At the rehearsal dinner for my brother’s wedding, they served pumpkin soup with lavender sprinkled on top. I don’t like pumpkin, but I took a few sips of the soup out of politeness. It wasn’t the pumpkin that made me gag, though, it was the lavender. I’m getting a little nauseated just thinking about it, and this was nearly 20 years ago. The taste in my mouth from the lavender lasted longer than my brother’s marriage.


"pumpkin soup with lavender" what in the cottagecore


Bahaha. Now I'm imagining it being served in carved out mini pumpkin bowls and the waiters are squirrels and bunnies in little tweed waistcoats.


I don't care for lavender flavoured things- reminds me of soap. I do like the smell though.


It is really easy to over do floral flavors in a recipe. I make lavender sugar for my chocolate chip lavender cookies because it gives a subtle lavender flavor rather than tasting like you've been punched in the face by a bar of soap.


Even a little bit just ruins it for me, and I'm far from picky. I love matcha candy and plenty of floral foods. But something about lavender is off for me. I've had lavender coffee with just the smalllllest amount of lavender. And still. Just makes me think it would be ten times better without


I often wonder about that when I see recipes that call for lavender …doesn’t seem appetizing for me and thought it would taste soapy


I think this is an exposure thing. I like floral flavors (esp violet) but rarely does anyone seem to agree with me. I think in my neck of the woods they are unusual enough that everyone essentially equates those smells to soap not food, and it's hard to overcome that association and only taste the actual flavor rather than the flavor all your experience is telling you should be there.


I love floral food. Roses, lavender, violets, nasturtiums, pansies, orchids! So many edible flowers. I love them all. Plus they make my food so pretty.


It can be nice in very small amounts, but most people add way too much and it ends up perfume-y. I sometimes make macarons with ground early grey tea and lavender, it takes *so little* for it to be overpowering, but in the right amount it's very nice IMO. I personally love it with lemon. Not sure how it would work with savory stuff though, and pumpkin sounds like a terrible combo.


My wife and I like lavender with gin and club soda. But I can see where the gate comes from. I made one for my sister and she called it fancy dish soap drink


In this same vein, parma violets. The most disgusting candy possibly ever concocted, tastes like the air inside of an old lady’s boudoir. Downright despicable


Thats an extremely strange combo lmao Thank god it was a rehearsal


What the fuck is it about weddings that people feel the need to have some extremely niche thing served to everyone when like 3% of the people there will actually like it? And they pay so much more for this fancy, nasty shit. Just serve a fucking cake like normal people. That way everyone is happy and you save money. This shit ain't that complicated. People just wanna say they had shit like "pumpkin lavender soup" so they can act like they're royalty or whatever.


The restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner had a fixed menu for parties, so it wasn't any sort of conspiracy on my brother and sister-in-law's part.


One of the best weddings I’ve ever been to had a taco buffet followed by a churro buffet. Which would you rather have, overpriced mediocre steak/salmon, or cheap but totally delicious tacos?


If I ever get married again. (I'll have to get divorced first) I'm gonna have a taco/burrito buffet, and a nacho/baked potato buffet holla!


My mum put on a baked potato bar for my brothers shindig ... omfgz


Lol, I just had a wedding. Everything else was so complicated we just ordered a pasta bar. Two pastas, two meats, two sauces, simple to serve.


i went to a wedding recently and they just had a cool slightly fancy pizza van serving- problem is i dont like pizza so that wasnt the best for me lol


Pickled yam loaf…nope


Those are three words I never want to see that close together. ​ It sounds like what I leave in the toilet after Thanksgiving dinner.


Never heard of it but it sounds horrible. Yam loaf?


Blue cheese. I LOVE blue cheese. Ate it on steaks, burgers, salads, sandwiches…anything that a person could put it on. Then…when I was about 23-24 i noticed that when I ate blue cheese I would start to get sick. Like violent diarrhea within 20-30 minutes of eating it, that would last over and hour. It just came out of nowhere. I did some experiments after and definitely isolated it down to the blue cheese. Regardless of what I ate it on. I guess we can develop certain food allergies and intolerances later in life. I haven’t been able to eat it for almost 20 years now. I’ve forgotten what it even tastes like. One of these days I keep telling myself that I’ll schedule a vacation day or something just so I can eat blue cheese again.


I had this same experience with eggs. Used to eat eggs all the time growing up. Scrambled, fried, hard boiled, you name it. Then, my diet changed when I went to college and ate almost exclusively what the dining halls were serving, which was almost never eggs. When I started cooking for myself after moving off campus, I noticed eggs just shot through me whenever I ate them. I still eat eggs on occasion, but I make sure my schedule is clear for the next couple hours first…


That’s so wild how that can happen. Blue cheese is the only food I’ve experienced anything like that with. I wonder if something about not eating them for a while is what did it?


Are you allergic to Penicillin too?


The same thing happened to me with avocado. It never completely agreed with me, I'd always get mild stomach cramps after but it wasn't that big of a deal, worth it for the deliciousness. The digestive symptoms over time just got progressively worse though. Last time I ate it I shat myself and that was the point where I finally gave it up. If there's ever an asteroid about to hit earth or something I'm spending those last few hours with a giant bowl of guac.


I accidentally took a big hung over swig from a water bottle full of cigarette butts once and couldn't eat bleu cheese after that for a few years bc it reminded me of it. I can eat it again now and I love it though


Up and Go. When I was 17, I found one litre bottles of the chocolate up and go on special for .75c cause they were on about to expire. I got really high that evening and guzzled the whole 3 litres I'd bought. That night I woke up, took three steps, just made it to my kitchen sink and puked my absolute guts up. Collapsed back into bed and in the morning the sink looked like it was full of little twigs. Eleven years later and even the smell of that shit makes my stomach turn.


Up and go, the breakfast drinks? And you chugged 3 LITRES!?! No wonder you puked, Jesus.


Yep the breakfast drinks lmao but as a 17yo pothead all I saw was cheap chocolate milk lol lesson LEARNT I tells ya.


Well, it was certainly named correctly.


Right? A name like that would be my first red flag!




Ah yes. The classic Coming Out of Both Ends


The double dragon


Two-tipped tummy terrorism


Thanks, i am sick and you made me cough-laughing. It hurts but worth it


Now that' s good mall chicken! Some places don't get the ratio of norovirus and rotavirus right.


Natto. Disgusting texture and the taste isn't much better.


That was my answer. I couldn't believe how difficult it was to get the flavor out of my mouth and the smell out of my nose.


Slimy beans of pure hell, the taste nearly made me throw it back up 😭


I was actually disappointed at how inoffensive I found it. I was expecting this explosion of horror and got polite neutrality. It's stringy like melted cheese and tastes a bit like... paper? Or like when you accidentally inhale dust. Not awful, not amazing. I'd have it again, but I wouldn't go out of my way to get it.


See I enjoyed natto, but I second your experience with I was surprised at how inoffensive it was! After hearing everyone talk about it like it had such a strong fermented taste, I expected it to be well... strong! But I agree, it barely tasted like anything!


My college made these spicy chicken wraps that were probably one of the best foods I’ve ever eaten. Not only do I live states away from where I went to college, but the last I heard they changed the wrap station to something else entirely. So I’ll probably NEVER eat one again even though I really wish I could.


My elementary school had absolutely bomb hot wings. I’ve been wanting to have them again for ages and knowing I can’t is a big pain


My elementary school had square hamburgers, green peas, and chocolate cake every Wednesday. The square hamburger was a type of hamburger casserole doled out to us in a square (hence the square part) and it was my favorite thing to eat and I wish I had their recipe.


My elementary school had Stromboli days. They were like a pale tan when done, amd I miss them so goddamn much. I HATE pizza so much (force-fed it so much as a young that I never want it except for odd occurances) and I still crave those Stromboli. I would cry if I could find them


Sea urchin. I always wanted to try it after watching chefs treat it like a delicious treasure. I went to a top end Austin sushi restaurant and gave it a go. It’s texture was like an egg yolk. The slightest membrane holding a thick liquid together. It burst in your mouth filling it with sea snot. Never again.


Same. Went to a sushi restaurant in Madison and tried a bunch of different types. Sea urchin was a definite never again for both of us. Almost puked; it was that bad of a texture.


The seafood in Madison Wisconsin disappointed?


Maybe they are able to have it flown in daily? I had sushi from a place in Denver called Sushi Den and I guess they had fish flown in daily. It was amazing.


Only one place in austin has decent uni, Soto south lamar. But yes it is an acquired taste for sure... it tastes how the pacific smells.


I went to Uchiko specifically to try uni. I’m normally completely open to new tastes and textures. Surprised me to want it out of my mouth so strongly.


Believe me, eating them fresh off the shore after having grabbed them yourself and cracked them open on a rock like some sort of predatory molluskophagus sea creature is a whole different experience Source: 15 yo me with absolutely no sense of self preservation


Those Taki chip things. They were not bad, but I ate some and then got sick with COVID right after. I guess my brain now thinks it was the Takis fault and they just make me feel sick even smelling them.


Classic food aversion. My sister can't tolerate tea for a similar reason.


My Granny's soup.




Didn’t think of the question in this way - has me thinking of Moms hot dog chili


Bread. Not because I dislike it or anything, it's just that damn celiac disease. And the gluten-free stuff is just similar enough to make you miss the real thing, and at like 3x the price.


Long-time baker here, very familiar with creating vegan and gluten-free substitutes that don't taste like sadness and compromise. Bob's Red Mill 1 to 1 all-purpose flour (blue bag) is an absolutely perfect substitute for recipes, although if you're not buying in bulk it can get pretty expensive. Only thing I change in my GF bread is rise time (dough goes directly into the pan after kneading; let rise only once before baking). I can send a recipe or 2 if you're interested.


I appreciate the thought, but at this point I'm actually pretty comfortable in my bread-free lifestyle. Honestly, it's been for the best. Taking away sandwiches and their variations has had me spending much more time with things like curries and stews, and I haven't been this healthy since my 20s.


Fair enough! Celiac is the worst, glad you're doing well with other options. Anyone else interested can still DM me.


I’m so sorry. Fresh bread is unlike anything else in this world


I was scrolling to see if anyone else said this before I did. I'm sorry for your loss. I feel your literal and figurative pain. -signed, a fellow person with Celiac


Seriously. 1000% this. I make delicious gluten free things, but bread is NOT the same no matter how many recipes I’ve tried.


At thanksgiving dinner one year, my grandmother and grandfather decided to bring some dishes from home. I look at this tantalizing dish of cream and berries. She said it was a “special recipe” that my grandfather absolutely loved. I was violently hungover (home from college), and the anticipated sugar rush I was about to get perked me up immediately. I sank my spoon into it, and delicately grabbed a blueberry with a nice dollop of cream on it. I cannot begin to describe to you the horror that had just entered my ailing body. It was as if God himself had come down and punished me for my sins the prior night before. She had used sour cream instead of whipped cream. I promptly ran to the bathroom and vomited.


So you're NOT a little lad who loves berries and cream?


I had almost forgotten that


WTF was that commercial lmao


Did she know? Was this what it was suppose to be or was it a mistake on her part?


Sour cream with blueberrys? Why tho.


It’s common in some European countries.


I was going to say this! My favorite sweet snack my Polish mom taught me is blueberries (or strawberries or blackberries, or even cooked rice) with sour cream and sugar (and cinnamon for the rice)! delicious


Fresh Seal. Was working in the high Arctic in an Inuit community. Late one night, I’m walking along the beach and come across a group of women who were butchering a seal. They basically decide to see how crazy of a white guy I am, and hand me a piece of the blubber. It was still warm. And without a doubt the most foul thing I’ve ever eaten. Very Gamey, very fishy, and the texture of the sludge from the bottom of a deep fat fryer. It wasn’t just “play a prank on the stupid southerner” either as they were munching away too. But this “country food” as they call it is what gave them the ability to survive in an environment where plants and vegetables don’t really grow.


Damn, gamey + fishy is not a flavor combo I ever knew or wanted to know existed.


Read a story in a cookbook once about a fisherman on the Gulf of Alaska who claimed that in "the old days" fishing boat owners would feed their boat's crew for a week for "thirty five cents". It might have been "twenty five cents" (I don't remember) but whatever it was was suposed to be the cost of a single .30-06 bullet, with the implication being with one bullet an "old school" fishing captain would shoot a seal (highly illegal, of course) and feed his boat's crew on seal meat. The seal meat had a very strong, fishy flavor so the fishermen would try to overcome that by munching on raw onions (like apples) as they ate their seal steaks. Which all sounds horrible... but it gets worse. Because the Gulf of Alaska is so cold, the fishermen would often find themselves crammed into poorly ventilated pilot houses to avoid the weather, and apparently a seal and raw onion diet gives a person terrible, horrible gas... I don't think I have to say any more.


A beef roast. My ex-MIL would roast it with zero seasoning at about 5000 degrees for 12 hours. It almost killed my love of beef entirely.


At that point you might as well just be spooning sand into your mouth.


The sand would have more flavor.


Reminds me of my FIL’s steaks. He seasons them well so they are edible but always cooked well done. I grilled once at their place and cooked them medium rare - medium. Everyone loved it and when he cut into it, he said ‘this is raw!!’ Everyone, including his wife of 35 years, said no, it’s delicious. He sat there and had the 1000 yard stare for like 5 minutes, seemingly rethinking every steak he’s ever cooked


Damn, did him dirty in front of his squad, at his own house too 😂


Your in laws need to communicate better with each other


My mother’s roasts were so overcooked they were almost dusty.


I was told to "salt & pepper to taste". As if seasonings were going to unmurder that poor roast.


How about the exact opposite? My dad had a French coworker. We went to his house for a dinner party (I was like 4). No roast in the oven. 6PM. Roast still sitting on counter. 7PM. No roast. 7:30 PM he sears each side of this big roast in a pan for 30 seconds and serves it at the table for everyone.


My mother just killed this for me. Uses the same recipe.


Durian fruit, never again


It's stinky, the fruit looks like an alien embryo when you crack it open, and it tastes gross. No good.


Aftertaste is even worse


The burps made me want to throw up


i dont get why yall dont like durian


Hot take. Nutella. I hate that shit. I used to love it, but ate too much and got soooo sick now the smell/taste makes me gag


KFC. I always find some weird shit in my chicken that just puts me off it. And Taco Bell’s usually right next to it, so I’d just rather go with that instead


I remember a time when KFC was great :(


Weirdly I don't. I've never had anything from KFC that wasn't disappointing. From soggy chips (or Fries as our colonial cousins call them) to the concept of chucking the shitty off cuts of chicken in some batter. Everything about KFC is crap. I remember being a kid and my brother and I harassing our parents 24/7 to get KFC because we'd been brainwashed by adverts and the sadness of the experience when they finally relented and we got our bucket of moist, undercooked chips entirely devoid of flavour and collection of bones in batter. Looking back I realise my parents weren't well off and that disappointing meal probably cost them dear.


Octopus. It tasted fine but in the years since I ate it I decided I wouldn't eat the hyper intelligent animals.


So only Human now?


Long pig


I understand this. A few years ago I was eating small octopii whole, and I just couldn't stop thinking about it afterwards. Especially with the information I knew about them.


I'm kinda weird, there's a bunch of ingredients/dishes I'd never cook for myself simply because of my repulsion while growing up (brussel sprouts, artichokes, eel, mushrooms to name a few), but I keep an extremely open mind when it comes to set menus. A few months ago I had a farm to table meal and it was simply amazing. changed my view on almost everything I hated growing up fire charred sprouts with a balsamic glaze, deep fried artichoke hearts (think of it like a slightly nutty, extremely crispy baked potato), portobello mushroom and chickpea pancake with beschamel sauce ​ again, I'd never cook this for myself in a million years, but I love to put my trust in a chef and try something i'd never go for. 9 times out of 10 I walk away with absolutely zero regrets


The thing about foods like brussels sprouts is that they taste terrible to kids because kids are much more sensitive to the bitterness. As we age, our tastes mellow out, so the bitterness becomes an attribute. It also, of course, comes down to how you cook them. Plain steamed brussels sprouts aren't great, but even just a little oil, salt, and pepper and roasted in the oven until they brown a bit is 1000x better.


Also, Brussel sprout producers have been selectively breeding them to be less bitter over the past 20 years.


this makes sense, i am a teen and steamed Brussel sprouts are delicious with no bitter taste


I grew up hating mushrooms. Because all I ever had were those chalky white ones that show up in salads or the sliced brown ones that my mom would cook until they were basically slime. Made it to my 20s when my now wife was like omfg you need to try well prepared ones. Blew my mind. And there’s so many varieties. Then I found out about morels and couldn’t believe what I’d been missing. Took it as a good lesson. Most foods can be prepared in ways that aren’t disgusting. But a lot of people don’t get exposed to that.




A can was open on my presence. Every time I think about it, I can not stop gagging. It smells like a dirty dick of a dead person. The most horrible smell you can imagine probably is not even close to reality.


Ive had it a couple times and when opened properly, prepared properly, and put on potatoes, bread, sour cream, red and green onions it's not so bad. I kinda like it. ​ BUT DO NOT OPEN IT UP IN YOUR HOME, APARTMENT, OR CAR. Open it in a bucket of ice water ...down wind, and remove the guts and bones and only eat the meat parts.


Do drinks count? If so, vodka. Bad night when I was 17; 18 years later, I still cannot stand the taste. (I can take it if well masked in a bloody mary or a bocce ball.)


I'll say 99 Bananas. That was my first experience with alcohol, probably why I've been conditioned to not drink very much. Most of the hard stuff just tastes like paint thinner to me.


17 year old. Was making screwdriver in a big gulp glass. 80% vodka 20% orange juice. Drank enough to give me mild alcohol poisoning. Mother of all hangovers lasted days after. To this day 30 year later I still can't drink orange juice. That may seem like a set up joke but it is true, orange juice makes me nauseous. Can eat oranges fine though.


Me but with whiskey/bourbon. Had one bad night with Jim Beam where I made too strong of a drink before going to a football game in uni. I lived on campus and downed it prior to walking over to the stadium. By the time I get in, I'm wasted and tried to find my friends so I went all the way to the nosebleeds of the stadium cause I thought I'd be able to locate them lol. Drunkenly realized that this was a bad idea, and did my best to meander back to my dorm. Made it back and spent the rest of the night over my sink hurling. To this day, whiskey coke smell just gets me 🤢


What's a bocce ball?


Vodka, orange juice, amaretto, and club soda served over ice. It’s terrific.


Do you drink it while playing bocce ball? :D I might just need to have one now... I mean after work


Can I just say I really love how everyone is sharing their bad-night-booze-trauma stories here? Solidarity, friends.


Taco Bell. Its been 28 years and never again. During football practice in the summers before school started, a few of us left campus for lunch and went to TB. We weren't supposed to leave, our coaches busted us and ran our asses off in the summer heat as punishment. the entire sideline of the field was vomited tacobell. I have had no desire for Taco Bell since.




Burger King's chicken fries.


Lets be real: Burger King anything. That artificial smokey, charcoal aftertaste is awful, all their chicken products taste like salt licks, and they had a serious e. Coli problem for years in the 90s because of the whopper jr. Nothing by burger king is acceptable.


\#15 burger king foot lettuce


I used to bartend and late at night I wouldnt want to spend my pitiful wages so I stuck to the £ menus, only BK was open. For £1.60 you can customise a double cheeseburger and get something nice at McDonalds. Or for £1.50 I got a double protein board in a wooden bun at BK.


That nasty ass stir fry my wife keeps making. I don't know why she thinks it's so great, but it isn't.


Does she know you don't like it?


Have you tried telling her


Shit like this is a reason I have a clear rule with my spouse - if I cook something you don't like don't eat it. It's more offensive to me to pretend you like it. I'd rather trash it and order a pizza. I've warned him that if he pretends he better get used to eating it because it'll stay in my rotation.


In our house we have 'butthurt ribs' and 'acrimony and cheese' due to an...incident...early in our relationship.


okay 'acrimony and cheese' is WAY better than I expected like five layers deep in a reddit comment thread.


I like to reward the folks who read past the first comment.


**Muktuk** Whale skin & blubber. Tried it as it was offered by a customer and I didn’t want to be rude. Once was enough, I’ll be rude now


Cottage cheese. I had a stomach bug one afternoon in work but I didn't know until after lunch. Id eaten cottage cheese & the texture made me feel sick, I used to eat it all the time, so it was really strange. All afternoon I was throwing up & tasting cottage cheese, my sick was the texture of it... I've tried to eat it since but I end up gagging & being sick every time




I will not eat them, Sam, I am!


I don't think I'll eat octopus again. There is probably a day in the future where I'll say that I'll never eat real meat again.


I tried octopus and thought it was good then I saw a video that showed how smart they were and from that day on I couldn't eat it anymore. Im a lover of meat but those beautiful animals are to smart to be killed and eaten.


Olives. I don't see how a person can sit and eat a whole jar


thankfully mine usually come in a can!




I’ve lost all respect for you


I'll eat just olives as a meal.


I can eat black olives all by themselves but other olives need to be in a salad. Martini or on a pizza.


If drinks count, southern comfort.


Mopani worms. Even in a tomato and onion sauce you could feel the little legs on your tongue. And now I just traumatized all the brave internet strangers who had scrolled all the way to the bottom this post.


The food I ate yesterday. Ba dum tss.




Fkn nailed it.


I’ll never eat Chipotle again, last time I ordered it I ended up with plastic in my food, it took me almost an hour to finally get someone on the line to discuss the issue, and they were incredibly dismissive of my issue. After dealing with the hassle and not getting anything out of it, I’m going to boycott Chipotle for the rest of my life.


Chipotle has gone to the shitter over the past couple of years. Horrible. Chips are always stale and greasy, and the other shit just doesn't taste as good as it once did.


Not a vegetarian, but veal or anything with veal meat mixed in with other meat. The cruelty required to harvest it should be illegal in my opinion.


For similar reasons of requiring downright cruelty to produce there's a huge push to ban Foie Gras in many places It's duck or goose liver that requires force-feeding the animal to get the organ into the state where it's considered suitable to be labeled that


Licorice. There's just nothing redeeming about it at all. Tastes how I would imagine an ink cartridge would taste. Bleurgh.


I will preface this to say, I usually like black licorice. A coworker of mine brought a “gourmet” *salted* black licorice to work and left it on the break room table for everyone to try. It tasted like what I can only imagine poison tastes like. I honestly thought it had gone bad until someone else told me it was *supposed* to taste that way. Yuck!


Probably tequila shots




The only thing I won't even try


Beets ill eat any food but beets. WTF beets P.s. i learned on reddit that white beet sugar is used in a ton of stuff...fine. I just mean beets straight up. UGH


I can't get past the smell of beetroot/beets. They smell like dirty water.


I used to work in a kitchen and one of the more popular dishes was a beet salad. People would complement it, people would come back and order it again, the head chef complimented my work... so I know people who liked beets thought I made it well... but when I tried it myself to see what the fuss was, it just tasted like how I would imagine dirt and grass clippings to taste. The downside was I used to have to taste test the food I made to check that it was good, so I ate a LOT of beets in that time. I probably won't have another as long as I live.


I always describe it as sweet dirt. People say “oh, it’s earthy!” No, it’s not earthy, it’s dirty. Absolutely revolting.


*Dwight Schrute wants to know your location*


Sugar beets. Different kind of beet than the red beet. Discovered in the 1800s as a cheaper alternative to cane sugar. Essentially the start of the mass production of white sugar.


Octopus. It’s too cruel. I tried it once when I was younger and since then learned just how smart they are. I won’t eat it again. Never tried it but I’d never eat elephant for the same reason.


I watched “My octopus teacher” on Netflix and had the same moment. I cried so hard


Do you eat pork then? Because pigs are also very intelligent. (No hate btw, just a question)


Icelandic Hákarl. i do not get this appeal of fermented grey shark, even if it may be a cultural thing. if you enjoy it, i am happy someone does, but it is not for me :)


From the UK…Warburtons sandwich thins…I had one then had non breastfeeding mastitis the next day, defo not related but hey…once I had noro and I was wearing new PJs when the puke started…never wore them again.


Taco Bell. Are it yesterday after 14-15 years cause that damn steak burrito commercial actually looked good! And I used to like the fiesta potatoes. I think there were 3 tiny steak pieces in the burrito. Blander than a saltine cracker even after dumping hot sauce packets on them! I regret that $8.


any fast food steak should be legally required to put quotes around it: "Steak" burrito, "Steak" n cheese sub, etc




Breast milk Edit: and century eggs


All milk is breast milk.


plant based milk? unless you don't consider it "milk"


Au Gratin potatoes. Ate them while watching the Elephant Man movie and the mixture between those 2 made me violently sick. I can't disassociate them with the Elephant Man and vomiting.


Eggplant. Turns out I’m allergic.


Ghost Pepper Chicken Sandwich from Joella's. It was good but about one-notch too spicy. And I love spicy food. First time in decades I had to grab a glass of milk to put out the fire. And then the next day.... oh man.....


If you know you are going to be having extremely spicy food, eat lots of grapes for the 24 hours leading up, it helps with the next day events.






Shrimp. One bite makes my mouth start itching. *Explosive* vomiting if I have more than a little bit, and it can lull me into a false sense of security by waiting an hour or so before my stomach decides to expel itself. Sorry about your car interior, Dad, but I *told* you I needed you to pull over. You fucked around and found out.


You are allergic to shrimp




Do you live in a country with shitty weather?




Tomatoes from shitty weather countries suck balls. Try cherry tomatoes from sunny countries, delicious.


To be fair I dislike the jelly part on the inside so I can kinda relate. if I scoop that out I like the rest though, is it the jelly for you or just the whole tomato?


Bananas. Haven’t had them since I was a kid. The stink is so disgusting, I can walk into a room and know there is one in the room somewhere. Can’t be in a room with someone eating one. The food of the devil.


This is interesting to me. My partner can't eat them because of the texture. She just hates how mushy they are. I eat one every day because to me, they're the perfect food. They're tasty, cheap, nutritious, come in their own natural biodegradable packaging, don't need refrigerating, can be taken anywhere on the go, don't require a toothpick afterward. They're the ultimate in convenience.


The world's most perfect fruit. Bananas are awesome.


I like to roast them and add them to baking recipes. I make an awesome yeast-based banana bread that just has the most amazing subtle banana flavor, no extra spices like the quick bread version you normally see. Great for French toast!


I also cannot fucking stand bananas 😂


I absolutely hate everything about bananas. The taste, the smell, especially the texture. I started to hate them even more after getting strep throat a dozen times in only a few years and the antibiotics I had to take only came in banana flavour 😖




You should try cooking it first. It restores all your red hearts + 4 bonus yellow hearts.


Figured it would be somewhere in this thread. There’s no way anyone would like it immediately upon trying it and I have to wonder why the fuck would you want to acquire a taste for a fruit that smells like gasoline.


Cheez-its. I ate some that were stored in a plastic storage bin. The plastic vapor was absorbed into the crackers and was very toxic. I was sick for an entire day. I know other cheez-its would be fine but I can't eat them now.


Boba tea. Can't do the pearls. I'm not very averse to most food or drink textures, but this one really gets me.


Sea urchin