving me on the couch while watching the 5 Little Ducks song on endless repeat. Soon he won't want a quiet snuggle.


I was visiting some relatives a while ago and they have kids. One of them politely asked why adults tend to just sit around and chat, and I responded along the lines of that we don’t often get the opportunity to just sit and chat with relatives. At that point I fully realized I’ve become an adult.


As someone with adhd who has a really hard time enjoying peace and quiet, in the end my kids *forced me to be boring*. I can't do half of the legit fun things I think up, because they fricking ruin it. If it's not because they're too impatient and can't keep their attention span in line for one minute, it's because they demand to do it again and again way beyond the point of getting boring. The truth is that **kids** are the boring ones. They're just too wrapped up in themselves to realize it.


Kids fucking LOVE repetition. I think it's an instinct programmed into them at birth to push their brains towards learning whatever they're repeating.




Now I'm imagining the uncle is Christopher Walken


"Do you like gladiator movies?"


"Ever seen a grown men naked"?


Ever been in a Turkish prison?


Yeah, a rule for young mammals is they’re always born with too much energy.


https://i.redd.it/z1aglu6ywx331.png all credit to /u/sellyourcomputer


Intentional nothingness is beauty


Tell me about it mate... I miss being bored and having nothing to do


Can I interest you in ADD? Plenty to do with added boredom, missed deadlines, and procrastination.👈👈


That is both a positive and a negative. When I have nothing to do, the hours feel like years


When you get to a certain age, having hours turn to years is an okay thing.


Seriously. I hate how fast it feels like time goes by when you get older. I started noticing it in my late 20s. It sucks.


I know right, maybe it should be: Having nothing pressing to do.


Nah, having nothing you *need* to do is the best, having nothing to do is terrible.


Quiet time.


Getting clothes as Christmas/birthday gifts.


Yes, like socks.


This. Three years ago my mom got me some wool socks and I was crazy excited. That was soon followed by sadness when I realized I was old.


You’re not old, you’re seasoned in what you like


Socks. Food. Underwear. My favourite gifts. I've got all the stuff I need


Honestly the best gift I was given last year was a big multipack of knitted socks from my Gran. I have raynauds and I can't go about my day with cold feet at all so these have been a godsend.


My favorite is kitchen supplies. Appliances, utensils, cookbooks, spices. Anything. Freaking love it.


I've also found that a lot of people like getting things for the kitchen. When your gift helps you do what you love, it's very rewarding! I for one, used to draw a lot in my free time as a kid, so getting art/office supplies always made me happy


Christmas pajamas from my mom every year are the comfiest pajamas for some reason


I once got a tmnt shirt and that was the only clothing I got for Christmas and I wore it alot


Best Christmas gift I got from my mum as an adult was a frying pan. I fucking love this pan.


A good pan is hard to find! Nothing beats some good quality cookware. One of my favorite gifts from my mom was an alarm clock with a built-in power outlet.


Going to bed.


Not even going to bed "early", just going to bed.


Yeah I never go to bed early but I still live it when I do. Participating in this world is bloody exhausting. Kids hate bed time because to them it's missing out on fun. But when almost nothing you do every day is "fun" you can't wait to power off and get away from it for several hours.


Unless you’ve developed a weird adult form of anxiety and depression where the next day can feel so overwhelming that you don’t want to fall asleep because you’ll have to face that shit sooner from your overloaded brain’s prospective …hypothetically. I mean I’d imagine someone out there might feel like that occasionally, and that would be understandable if they did.


She’s me


I almost never have trouble falling asleep, maybe once a year. But I regularly stay up 4 hours later than I should because... fuck.. when I close my eyes the next thing that will happen is that I have to wake up to an alarm, and most of the entire day is spoken for. So, I don't go quietly into the night, I rage against the dying of the light. As long as I'm still awake and doing things, I get to have new things instead of just mild endless misery. The hours after I'm supposed to go to sleep, and when I actually do... it's like I'm stealing them away from everything I hate. ... and then eventually I get anxious enough that, Jesus, I gotta get some sleep. ... and then if I thought my morning was going to be bad before, add in only getting a half night's sleep. I'm already not a morning person, and, that next day strikes back in misery 10-fold what I stole from it the night before. I very nearly just say fuck it and walk away from all my obligations, but know I can't. Sometimes, wash rinse repeat a few days in a row. I just like being up at night. I don't really get to feel like me, until about 1am. Everything kinda zens out then and my mind is in peak form. I'm writing this at 4am.




It's not having to share with siblings that's the main improvement.


My sister was much younger than me and she’d always shit in the tub. Still engrained in my memory


Naps. Gotta love a good mid Saturday nap on the couch.


My body seems to be missing a nap mode. I always wake up from them feeling more miserable than before. Not only am I still tired, but sleepy snd confused too.


I don't nap, either, unless I am actually sick. Never have been good at it.


You do it up to 20 min or 1.5h and nothing else


Unless you take a full grandpa nap, which is around 3-4 hours. hah


That's what always ends up happening for me. Idk how people can just sleep for 20 minutes. It takes me 20 minutes just to fall asleep.


*a message from your future* The state of permanent tiredness increases in potency. Do not underestimate it. You can fall asleep at any mo... momo.... mo zzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz


TIL I am a grandpa


Bro that’s just sleep


I can't nap either. I'll either fall asleep and then proceed to turn off my alarm (and then sleep more, resulting in me being wide awake from 01:00-07:00) or wake up and be groggy all day.


Some of us just can't


Same, my brain cannot enter low battery mode unless the sun is down and I’m prepared to wake up 6-7 hours later


Same here. I'm entirely unable to nap unless I'm pretty sick. Otherwise I just lay down frustrated unable to fall asleep.


yeaaah the confusion ruins it for me. always feels like im high for an hour after


That's pretty normal, actually. It happens if you get woken up in the middle of a sleep cycle. You can avoid it by napping for around 90 minutes as that's a full cycle. You can also avoid it as others have said by sleeping for around 15 minutes to not enter deeper sleep.


As someone who takes minutes to hours falling asleep I have yet to figure out how napping a specific amount would work.


Same. People be like "take a 90 minute nap" and I'm not sure how to factor in the variable 30-60 minutes to fall asleep into that number. Assuming I fall asleep at all.


I have that same problem so I don't really nap. I just lay down with my eyes closed and listen to some soothing music for 30 mins just to give my body a little rest and then get up. I guess it's more meditation than napping but it works for me when i'm tired and I need a little energy boost.


This was me, but I figured out that if I'm really really super tired I can fall asleep in like 10-15 minutes. If I'm not tired enough for that then I'm not tired enough for napping basically. So I'll set an alarm for about 10-15 minutes longer than I want to sleep, and if I can't fall asleep quickly then I just get up.


I'm exactly the same. Are we doing it wrong or are we just incapable of napping?


I'm incapable. My brain keeps desperately trying to keep me awake even if I know I need a nap. The caviat is if I've been drinking my brain will let me nap. (I'm one of those people that have those falling dreams that jerk you awake when I try to nap)


I remember when I was a kid, probably 8-9 years old, my mom wanted me to take an afternoon nap and I was crying cuz I didn't want to and wanted to play/watch cartoons instead. My older brother's friend happened to be hanging out at home and hearing the fuss he told me - Kid, trust me, when you get older, you would give an arm and a leg to get a 10 min nap, so go get some good rest now! I remember that so vividly even to this day 30 years later. That rockstar, passed away thou 2 years ago!


The final nap.


This is a bit why I'm concerned about when I'm old or in some medical emergency. They always say certain people are fighters, but I think if someone is encouraging me to hang on and fight I'll just roll over and insist on five more minutes.


Peace 🙏


I can’t function without one, now.


Sleep in general.


Haha, yes. I remember when I was younger I used to tell my parents I hated going to bed early because I wanted to stay up and game or watch movies. They always told me I’ll eat my words when I’m older, and oh lord was they right.


Naps are certainly the best. Especially when you have young kids and are exhausted all the time.




i fucking hate naps. don't get me wrong I love them but falling asleep and waking up as confused as a human can be while also having this weird taste in your mouth from all the bacteria multiplying in overdrive mode uhh


Yep, I never feel well when I awake from a nap.


I get all of that, plus a sour stomach (whether or not I've eaten), feel weak & exhausted yet coffee doesn't work, & stay groggy until bedtime- then I get the zoomies & it's hard to settle down. Naps when I'm recovering from something are fine, but random naps don't do me right.


Funny thing is I never warmed up to the idea of naps. In fact, I hate sleeping. I like feeling well-rested and recharged, but just the idea of sleeping feels like such a waste of time. This isn't even a hustle culture, keeping up the grind type of mindset. It's more about how work takes up so much of my time that the need for sleep severely limits time I have all to myself.


Going to bed early




I started going to sleep at 8 since I wake up at 3 for work. Its great


I've done that both ways.


how? I still hate going to bed early


Same here. I hate to wake up too early in morning. It is hell.


Still sucks as an adult.


Yeah going to bed means ending my free time.


Not being around people all the time.


That's always been awesome imo.


Right? I fucking hate people.


People. What a bunch of bastards.


Getting spanked and taking naps.


getting spanked until you fall asleep or that someone wakes you up with a spank


Ya know, I tried to explain to my fiancee one time how relaxing a blow job is, and that my falling asleep was because I was relaxed, not because I was disinterested. She still mad. :(


I usually fall straight asleep after sex because of this and my gf always gets a bit huffypuffy about it, but she understands a bit better now


Lol between my husband and I, I'm the one that falls right to sleep after sex. He teases that I'm "such a man" after sex and I'm like, "hey, take the compliment. I'm exhausted. Good night!" 😂


It depends for me and my gf. If it's night sex then she's usually asleep before me but I'm not far behind. If it's morning sex we cuddle until one of us decides to make breakfast. Unless it's a week day, then I just cuddle hee while figuring out how long i can lie with her before I will be too late for work


doing nothing on the weekends or days off


True, but I like it too much. My lawn is looking pretty shaggy.


Time to rent a goat.


Life in general. I am depressed but i can order Pizza whenever I want.


Had a moment like this not too long ago. Was thinking "I wish it was someone's birthday so I could have some chocolate cake.......wait! I'm an adult with a driver's license and a bank account. I can make my own cake for no reason at all!"


My dads like this. I went for a trip to visit my parents a few weeks back and my dad offered me a piece of chocolate cake he made. I asked what the occasion was for the cake and he looked at me funny and was like "the occasion was I wanted chocolate cake, so I made myself a cake" I meen yeh fair enough, nothing wrong with that.


I love this. I love just the sudden just realization that in being an adult, theres nothing stopping you from doing something thatd be normally thought of as being completely unorthodox


I can think of at least two separate XKCDs for this and they’re both great. [Grown ups](https://xkcd.com/150/) [Bacon](https://xkcd.com/418/)


The Grown Ups XKCD somehow reminds me of the “do we need anyone else” meme. Also, the comic implies they fucked in the apartment sized ball pit, thank me later


I did that a lot after I got divorced. I felt so trapped when I was married.


Good for you! Treat yourself!


Is there anything as miserable as a bad marriage? Congrats on being free


I know. It got so bad for me that I was harrassed just for trying to use the washing machine or make a coffee. Quite nice to get away from all that and just go out to the cake shop.


Not gonna lie, I first read this as 'Trying to use the washing machine to make coffee", and I was like...yeah you probably deserved to be questioned on that one.


Yesss. And you can also avoid awful relatives as an adult, while the choice might not have been there as a kid


This is something I forget to appreciate. No more obligation to spend time at relative's houses when I hardly know or care about them. Just because someone's a relative, doesn't mean they're family.


watching documentaries


I used to love those as a kid


I did too. Whenever I was grounded from watching TV I could usually get my mom to compromise by letting me at least watch History (back when it basically only showed WWII docs) and Discovery channel because they were educational.


OG History channel that actually had history was my fucking jam.


I miss the nature docs I watched as a kid. The new ones are fine but the 70s and 80s nature docs were fire. But I love me a good doc.


I’m with you there. Plus 1970s National Geographic magazines were a fascinating window onto an exciting world


The idea of kissing a girl


I remember when I was in elementary school, I said I'd never get a girlfriend... Turns out I was right, still no girlfriend


I haven't lost my virginity because I never lose.


At least you didn't buy a hamster, name it 'Virginity', and then lose it.


Oddly specific


Yall out here kissing girls???


They did say "the idea” so I guess only in OP's head


Kissing girls is so gay. When you're kissing a lady, what's she thinking about? She's thinking about kissing a fella, and as straight men we know it's big gay to think about kissing fellas. That's why I only make out with my homies, because we're all thinking about kissing ladies which is very heterosexual and very cool.


Actually getting a full night's sleep.


Alone time.


nah that was fire as a kid


I grew up with a brother and a sister, and our cousins were our neighbors we would often go to their house and play all afternoon, but I always liked that feeling of when I went back home before my siblings and there was just silence, and the living room for myself


Same, I was a bookworm. There was nothing better than a free afternoon with a fresh stack of books from the library.


I'm the opposite. I loved alone time as a kid because I felt most peers were trouble and the family was a lot to deal with. Now I kinda hate being all alone with no family or friends. It's kinda sad.


I love me some alone time 🤲


Scrolling through these comments like… *yep to that, also yup to that, oh hell yeah naps rock, mmhmm love me some Home Depot, fuckin love coffee, nice socks are great, plus one for bed time…*


Baby we got a stew going now. Want to cancel the rest of my weekend for all these ingredients instead.


We're hosting my daughter's 13th birthday party tomorrow. I'm honestly looking forward to the nap after the party way more than the social interaction. Official old.


Sleeping at noontime


Staring at walls.


And not having to ask mom for just one pepsi


Just a Pepsi. And she wouldn’t give it to me


No mom I'm not on drugs I'm okay, I was just thinking you know, Why don't you get me a Pepsi


Loved doing it as a kid too. Wouldn't know I was doing it until someone pointed it out.


Eating vegetables... I F\*cking love salads now. And broccoli? Ugghhhh, so good.


To me, the biggest change is going from overcooked ones into actually well prepared ones. It is a huge difference, especially with broccoli. These days a spicy broccoli noodle soup is among my favourite dishes.


My kids couldn't stand so many things because their mom forced them to eat it when it was made poorly or from some kind of freezer bag but when they finally started trying properly made fresh stuff it blew their minds. Same with seasoning. Making kids flavorless crap will make them think they don't like something when in reality it was just unseasoned.


Hands down. I always hated steak and Brussels sprouts. Boiled farts and like eating salty leather. Now it’s the food of the gods because I know how to prepare it well


Vegetable soup? Fucking asparagus and corn and broccoli and carrots? My god.


School. Like I'd love to sit around learning about dinosaurs and spending an entire day seeing a water mill all for free.


Being with your parents.


Totally. My maternal grandparents were pretty young when my mom was born, so I'm lucky to still have them healthy, active and involved in my life at age 25 (and to have known my great grandmother on that side when I was a child), but I also know that my dad was not much older than me when his dad passed away. The only bad thing about having good parents is becoming an adult and realizing that someday you'll have to face the world without them.


I'm 43 and still have 2 of my 4 grandparents, one passed before I was born and the other just last year. Lost my mom in 2009 to pancreatic cancer, 8 months from diagnosis to death. Last time I saw her was the weekend before she passed. Step-dad had informed me that she didn't have the strength to walk anymore. But when she saw me walk passed the window near the door she damn sure managed to get up and walk to me as I came through it. that was on friday, when I had to leave on sunday she couldn't even lift her arms, monday she wasn't strong enough to even speak. She made it til thursday at 10:07p. I remember the time because that is the exact time I clocked out of work with plans to fly back to see her the next day.


This hits hard when your middle aged and both your parents are deceased


I'm really sorry. In my case, they're still alive but we're 10,000km apart.


it happens fast, too... least for me. When I was 33, my dad died. Year after, my mom got cancer and my paternal grandpa died. Couple years later, mom died, then both my maternal grandparents died a few months later. 5 year span, whole family tree above me was gone.


Yep, what I wouldn’t give for that now…


Opposite here. I have fond memories of hanging out with my parents as a kid. As a adult I had to cut contact with them because I couldn't take their shit anymore.


that depends *a lot* on the parents


Receiving practical gifts. I hope I get socks and a food mill for my birthday.


Taking a trip to Home Depot.


And getting greeted with the nice smell.


I LOVED going to home depot as a kid. I could spend forever staring at all the different colorful gizmos and whatnots.


Don't even get me started on the joy of the doorbell aisle. I'm surprised I never got my dad kicked out of the store.


same, the hanging lights was my favorite part free popcorn \#2 garden \#3




the other day my mom told me that as a teen I complained on a trip to various small towns in Oregon that there were "no malls." lol I now appreciate a trip to somewhere rural with beautiful trees and I wouldn't set foot in a mall if you paid me






Costco wasn't around when I was a kid, but it definitely tracks as one of those mundane adult things that's heaps of fun, I love visiting the shrine to western decadence


nah bro costco was fire free samples, hell yeah walk-in uh... fresh rooms, hell yeah


Gosh I couldn’t stand Costco as a kid. The only thing that made it worth it was my mom would buy me a pizza slice and a churro every time we went …but shopping inside the warehouse felt like ages were passing by. Absolutely dreadful. Now as an adult, my husband and I really enjoy shopping at Costco! Can’t even remember when the switch happened.


Getting laid


Hold up


This was bound to be here somewhere.


Nah, enjoyed it as a kid and also as an adult


the comment I was looking for.


Nap time.


Sitting still and doing absolutely nothing.


Cancelling plans.


Nope, that sucks especially bad as an adult. For the receiving party at least :(


Not for me, but it could be an introvert thing. It's not not wanting to see them, but I'll take some unexpected down time anytime.


No better feeling than your whole evening suddenly opening up.


Depends on what the context is. I've had my feelings really badly hurt by someone I cared about constantly cancelling on me. I got it the first time, maybe the second. But after the 6th time, I noped out.


Socks as gifts on holidays


Watching TV shows and understanding all the jokes.


Dark chocolate. Hated as a kid. Love it now.


I always loved dark chocolate. Now I hate white chocolate


Once you go black you never go back


Mowing my lawn.. hated when my dad made me cut the front AND the back when I was a kid, but now it’s relaxing and I take pride in it.


Ha I still detest mowing the lawn. I pay a lawn guy. I don't know why, but it takes me the entire day to mow, and will involve much swearing and at least one violent throw of the weed-wacker.


King of the Hill


Being spanked.


Tbf if it was the same people doing the spanking as in childhood I think you’d hate it even more!


Staying home and not socializing


The amount of "*sex*" answers scares me.


Living in the country. Moved to the country from the city as older kid and absolutely hated it! Now as an adult stuck in the city, I am so envious of my parents still living in the country.


A grown-up woman telling you to go to your bedroom


staying at home on weekends😂


Crockpots. I think my mom just never cooked anything but pot roast in them. Soooo many good recipes and so easy. Also great for saving money and making food to save in freezer. God i love my crockpot.