Love my kids, but wish I would have waited until my 30's to have them.


Probably that they will never get rolled up and used to snort coke.


Thinking I knew a lot more than I really did. I had good guidance just thought I was a badass. The older I get the dumber I appear to have been in my 20’s. Drank a ton of beer though


Graduating with a liberal arts degree 😬 I love to learn and I loved my schooling, but it did not prepare me for the workforce.


being a lazy bum


Making it to my 20s


Having sex with my best friends sister.


The bulk of college, if you don't have a set plan for a job that 100% requires a degree (engineering, MD, etc.) don't waste your money just trying to figure it out, get some shitty job because odds are that's where you'll be once you graduate anyways, at least then you won't have all the debt. Or go trade school


Me too. My dad said I was either to attend college or be homeless so I chose a four year college that was a terrible fit emotionally and academically for me so I didn't become homeless. I wish I had found a way to communicate with my dad so I could've either worked or attended community college so I was more prepared to make an informed decision about my future.


I wish I put myself out there socially a lot more. I lost out on a lot because I was too anxious or sad.


Not finishing my college degree