There’s a melon cream soda in Japan. The bottle has penguins on it. I only came by it twice, but both times I was very hot and wanted a yummy, cold, refreshing drink. It’s been a few years and I still think about how good it was every now and then.


Like this? https://www.flickr.com/photos/okinawa-soba/13794283055 might be able to order it !


Yes that’s the one :) - I’m going to have to look around to shop for it now! Thanks!!


Found this seems a little promising https://www.hktvmall.com/hktv/en/main/Cheerio-Official-Store/s/H1006003/Supermarket/Supermarket/Beverages/Soft-Drinks/Official-CHEERIO-MELON-CREAM-SODA/p/H0888001_S_10144467A sold out there but gives the product info you you can hopefully find it! Good luck !


$23 for a liter is slightly yikes but I guess if it's for heaven in a bottle it's a steal.


It's in Hong Kong dollars. So divide by 7.8.


I'm a sucker for anything melon flavoured.


Half of my time spent on vacation in Japan is just consuming melon flavored treats. Soda, gummies, buns, ice cream, anything really...I love it.


Thai iced tea


Thai iced tea actually loses a point for being too perfect. The experience always ends on a very sad note because I suck it down in like 90 seconds because it tastes too good.


This is why I ordered the tea online and brew my own at home. So much better not having to take the smallest sips possible to make it last.


No way. This is one of those things it’s better not to make yourself. It’s super upsetting scooping 50 pounds of sugar into a single cup worth of liquid, I prefer to pretend that’s not what it’s made of.


That's why you get a mix with the sugar already mixed in and you tell yourself it's tea


I’m not Thai, but I’m amazed how this isn’t massively popular in the US like Starbucks. I think SB just has the trendiness. Because I feel like Thai Tea is **by far** better than most SB drinks I’ve had. I’d also say boba tea is usually preferable to SB personally, as well. But Thai Tea is the best hands down


I don't know about the rest of the country, but here in CA it's sold at like every boba shop


Holy fuck this might be the first mention I’ve seen of that! They’re soooo good! Thai iced coffee is excellent as well.


I had a banana smoothie at a music festival in Hungary. It was the single best thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. The perfect balance of sweetness, temperature and texture. I went back every morning to the same stall for a banana smoothie. Never had anything like it.


Damn I now lust for your mythical Hungarian banana smoothie. I love those weird perfect foods/drinks you can stumble on sometimes, I once had the perfect apple from a market stall in a small town in Argentina, I have never been able to find anything remotely like it again, I even went back a few months later and couldn't find the stall or any apples like it.


I had a corn "shake" in Kunming China that was magically delicious. It was basically corn kernels thrown in a blender. Nothing else. Also, most melons in Italy. They were perfectly sweet and almost spicy, somehow. Not that bland garbage we get in the US


Bro you sure your not allergic? I was eating manunka honey thinking it was weird how it was spicy. Turns out honey isn't and I'm inclined to believe melon isn't either.


Yep, I mentioned to my wife how weird it is that eggplant makes your mouth and throat burn, and she was like—no, it doesn’t. Went 30+ years without knowing I was mildly allergic. Still eat it all the time. Mmmmmm…tastes like burning.


Haha, same with kiwi here! We talked nonsense and I mentioned how kiwis were such dumb fruits. So tasty, yet you can't eat more than 1 or 2 at a time, before your mouth gets all fuzzy. She looked at me like I was insane and told me that that's not normal. Guess I'm mildly allergic to my favourite fruit :'(


Oh man, I just learned that I'm mildly allergic to kiwi now. I actually thought that that was part of it taste.


Haha, kiwi fruit makes my lips feel like they have pins and needles. You mean that's not one of the selling points??


Same here with walnuts. I thought my mouth going numb was part of the deal. Pretty idiotic in retrospect.


I mean, people pay $1000 to eat fugu which does that. You get it for the price of a few walnuts.


I have it with raw tomatoes. Thought it was normal for the roof of your mouth to start bleeding while eating them lol


I remember being about 12 going to town on like an entire bunch of bananas. Gobbling them down like a starved ape. I looked at my mom like 4 bananas deep and said, "I love bananas! They're so sour!" She ripped that fruit out of my hand so quick lolol


LOL my sister used to eat bananas so strangely! She would break off a 1" chunk and use her fingers to place it in her mouth. We commented on it once, to which she replied, "Well how else do you keep it from burning your lips?!" Only then did we realize that she was bypassing her lips. Yeah, less than a year later she went into anaphylactic shock after eating Special K with Red Berries right after a run. She developed the rare Runner's Allergy. Any fruit consumed within 30 minutes or so of a highly intense workout can cause an anaphylactic reaction. It got bad enough with bananas specifically that she requested me to not feed my toddler bananas for a couple of days prior to a visit so she could kiss her sweet cheeks! Edit to add: Exercise-induced anaphylaxis (EIA) and food-dependent, exercise-induced anaphylaxis (FDEIA) are rare but potentially life-threatening clinical syndromes in which association with exercise is crucial. The range of triggering physical activities is broad, including as mild an effort as a stroll. EIA is not fully repeatable (ie, the same exercise may not always result in anaphylaxis in a given patient). In FDEIA, the combined ingestion of sensitizing food and exercise is necessary to precipitate symptoms.[Exercise-Induced Anaphylaxis](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3020292/)


>She developed the rare Runner's Allergy. Any fruit consumed within 30 minutes or so of a highly intense workout can cause an anaphylactic reaction. Fucking.......what!?!


Theres no way thats real…. Right?


I wish there were more specific answers like this in the thread lol they're fun.


When we were in Vinales in Cuba, we went to our local bar for some drinks. I ordered a Pina Colada and it came out virgin with a WHOLE 1L bottle of rum for me to free pour into the glass. You had to drink some of the virgin pina colada before pouring in the rum, to make room. It was the single greatest drink I’ve ever drank. They were so good that we still talk about them now.


Try a mango lassi from an Indian restaurant - I can’t promise it’ll be as good but I think it’ll be close. No, it won’t taste at all the same, but if you like mangoes, I really think you’ll enjoy it.


My brother and I had unlimited mago lassi from an Indian pizza joint in SF while we ate delicious pizza, and it is an afternoon of happy taste buds that will stay with me forever. Edit: the place was Zante Pizza






Mango lassi!


If I had as much mango lassi as I wanted I'd be obese in a month


They are spectacularly dangerous.


I didn't realize this was my answer til I saw it. I've never ever had a lassi that was less than delicious, and I've never not been sad when it finished. Agree w the other reply that the only thing keeping from drinking 2L a day is type 2 diabetes.


All day I face the barren waste without the taste of water, cool water


Water- water- cool, clear, water


Ol' Dan and I with throats burned dry and souls that cry, for water. Cool, clear, water.


Keep a'movin Dan, don't you listen to him Dan, he's a Devil not a man, and he spreads the burning sand with water


oh dan can you see that big green tree where the water’s runnin’ free and it’s waitin’ there for you and meeeeeeee water, cool, clear, water


the shadows sway and seem to say "tonight we pray for waterrr... cooool waterrr." And way up there he'll hear our prayer and showww us whereee theres waterrr coool clearr watterrr


I used to listen to this on 8 track in my dad's pickup truck. Yes, I am old. Yes, I am from Oklahoma.


Piña colada on a beach


Thank you! I was going to keep scrolling until I saw pina coladas mentioned. They taste like heaven to me so I can’t understand why they’re not more popular.


because 95% of the bars you order one at won’t make it properly. they are going to use mix. only way to know you’re getting a good pina colada is to pay $17+ for it at a fancy bar, or make it yourself at home. and it’s kind of a pain in the ass to make, so it’s not exactly the kind of drink you just whip up on a weekday evening. but yea, a really good pina colada made with fresh pineapple is incredible.


I love Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain. I also love Pain Killers.


Cold water at 2:34 AM with a dry ass throat >>>>


Cold water at 3:45a after a night of drinking.


Cold water at 4:20 PM after doing manual labor in the hot sun all day.


Cold water throughout the day while doing manual labor in the hot sun all day. Don’t fall victim to heat exhaustion or heat stroke! Hydrate, Analbox!


Hydrate before you die-drate


Tangential, but my favorite saying is "hydrate while you dehydrate" when I mix in water with some hard-A


Does A stand for anal?


I was like, you sound just like one of the roofers at the company I work for. Then I realized the guy you were replying to's username is "analbox". lol.




Good old ass throat


That was my nickname in prison


Orange Crush once every 5 years.


I've got my spine, I've got my...


I've had my fun and now it's time to...


serve your conscience overseas..


Comin’ in fast, over me.


Too funny, my moved-to-UK sister always has one orange crush whenever she returns to Canada


Orange Crush is a Maryland staple so good


It took me a while to realize most people here wasnt talking about the alcoholic beverage served over crushed ice.


Grape crush. Along time ago when we visited Canada they had lime crush? That hit different.


I live in Canada and I haven't seen lime in a damn long time




Specifically 2AM water


2am water is 11/10, a miraculous indulgence.


I saw a show about a guy who was in jail for years and he said he earned ice water for good behavior. He said that most people take ice water for granted. I have been hydrated and felony crime-free ever since.


The 1-10 scale doesn't even apply. Water's rating is simply "correct".


Water is *literally* life


it’s what plants crave


No way, no electrolytes! Electrolytes are what plants crave!


Proper mai tai


Discovered what a real Mai Tai is this summer, ended up going through a whole bottle of Orgeat. Granted, I started using it to make almond lattes as well…


Orgeat is to die for. I love that shit


Lived off of Mai tais in Hawaii and could not figure out for the life of me why I was getting stomach cramps and panic attacks. I am allergic to tree nuts. But damn, they were good.


With homemade orgeat and an interesting rum you can't beat it


I fucking love eggnog it’s a shame a cup of it is about ten thousand calories


Calories don't exist on holidays.


Lemonade that's slightly tart and subtly sweet Edit: Thank you all for chiming in. I appreciate the award and the suggestions be it brands or flavors to add. Someone had asked for a recipe so here is mine (haven't made it in a long time but I believe these to be the correct measurements): 2 liters of water 2/3 cup sugar 2-3 lemons (squeezed)(may need more depending on the size) mint leaves (optional and to preference) Mix everything together until sugar is dissolved, add mint after mixed ​ Edit 2: A little update. The hospital I work at just got a slushie machine put in the cafeteria literally today (9/29) and I get unlimited free samples for today and tomorrow. Lemonade is one of the flavors and I am currently enjoying one as I type this. Life is good.


A Single Plum, Floating in Perfume, Served in a Man's Hat


Here ya go *pulls it immediately out from under the bar*


Now, take your Sacajawea dollars and get out!


Hey, I may be ugly and hate-filled, but...wait, what was the third thing?


Numbah 8, *burp*


Numbah 8, *burp*


My favorite part about this joke is that several years ago Yoko Ono was curating an art exhibition in Iceland. Someone submitted this as an art piece and she [included](https://www.theverge.com/2016/10/27/13433304/yoko-ono-perfume-hat-art-exhibit) it.


Even as a child I remember thinking that would be a very expensive drink.


Water out of one of those paper cones


I can taste it in my brain


It has to be super cold, too


From the white spigot. The blue one is just regular cold.


Am I the only one that can smell this cup right now?


Smells like homework and wet paper


With a hint of a doctor's office.


I can smell and taste it


Core memory unlocked


It’s always very cold in my memory. Very refreshing


Cold memory unlocked


Cone memory unlocked


And it has to be so cold it hurts your teeth just a little.


What? I've never heard of this


Some water dispensers have these little cones instead of regular cups. I don't think there's an advantage as far as how many cups for in the same size storage space, but I think they are significantly smaller in volume, so the water in the dispenser lasts longer. Also Google says it's more sanitary, because cups can't be left lying around, but I'm not sure what would stop people from leaving them upside down https://www.staples.com/SOLO-Bare-Eco-Forward-Treated-Paper-Cone-Water-Cups-4oz-200-Case-4BR-2050/product_887730?cid=PS:GS:SBD:PLA:FdBrk&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqMygy7e5-gIVRMDICh1siwHxEAQYASABEgLbffD_BwE


They're also easier to manufacture. Single sheet of paper with some glue along the edge, instead of two sheets of paper with more glue. The normal cups also seem to be thicker.


Yup. The absolute cheapest way to make something that mostly holds water for 2-3 minutes.


Especially when you've been outside all day and need some


And the best part is that the cones are too small to actually quench you properly so you go for another fill several times and experience bliss with diminishing returns but with returns nonetheless


I'm going to be purchasing some cones now that this memory has been unlocked.


a Crispy cold water bottle that has visible frost on the outside while it is 102 degrees


A well-made margarita


You are correct. My preferred recipe is: 2 parts tequila 1.5 parts fresh lime juice 1 part grand Marnier Shake with ice, strain into glass rimmed with salt over fresh ice


The proportions are spot on, but to me Grand Mariner is just a little too sweet. I prefer Cointreau but I top it off with a little splash of Grand Mariner.


Ginger ale poured in a glass with ice.


Only on airplanes.




Believe it or not, there's scientific evidence behind the reason. The cabin air is 15% drier than the air on the ground, which makes passengers more dehydrated and dry-mouthed. The pressure inside the cabin is lower than on the ground, which makes it harder to detect odorants. Ginger Ale is a drink that manages to maintain its flavor longer when in drier air. So technically Ginger Ale, while flying in a plane, tastes 15% better than normal. Edit: no, it doesn't literally taste exactly 15% better.


One of us! One of us! I get Ginger Ale on airplanes and nothing else. It's devine!


Same! What a bizarre thing for us to bond over lol


Wait is this a thing?! I always get ginger ale on planes too! I do sometimes drink it on the ground, but if it's not a morning flight where it's too early to drink soda, then definitely ginger ale on the plane, every time.


Because for some reason (a nerd can probably explain why) everything tastes blander on airplanes. That's why everything is seasoned as fuck but you don't realize it unless you try airplane food on the ground. Ginger ale in the sky mutes the flavor slightly and I guess it tastes better that way to many people.


+ vodka and lime


Especially on an airplane


Airplane! What is it?


It's a winged vehicle capable of flight, but that's not important right now


Sad ginger ale was this far down. Truly the superior soda.


A really well-made Old Fashioned.




I have a sudden urge to recite awful poetry




No, he's Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings. "The dead swans lay In the stagnant pool. They lay, They rotted. They turned around occasionally. Bits of flesh dropped off them from time to time, And sank into the pool's mire. They also smelt a great deal." I'm not sure why I remember that... Edit: I forgot the middle section and had to look it up.


Best I can do is something almost, but not quite, exactly unlike tea.


Or a jynnan tonyx.


It's like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped around a gold brick.


The Guide also tells you on which planets the best Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters are mixed, how much you can expect to pay for one and what voluntary organizations exist to help you rehabilitate afterwards.


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy sells rather better than the Encyclopedia Galactica.


It is slightly cheaper


And it has the words “DON’T PANIC” printed on it in large, friendly letters.


What's so unpleasant about being drunk? ....Ask as glass of water


This is a frood who really knows where his towel is.


A hoopy frood, even!


Zaphod is that you?


Yes it is!


He's just this guy, ya know?




With spicy food it's an 11/10


But where could you possibly find both horchata *and* spicy food???


It's paradoxical, surely no country's cuisine could encompass both extremes. Unless...


I don't know either, please let me know if you discover such a place.


In December


Do you also look psychotic in a balaclava?


It's impossible for me to see/hear the word Horchata without thinking of this song.


The other day I added spiced rum to my horchata and my god


Rumchata, never tried it but I will now!


Horchata is legendary here in Mexico because no amount of alcohol will overcome the taste of horchata. We call these “aguas locas” and they will fuck you up bad.


I’m Mexican and never heard of this. I’m really happy I commented on this post


Te faltó la prepa pública hahaha.


Horchata’s so good it feels like I’m drinking God’s cum bro that shit rules


Lmaooo you know, I can’t even argue with this


Irn Bru


Chocolate milk


Chocolate milk... shake


I was craving chocolate milk just now, and added a bit of caramel syrup to it. It tastes like a liquid Milky Way


Water from the hose after playing outside in the heat.


Going to a fancy restaurant and they ask if I want sparkling or still water: “Hose is fine”


And the server just comes out and blasts you in the face as you try to lap it up like a dog, then you turn to your date with straight face and say "I hear the sea bass is really good."


Except when you forget that there is water in the line you get a mouth full of hundred degree hose water.


Honestly that shit probably boosted my immune system tenfold as a kid.


I get sick a lot now.. must be lack of hose water


reject brita, return to hose


Gatorade hits different when you've been outside in hot Temps all day


>been outside Lol what kind of maniac are you


Raspberry lemonade


Versatile as all hell too. Need something to quench your thirst? Raspberry lemonade is there. What shall I mix with all this Tito's to give it that ~zest~? Dump in some Raspberry lemonade, fam. Need a beverage that is appropriate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Knock knock. It's Raspberry lemonade. Raspberry lemonade absolutely fucks, and it is there for me when no one else is.


Definitely read “raspberry lemonade absolutely fucks” in John Oliver’s voice.


Cherry Limeade


Coca Cola used to have this Cherry limeade fountain soda. I haven’t seen it for years. Man. It was so damn good. Used to get it in high school. Twenty+ years ago.


Firehouse Subs has Cherry Limeade in their Coca Cola Freestyle machines (around here, at least). Best in the area, even counting Sonic.


Shirley temple


The Scotch of our childhoods.


My parents moved to Wisconsin when I was young and became paranoid that they would have alcohol in everything. So they told me, as a 5 year old, to say the word “virgin” before “Shirley Temple” when ordering. Then anytime I ordered a drink, even at McDonalds, I would ask for virgin xyz. Virgin water, virgin coke, etc. The looks I would get…


I had one of these at a work outing, and the bartender made it look really fancy. A few people saw how delicious it looked and ordered the same without even asking what it was.


I’m a bartender & I work a lot of weddings. When one kid asks for one, I get slammed after. Same goes for dirty Shirley’s for the adults


When I was very young, my mom worked as a hotel manager, and once every couple of months, she'd have to stay overnight to be the Manager On Duty. My dad had to work early, so she'd take me with her. I have so many good memories of eating McDonald's chicken nuggets while watching free pay-per-view in the hotel room, playing Nickelodeon games on her work computer, standing in the kitchen learning to cook from her best friend / head chef, and sitting at the bar drinking a fancy ass Shirley Temple.


Water after a joint/blunt


Lemon lime bitters. Apparently it's not a thing outside of Australia, and you all have no idea what you're missing.


A nice beer after you’re done mowing the lawn


After? You mow wrong!


I thought that’s why my mower has cup holders…. So I didn’t have to wait till after…


But beer is the motivation to *finish* mowing…


LPT: If you drink enough beers you won't care about the lawn anymore.