You do not need to wait 24 hours to report a missing person. This is a myth perpetuated in crime shows and other media. If you think someones is missing, you should report it immediately.


Imagine, my son is missing! Better wait until tomorrow before I do anything about it 🤷‍♂️


Over cracking your knuckles cause arthritis


Wasn't there a doctor who only cracked one of his knuckles for 50+ years to disprove this? I think he even got a Nobel prize because of it. edit: [this guy](https://archive.vcstar.com/news/cason-physician-given-nobel-for-research-that-snaps-crackles-and-pops-ep-370701623-350530701.html/#:~:text=For%20the%20past%2060%20years,dice%20on%20a%20wooden%20base.)


An Ig Nobel prize, but yes.


Good for Instagram for reaching out into the Nobel prize market


Not exactly a Nobel. An Ig Nobel is a satiric prize, but still an honor!


I think it might even be a bit unfair to describe it as satiric. It has a thin layer of satire on top, with much deeper layers underneath. The Ig Nobel price is for projects that seem humorous at first, then once you think about them you go "huh," and realize something that you had never thought about. It's about celebrating out-of-the-box-thinking within the science community, which is kind of cool!


That’s an Ig Nobel prize (a pun on “ignoble”) which is awarded to "honor achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think." Very much not a real Nobel Prize. Still cool though


No one wins a Nobel for a study that has a sample size of one.


Barry Marshall, 2005 winner. Drank helicobacter pylori to prove it was the cause of stomach ulcers. Saved thousands of lives. Sample size n = 1 :)


An *Ig* Nobel (ignoble) Prize, lol


I went to the doctor because I was having joint pain. Doctor poked around a bit and told me not to crack my knuckles. Cracking knuckles does not seem to effect my joint pain that I still experience. A bit worried it's gonna turn out to be something that should have been treated earlier but wasn't caught because they decided I was too young to have x.


Was once told by a Doctor that they wouldn't test me for a heart problem because "You're too young to have anything wrong with your heart" this is after it was explained to him that the reason for the test was because my family have a genetic heart defect that caused my granddad and all 4 of his siblings to have heart attacks in their 20s. Fortunately another doctor at the same practice agreed to do the tests instead.


I was referred for a mammogram even tho I'm a bit young for it bc of family history and as I was calling to make the appointment the lady interrupted me to tell me I was too young to get one. I was like lady, if you'll let me finish and look at my chart, you'll see I have a reason. I hate medical staff because of constant shit like this.


I had to get a mammogram as a man with a lump near my nipple. They confirmed twice that I was a man, failed to put the man boob squisher attachment, talked to my wife first (thinking she was the patient), and had my chart marked as female. Worrying about having cancer was not helped by the fucking clown show they put on.


I've heard stories of men being shunned going to breast cancer support groups. Which is just crazy. Male breast cancer is a thing.


I needed a mammogram for lumps and was told I was too young to receive it....from a woman on the other line. I'm not a confrontational person but I ripped her a new one on the phone. Had an appointment 2 days later.


This is why people dont catch things until it's too late, they get harangued for being proactive about their health


Pfft proactive. My wife just needed a mammogram at age 32. Guess what. Insurance doesn't cover mammograms until your 40. She literally found multiple lumps almost overnight, waited a week to see if they would go away. Go to the doctors who tell her she needs to get mammogram and ultrasound immediately. Insurance like... Nah dog, your too young.


Ridiculous because the mammogram catching something early saves insurance so much money! It's so much easier to treat problems proactively, it's a shame insurance doesn't realize that. I hope your wife is well!


Exactly! Hence why I ripped her apart at the moment. F you. Give me the appointment. Now. Those 48 hrs were beyond stressful for obvious reasons.


Just recently had to let a receptionist finish telling me the same thing for the third time so I could ask her to let me finish my entire thought before interrupting me with the same thing a 4th time. Finished what I was trying to tell her and completely changed the conversation because she had more info.


These types of medics always infuriate me. They're obviously doctors only for the money, and couldn't care less about their patients. "Oh, you're feeling an overwhelming pain in your head, your vision is blurry and you have a suspicious black spot on your left arm? Well, you're clearly under 30, so just go home and drink some water, idk."


Always push for tests if you think they are required. I had a feeling I was low T, all the signs were there. Doc wouldn’t test me due to my age, finally convinced him to and wouldn’t you know, I’m low T 🙄


get a 2nd opinion. get a 3rd of necessary


despite there being IIRC only one recorded instance in the US ever, there is a widespread perception that people are destroying Halloween treats with needles and razors. Aside from that, sweets for kids is being drugged. Since drugs are expensive, no one will waste their supply on adolescent randomness.


and wasn't that one instance when it was actually the father of the children who were drugged who re stapled the pixie sticks? ​ Edit: According to Wikipedia they were stapled shut


Yes, for the life insurance! Disgusting


Yes. Seems dear old dad had some outstanding debts. What better way to come up with the money than to murder your own child and ruin Halloween for generations to come!


He also tried to kill some neighbour kids


I think it was less trying to kill the neighbor kids, and more not caring if the neighbor kids die if it gives him a level of protection from suspicion. Still deserves to die like a caged animal for his crimes though.


He caused a lot of pain for the surviving members of the family. Got death row, but even his death didn't heal that family's pain


Well if you only kill your own kids it looks too suspicious. You gotta take out a few innocents if you want to collect that life insurance.


Yes, his name is Ronald Clark O’Brian. He was sentenced to death and executed in 1984, 10 years later. Luckily no one else he gave the Pixie Stix to ate it before they were recovered by police.


Locally, we had a case of a razor blade in a Snickers just last year. My mother panicked, and we assured her we check our daughter’s candy every year. A few days later, I sent her the news link: Yup. It was a hoax, and the kid that reported it was charged.


Not only that, but the very very few instances of razors and needles in Halloween candy only occurred *after* the rumors became widespread.


That is so f-ed up though wth


The fact that people actually thought stoners would give away their edibles is hilarious.


I love that you presented that like destroying Halloween candy is the most egregious part of that myth.


This is simply an old "parent's trick" that has gotten out of control. Kids are told their parents must inspect their candy for poison and razor blades so parents can take the candy they want before the little trolls devour all of it. It has snowballed into a massive urban legend and even a single real-life copycat instance of a dad spiking pixie sticks.


I can confirm this is where the urban legend comes from. Source: I am a parent of 4.


"Lightning *never* strikes twice in the same place." (Yes, it does - and frequently.)


Yeah, it is the entire point of lightning rods.


Whenever the lightning rod gets struck they have to replace the rod and throw the old one away because it’s all used up


But if you stack up those lightning rods in a pile; it’s real safe in a storm to hide in


Ima try this later Update: *sizzling noises*


[Lee Trevino](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Trevino) was hit three times before he took the hint and quit playing golf.


My dad was struck by lightning 3 times in his life. He managed to live his life in 3’s. Rescued 3 drowning swimmers (on 3 seperate occasions), survived 3 major road accidents, performed life saving CPR on 3 heart attack victims, had 3 children. There is more examples, i just cant think of any atm. But pretty much everything came in 3’s for him. Also, he wasn’t a first responder or anything. He was a truck driver who played lawn bowls and loved fishing, speedway and soccer. He just randomly came across people in need of life saving efforts and jumped in.


Meanwhile I’m over here, trained in martial arts since 2009, kept my CPR/First Aid/AED certification current since 2015, have never so much as needed to give a friend a bandaid. lol


Iron Maiden established this in 1998.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This was a slogan made up by the originators of the Kellogg’s company more than 100 years ago, not really based on any science. More detailed scientific studies in the last 100 years have mostly disagreed on it, and it depends more on the person and their personal and eating habits. But it’s definitely false to simply say that breakfast is the most important meal. https://ritchiecateringequipment.co.uk/blogs/news/most-important-meal-of-the-day


Kellogg is a pretty wild ride altogether.


Good that you reminded me, I'm gonna go have a wank just to spite a dead man over cornflakes


I mean, I don't really care about his obsessing with wanking -- maybe the guy really did think he could put a stop to it -- but why did he think breakfast cereal was the way to get it done instead of, say, cold showers?




Just about any company that was founded before WWI has some absolutely wacky (and wildly offensive by modern standards) stuff in its history, I always like reading about them.


In other news, the Dole Fruit Company funded and organized the coup d’état which overthrew the Kingdom of Hawaii.


Haha, thank you for this, I've been saying it for decades! I come from a whole family of genetic non-breakfast-eaters (even those of us not raised together). In fact eating too early in the day makes me feel god awful. A little intermittent fasting & clearing the system before lunch seems to feel best for me at least. Shoveling in food just because a cereal company told us to is nauseating, lol.


I'm the same way. Eating too early in the morning makes me nauseous. I usually just skip breakfast and have an early lunch around 11:30.


Cheaters never win.


I had a co worker that always showed me short cuts and easier ways to do my job and his motto was “cheaters always win” lol


Should’ve been a supervisor not a co-worker


He was the go to guy for just about anything you wanted to know, the only thing keeping him back was more qualified people to actually make business decisions and he was too nice to be a supervisor.


*He's got management written all over him.*


Well I wouldn’t say I’ve been missing it Bob.


In the famous words of a high school coach, "If you're not cheating, you're not trying." And while he meant it in a more competitive light hearted sense it does ring true for many things.


I work in the cleaning industry and our motto is "we cut corners we don't clean them"


Same with bullies. Some are anti-social and/or narcissistic and do well in the corporate world.


Or that it “catches up to them in the end” or some feel-good nonsense.


Cheaters can win. People just know about the cheaters who got caught.


Or only the morally good get awarded


What I've noticed is that people who just lean into whatever their alignment is, good or bad, seem to always be having pretty good luck. Playing the game against your own alignment is too stressful.


this. a major cause of sleepless night is anti alignment behaviors. if you’re a lawful good and you cheat on your wife, you’re either going to have heartburn or your alignment shifts.


There's only one true saying regarding that "No good deed goes unpunished"


Cheaters always win. It takes more time and effort to disprove the cheater, and by that time it's so tainted and ugly no one gives a fuck.


A cop has to tell you he's a cop if you simply ask.


This myth was unraveled thanks to badger years ago.


Badger is that you?


That good people get rewarded and that bad people get punished.


This is called “Just World Fallacy/Theory”.


We have to believe it, otherwise we have to face the deeply horrifying reality that a large amount of good things and bad things happen just because they do. That we have bugger all influence. Our brains want it to be fair so we try super hard to believe this sort of thing.


A lot of it is lucky people telling themselves it isn't luck. A lot is lucky people telling the unlucky it's merit.


Like being born on third base, but telling everyone you hit a triple.


Personally, I find the random nature of reality far more comforting than the concept that there's a vengeful, micromanaging supernatural entity/cosmic force deciding on the fate of every human being. A force that somehow uses that to come to the conclusion that a baby deserves to be born inside out, or a 9-year old girl deserves to be raped. The truly horrifying belief is that "bad people get punished", because it comes with the corollary that anyone who suffers did something to deserve it, which is the most depraved, evil theology I can conceive.


It's called the Just World Fallacy. We believe the poor are poor because they did something to deserve it. There is a lot of nuance. Such as cause and effect. You have unprotected sex, don't be surprised when the Dr says you have an STD. You didn't study for a test and you failed? That's on you. The beach is polluted? You assholes need to stop littering. But as for larger, societal scale effects? Those depend on luck for you to get anywhere. I imagine a soul hovering above Earth being prompted to be born here. There is a tiny chance they will roll a rich, white family with all the privilege they could ask for. There is a far higher chance of being born in a shithole without access to the basics, having to labour really hard for your whole life and dying in poverty. In a Just World, everyone would be born having equal access to what they need so if they fuck up it is on them. But we know there are not enough jobs, the rich are hoarding the resources, the corporations are trying their damndest to be slave owners and the politicians are so corrupt they drag their heels on meeting our needs while bending over and spreading their cheeks for their corporate owners. We want to believe that being responsible is a good thing because we want competent people in charge and to help us. But that isn't how it works much of the time. We are taught about responsibility because we need to be well behaved and easier to control. That's really it. Saying good things will come to you for being good is just to placate you so you will comply. You can do everything right and still fail. It's ironic considering how often our media bombards us with heroic icons who succeed by breaking the rules.


A very good point about better than this being some fucked up plan. Apparently this bad people suffer, and the victim blaming is literally a survival instinct cause our brain doesn't want us being screwed up by the realisation that it is often arbitrary. Our brains want it to be the persons fault then we can reassure ourselves it won't happen to us because we aren't "like that". It's sad and leads to people waiting until someone is at their lowest and then being told "it's your fault"


Yeah, just world fallacies are insidious as they rationalize everything fucked up with the world today.


I came here to say that carrots don't make your eyesight better, but damn did this hit hard.


Shaving your hair makes it grow back darker and thicker.


I’m 45 and balding. Been shaving my head for like 8 years. I wish.


I've had several people *insist* this is true because they experienced it. I think the detail many don't account for is that hair gets softer and finer on the ends over time. If you're consistently shaving an area, it never has time to get to that point. So no, your new leg hair isn't going feel the same as the years-old baby hair you shaved off.


Also, most people start shaving the baby hair around the same time that their hair actually starts growing in thick - the change in hair is happening because of puberty, not shaving.


I also wonder if certain hair or maybe skin types might have different outcomes? I am very pale with blonde hair everywhere. Shaving for years hasn't changed anything for me, even when I've tried shaving the peachfuzz on my face. I have yet to experience dark or thicker hairs anywhere. My mom told me this myth when I was younger and I always thought it was something parents told their daughters when they didn't want them expressing any hint of sexuality in their teens.


That lemmings commit mass suicide to control their own population. This ìs a lie told by a Disney Documentary back in the 50s. Ironically, it won an Oscar, I think. Found a clip. [White Wilderness.](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xMZlr5Gf9yY)


Why the fuck would anyone lie about that and how did they come up with the idea of putting such a random statement in a documentary? Thats just bizarre. And why lemmings out of any other animal they could’ve lied about?


If I remember right, I think there was a population boom of lemmings that year for whatever reason. Maybe a warmer spring than normal. And the locals considered them a pest like mice or rats. So the people behind the docu saw an opportunity to make up a story wholecloth that would capture people's attention, make some money, and win an award. And they succeeded because 70 years later kids still hear that myth from parents and teachers and they just believe it. That's why I like to Trust, but Verify. Someone tells me something suspect, I'll nod and say Very Interesting! But later I'll look that thing up on my own.


That humans only use 10% of their brain. Sorry to tell you, we don't have some massive untapped potential in our brains that will turn us into superhumans, or some shit.


I use 100% of mine to be this dumb


Yeah even simple activities use most of the brain. Something that large and energy-intensive didn't evolve just for shits and giggles. Even if we could all be superhumans, what selective benefit does it confer if we can't innately use it?


If your tootsie roll pop wrapper has the guy with the bow and arrow pointing at the star, you get a free one. Edit: WOW. I guess it was true for some places but now we need to know Why. Why did some (always?) small stores do this? Was it the company or the myth?


When I was little I sent the tootsie roll company a letter with that wrapper asking for a free pop and they actually mailed me back a coupon for a free bag! It was the highlight of my day


When I was about 7 or so, I wrote an angry letter to Kraft pointing out the fact that the T-Rex on their dinosaur shaped mac and cheese box had the wrong number of fingers. Very shortly after that, they pulled the product all together. I won’t say that I’m the reason, but I did get a bunch of coupons for free mac and cheese out of it.


Who wins 7 year old child or graphic designers


I sent them a letter with how many licks it took to get to the tootsie roll center and they sent me a nifty certificate


Soooo how many? You can’t just tease us like this!




Awww man 😔


It’s ok, you still get good luck!


It was true at a small convenience store in the town I grew up in, but that was 26 years ago. Jesus, I'm old.


That was simply a good guy convenience store owner who used the myth for his own "free lollipops for kids" marketing tactic.


that Marilyn Manson removed one or more ribs for easily suck his own d*ck


It’s so impressive that this rumor spread everywhere without the internet


Made it to every English speaking country on the planet, and probably some that don’t speak english Edit; I’m now pretty well satisfied that it’s made it to every country in the world. Just need someone to confirm it made it to north/central Africa and I think we can confidently say it’s the widest spread rumour on the planet


I´m from Argentina, but i heard first that he did it for singing better and then i heard the other one.


Can confirm, heard this in both Brazil and Argentina when I studied there lol


Ahhhhh, the 90s


It’s total bullshit. I’ve removed six and still can’t suck my own dick


Or that as a child he played that nerdy kid from Wonder Years.


Hymen indicates if you been sexually active or not


And that the vagina gets 'loose' and 'roomy' after penetration. Like bruh--it shoves a human out of there and maintains its elasticity, what's a penis gonna do? Those words were used to describe vaginas in a table differentiating a 'true virgin' and a 'false virgin' in my sexual jurisprudence chapter in my forensic medicine textbook.


My wife has had 3 kids and it’s still feels the same as it did before. This rumour is hilarious


How do we know your junk is not the size of a new-born baby?


Right? Guy's slinging around a goddamn Italian chimney sweeper and wondering why everyone is so snug.


Also, I’ve seen various articles that say one of the ways a woman’s body responds to sexual attraction is actually a loosening of the vaginal walls. I’m assuming this is one of those evolutionary things regarding successful mating, but I’m not an anthropologist or any -ologist for that matter so take all this with a grain of salt.


So this is half true. When a woman becomes aroused the walls of her vagina self lubricate and the vaginal walls don’t become “loose” per se but less rigid and more elastic.


Everyone loves a bouncy house. Omfg I'll see myself out.


…I don’t know I think I you won.


Yes! This is also important to keep in mind that a lot a lot of those "tight virgins"of lore practically everywhere probably were young women who were being raped aka not aroused, probably actively clenching their muscles.


Yeah, a vagina can push out a whole human head and retract, and they really think a lil human peenor is gonna change it?




Must be Latin. The suffix "or" denotes a male who does something: in this case the male "peens". This implies a female who peens is a "peenix."


this one bugs me to no end because I believed it for so long. I have the Incredible Re-Growing Hymen or some shit because I can feel it! It's still there! I fucking lived with my ex-fiancé for a year. We had sex during that time lol. Human anatomy is so much more fucking complicated than we give it credit for.


and im the opposite of you! I've NEVER been able to really feel my hymen, mine must be incredibly thin/barely existent. The human body IS so so complex, and so highly varied from person to person. The "broken hymen" myth is horrible and is one that really can freak out many young girls, and also put them at risk for very ***very*** messed up "checks" of their virginity. Another shitty myth usually CAUSED by the hymen myth: using a tampon means you're no longer a virgin. 🤦 As a girl who first got her period at 9, and started using tampons a few years later after VERY quickly realizing I hated the feeling of pads, I only carried around tampons with me to school. Whenever I offered them to friends of conservative parents who just needed SOMETHING to help them get through the day bc of an unexpected period, they would look at me like i had a 2nd head and tell me that they're not losing their virginity to a tampon. i WISH i was joking. they'd go on, having to shove TP or paper towels in their underwear and be miserable for the rest of the day... all because their parents, i shit you not, told them only whores use tampons, and if you use one, you're taking your own virginity. this gross misinformation carried on throughout my entire school career, even into my senior year of highschool. It makes me so sad.




If you just work hard, your bosses will appreciate it and promote you and soon you will be wildly successful.


To quote the Sprog, I used to do the work of two, My role and even more - But now they've spied how hard i've tried... ...I do the work of four.


Boss makes a dollar I make a dime That’s why I poop On company time


Boss makes a dollar I make a dime That was a poem From a simpler time Now the boss makes a thousand While I make a cent And he's got employees That can't make the rent When the CEO makes a million And we don't make jack That's when we riot And take the means back


For 3 years I worked my ass off and my reward was more responsibilities and same pay as those "below" me(which weren't that below me to start with). Started "lacking off"(according to them) because of how burnt out I was and they were all over me. I quit not even a week after they started to treat me poorly. Fuck that.


Hard work is rewarded with more work. And then they're offended when I do exactly what I'm supposed to, no more, no less. Controlled mediocrity is where it's at.


Carrots give you better eye sight


Well you've never seen a rabbit wearing glasses have you?


The idea rabbits like carrots (any more than any other veg anyway) is also a myth. It's based entirely on Bugs Bunny always having one. Bugs only started carrying a carrot as a parody of [Clark Gable in It Happened On Night.](https://youtu.be/Wcrth90C3D4) The carrot became Bugs signature, then everyone forgot about the movie it originated with and started assuming rabbits love carrots.


also, the word "nimrod" nimrod was the name of a hunter in the bible but bugs once called elmer fudd "nimrod" to mock him and thats how people associated the word "nimrod" with "moron"


Yes. Nimrod was a skilled hunter, so when Bugs said "Hey Nimrod" he was using the name sarcastically.


Not eating carrots can make your eyesight worse (because of Vitmain A) but eating more carrots won't make your eyesight better. It's just a coincidence though as they didn't know that when the myth started


The myth started because the British needed an excuse for why they kept shooting down German planes. They didn’t want the Germans to know that they had radar, so they said their troops all had great vision from eating carrots


I still find it funny the think tank that wanted to hide radar technology made up such a bizarre story for it. Carrots??


Also, they had lots of carrots and had to ration out food, so it helped the public want to eat them.


It started during WW2, the English had radar, the Germans did not. Propaganda was launched to explain why the RAF's had so much success. Better eyesight because their pilots ate carrots


The daddy-long legs in the most venomous spider in the world, but can’t penetrate our skin. The venom is actually pretty weak, but they can penetrate the skin. Edit: Because I’ve gotten this comment waaaaaay too much. Daddy Longlegs are arachnids, but not spiders.


And there are multiple animals called Daddy Long Legs. Some are spiders, some are a different kind of arachnid called a harvestman, and some are actually insects.


Harvestman is the scariest spider name I ever heard. Edit for spelling.


Well, unless you're a piece of lettuce, they're not very scary.


They aren't spiders, they're closely related though.


The... The W H A T ? You mean that bathroom spider with long-ass legs and tiny body? Is that how you guys call it in english? ...i mean, not to kinkshame but wow you guys are freaky huh


And how does the daddy long legs trap its prey? “I slam my credit card down and say: ‘Daddy’s got it.'”


In portuguese we just call it aranha de pernas longas which just means spider with long legs WHO THOUGHT OF CALLING IT DADDY


In our defense it was named that looooong before we ruined the word “daddy”.


It would be impossible to even begin to enumerate all of the myths, deceptive advertising, and pseudoscience that exist in the health and nutrition industries.


i hate the fact stores like CVS will put super bs products right next to real OTC medicine. As someone who needs distilled water for a health thing, I also hate that they're more likely to carry bs like "alkaline" water by the gallon instead of distilled... I had to travel to 3 stores to find it.


I noticed this last winter when I needed to use my humidifier because my house gets so damn dry…I had to go to so many different stores to find *distilled* water instead of *alkaline* water. So annoying!




Alpha theory and dogs trying to be the leader of the pack. Perpetuated by the media to no end. Debunked by the original author of the paper David mech (following on from rudolph schenkel's work) who tried to get it removed but publisher wouldn't.


The thing I hate about this is how so many dog trainers insist on being an alpha in your house. Like buddy I don't think me eating before my dog is gonna make him stop pissing on the floor


West Aussies losing the Emu War. While the most famous part of it was a loss, the bounty system put in place afterwards successfully culled the population and then the second war in the 50's was cleanly won by humans


Hell, the famous part is only like the first 3 days. There were 3 soldiers, and only 2 guns. They were not experienced hunters, so the first couple of days went poorly. After that they killed between 1,000 to 2,000 emus. They ran out of their allotted ammunition, at which point the government thought it was more cost effective to pay the bounties the previous poster mentioned. One 6 month period had over 50,000 bounties claimed.


That's fair but I bet emus describe it as "they had multiple soldiers and TWO guns, and we still whooped their asses".


"The only thing you need to do to be rich and successful is work hard."


The only thing you need to be rich and successful is money. How do you get money? By being rich and successful!


The Myers-Briggs having any real meaning.


Myers Briggs is to psychology what astrological signs are to astronomy.


That's so INFJ, lol. Ticker's in retrograde though so I totes get it.


astrology for Linkedin


Yes! It’s great for stimulating discussion on people’s personalities and differences but has no real scientific backing


"Diamonds are forever" "You need to spend 80% of your entire life savings on a ring."


That being rich is how Jesus says you are blessed. That book he's in actually says the opposite.


The bible also states that it is more likely for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich person is to pass on to heaven.


The prosperity gospel can go get fucked


Once you turn 18 you cross the magical barrier and gain all the knowledge and maturity of an adult.




People also think it's super easy to get on disability benefits in the US. It isn't! With a few exceptions, pretty much everyone is denied the first time they apply for SSDI, and it's a long and confusing process to get. You pretty much always need a lawyer to help with appealing the denial, and it might take more than one appeal to get. And the payments average between 800 and 1800 a month (though the maximum you could get is I think around 3000? It's based on your former salary though, not need). Not exactly the type of money that funds a life of luxury.


Fraud re: disability benefits is super, super uncommon. My spouse is an attorney for SSA, literally employed reviewing disability claims every single day. Each and every claim is reviewed by multiple lawyers and judges, rigorously. Fraud is something like .001%. And yet you'll still see people in this comment thread claiming that it's rampant. It's really, really not.


That we live in a democracy.


Red bull gives you wings


It gives you diarrhea and anxiety.




menstrual synchrony never did make sense to me. like, how is the alpha pussy determined


The term I never knew I needed to know


Horoscopes... like... really just think about it for a sec


I'm a Library and I disagree


Cause you know Mercury is in Gatorade and stuff.


That immigrants took your job. Rich people moved your job to China, and now that China is strong, rich people will have you go to war with them over it.


>That immigrants took your job. Those "lazy immigrants who refuse to work" are somehow "taking your jobs".


Honestly, a lot of the jobs that left America even if you brought the factory back wouldn't bring back all of the jobs because automation has dramatically cut the people needed per widget produced. For every artisan handcrafted item produced using 100 year old labor intensive methods there are easily several thousand items made with the most automation that makes financial sense. Anyone who thinks that an assembly line in the US today is going to be exactly the same level of technology as the 1970s and 80s when many of these mfg jobs left the US is kidding themselves.


That it's normal to declaw a cat 😔 it's like cutting off your fingers down to the first joint! Owie... Or should I say meowie... No I shouldn't, I take it back.


That the flu jab gives you the flu. It can't. It's made with a dead virus. You may have a reaction to it and you may feel a bit under the weather for a few days but it doesn't give you the flu.


What people perceive to be the flu is the immune system's reaction to the infection, and since a similar reaction can initially happen with the shot, people make the wrong assumption.


That politicians go into politics to “serve the country”.