Once Upon a Time I just stopped caring, because it felt like none of the characters were actually developing and would just regress season to season. Edit: For clarity, I believe I finished season 5 before I couldn't be bothered to continue. Somewhere around >!when Hades gets killed in Regina's office, and the main crew gets sent to Olympus and Hook resurrects?!<


That's absolutely the main problem with OUAT. Rumple is redeemed! Jk he's plotting to kill is grandson. Actually it's okay he's redeemed! No, wait, he sold his baby.


Shoulda just kept Rumple evil the whole time he was the best character in the show at the start. I think the Evil Queen redemption was enough


Arrow, got tired of the main character flip flopping from season to season. Felt he was hypocritical when he killed people in the first season and then hunted down people doing the same thing he did in the next only for him to go back to kill people in the following season.


I got so far with all the arrowverse shows and then they all slowly became like a teen drama with power ranger budget fight scenes.


> power ranger budget fight scenes. The drop in fight quality was downright *confusing* at some points. When Ollie had his sword showdown with Ras on the mountaintop, I legitimately thought he was intentionally throwing the fight because we'd spent 2 1/2 years *watching* him be a better fighter than that.


Laurel had spent what, a couple weeks at most?, training with Wildcat, and was then able to go toe to toe with League of Assassin members. I know many times you just need fodder enemies so you can have some big fight scene showing heroes kicking ass, but it seriously killed any sort of tension or threatening presence the League could ever have again. I mean, the show shot itself in the foot in tons of other places too, but it's this example that really showed me they have choreography for group fights, and will just swap out characters as needed for the scene, and never update the choreography to suit the characters.


>Laurel had spent what, a couple weeks at most?, training with Wildcat, and was then able to go toe to toe with League of Assassin members. I know many times you just need fodder enemies so you can have some big fight scene showing heroes kicking ass, but it seriously killed any sort of tension or threatening presence the League could ever have again. This after 10 members of the League were described as an "army" and were able to take down super soldiers in the season 2 finale. Not to mention the retcon of Laurel's ability to defend herself established throughout season 1. They completely wasted the potential of having Ra's and the League in the show. But instead of getting a League storyline where there's a real conflict based around the difference in the ways the two groups go about being vigilantes, instead they just recycled the same old Batman story _again_ Looking back the dip in the writing quality started in season 2, but really took a nosedive in season 3. The finale of season 2 and the first episode of season 3 don't even seem like the same show


Ha. They kept packing more and more into those few years he was "missing". He lived like 10 lifetimes! Stretched WAAAAAY to thin.


"I spent 5 years on an island, then back in the city, then in Russia, then in China, then on the island again, then there was magic, then.."


I still don't understand why there had to be flashbacks for every season/episode.


It worked for the first 2 seasons. Then they tried to keep it going in season 3 and it quickly went downhill. The flashbacks in the first 2 seasons were great, and were directly related to the plot of their respective seasons.


This was my personal pet-peeve: he spent five years on a deserted island. Except it was more like a year and a half or two years. And there were tons of other people there almost all the time. And at one point he literally *went back to his house*, like, was in his big-ass mansion for a few hours, but is still telling everyone, "I spent five years on a deserted island." Shut you're lying mouth, Oliver Queen.


Arrow was great until he discovered the power of friendship


The entire arrowverse shows stopped being fun and were just flip flopping characters having CW drama for no reason and then basically never retaining any learning experiences from season to season. So many seasons-long internal strife "issues" would've been solved with a conversation. Which is literally what happens at the end of the strife and they forgive each other. But only after a season of betrayal and fighting. I especially love the issues where they're like "I have my secret identity and can't tell this person I love that hates me for keeping secrets. But also literally everyone else I interact with knows my secret including all my enemies. But I can't tell this person!" And then they just end up finding out anyway.


Once upon a time. Can’t even remember where I got to.


Seriously. The first season was so incredible, beautiful story telling, deep characters, and then it just never recovered the original feel of season 1… I stopped at some point and have rewatched season 1 a few times but never finished the series.


I feel like this was written to be a one season and done series, then after the success they couldn’t let it go, so just kept going without any real plan.


Hey that sounds a lot like what happened with "Prison Break". They actually escaped from prison at the end of Season 1. **There are 5 seasons!** Nope. I'm out.


They lost me with whatever plot was right before they brought in Frozen. I forget the details but the flashbacks were getting too convoluted, and I got fed up with the good guys. No killing rules can get real obnoxious when they’re horribly inconsistent. Kill all the minions no worries, but the big bad? Nope, killing them would be evil.


I think it was the wicked witch. I stopped at the tease of frozen too. I loved the Peter Pan story and was excited to see wizard of Oz get introduced. But then the witch was just…nothing happened. It sucked. I’ve never seen frozen so when they teased that was what was coming I just threw in the towel.


I randomly put it on one day in college and became obsessed. I thought season 1 was so good, the twists on the classic fairy tales (like Red being the Wolf) was really cool. Season 2... not as good but watchable at least. Then from season 3 onwards it was just "look what characters we got the licenses for!!"


It was an ABC show, which is owned by Disney. More like, "look what characters we can shove in here that you'll recognize immediately so we don't have to do any of that good writing we did in season one!" I think it's another one that got super popular super fast, and they killed it trying to keep up with hype, expectations, etc.


The premise was really cool but the execution... ugh.


I got 18 seasons into Grey’s Anatomy before I got irredeemably bored, that’s probably the biggest sunk cost here EDIT: made it halfway through season 18. Didn’t keep watching after the second half resumed.


I’ll return when Zola is an intern.


There must always be a Grey at Grey Sloane.


How many seasons are there???


19 lol


Pretty little liars, that shit got too confusing for 16 year old me


It was too confusing because they made A an omnipotent being who was in 1000 places at the same time with unlimited resources lol


No because please tell me why they made up 10 different A characters I was lost


The real problem with Pretty Little Liars was none of the girls were nearly interesting enough to warrant stalking from A, Big A, Uber A, and everyone working with the A's. Basically the whole town was desperate to track these girls' every move and they just weren't really doing that much outside of worrying who is tracking them.


The ultimate betrayal of that show was that the writers cheated. On shows like PLL, writers are suppose to be sophisticated and drop hints and clues and red herrings so when the BIG reveal happens your suppose to go “OH MY GOD! HOW DID I MISS THAT, IT MAKES SOO MUCH SENSE NOW” but the viewer is always suppose to at-least have the opportunity to figure it out. The writers big reveal right at the end was a brand new character we had never heard of nor met before. Thats awful lazy writing!!!!!


They were so determined to make it different than the book, and also different than what fans online were saying, that they started pulling shit out of their asses.


Confusing isn’t even the right word. It wasn’t *meant* to be understood. It was just a hot garbage mess of plots and subplots and drama that all got so intertwined that you had no damned clue what was going on at any point - and neither did the writers. Like 90% of the plot points in that show were left unresolved. It also had a horrifically bad ending so good for you for quitting early. I loved Hanna and Spencer as characters so I stuck with it and regret it lol.


Grey's anatomy, how much trauma can a group of doctors go through sheesh


That’s one of the biggest things that irks me. The first hospital shooting in season 6? I think? Was pretty intense. By the 3rd or 4th brain tumor, explosion, fire, terrorist bomb or whatever it’s just sloppy


The shooting episode was fantastically done, really got at the tension of the situation and you were really afraid for the characters' lives When they started killing them off left and right it got old fast, though. It's a medical show. Just have them get another job, you don't have to *kill* characters to write them off


"you don't have to kill characters to write them off" ​ I'm starting my own medical practice, with blackjack... and hookers.


That was pretty much what Private Practice was, except for the blackjack and hookers.


Don’t forget “plane crash in the Andes.” FYI I never once turned on the show, but my daughter watched the whole thing up to that time, then my wife got interested and watched it again from the beginning. Me: “People don’t have that much sex in the hospital. And they’re *direct reports.*


That hospital is an HR NIGHTMARE 😂


Coworkers and I once theorized that the show would end by just panning slightly to the side, and there are 4 or 5 other deeply sleep deprived messes of humans who are revealed to be the ones who picked up the slack of the main characters off having sex/nearly dying EDIT: thanks for the award, kind redditor! This blew up, lol. A little bit proud to belong to a group of people who couldn’t tolerate this show lol.


My partner adores this show, I struggled with it. But that theory is fantastic.




Aww shit snacks!


I worked in the medical field and I can assure you that hospital employees, especially direct reports, do not have that much casual sex inside the hospital.


Do they have much formal sex though ?


Or perhaps ranked, competitive sex?


I tried this, but the matchmaking is taking forever.


I can’t believe that show is still on the air. At one point they had killed off or almost killed off every character lol. Once a show does that the characters dying feels like a joke or something.


Grey is the last member of the original cast of interns. The season during COVID was sooooo bad. Grey was in a coma fighting COVID and she was in some sort of purgatory and meeting and talking with all her dead family and friends from seasons past.


Wait you mean like that time she drowned and spent the better part of several episodes doing the exact same thing? How many comas can one doctor end up in?


Supposedly the coming season will have her in less episodes so they can see whether the series can continue without her. If so, she would be departing at the end of the next season after that. If not, she still would be departing at the end of the next season after that, but the series as a whole would also be ending.


Stares in Dana Scully


Fun fact. When she was in a coma in those early seasons they shot those scenes and had her get abducted when she was pregnant so she could have time off. There is even a scene of her pregnant belly, making it look like she is having an alien baby. In reality she is just very pregnant and about to go on leave.


We’ve actually also still got Bailey and Webber. But yeah, Grey, Bailey, and Webber are the last ones. I hate that I still watch this damn show. Edit: I see you said part of the last group of interns. I’m a doofus, don’t mind me.


I really thought I was gonna make it till the end but then those pandemic episodes aired and I lost interest. I watch TV to escape reality not relive it.


Riverdale. I think it’s still on…I got really into it and then just dropped it like a hot rock right about when Sweet Pea came along. Also I was so convinced that Sweet Pea would introduce Popeye eventually and that Pop’s Diner was some kind of portal and it would all be revealed they were in a comic book. I think I might have had too high expectations.


Well I guess you’ll Never experience the epic highs and lows of high school football.


I don’t even know these characters. I quit once the whole goat guy came up


I quit watching Riverdale after Season 2. Goat guy?????


I tell myself I’ll stop watching, but it’s like a train wreck I can’t look away from. Though Veronica calling herself the “She-Wolf of Wall Street” has me really close to rage quitting the show.


My wife watches it and I have the exact same feeling. It’s a slow-motion train wreck that I can’t look away from. Where did all of the supernatural crap come from? Why are there big musical numbers? It feels like they’re completely out of ideas, but these people have contracts.


I saw someone on Reddit once joke it's like the writers are trying to get fired, but their craziness draws viewers and keeps the network renewing it.


I could never tell how large the small town was with its prison, luxury apartments, boutique jewelry store, casino, etc.


I have just theorized it grows and shrinks as fits the plot.


Maybe that's where the massive homeless population comes from. People whose homes vanished when the town shrunk down in size.


'The Blacklist' was great until they ran out of ideas and just kept recycling the same plot over and over. The little guy from the DMV becoming a major player was the sign the end was near.


'The Blacklist' fell apart because the entire theme was that there are machinations going on behind the scenes that tie everything together and the only one with insight into what that is is Reddington. At some point, the writing became too much "making it up as we go" and the illusion of an overarching machination started to fall apart and so did the entire draw of the show.


This is why I stop watching shows. People come up with "Neat Idea" for a show, say a criminal mastermind informant for the FBI. Their Neat Idea revolves around you never finding out the truth. They can never tell you the truth - so the main plotline of the show has no ending, just cliffhanger after cliffhanger. Come up with a Neat Idea, and also some really big Sub Ideas, so you have something that can look like an ending to the audience. Also, maybe write enough plot for an entire season, instead of enough plot for an episode or two and just stretching that out with useless crap. I'm no writer, I have no idea what that looks like. But I do know that I'd rather watch something like Star Trek TNG, where there were overarching plotlines, and occasional cliffhangers at season end, but for the most part you could just watch an episode and be happy. Now I get Star Trek Picard, which I cannot watch because all of season 1 was enough plot to be a 2 part episode. I never even made it through season 2. It just seems like lazy writing that's hanging it's coat on good special effects and an audience that's also on it's phone so they're not really paying attention.


I watched it way longer than I should have just because of James Spader. Reddington turned into one of my all time favorite characters. It's gotten so bad that even he couldn't hold my interest anymore.


I'm in the same position. I finished an episode, thought about how insufferable Elizabeth Keen was, and realized that the only reason I watched the show was to watch James Spader.


Yep I basically tapped out halfway through season 7. Every character just took a huge drop in quality even Reddington. Plus the fact that they stretched the mystery of Reddington a thousand years past it’s due date.


The only way they could have made it interesting after the first couple seasons of wheelspinning would be if they explained that he's actually Robert California


I'm pretty sure that show is in season 10, and they still haven't clarified exactly what the relationship is between Red and Liz. And Liz is fucking dead.


Wow they haven’t actually come out and said that she’s his daughter?? I figured they would have explained the relationship in season three. I gave up after season two.


Not only that, but half the time they \*do\* reveal something, they walk it back the next season.


Falling Skies I actually enjoyed it but it moved channels and then I forgot about it


I stopped watching when the aliens put everyone into Nazi reeducation camps. That could’ve been an interesting take on the alien invasion trope but they introduced it too late. Shows have to have an internal logical consistency for me and this was at least the third hard left the show did because it kept getting new show runners. After that I just lost interest.


Walking Dead, for sure. It never went anywhere. I wanted a conclusion, a solution, something new that wasn't killing and fighting other people. I wanted smart solutions, but they never arrived.


My favourite bit was when they went to the place that was safe but it turned out it wasn't safe and all the zombies came along and that


What about the bit where they discover some other survivors who turn out to be hostile?


I was shitting on the show for a couple seasons but the sunk-cost fallacy kept me watching... Until the moment Rick finally had Negan in his sights, dead to rights, and again is like "THIS TIME, you better be telling the truth Negan. Not like the other 25 times where you weren't telling the truth, but THIS TIME by god you better be! So I won't shoot you even though I could and should, because surely THIS TIME you're going to honour your word." I was like fuck this goddamn terrible show I just can't waste my time anymore.


You made it farther than me. I stopped once I realized that the show was never going to decide if it wanted to follow the comics or do its own thing... like, why kill off characters at odd times only to replace them with new people who follow the comic route? It's irritating.


And by extension the whole of TWD universe. They seem to time and time again come SO CLOSE to becoming an interesting franchise but always blow it by dragging out the same script across series into way more episodes than necessary with far far too many people to keep up with. So close when they went to Atlanta to visit the CDC - nothing happened, no new info. So close with Fear. Finally a series exploring the outbreak and fall! - nope, quickly back to formula. That newer one with the kids. Could this be the one that explores getting things back on track? So close but nope - need a group of rebels to screw everything up. Maybe Morgan can spend some time speedwalking across the country between ICBM attacks...


One week I couldn't watch an episode because I was away on holiday. Didn't have any desire to watch it when I got back and just kind of gave up after that. Was around the time they introduced the man with the CGI tiger.


I literally just wrote the same thing before reading this! Once the character with the tiger was introduced we just went nah. We were so into the show the first few seasons though.


Settle down, get attacked, have a fight, move on. CTRL+C CTRL+V. Every season. ​ What a waste of potential, so many stories you could tell against that backdrop.


More like Find A Community That's Halfway Functioning, Get Accepted Into Community, Cause Problems, Fuck Everything Up, Destroy Community, Leave to Find Another Community, rinse, repeat repeat repeat.


dont forget 45 minutes of drama talking with like 10 minutes of anyone actually doing anything besides gossiping.


Suits. I really liked it to begin with. Soundtrack was a cracker... But it just turned into a soap opera - too much focus on the Rachel Mike thing.


It was so good when it was “Two genius lawyers do the case of the week while dealing with the big secret”


Suits plots 99% of the time: Act 1: Crazy legal problem, there is much hinging on this case! But no fear, they have a winning legal strategy! Donna demonstrates that she is More Than An Assistant. The squirrelly lawyer guy has a misunderstanding with Gabriel Handsome man. Mike and Rachel have drama. Act 2: oh no, the opponent has outmaneuvered them with clever strategy and has them in an unwinnable position and they're sure to lose! Gina Torres threatens to slap the taste out of someone's mouth. Act 3: they found blackmail material and have now successfully won the case. Someone slams down a manila folder. Tensions are resolved with Litnick and they're friends again after a touchingly vulnerable emotional moment. Mike and Rachel still have drama but do a lot of making out.


You forgot to mention the 5 "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY OFFICE" exclamations per episode.


You knew shit was hitting the fan whenever a stack of papers hit the table.


That shit happened 3x per episode lol Throwing a folder, and saying "you're goddamn right", you could make a drinking game out of it


"What did you just say to me?!" - every character on Suits


That's bullshit and you know it!


"You didn't come all the way over here just to tell me that!" "Bullshit!"


In the early seasons it was a show about 2 superhero lawyers. Somewhere along the line they seemed to have forgotten the whole Mike never went to college plot. Every episode became "Let's have the entire cast scream at each other for 44 minutes." Suits may have been the death of USA Network. Remember when they had Monk, Psych, Burn Notice, and Covert Affairs? Now they have Chrisley and Chicago PD reruns.


I personally lost interest when ever season long case was resolved by random blackmail. The first time was interesting but like…literally every big case I can recall was “blackmail” or “it’s better for you if you don’t”. Like they never won anything.


*throws files down on desk* I think you're gonna want to take a look at this first *reads file* you can't prove this *smirks* I won't have to arc resolved


Damn, Burn Notice was the best pure entertainment series I've seen until Brooklyn 99


They make Mike out to be this GENIUS, for the first season, then they never have him use his brains like that again and it drove me mad


Yeah, my impression was that they wanted to give Meghan Markle more screen time as she became more famous, but seeing as she couldn’t really be involved in the legal case plotlines since she was still only a law student/paralegal, they felt like the solution was to contrive relationship drama between Rachel & Mike. I fast forward through all their scenes once they get together, LOL


Orange is the new black and The walking dead


And Piper just got so unbearable to watch.


That seems do be Kohan’s thing/problem. The protagonist in Weeds became insufferable as well.


I definitely agree with you, but just wanted to add that every character on Weeds became insufferable. Last episode of season 3 they left Agrestic, and from there on it was all downhill.


I stopped watching Weeds somewhere around the end of the season where she was dating the Mexican mayor guy, and I realized that I absolutely hated everyone on the show.


Same. It got too ridiculous even by TV standards. They could have stretched the 'rich white lady selling weed in her cul de sac' for a few quality seasons and ended it with the fire.


When >!Poussey!


That’s when I stopped watching too lol


That's when I SHOULD HAVE stopped watching


I liked the riot season... well part of it. The part where they were highlighting injustices. The Red, Piper, Corporate girl, and gang story lines I could have done without. And that weird random pool was dumb. Freida also helped carry that season. Love Freida. The show was awful when everyone went to max.


Ditto TWD I left when Glen died/didn't die Edit: well this blew up. I want to clarify it was the alley scene/dumpster cliffhanger Or *dumpster fire* moment in my mind


The problem with the Walking Dead was that the story never really advanced in any significant way. Every time they made some progress they would get wrecked by some outside force, regroup to try again, get wrecked again and on and on. That and they made a habit of giving characters extra development directly before killing them. Which trained the audience to try not to get invested anytime it looks like things might be getting better for someone.


Wait you mean 4 death fake outs across 5 episodes was not good TV?


same. i watched literally every episode close to the end and got everybody i know to watch it but when they switched to a different prison and split everybody up i lost interest.


No idea why they thought moving prisons was a good idea. It didn’t feel like the same show. Whoever thought of that idea wasn’t factoring in it has to feel like the same show we’ve been watching for multiple seasons otherwise we won’t feel like watching it anymore if we wanted to watch a new show we’d just……watch a new show lol.


Keep in mind this is the same showrunner/writer as Weeds, the show that thought it would be a good idea to burn down Aggrestic (the fictional suburb it took place in) and have all the characters move to some dilapidated beach house or whatever it was. She sunk that show for all the same reasons.


NCIS I don’t think it will ever end


NCIS is so weird to me because it's lost almost its entire cast and somehow still goes on. Like even Mark Harmon finally left, how is there still a show?


Yeah, it lost some luster when Ziva left (granted that she wasn't part of the original cast), then it had lost a lot by the time DiNozzo left, and for me the last of it went with Abby. Nothing against the replacements for those characters; it just didn't feel like it did before. It was like going to the same school without all your friends you had with you throughout the years.


Abby and Ducky were my favorite characters. With Abby leaving and Ducky barely being there it's just not doing it for me anymore


My mom has been watching NCIS since it began. I was a child then. Now I'm an adult with a job and a child.


How to get away with murder


I considered quitting after Wes was out, but I stuck through it. It was okay. Just.... okay. The storylines became less and less "realistic" and it kinda felt like they were just trying to see how much shit could hit the fan before wrapping up. Viola Davis is a goddess, though.


Shameless. I watched most of it and liked it, but don't recall finishing it.


There's only so much wanton self-destruction that I can stomach, and that show hit my limit well before it wrapped.


My gf introduced me to the show. I grew up in a poor neighborhood with family members on drugs, prison, gangs all that shit. Her family is well-to-do, working class, but rural in a way that everything is pretty wholesome and easy going. At first the show was really funny and relatable, but by like season 5, I didn’t really feel like watching it anymore because it was just making me depressed. My gf didn’t really understand until I explained that it just brings up so much shit that I got away from. Then my mom was murdered around the same time and I think we both just avoided depressing movies and TV for like 6 months.


After years of convincing me to finally watch it, explaining how & why I'll love it *so much* I sat through the pilot. My eyes were welled up by the end of the episode because I'd dated Fiona's who had dad's who were Frank's & a couple of seasons in I was tired of rewatching all of my nightmares & awful memories replaying out before my eyes. Great writing, great casting, great show but they made it a little too well for those who were all too familiar with that lifestyle. Edit: Spelling


At one Point the drama felt just so fucking fabricated it stopped being interesting


I stopped watching when fiona left. Despite the bts drama.. Fiona's character was the reason why i mostly watched the show.


>I stopped watching when fiona left. The show was already taking a noticeable dive before then, too. They had all these really detailed sub-plots that just went *absolutely nowhere*, like Debbie and the welding thing – with the whole "strike/workers rights" thing. Like, they went on strike....and that was the last you ever heard of it. Ian started that religious cult and that absolutely dominated his entire character/personality for one season....and at the start of the next season he's like "nah I don't wanna do this anymore." Carl had that girlfriend who was super clingy and holding him from going into the army...and he finally gets away from her, but she follows him....*only to be killed OFF-SCREEN* and **there are ZERO repercussions for it**, like, there was no body, nobody came looking for her, *NOTHING*. Lip had a ton of goofy fucking sideplots that went absolutely nowhere, either. Kevin had that gym side-hustle gig that they abandoned after like 2 episodes The whole topless cleaning service they fucking abandoned. Svetlana was dismissed nearly off-camera and they didn't really give her character a proper goodbye. That show just tanked, FAST. It's too bad because the first like...4-5 seasons were fantastic.


Heroes, writers strike, yadda yadda yadda


That first season was so bomb tho


I kept trying to forgive it and see if it would get better. Season 1 was so good and it still had good moments afterwards, but there came a point where absolutely everything was going terribly. They took one of their most interesting superpowered characters and started making his whole plot be based around not having powers and just passing all his time in a hospital doing nothing. Lots of plot points became dead ends. People that were good started acting ways they never would believably act. It went from amazing to absolutely nonsensical.


Castle - Showrunners pushed it a season too long, pissed off one of the two leads and most of the fandom... then tried to write the lead out in the most horrific way possible before it was taken behind the barn and put out of it's misery. I got to the start of season 8 and just bailed. ​ Supernatural... post season 5 was just aimless and lost me about season 7


> Supernatural I wish I'd given up at season 7, my god. I think I hung on to 11 or 12 and I wish I hadn't.


I rewatched the first 5-7 seasons several times. Recently post patrum I needed a long binge and finally made it to season 11 and I am finding it rough to keep going. I dont know if I can make it to 15. Now I'm seeing ads for the sequel and I'm just thinking STOP, MY GOD, THIS POOR HORSE IS UTTERLY DECAYED.


Castle should've ended at the wedding. They should've gotten married and everyone lives happily ever after. You can even sort of make this Canon if you turn the show off while he's still driving to it.


Early *Castle* was so good. And early *Castle* is all I've seen. I think I'm going to keep it that way and not tarnish my memory of it.


Walking Dead, missed an episode so I never watched it again.


ER, once John Leguizamo started operating on a monkey I had to step away and wonder what else I could do with my time.


Spongebob. The writers really lost their way around seasons 5-7 depending on how much of a purist you are.


SpongeBob ended after Season 3 and it's movie. The entire original team left the show.


The 100


Problem with this show is that they didn’t let enough time lapse before letting them back to Earth. 100 years and society collapsed so much that they believe in a new weird God and have all these traditions for doing certain things and everyone is on board. 1k years sure. 100 years post space flight with all the tech they had and what, everyone just forgot and then started speaking their own made up languages.


Yes!!! You’re telling me languages devolved that much in 100 years so that they sound like cavemen? Sky-kru lmao. I never saw the end but I think they try to explain the language


Thank you! Prima-fire was the one thing that got me he most. So they had the AI implant and chip removal ceremony that had been passed down so much and taught so much that an entire group of people knew how to meticulously perform the procedure? I’ve always enjoyed post apocalyptic shows/movies, and even tho I watched the whole series (COVID helped), there was a lot of cringe with needing to suspend disbelief a lot. Worse than John Mclane being blown thru a plate glass window from a helicopter and not having a scratch.


Turns out that the smart daughter of the guy who dropped the nukes had just made up that language for fun and taught it to the people she saved from the nukes by taking them to some underground bunker


House of Cards. Well before the Spacey shit but that was definitely the nail in the not finishing this coffin


The show was a lot more interesting when he and Claire were conniving their way to the presidency. When they succeed, it just turns into this half baked international politicking thing and I hated that they drove a wedge between Frank and Claire - their sick relationship was the show for me.


Yeah the first season was top notch television. I ended my viewing right before the season Claire took over. Spacey is all kinds of sick disgusting shit but he gave his all in that performance.


True Blood... it got so confusing, it was far too much effort to keep watching


It's easier to swallow if you accept it for being campy as fuck early on, and realize Bill/Sookie are the lamest part of the show. "SOOKEH. AH AM. VAM-PYYRRE. WE ARE. NOT. THE SAYME."


Yeah, just realize that after Season 5, you're really just looking forward to Eric Northman (Alexander skarsgard) storylines.


I just realised Skarsgard plays Northman in True Blood as well as the movie The Northman. His agent should get him man roles in other directions. Maybe in rings of power as a West man or an Arctic Explorer so South man.


Bill’s accent was consistently inconsistent and infuriating




Also, Fairies ...


They were in the books and was a much better story line in them. The show writers strayed wayyyyy to far off imo. Only change that the show made (that I remember ) that I liked was Lafayette.


I absolutely loved that first season, band the second season was pretty good, but you could tell they wrote themselves into a corner where they probably should have followed the books a bit closer. I’m really into that whole Southern Gothic vibe - the decay of the old world and madness of the new, living amongst the relics of the past where deeply held fundamentalist Christian religion meets the supernatural and merges into something that’s at once dark and threatening, and also liberating. Probably something to do with my upbringing lol


Season 1 is soooo good. That show made me wonder if shows like True Blood are impossible to keep good. They have to keep topping themselves and the audience just doesn’t make the jump with the writers. Like it has to be grounded in *something* otherwise it’s comes off like lame fanfic.


That very first scene at the gas station is one of my favorite openings for a show ever. It did such a great job at subverting what we think vampires are and true blood. Then it went off the rails haha


Heroes ugh what a waste


True Blood. I loved that show so much. But season 5 just got weird and apparently it got even worse after.. Those first 3/4 seasons are still great though


Walking Dead, watched until around S5 or so? Right when Negan was showing up I tapped out. I was already barely caring about the show after S4. Eventually I realized "this isn't going to get better" lol... so I just stopped. I heard some bits about shit that happens after I stopped and I just laughed and was glad I stopped. The show had an amazing S1, IMO. Very good. S2 and S3 were not as good but okay enough to watch. But it just devolved from there.


Supernatural lol. I fell off after the darkness arc. Just... couldn't do it anymore, even the nostalgia factor wore off lol.


It fell off for me too but I just had to finish it after so much I have seen. It was hard for them to invent new shit cuz we have seen it all. The yellow demon storyline was prob the best cuz of the mystery.


I personally think it peaked when they sent Michael and Lucifer into the pit. The first season of angels was a really cool take that I wish they stuck with.


Season 5 should have been the last. It tied everything with a nice bow. Also, they literally defeated Lucifer, who else could they fight? God? Lmao ... yes.


I completely agree, season 5 should have been the last. On the other hand, without the later seasons, we would have never gotten Crowley or Kevin or Rowena, and I'm not sure that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.


The end of that season was supposed to be the finale of the show, which is why it seemed so final. But the show was so popular and was renewed they just kept going


The Yellow Eyed demon was my favorite too.


Was a great show for awhile, but eventually it just became Sam trying to leave the lifestyle and Dean trying to get him to come back, then Dean trying to leave the lifestyle and Sam trying to get him to come back, then Sam trying to leave blah blah blah. Also it became pretty much angels and demons with very few other supernatural beings and monsters.


I think that's my biggest gripe. I overlook a lot on shows just because I like the characters or whatever. But one of my favorite parts of that show was the monster of the week episodes. When it became more monster of the season, it got harder to enjoy.


I stopped watching after the Lucifer arc. I felt like that was the perfect end to that story and didn't see how they could keep going.


Fun Fact, the show was originally designed to be a 5 season, self contained series with that being the ultimate end. Which is why those first 5 seasons are a perfectly designed block. But by that point, it had become one of the top shows on it's network and they accepted the money being thrown at em to continue. Which is a big reason seasons 6-7 feel like 'What the f..k do we do now?" seasons.


Eric kripke also left after the first 5 seasons right? Explains the dip in quality.


I watched all the way to season 14 but couldn't bring myself to watch the final season. I read the synopsis after it all came out and just decided to avoid it and remember the good episodes.


I held on until somewhere in season 12 or so. Every now and then I get the idea to finish what's left, but I can never quite get myself to actually do so. That show definitely stayed up far past its bedtime.


That '70s Show. I hated Randy and the show was just not the same without Eric and Kelso


Randy’s existence was trash. If they had to force the series to continue, they should’ve just focused on the remaining cast and their time with Kelso and Eric. Even though logically the series should’ve ended with everyone splitting up for what is definitely the last time. But the series finale we got was great. Luckily Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher returned, and they left Randy out of it.


We don’t talk about that season


The Mentalist, Weeds, Arrow, The Flash, Without a Trace, Big Bang Theory, plus a few more I’m forgetting about. My wife gives me crap because she’s someone who needs to finish what show she started, but I have no problem dropping a show if I think it’s turned to shit


Barry can only use the speed force to save his mum, not save his mum, save his mum, about 4 times before I gave up.


My name is Barry Allen and I'm the fastest man alive. But I also am a complete moron when it comes to crime. I will stop and talk to the gunman before disarming him. I will show that I'm fast enough to break the fabric of time, but have to be careful dodging windmill blades. My team has to remind me every time that I could solve the problem if I run fast. Somehow I forget that every time


"My name is Barry Allen and I'm the fastest man alive. Except when I'm not, and it is this season's main antagonist."


"Which is me. From the future. But that's a lie."


You guys, I can literally run so fast I can time travel, but (insert non speedster villain here) somehow knocked me over and left the room 12 seconds ago. What do I do?!


I’ve often thought what’s to stop him from like running a grid pattern around the entire globe wherever there’s high crime rates and coming back home like 10 seconds later? just do this a couple times a day and eventually you probably only have to do it once or twice a week to keep people behaving. you never know when the flash will flash by and bitch slap you for being a jerk. He could disarm every single military device and ammunition carrying weapon in a single day and more or less make any sort of warfare beyond fists and knives impossible


I have no idea how they could literally have him outrun a NUCLEAR FUCKING BOMB EXPLODING so fast that it felt like hours to him before it killed people like 15 feet away, then go back to any non speedster shit causing him problems after. He can run faster than the speed of fucking light but he can’t stop a dude with a fucking gun that makes shit cold.


They literally have him say “I searched the whole city and I can’t find them” multiple times. Also: my favorite honorable mention: when he slipped on marbles and the villain hopped into an Uber and got driven away due to “lucky” powers caused by quantum entanglement. That’s right. The flash SLIPPED ON REGULAR MARBLES THAT WERE ON THE GROUND and then she did a ride share and got away. “Guys…I lost her!”


The mentalist is actually pretty decent all the way till the end. I didn't finish it while it aired but recently gave it a rewatch and really enjoyed how it all ended


Yeah out of all these shows I would only defend mentalist to the ground. It can get boring at times but it's totally worth it to watch to the end. Just finished by nth rewatch recently.


The Mentalist had its characters working in favour of it. Even if you feel like they screwed up the Red John storyline, I never felt like they screwed up the characters.