Grant Imahara


First famous guy that died and i felt totally sad about it


Agreed. Adam put up a vid shortly after where they toured Grants shop and the conversation got real, was a lot of great things about Grant, but was incredibly sad. (It’s on youtube under Tested, Adams channel, for those that don’t know what I’m talking about)


Definitely a hard hitting one.


His death hit me harder than I imagined it would. Caused me to realize I had stopped making and creating like I did when I was younger. At 34, I went back to school to study Mechatronics and get a degree. Never finished college before.


Did not know he had passed :( loved watching him on mythbusters…


From a brain aneurysm no less, so it really came out of nowhere


That's a ticking time bomb. Relatively young and in good health, then turned off like a switch. I'm not sure if there was anything that could have been done if his condition was known, but you'd think there would be some kind of screening to detect this kind of problem early. I'm sure insurance not wanting to cover the cost plays a role.


In regard to relatively young, you’re right. Average person has an aneurysm between the ages of 40-50. But, I had mine when I was 18, a friend of mine had his when he was 16. As for preventative care, there are screening procedures and tests, but if there isn’t a family history or symptoms to indicate a potential aneurysm they won’t run them. Only around 1 out of 100,000 people have a brain aneurysm in any given year. The most accurate test, which is no fun at all, is a cerebral angiogram. They put an enormous shunt in the artery in your groin, right next to your nuts. With no painkillers. Then they run a steel tub through the shunt, all the way up to your brain. Once there it releases radioactive dye so they can map every inch of your brain where blood flows, allowing them to look for abnormally bulged blood vessels. FYI in case you’re wondering what radioactive die in your brain feels like. Best way I can describe it is hot and fuzzy. I think it prob feels like being inside of a microwave. You can also see the dye moving, from left to right, through all the veins in your eyes, so you see several dozen little silver things that almost look like roads. After the test, which takes an hour or two, they have to be very careful to be sure the shunt site clots properly. Since it’s an artery they have to be careful. If it doesn’t clog properly you will bleed to death. So, they have a very elegant two part solution. They have a large man use the heel of his hand to press down on your groin as hard as possible to apply pressure so it will clot. He does this for TWO FUCKING HOURS! Then you have to lay in the bed not moving for another 8 hours. Oh, and BTW, this test is actually considered an operation, and roughly 8ish % of people who have it will die during the test. So, you can see why they don’t just do that test unless they have a great reason for it. I hate the fucking thing. Have to have it every 4 years. Think I’ve had it done 7 times now? Plus they won’t put me in an MRI machine anymore because of all the steel in my head Edit: when I say family history I mean I’ve had one, my grandfather (paternal) survived WW2 just to die from one, one of my moms cousins had one, and an uncle as well.


Otis Redding, one of the best song writers of the 60s, died at 26


Whoa I never realized he was so young.


sittin in the mornin sun...


Brandon Lee


He had the talent and the looks.


If he hadn't passed...I think he would have been Neo in Matrix.




Anything for Selenaaaasss 💜👏🏽


What a heartbreaking story. The lady is absolutely bonkers too. Happy cake day also.


Heath Ledger.


Brokeback then Dark Knight. He wasn’t becoming a special actor. He was one.


I always thought he was talented in Dark Knight, but finally seeing Brokeback cemented him as one of the best. It's hard to even clock those two roles are the same guy, he disappears into them so completely. The dude had range you very rarely see.


I’m a huge Batman fan. I had friends who told me that he was gonna be the Joker and I was thinking, “Man, right when they were giving my guy some justice this 10 Things I Hate About You sucker is gonna ruin it.” I was an hour into the movie and couldn’t believe it was him. I simply didn’t see Heath Ledger until the funeral scene. In makeup, talking, the video he created when he had a hostage especially, that wasn’t Heath. That was The Joker.


Don’t forget Knights Tale.


Hell even 10 things I hate about you is good


Anton Yelchin


My wife and I visited his grave at Hollywood Forever (amongst many others) a few years back and It breaks my heart that his family is there at his graveside every day. He was truly a great actor who would have gone to do great things.


Ugh. His death was so tragic. What an awful way to die.


This one always hurts.


His death is a clear example of how people can die at any point in their lives, even if it’s for the smallest things that could’ve been avoided. It’s just that tragic and very unfair


They snuck a nice tribute to him into Star Trek Beyond at the end besides the Placard to Leonard Ninoy and him. Justin Lin did a last minute edit to the ending when Kirk toasts to "absent friends" it cuts directly to Anton Yelchin. Simon Pegg talked about it in an interview he did for the movie.


He died a horrible death too


After Yelchin failed to arrive at a rehearsal, he was found by friends after midnight on June 19, 2016, pinned between his Jeep Grand Cherokee and a brick pillar gate post outside his house in Studio City, Los Angeles, the victim of what was described as a "freak accident".


If I remember correctly, his death was the catalyst to redesign the shifter on a bunch of Chrysler vehicles. He wasn't even the first person to be run over by their car not being in park.


I believe there was a recall out on his particular vehicle at the time but wasn’t taken very seriously. Most companies just send a letter in the mail and hopefully you get it. After the accident tho lots of awareness was shared about the recall so hopefully lots of others will be spared from a similar unfortunate accident.


That kid was just starting his career, and it was going to be brilliant. Such a shame.


Alan Rickman


He should have lived at least as long as Betty White.


Agreed. I read the excerpt of his journals yesterday and wow, what a mind. He was articulate, so witty, so intelligent, and suffered silently with prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer before quietly leaving us. What a man.


Cameron Boyce. Kid was 20, died from a seizure in his sleep


I swear it was so hard to believe. I loved him on Jessie:(


That absolutely broke my heart. I loved seeing him in shows when I was much younger.


Same, he was the same age as me and my heart dropped when I saw the news that day, loved him in Descendants


As an adult, I didn’t know much about him, but all I could think about was how I would have felt when I was 13 and the guy whose posters were all over my walls died. You’re so fragile and pretty fucked up emotionally at that age. Poor kids. Poor Cameron. It was just a tragedy all around.


His death was a huge shock. He seemed like a very nice young man who was beloved by many people.


Phil Hartman is another one that still stings


You may remember me in the hearts of every Simpsons fan and news radio.


God he would have been a fantastic Zapp Branagan too. Though Billy west is also amazing.


Fuck Andy Dick


Steve Irwin


Damn right


Yeah, but he died the same way he lived! With animals in his heart.


That joke stings a bit


He was a ray of light. His words and passion always found a way to pierce my heart.


Get out.


John Ritter. He was so fun, and such a good person. TV lost a lot when he died. Would have been a terrible loss at any time, but he was only 55. I can't watch that episode of Scrubs without just sobbing.


Ritter's role in Sling Blade was Oscar worthy, he was fantastic in that role. He was a fantastic physical comic actor, as well.


I loved John Ritter in Bad Santa. But it made me think of another great one that we lost which was Bernie Mac!


Come and knock on our door. :[


Loved him. It was so hard watching that episode of 8 Simple Rules where Katey Sagal takes the phone call about him dying knowing it’s practically a mirror of reality. I loved watching him in the 3s Company reruns on Nick at Night.


John Candy R.I.P Uncle Buck


I'm Buck Melanoma. Moley Russell's wart. Not her wart. Not her wart!


Take this quarter…and have a rat gnaw that thing offyour face. Good day to you, madam.


I still can’t watch Uncle Buck without shedding a few tears. In my top five favorites.


Me too. Also the ending of planes, trains and automobiles


Out of all his movies, I always think that Uncle Buck was Candy at his most Candy - it is Candy's movie. I love Planes, Trains of course. But I dunno, Uncle Buck is just the one I love.


He was a great actor. Uncle Buck is one of my favs


Alan Turing


Cameron Boyce


Chadwick Boseman


I'm always going to wonder about the future he could have had. He was doing such great work and having a profound impact on so many people. When I see Wakanda Forever, I imagine I will be crying for most of it.


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. For reasons I can’t explain, Chadwick Boseman’s death makes me irrationally sad. I didn’t know him, he wasn’t my favorite actor or anything like that. But, every time it comes up, it really really tears at my heart. No idea why.


My neighbor passed like him. I didn’t even know he was sick with cancer until I went to offer some chicken I’d smoked and hospice was setting up their stuff. I kinda wish I’d known, but they didn’t want to trouble anyone.


He was a very kind man, visiting sick kids when he was so ill himself.


I can’t explain it but I feel the same way. He had so much more to give


River Phoenix. I think he would’ve had the career Leonardo DiCaprio has today


Dorothy Stratton- beauty and talented killed by a monster


Robin Williams


So much emotion and feeling and life in his acting. How he died makes it even worse.


I was flying when he died. When we landed, everyone turned on their phones as usual and you could hear all the alerts going off. You could literally hear gasps from everyone as they read that Robin Williams had died. It was a very surreal experience. He touched a lot of peoples lives. I miss him.


He is the one I always go to when someone asks this question. He brought so much life and smiles to those around him. He also made sure to hire homeless people on most if not all his sets. He may have a checkered history, but he covered it up well with much humor. RIP


Still not over his death. I will always view the ending of Aladdin in a different light. >”Genie, I’m going to miss you. >”You too, Al.”


"No matter what other people say, you'll always be a prince to me." That part always crushes me.


Chester Bennington


When my time comes Forget the wrong that I’ve done Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed And don’t resent me And when you're feeling empty Keep me in your memory Leave out all the rest Leave out all the rest


I know Leave Out All the Rest is Minutes to Midnight, but every time I hear it I'm reminded of One More Light (song and album). It's a shame it received so much backlash on release, because I genuinely love that album. It's so full of emotion.


They say Chester didn't leave a note (he didn't) but listening to that album now, especially as someone who deals with a daily cup of Depresso you realize that OML was the note...


I'd say Heavy moreso than OML. But, he sang OML the day after(?) Chris Cornell passed on Jimmy Kimmel and you could hear his heart breaking all over again. I was worried for him before that, but that was the day I knew for sure we were going to end up losing him. You done your good work Chester, rest easy.


I cannot agree with this enough. His voice was amazing and can literally bring me to tears


Have you seen the video where he’s singing to the girl in the wheelchair, that was my friend Megan, she actually just passed recently. I like to think they’re both rocking out somewhere. They were one of a kind.


Jimi hendrix


Rik Mayall, Jeff Buckley.


Bernie Mac


River Phoenix


I really think had he not died that night he would be one of the biggest movie stars ever. He had the talent, the looks, and was just about to star in several big movies.


Leo is insanely lucky River wasn’t around to snag his roles.


River would have won the Oscars for them


River should be at the top of the list. He would have been bigger than Leo. Overflowing with Looks and talent


Luke Perry


Stephen Hillenburg.Dude gave so much joy to so many people and died pretty horribly


And now Viacom pisses on his legacy for a little extra profit. Seriously, the Spongebob we have today is nothing short of disgusting. It reminds me more of Ren & Stimpy in their last few years.


Layne Staley, I know everyone focuses on Cobain but in my humble opinion, grunge died when Layne passed. I connected with his music more than nirvana's


Best fucking voice of the grunge era too - he's 1a Cornell 1b


Chris Farley


Fun fact: Bob Odenkirk from Better Call Saul wrote the "Living in a Van Down by the River" sketch. https://www.today.com/video/bob-odenkirk-talks-about-writing-classic-chris-farley-van-down-by-the-river-sketch-109489221548


Always get a bit watery eyed when I listen to Adam Sandlers song he wrote in tribute to Chris: https://youtu.be/Tp2qkhHU0Mw Absolute legend


Great actor. I quote him in My everyday life


Stevie Ray Vaughan. Great guitarist and by all accounts an even better human. Screw helicopters.


SRV’s back story makes this even more tragic. Drugs, drugs, drugs. Finally hit rock bottom. Got himself help and rehab. So much could have killed him up until then, and he got himself on the straight track only to be killed by a helicopter.


Gilda Radner


Freddy Mercury


At least his death wasn't in vain. The impact of his diagnosis announcement followed by his death the next day really made people take notice of the AIDS epidemic in ways no-one before him had managed to do. At least, living through it as a kid, this to me seemed to have sparked the public outrage about government inaction and an increased willingness to donate to the research for a cure like nothing had up until that point.


Freddie’s death was a hard one. I watched his last music video and it is so sad to watch.


Especially because today, he would have been find. The treatments now are mind blowing


Just think of the music that could have been put out by him and queen over the last 30 years


In his own words, his only regret on his death bed was that he had “so much more music left”


Really expected this to be the top answer but I had to scroll a lot to see this.


Elliott Smith


Selena Quintanilla, she was on the rise when she was murdered


Mitch Hedberg


I used to miss him. I still do, but I used to, too Edit: Holy shit! Thanks for the gold. Just felt like the right comment for this thread.


This. Kills me that all we will ever have is 3 albums, one special, and a few clips from TV. I would love to see what else he could have done. Supposedly his widow has a bunch of his unreleased material that might be made into a documentary, but there hasn't been any update in a few years.


Bob Ross


John Prine


He should have lived a thousand years! May his soul float down the green river to the Rochester dam.


Jonathan Brandis and Lee Thompson Young, both died from suicide


Anthony Bourdain


For anyone who hasn't watched roadrunner or listened to the Kitchen Confidential audiobook, they are a must if you like watching or listening to Tony. Any chef will tell you that kitchen confidential is one of the best books ever written about working as a chef. But even better to listen to Tony read it to you.


David Bowie


Philip Seymour Hoffman


For me........ Greatest actor ever! Really saddened by his passing.


I see the usual answers of celebrities who died relatively young—Heath Ledger, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Steve Irwin, Bob Ross, Robin Williams—so I’m gonna go with an older celebrity. I know he was 74 and had cancer, but I wish Mr Rogers stuck around for a while longer. Though he would object to my saying so, he was as close to Jesus as any mortal that ever was or will be. Just a pure, kind, brilliant soul.


Absolutely, Watched him as a kid growing up and found out what a truly incredible man he was on and off the camera. Very Very true! Yes so so true my friend...


James Gandolfini


Patrick Swaaaazy


Chris Cornell “No one sings like you anymore”


I honestly believe if he hadn't died Chester would still be here too.


Randy Rhoads


Ian Curtis


I often wonder what would've become of Joy Division. Would they still have transitioned into the sound of New Order? Or would they have gone in a completely different direction? I feel like New Order's debut album "Movement" was essentially Joy Division's third album, but they consciously chose to adopt a new sound after that, which Ian may or may not have been in favor of, if he had lived.


Robin Williams and Heath Ledger are the two who always come to mind. SO much talent and gone way to soon




She was just getting started with her career. “If your Girl Only knew” is still one of my faves.


I was going to post the same thing. And then she died right before 9/11 so we never got to grieve properly.


I was just about to comment this I love her Also Marvin Gaye


John Candy Joe Strummer


Jim Croce Every time I listen to his music I think of what he might have produced.


Mr. Rogers and Steve Irwin. Everybody has disappointed me in life. I trust nobody. But for some reason I feel like those 2 would've been the safest to put trust in. They both had an innocence about them. A genuine love that came out from within them. They made television shows that made people feel better, understand the world better. The world was so much more poorer when they left.


Bernie Mac


Douglas Adams


Stevie Ray Vaughan.


Technoblade. Man was an absolute legend




Even if you don’t like minecraft, man’s was a master of comedic delivery


I miss Avicii. When I want a good cry I rewatch the farewell concert


Chadwick Boseman.


He really seemed like a genuine/great human being.


Hurts my heart every time


Jeff Buckley. Guy had enormous talent and only one finished album. His live at sin-é was a showcase of the raw talent he had which definitely was cut far too soon in a very unfortunate swimming accident


Carrie Fisher


Poor Todd Fisher. He lost his mom and his sister back to back like that, one day apart.


Brittany Murphy and Anton Yelchin - so talented, and horrible way to go


Trevor Moore of WKUK


Mac Miller


Kicking incredibly dope shit


"Haven't seen the sun in awhile but I heard that the sky is still blue" 🥹


Taylor Hawkins


Jimi Hendrix


Avicii ​ Edit: Thanks guys for the upvotes and the medals!


I can't listen to his music without crying. Too many memories tied to him. Had the privilege to see him 5 times in my life. His death hurt me so much.


Grant Imahara


A world without Grant Imahara is a world that is less joyful.


Kurt Cobain.


Bob marley. He could probably have lived. Its so tragic.


Norm McDonald


He's dead? I didn't even know he was sick...


At least he didn’t let the cancer win. He took it out along with him.


He battled cancer for 13 years!


It ended in a draw though.


He always made the least funny jokes possible in the most hilarious way possible. He was potentially the funniest person alive.


He's a comedian that will have people's favorite comedians in tears


Betty White had another hundred in her


My newborn son was gifted a Betty white book, I read it to him at 5 months old because one is never too young to know the story of betty white


Heath Ledger... in my opinion he was only scratching the surface of his acting skills with The Dark Knight. Just imagine how diverse he would have become if he were still here.


John Denver


Buddy holly, big bopper and Ritchie valens The day the music died


George Carlin. Sorry if he's already listed. Didn't check tbh. I grew up on George, and I think he'd have SOOO much to say about today's day and age. Edited for typo


Princess Diana


An entire generation has grown up not knowing her, so here's a quick review of why she's beloved. [Diana's wedding day, comforting Clementine Hambro](https://www.npg.org.uk/collections/search/portrait/mw65095/India-Amanda-Caroline-Hicks-Sarah-Jane-Gaselee-Diana-Princess-of-Wales-Clementine-Hambro-Queen-Elizabeth-II): Hambro was just five years old, one of the youngest flower girls, and Hambro was sobbing because she had tripped and gotten a bump on the head. In this moment Diana bends down to ask what happened. A moment later Diana carried the little girl to comfort her. (Despite being fully decked out for the wedding of the century, cheering up a little kid was Diana's priority). [Diana visits AIDS wards](https://www.elle.com/culture/movies-tv/a34732735/princess-diana-aids-activism-the-crown/): Diana countered the medical misinformation and homophobic stigma of the '80s by visiting AIDS wards to meet the patients. At one point she filmed a PSA explaining to the public that they can't catch the disease by holding someone's hand, as she held an AIDS patient's hand with his full consent. Her interaction was always respectful and humanitarian. It came from the heart. This was one of the more significant of her many charitable projects because she leveraged her influence to dismantle prejudices. [Diana walks across a landmine in Angola](https://time.com/5682006/princess-diana-landmines/): toward the end of her life Diana became an advocate for the international campaign against landmines and helped to frame the project as a nonpolitical movement. The campaign won the [Nobel Peace Prize](https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/peace/1997/icbl/facts/) a few months after her death. She's been gone for a quarter century. But she would have been just 61 years old today if she had lived.


In music, definitely Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Nick Drake. We can only imagine what albums Frank Zappa would do with today's technology.


Thank you for mentioning Nick Drake .. I'll also add Elliott Smith




Bruce Lee


Christina Grimmie


Marilyn Monroe




Buddy holly


Steve Irwin.


Patrice O'Neal. I wish he was around for the maga vs. woke stuff.


Amy Winehouse


Chadwick Boseman. Wakanda forever.